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Ultimate Guide to Keno Casino Game Development

Game Development
Aug 30, 2021
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There is no online casino in the world that doesn’t offer the Keno game. According to research, $66.7 Billion was the revenue of the global online gambling market in 2020.

If you’re also willing to invest in an online casino for low-budget gamblers then a game app like keno casino is the best product to reap out most profits from the online gambling industry.

In this blog, we’ll learn about the phases of Keno Casino Game Development that nobody will tell you including the features that a Keno casino game app should have, the cost to develop a Keno casino game app, solutions that a keno game app development company should provide, and a lot more.

Let’s dive in and enrich our knowledge about the Keno app development process with the latest technologies.

About Keno Casino Game App

Our game app like keno casino is basically a keno gambling game played at various modern cum online casinos. Here, players place bets by selecting random numbers varying from 1 to 20.

After all the wagers, 20 numbers are (depending on the variant that the player has selected in the keno app) randomly drawn using a random number generator.

Our Keno casino game product comes with multiple pay tables to reward a player based on how many numbers were chosen by them( it works ideally on player selection or either the terminal that picks numbers), the number of spots out of those chosen to play, and the wager.

Features of Keno Casino Game App Development

Thanks to the popularity, not the odds that have made this VR casino game a favorable choice for all gamblers and business investors. Our Keno game developers have expertise in developing different variants of keno games on various platforms like Android, iOS, and Web.

We’re one of the leading Keno casino game development solution providers that offer an interactive gaming experience with the following top-notch features:


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1. Custom board size 

Resize the board as per your preference, the game app comes with a flawless user interface that can spin various bets in seconds. Using this feature a user can resize the board as per their preference.

2. Real-time stats

Learn the hottest and coldest game numbers from the real-time game stats about millions of users. This feature will help users to figure out the leaks and enhance their strategies in a better way.

3. Comfortable touch controls

Indulge into an interactive touch-screen gaming experience with state-of-the-art graphics to complement the mathematical algorithm of the app.

4. Smart AI

This feature will allow the game users to learn and play smart with an in-built AI keno casino game system that features hand-picked skins, prediction for best number combinations, and a lot more.

5. On-site wager

Users can use this feature to book lottery tickets in advance, edit the number system, tools to analyze the statistics, tools for faster gameplay, and much more.

6. Multiple variants

Attract more users with comprehensive keno variants like live keno, video keno, etc. Our app also features various betting options like straight tickets, king number tickets, way tickets, split tickets, and a lot more.

7. Transaction database

Our developers have integrated a dynamic database with the keno casino online to process all bets, tables, jackpots, ticket management systems, etc.

Our developers have scripted this feature in such a way that it automatically predicts the fraud operators without impacting the gameplay speed.

8. Multiple payouts

Payouts are a crucial part of the keno app. We design the app in such a way that it shows all available payouts next to the game screen when the user is playing the game. 

This feature helps users to confirm how much money they will win for the amount of numbers they’ve picked.

9. Social media integration

 Keno games are mostly played by the younger generation therefore social media integration feature gives an upper hand to your keno gambling game product. 

This feature allows users to do social media log-in, challenge their online friends and enjoy other interactive options as well.

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Revenue Model of the Keno Casino Game Development

Online bets

The process of playing keno starts with registering at the casino and filling up the required wagers. Players must wager accordingly to earn the actual winnings. Then the game of lady luck begins, and loss becomes inevitable. 

The chances of always being lucky are negligible and the more the player loses, the more application earns money on wagers.


Advertisements are another part of the monetization strategy for every mobile app, a  game app like keno casino just needs to display commercials to earn money from the third-party networks. 

Therefore, before hiring a keno game development company, confirm whether they can emulate the game app to support native ads, in-app video ads, banner ads, etc.

In-app purchases

According to research by research, a mobile app offering in-app purchases tends to earn a higher amount of revenue. Attract your users by offering paid access to innovative features such as keno-statistics, power bets, and other additional features.

