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How To Start An App Development Company In A Recession Time?

App Development
Jan 08, 2022
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How To Start An App Development Company In A Recession Time?

COVID -19 Change the entire world, the market has been shut down for months. People are worried about everything and they do not want to go outside and interact with people. In the last two years, Information technology and online platforms have played an important role in helping people survive. There are various platforms developed by the companies to help out in this time and the whole world understands the importance of digital transformation. 

Of course, this recession time impacts app development companies but those companies who do not have capable enough how to start an app development company in these types of bad times. Still, conditions are not that good, anytime again COVD-19 can shut down everything, or not COVID-19 maybe it is possible a new disaster can change the entire world. 

To help you in these cases we came up with our research and the knowledge about how to start an app development company.

Table of Contents

What Factors Impact An App Development Company At The Time Of Recession?

Lack Of Business

In a time of recession or pandemic, people do not want to spend money, so the business opportunities are less for the app development companies. For self-sustainable businesses, this must be needed to have regular business deals so cash flow and revenue can be managed. This is the major impact of the IT setup. 

Employment Satisfaction / Trust Issues

Trust issues and employee satisfaction is one of the biggest impacts that affect startups and companies. People working in your organization can get distracted and the productivity will be down and it will impact the business. Most of those people who are lazy and do not give their time to work are most afraid of this. 

Cash Flow Issues

In times of pandemic and recession, most companies stop payments and invoicing on an instant basis. This impacts your accounts. With some companies, it already happened and they stop their operations on an instant basis. The issue of cash flow affects your employee, marketing, and operational activities.

Management Issues

At the time of recession management issues can be possible, you might need to remove some employees or you can stop working from home. It will need good management skills to utilize resources in a perfect manner. 

How To Fight Recession Time? 

Time is always not the same, ups and downs are part of business & enterprises. Recession time is tough for all kinds of business owners, we can not leave working just because of the fear or the bad impact. Our wisdom and smart work can take us to new heights of success in these uncertain times.

  1. Do not panic in times of recession 
  2. Do not discuss revenue and accounts related conditions with teams 
  3. Do not discuss hiring people or productivity of the teams 
  4. Try to request employees for better work and support. 
  5. You need to listen to your teams and their ideas about what they want at this time. 
  6. You can request your trusted clients for the projects and revenue. 
  7. You can ask your clients for advance payments to manage cash flow. 
  8. You had enough money as a backup option to survive the company for 6 months without revenue. 
  9. You can request employees that they do not defame the organization and do not keep trust issues in their minds
  10. Do not waste money on unnecessary expenses. 

Management Of Teams To Fight With Recession Time In The App Development Company 

At the time of recession or any disaster management plays a vital role, a successful management can fight any kind of recession. You need to understand the importance of management and what you can do to manage your teams 

How To Manage App Development Team?

How To Manage App Development Team?

Application development teams are the team that work on the live projects and create good value for the clients you can follow these things while managing the teams 

Clearly Define Expectations 

At the time of recession, you can clearly define the task which you assign to the developer. For a better result, you can tell them clearly that in this cruise time your clients need high-quality app development work. 

Regular Updates And Monetary System 

You need a perfect full proof monetary system for the updates. When developers are working from home you need to clarify the working hours, procedure, reporting system, etc. 

You can find these tools and systems in the market easily. 

Divide Development Teams For The Projects

You need to assign different-different teams for different-different projects. It will help them to focus on a particular project. You can assign project managers and lower-level reporting people who directly report to you. 

Plan And Work According To Deadlines

The project deadlines are very important for the successful delivery of the project. You need to explain everything before starting the project. The development process, designs which you used for the whole project. Explain to them the deadlines of the project and strict deadlines. If you find that they are not able to complete on time then you can request to your team that we need to work more apart from working hours. 

How To Manage The Marketing Team? 

How To Manage The Marketing Team?

The marketing team is responsible for better lead generation, these leads can be valued a lot for your organization. 

