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Horse Racing Handicapping Software: A Detailed Guide to Know

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Apr 16, 2024
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Horse Racing Handicapping

Are you searching for horse racing handicapping software? If yes, we have got you all covered in this blog! 

Horse racing handicapping software is an online horse racing system that keeps a track record of all the upcoming and past horse races taking part in the fields. In simple words, handicap is a race where each horse is assigned a particular weight, according to its ability to carry without collapsing. Handicapping is based on the idea of the weight a horse carries during the race. It depends on how well you are in predicting the right horse for your bet. Various bookmakers punters are more likely to invest in horse racing handicapping to showcase their horse racing betting knowledge and skills. If you are new to this world, make sure to know about this software in detail. 

Handicapping horse races are one of the most significant races that are most lucrative and beneficial for both entrepreneurs and punters. The demand for horse racing handicapping software development is rising rapidly in the current tech-advanced and ultra-modern world where horse racing betting is widely accepted and appreciated across the globe. If you want to know more about the same, make sure to read this blog till the end! 

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What is Horse Racing Handicapping Software? 

Horse racing handicapping software is an online betting platform that records all the handicapping horse races in a detailed manner. The goal of such races is to guess right and place a bet on the horse that reaches the finish line irrespective of the horse racing odds available to them. The software caters to the needs and demands of horse racing enthusiasts in the most engaging manner. 

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Features of Horse Racing Handicapping Software

Features of Horse Racing Handicapping

If you know about horse handicapping software, you must first learn about what types of features it offers to both admins and punters for a flawless and uninterrupted horse racing handicapping betting experience. 

Here is the list of the features we integrate into our all-inclusive and the best handicapping software solutions: 

Real-time Betting 

Betting becomes fun and lucrative when you can bet instantly without any delay. Our handicapping software for horse racing enables punters to bet in real time without any kind of interruption. 

Types of Horse Races 

Our handicapping software for horse racing covers a wide range of horse races that are widely played and preferred by punters from across the globe. 

Multiple Payment Methods 

Our harness racing betting platforms cover a wide range of payment methods that allow punters and bettors to choose among the various payment options that are safe and secure for all. 

Betting Risk Management 

We ensure to offer handicapping software that keeps up with the risk of data breaches and malicious activities by offering end-to-end encrypted and risk-mitigating software. 

Supports different wagers 

Our harness racing handicapping platform supports a wide range of wagers, including straight and exotic bets. 

Live Streaming 

We craft the best handicapping software that allows users to enjoy the live streaming of all the horse races and events in the most professional way.

Advanced Analytics 

Our expert team of horse handicapping software developers provides a solution that features advanced analytics and tools that enable them to bet on the platform. 

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Benefits of Horse Racing Handicapping Software Development 

Benefits of Horse Racing Handicapping Software Development

As the best horse handicapping software development company, BR Softech offers the best and most engaging software solutions for horse racing handicapping. Here is the list of the key advantages that you will get after leveraging our horse racing handicapping software development services: 

Covers Different Tracks 

Our handicapping software for horse racing betting covers a wide range of different tracks from the countries, including the USA, UK, and many more. 

High ROI 

We offer a handicapping software solution that caters to a high level of investment by offering high returns or cashback. Our expert team of developers works really hard to design customized and reliable horse handicapping apps or platforms. 

Wide Reach 

Since the demand for such games is high, it becomes lucrative for sports entrepreneurs to invest in the best handicapping software for horse racing that enables them to reach millions of horse racing enthusiasts. This, in turn, helps them tap untapped potential audiences present in different corners of the world. 

High Level of Monetization 

We design customizable and reliable racing handicapping software that features a high level of monetization strategies. Some of the most popular monetization strategies are digital marketing campaigns, content marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. 

Enhanced Betting Experience 

Our horse racing handicapping platform is designed in such a way that it offers the community of punters and bettors an enhanced level of betting experience. 

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Horse Racing Handicapping Software Development Process 

If you are interested in horse racing software for handicapping, you must explore the steps we integrate to develop high-level horse handicapping software for different platforms and devices. Here is the list of the steps that you must explore till the end: 

Market Research 

The first and foremost thing is market research, which includes analyzing the target audience, market threats, opportunities, strengths, and trends to proceed further with the software solution for horse racing handicapping. This step is crucial to keep your business aligned with the preferences and demands of the target audience. If you skip this step, you will not be able to launch your own horse handicapping software system seamlessly. 

UI/UX Design 

Another thing that you must notice is the interface design and experience. In this phase, horse handicapping platform designers integrate the best of visual elements, designs, and controls that keep players engaged and retained on the platform. This is a crucial step as it decides the screen time of the players, engagement, and retention of the players. 

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After the successful design, it is time to integrate the advanced technologies, trends, tools, and tech stack to develop a fully functional harness racing handicapping software that can run on various platforms and devices. This step decides the success and failure of the software. If you are interested in launching your own handicapping software, you must hire us as the horse racing software provider. 

Testing & QA 

Once we are done with the development, we aim to test the quality and performance of the horse handicapping platform via various testing strategies like integration testing, functional testing, performance testing, etc. This phase is important to fix all the bugs, technical errors, glitches, and loopholes. 

Launch & Maintenance 

After full-fledged testing and quality assurance, we aim to launch the horse racing handicapping app with the best marketing strategies like digital marketing campaigns, content marketing, email marketing, YouTube marketing, etc. Apart from the marketing, we aim to offer end-to-end updates and upgrades of the software to keep you ahead of the curve.


Horse Handicapping Software Cost 

Cost of Horse Racing Handicapping software

It is nearly impossible to define the exact cost of a horse handicapping app until and unless we don’t know your project details and specifications. On average, the horse handicapping software development cost ranges from $20k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost of the software may shoot up to $30k or more depending on the complexity or advancement of the software. Here is the list of the factors affecting the overall cost of development: 

  • Complexity of the features 
  • Advancement of designs 
  • Latest tech stack 
  • Experience of the developers 
  • Location of the development company 
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Why Choose BR Softech as a Horse Racing Handicapping Software Development Company?

As the best horse racing handicapping software development company, BR Softech aims to offer all its clients a feature-packed and immersive horse handicapping app for Android and iOS. We have a team of the best sports betting software developers who work day in and day out to bring forth the most entertaining and engaging handicapping software for horse racing. Hire us today to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
  • Creative development approach 
  • Exceptional designs and creatives 
  • Affordable horse racing software solutions 
  • Reliable interface and navigable controls
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Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best way to handicap horse races?

In horse racing, one of the most crucial ways to make an informed betting decision is to analyze the past performances of the horse races, offering unique odds and insights into the horses running at different times and speeds. 

What is the best harness racing handicapping software?

CompuBet Pro is one of the best harness racing handicapping software which offers reliable and detailed stats on handicapped horse races. 

What is the process of horse handicapping?

Horse handicapping is the process of analyzing a race and predicting which horse is more likely to win. Handicappers use different predictive tools to research more on past performances, track conditions, and the weather.

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