In-app purchases allow selling a wide variety of interactive features directly through the mobile app, it helps in increasing the rate of user acquisition. 

There are various game apps like Pubg, Call of duty mobile that uses in-app purchases as their primary monetization model.

As of right as rain, there are other monetization strategies such as sponsorship, referrals, crowdfunding, and a lot more through which a keno game app can earn money.

Why opt For Keno Game Development Solutions?

Keno Game development solution

BR Softech offers an experienced team of more than 200+ keno game developers that believe in understanding the intrinsic requirements of a keno project to develop an interactive gaming experience. 

Our experts boast ample knowledge to confront technical challenges by offering the following keno development solutions such as:

Technical Team

Our keno game developers have years of experience in developing high-end mobile and computer games.  We believe in 100% project transparency and real-time communication. 

BR Softech has a name in the gaming industry for delivering projects on a given timeline irrespective of the client’s time zone.

Pocket-Friendly Plans

We offer various pocket-friendly packages depending on the client’s requirements such as the customers can hire game developers on an hourly, daily, quarterly, and monthly basis.

BR Softech believes in business relations that’s why you can reach out to us any time for custom keno game plans.

Latest Technologies

Being a leading IT tycoon, BR-Softech features the latest development technologies to induce tempting graphics and 2D-3D effects. We have expertise in developing keno casino games for mobile, consoles, and desktops.

Coming to the OS, we have different teams to develop Keno game apps for various operating systems such as Android, iOS, etc. Moreover, we have experience in delivering casino apps compatible with cross-platform and native operating systems.

Online Promotion

Our digital marketing team includes PPC analysts, creative graphic designers, experienced social media and search engine optimizers that promote the keno app through video marketing, Instagram marketing, and a lot more.

Things to Avoid While Developing Keno Casino Games:

Things to avoid Keno casino game development

There’s a thin line between a top-notch keno game and a successful keno game. The following factors play a crucial role in Keno Casino Game Development

  1. Designing a keno app that does not adhere to the real-world casino.
  2. Sticking to a single platform app and not releasing casino games compatible with all mobile platforms.
  3. Avoid developing applications that only follow a fixed screen ratio. It will lose a large number of potential audiences.
  4. Avoid designing a keno casino game that requires large memory, drains the battery, and lags bug fixes.
  5. Check the output rate of your keno game, if it is not able to shoot instant outputs then it’ll definitely be a failure.
  6. Study consumer demographics to make your keno game app more interactive. 
  7. Avoid too many functionalities as it will impede the user experience of the app.
  8. Focus on security measures because online casinos are more prone to cyber-attacks.

How to Hire a Keno Game Developer?

The expertise of a Keno casino game developer determines the quality of the end product. It is the platform where you shape the foundation of your Keno casino game software. Here are the following factors that will help you in finalizing a reliable Keno app developer.

  • Project budget

Decide a number of features that you can afford in your Keno game software, it’ll help you determine a precise budget for the game development.

  • Industry experience

When it comes to industry experience, a Keno casino software developer should have a technical hand in scripting languages like Java, Python, C++, etc. Furthermore, C# is the most prominent language used to develop 2D games with engines like Unity. 

  • Gaming knowledge

If a developer possesses knowledge about different gaming genres then it adds an additional advantage to your Keno game software. Players exhibit their actions and reactions based on the genres. 

A multitude of genres and subgenres are being used by game developers to design the theme. A well-versed Keno game developer should know how to analyze the existing competitors and what aspects of different games will fit in your game idea.

  • Creative aptitude

A game without comprehensive content means a dull gaming experience. A Keno game developer should have a creative mindset capable enough to enhance every aspect of the game like graphics, features, sound, characters, etc. 

A creative aptitude ensures interactive gameplay and an excellent user experience. Therefore, always adopt measures to determine the creative as well technical aptitude before finalizing a developer for an app like keno.