Determine Your Objectives And Goals 

You need to explain everything about the objectives and goals of the marketing team. It will help the team to understand their targets and they can work according to that. 

Communicate With The Team 

Communicate with all the team members regularly because communication is the key to success. With the help of communication, you can easily get to know what kind of problems they are facing. Also, request to the managers and team leaders to submit their knowledge and everything with the junior level employees so they can get to know about everything. 

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Set Up A Budget For Marketing 

It is already clarified that this is time or recession so you need to focus on budget, how much you can afford in the marketing. If you set up a budget according to your financial conditions then it will help the marketing team to work on that. 

Understand The Roles Of The Members And Their Strength

Roles and responsibilities along with strength are more important. You need to understand the roles of your members. Sometimes it happens that we underestimate employees because of less communication. You plan an activity to observe their strengths. These strengths can be utilized in crucial times. 

How To Manage Sales Teams? 

How To Manage Sales Teams?

Generally, all the teams and members are important to run successfully but in all these departments according to our research. The sales team is the top value in the App development company. 

Explain Exceptions To The Team

You need to explain everything you need from the sales team, how much revenue and projects in a particular time you need to achieve them.

Do Not Put Pressure On The Sales Department 

Sale is a job of high pressure, salespeople understand this thing in a good way. You do not need to create pressure from the very first day of the recession. You can suggest them at the time of starting. If conditions are worse and people are not meeting expectations then you can pressure them.

Motivation Your Sales Team 

Salespeople need high motivation, you need to understand their pain points and try to remove them. You can plan weekly motivational meetings in which they can join and feel free to work. 

Incentives & Competition For The Super Salesperson

Of course, sales always have incentives, you can set targets for the sales team and provide them incentives if they fulfill your desire. This will also help them in times of recession. It will be a product-moment for them that the company is appreciating their work. 

If you need better results from the team then you can announce internal team tournaments it will definitely give you productivity.

Uses of CRM And Other Tools 

To monitor their performance you need to use CRM and other sales-related tools, this will help you to monitor their daily work. It will also be easy for them to manage data. You can go for the CRM development company or start your app development company. 

Also, you need to use online meeting platforms for better conversation. It will allow them to work more in times of recession.

What’s Your Client Want From App Development Company?

What Clients' want from app development company?

Clients come with exceptions, this is our responsibility to make them happy. The client came up with 100+ questions, so make sure we are available to answer them without hesitation. 

Affordable Cost For App Development

If you are a well-reputed app development company then cost matters for the clients. Most of the clients are looking for a company that offers them a cost-effective solution. Make sure you need to understand the project cost according to the client’s requirement and offer them prices according to their project. 

The Company Understand The Pain Points Of The Client

Before moving forward with the project and anything else you need to understand the pain points of your client. Why are they looking for application development?

Understand The Technology That Clients Want 

You need to understand the technology and designing process that your client is looking for, like in which coding language that client wants to develop his application. 

Understand The Deadlines For Project Submission

A client needs his work on time so they can be satisfied. You need to understand the importance of the deadlines because you know it’s already the time of recession and it will be more trouble for him if the development company delays the delivery. 

Regular Updates From The App Development Company 

A mobile app development company is always ready with updates and quickly solves the queries of the clients. This can be one of the best customer experiences for the clients. If you update the client on time then I definitely appreciate it. 

What App Development Company Want From The Client?

A Trusted Relationship With The Company

A perfect business person always builds trust and connections for better growth. An application development company always wants to create a good relationship with their clients so they can get in touch with each other in the future. 

Referrals Projects From Clients

An application development company wants good clients who can provide referral leads to the company. These leads might improve their revenue in times of recession. It will motivate the app development company for better work. 

Proper Payments On Time

In the case of recession, an app development company can accept payments on time from clients because it is necessary that all need to survive in this market and money is the way of survival. As a client, you need to understand the importance of money.

Reviews And Feedbacks 

Realistic reviews and feedback can be some of the most important things to promote app development companies. As a client, you need to understand the importance of feedback. It can be one of the best things to do for an early-stage startup company. 

