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iGaming CRM Software- A Complete Guide

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Jan 31, 2024
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iGaming CRM Software

Are you aware of the iGaming CRM Software? If not, this blog will tell you everything you need to know about this essential part of the iGaming industry.

Since the establishment of the iGaming industry, it has been working constantly to keep the attention of the users intact towards itself by providing an indulging gaming experience. The different gaming sectors that come under the category of iGaming include sportsbooks, casinos, and sports betting.

But as time flew, multiple issues started rising from the user’s end and also the entrepreneur’s side. The issues were mostly related to security, and this sole reason gave rise to iGaming CRM platforms. The platform came out as a boom and not only fixed the existing issues with the platforms but also added several other features to make them more user-friendly. 

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Herein, we will be discussing everything about the iGaming CRM software including its benefits and features.

What is iGaming CRM Software?  

iGaming Customer Relationship Management aka iGaming CRM is a system that is designed specifically to ease the way for both the user and the operator of the iGaming platforms. By letting businesses collect, store, and manage the user’s lead and their information, iGaming CRM Software is a platform that ensures to build and help operators maintain good relationships with them. 

Acting as a bridge, the software ensures that customer retention increases and the relations with users, bettors, or players also become much better than before. Herein, to understand the concept of iGaming CRM more deeply, we have curated its features in the following points. However, it should be noted that the iGaming term is used to mention all the essential elements that come under it which include sportsbooks, casinos, and sports betting. 

Features of  iGaming CRM Software  

Features of iGaming platform

Below are the points that explain the features iGaming CRM brings with itself for sportsbooks, casinos, and sports betting platforms:

Analyzing Performances 

The very first feature in this list is the performance analysis, which enables the iGaming software to check its overall performance. With the help of reporting tools, it becomes easier for the sportsbook, casino, and betting platforms to identify, measure, and manage performance across different aspects like finances, sales, productivity, and others.   

Full Angle Management 

As the title suggests, the iGaming CRM ensures that the sportsbook, sports betting, or casino platform operators can check their conversations with the clients, key performance indicators (KPI), finances and accounts management, player engagement, and much more. Doing this 360-degree management will ensure that the operators are effectively running their different iGaming platforms. 

Conversion & Lead Tracking

One of the most important elements in any business is to track the data of the sales and leads that have been generated. In the case of iGaming, to resolve this issue, the sports betting CRM has enabled the operators to check the sales operations, conversion management, sales funnel optimization, and much more. Besides this, tracking customer interactions to lead generation and customer relationship management in sports betting also has a lot of caliber to proficiently manage your sales.  

Improved Communication 

Another major concern that revolves around the iGaming platforms is user communication. To ensure that the users can interact seamlessly, it becomes important to choose sportsbook CRM software. The features that this platform provides to ensure a smooth communication experience include a multi-channel communication system consisting of emails, SMS, notifications, and alerts.       

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Benefits of iGaming CRM Platform

Benifits of iGaming Platform

As you have learned about the benefits of iGaming Customer Relationship Management, now let’s jump ahead to the benefits this software provides:

Effective Upselling and Cross-Selling 

For any business, one of the major things that concerns the entrepreneur is how to retain a user and ensure that the platform is indulging more users on the website. Keeping this issue in mind, the casino CRM besides the other two iGaming sectors uses data segmentation and filtration techniques that enable the entrepreneur to commence upselling and cross-selling more efficiently than ever before.      

Efficient and Secure

Running any betting business comes with the responsibility of providing a sense of security to its users. Taking this into account, sportsbook CRM software ensures that the iGaming platform is filled with user protection, privacy, security, and cyber-risk management. Such elements help the betting platforms become more eminent for the users, ultimately increasing their retention.

Better Customer Support

Unlike other software, iGaming CRM Platform ensures that the users are getting the necessary support 24×7. It also becomes essential to understand which elements are integrated into this step to ensure smooth support for the users. One of the most important elements is notifying the operators whenever the users seek support and also ensuring that the users get personalized options to tell their issues more clearly. 

Centralising Data

Another important benefit that holds the attention of the users is the ability of the iGaming CRM software to bring all the data of the platform to one place. Keeping all the information centralized ensures that the user’s data is secure and that is easily accessible by the user.        

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Development Process of iGaming CRM Software? 

How to Develop iGaming Platform

Following are the points that explain the process of developing an iGaming CRM software:

Market Research

The very step in the process of development is doing in-depth market research and to commence this step, you can follow certain research techniques which can include surveys, observation, interviews, and focus groups.


Once you have conducted your research for the iGaming CRM platform, it is time to start the planning step. At this stage, all you have to do is bring all the data you collected into your market analytics process and merge them to create a systematic process that you will work on. 

UI/UX Designing    

As the planning process is completed now is the time to add UI/UX designs to your sportsbook CRM software. For this, you can hire well-experienced and at the same time affordable developers and they will ensure that your software is simple yet decent, it highlights the important things, uncomplicated navigation, and a colour palate.  

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Now comes the time for the most important step in this process, which is the development of your iGaming CRM software. At this point, you will need to develop your app in such an order that it fits all the requirements of the users that you collected information about in your market analytics. 


Now your iGaming CRM software is developed, it is time to ensure that the testing process commences. At this stage, the testers will run different tests on your software to make sure that it passes all the tests including performance testing, speed testing, security testing, usability testing, and functional testing. 


The final step in the process of developing your iGaming CRM software is launching it. Moreover, it should also make sure that the launching of the platform should only be commenced once it has survived all the tests.              

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Cost To Develop iGaming CRM Software Solutions    

At this point, we can only assume the actual cost of the iGaming CRM platforms as we lack the factors that are responsible for affecting the cost of developing it. The cost of developing it would be around $15K to $20K. To make it easier for you to understand the complexities of the cost, we have curated the following table for you. 

UI/UX Designing $2K to $3K
Features$2.5K to $3K
Testing and QA$3K to $4K
Front-End Development $2.5K to $3K
Back-End Development $2K to $3K
Launch and Maintenance $3K to $4K
Total Estimated Cost$15K to $20K

Also, if you seek the actual cost of developing iGaming CRM software, you can contact us today and our skilled developers will provide you with all the information about the same.  

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Factors Affecting the cost of developing iGaming CRM Software 

Following is the list of factors that affect the cost of developing an iGaming CRM:

  • Hiring an iGaming Development Company 
  • Location of the developers 
  • UI/UX Designing 
  • Complexity of features
  • Testing and Quality Assurance
  • Maintenance 

Develop iGaming CRM software at BR Softech 

If you seek to develop the iGaming CRM platform, you are at the right place! BR Softech is a renowned iGaming CRM software provider that has been leading the iGaming industry, with the motive of providing the best possible services to its clients across the globe. Henceforth, if you wish to get the best possible iGaming CRM services, you can contact us today, and our experienced developers will develop dedicated software for you. To get exceptional benefits like the ones mentioned below, contact us today

  • On-time Project Delivery 
  • Skilled Developers 
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Innovative Solutions
  • Latest Technology Integration  
  • Exceptional Post Deployment Maintenance Services
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 Is CRM important for iGaming?

Yes, it is important to consider an iGaming CRM like sportsbook CRM software, Casino CRM Software, or sports betting CRM software. 

Q.2 How long does it take to develop iGaming CRM software? 

It would take around one to two months to develop an iGaming CRM software, but if you want to know the actual time duration of developing an iGaming CRM platform, contact us today.

Q.3 Can you develop an iGaming CRM software clone?

Yes, our skilled developers are trained to develop clone versions for iGaming CRM software as well and to get all the details about the same, you can contact us today.

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