  • Maintenance plans

Bugas, UI fixing, crash reports are the inevitable part of game development. It is impossible to expect any bug-free game software. Therefore, always discuss the maintenance agreement with your Keno game developer to ensure a best-in-class Keno Casino gaming experience at affordable costs.

Cost to Develop Keno Casino Game Development

The Keno casino app development cost hugely varies on the client’s expectations that include types of features, tech stack that the client wants to prefer for the casino game development. Basically, the cost to develop a Keno game app ranges between $15,000 and $25,000.

Some customers also demand a clone app or an exclusive white label game app. The other factors include developer cost, the time span to hire the developer, digital marketing cost, security,  expertise of the keno software provider, and a lot more.

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Software to Build a Keno Casino Game

Here are the most famous platforms that can help you to create a keno game product as per your expectations, let’s dive to know more:

  • Unity 

Unity is a cross-platform video game development tool that facilitates game developers in designing 2d-3d games with highly interactive features and cutting-edge technologies. This gaming studio allows importing heavy-duty assets from multiple platforms like Maya, etc.

It is the most famous tool among keno game developers, one can also access free tutorials and guide to develop a game on their own at Unity. It supports game creation for various operating systems/platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen OS, and Fire OS.

  • Unreal engine

Whether it be a beginner or an intermediate developer, Unreal is a favorite tool for the whole game developer community. Kudos to its user-friendly interface, Everyone loves to write code on Unreal engine games because it allows easier customization without updating the whole structure of code.

Unreal Engine empowers 2d-3d game development with highly engaging 3d graphics. This platform supports keno casino development for multiple operating systems/platforms like Windows PC, Sony PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, VR platforms, Linux, SteamOS, and HTML5.

  • Solar2D

Solar 2D, also known as the 2D Game Engine, is a cross-platform game development studio available easily on the internet. The Solar 2D works on Lua scripting language familiar to Keno casino game developers for its easy-to-use interface. 

This platform provides features plugins to support additional gaming requirements. Solar 2d has a discussion forum that facilitates all queries of the developers globally. Again thanks to the Lua scripting language that offers a real-time simulation feature to configure the final look of the end-product. Solar 2d supports casino game development for various operating systems like iOS, tvOS, Android, Android TV, macOS, Windows, Linux, and HTML5.

  • SpriteKit – 2D sprite-based games

Sprite Kit is an in-house game studio by Apple to develop 2d games, this game creation software supports Swift and Objective-C language. Developers prefer SpriteKit- 2D for its extensive range of features and portability. 

If you’re willing to develop a Keno app for the iOS platform then SpriteKit is the perfect match for your expectations. However, being an on-site product of Apple it requires downloading libraries from 3rd party sources.

  • AppGameKit

AppGameKit is a well-known game development software among beginners and intermediate developers. This platform is widely used for its user-friendly interface and coding structure similar to the universal principles of the C++ coding language.

Cross-platform is another self-subsistent feature that makes AppGameKit available on all platforms at once. It supports game creation for operating systems like Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Why choose BR Softech for Keno Casino Game Development?

BR Softech has served over 1000 clients worldwide with its cutting-edge Keno casino game development service provider.

Our skilled developers are always willing to discuss your Keno game requirements and provide a creative casino product. We have a specialized team to help you deal with the technical challenges that your game vision is facing. 

At BR Softech you can expect skilled mobile game developers with years of experience in the relevant industry, instant communications & total project transparency, Product quality with on-time delivery, in-depth software testing, and a lot more.


How much time does it take to develop a keno casino game?

Usually, it takes around 6 to 12 weeks to develop a game app like keno casino.

How much does it cost to hire a keno game developer on an hourly basis?

The general cost to hire a keno game developer on an hourly basis ranges between $30 to $50.

Which Technology do you use for developing keno casino games?

Usually, the technology to develop a game app like keno casino depends on the client’s expectations.  Moreover, our developers boast vital knowledge and experience to work on various gaming technologies like Unity, Unreal Engine, and a lot more.

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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