Pandemic is Ideal Time for Your  Startup / Mobile App Idea

Mobile app Ideas

The success of the startup and mobile app idea does not depend on the pandemic, it depends on your knowledge, dedication, and the importance of the idea. 

There are thousands of startups present, they all started in a pandemic, at the time when everything is shut down but they provide their qualities and now they are doing really very well. The success ratio of the startups is high. 

If you are planning to start a new startup app idea then you have to understand these things for success. 

The Business Idea Should Be Unique

To start your business then this is the first priority that you are planning to do differently from others. People who are able to understand the importance of uniqueness. Unique ideas always attract people to use your online services.

Follow The Trend For Develop

Nowadays online grocery delivery applications, food ordering business, game business, and a few things are in trend. As a startup person you need to find the perfect trend that suits you and also you have knowledge about that business. 

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Find The Pain Points Of Your  Audience

If you are planning to start a business in a recession or pandemic, it is more important that you understand the pain points of your targeted audience who are going to use your services and products. 

Need A Perfect Business Plan 

You need a perfect business plan that 100% works for your success. A business plan is an initial requirement for success. Business plans consist of marketing techniques that you are going to use, market research, competitor analysis, geotechnical knowledge about the products, etc.

Budget For Your Business

You need to plan a budget according to your business, we would like to suggest starting from low investment at the time of starting and after some time you can invest large amounts of money. With the help of low investment, you can actually understand whether your business plan will work or not. 

Find Perfect Employees For Your Startup

A business can not be run by a single person; you need a team of departments like marketing, sales, operations, and developers. You had to work out according to your needs. Always hire experienced people for better results and outcomes. Experience can take you to new heights of success. 

Use Digital Technologies & Tolls

This is a new word and digital transformation is the main factor, you need to understand the digital tools trasaformation. Now, these days those startups are successful startups who utilize digital tools. From recruitment to marketing, from the support department to the sales department, thousands of tools are available. These tools are one of the best ways to get your startup to new heights. 

How To Set Work Remotely?

Working Remotly

In the time of pandemic or recession work from home (remote working) is the first priority. Business owners are afraid that working from home is not that productive but research proves that wrong. According to research, working remotely can increase productivity up to 77%. 

Now this depends on you how to set up a remote work culture, here are some tips to set up remote work culture 

  1. Explain About The Remote Working 

If you are planning to offer a remote working culture then this will be the first priority that you need to explain and inform everyone about remote work and why you are doing this for the employees. 

  1. Create Remote Work Policy, Rules & Regulations 

Like standard policy, rules & regulations, you need to create a remote work policy because without policy employees are not able to work.

  • Communication channels that used
  • Work hour tracking 
  • Working hour timing 
  • Software used and policy for the uses
  • Deadlines and management of the project’s policy
  • Leave policy 
  • Security and safety policy 
  1. Scheduling Breaks And Determining The Availability Of The Employes 

Understanding the importance of time management is necessary to set up remote work culture. You need to explain the meetings, task schedule, and T breaks. If employees are taking breaks then allow them and work flexibly. 

  1. Uses Of Tools  Remote Tools 

Remote working is not possible without tools, these tools are developed for documentation, management, reports, and monitory purposes. 

  1. Provide Workspace Setup And Reimbursement 

If it is possible for your organization or startup, you can provide setup costs to your employees at a certain time. It will help them to work properly and they can find the perfect place to work from home. 

This cost includes installation of broadband connection, regular reimbursement of internet bills, also setup of table and chair for work can be possible. 

  1. Hiring And Onboarding Remotely 

If you are allowing employees to work from home then you need a proper process of online hiring and onboarding. With this process, new employees do not find it difficult and quite easy for you also. 


For the last 2 years, conditions are not well and good for business people. Just because of pandemic remote working is more popular and predictive. In this blog, we shared everything about how you can turn your development company around in a recession. We can assure you that if you learn this blog then definitely you can easily manage your company. 

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