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Fantasy Sports

Top Must-Have Features for Fantasy Sports Platforms in 2024

written by Saloni Agrawal | May 25, 2022
Features for Fantasy Sports Platforms

If you love to play games, then you can understand the growing obsession in people for fantasy sports platform development. These fantasy sports apps include various breath-taking and amazing tournaments to double the excitement and interest of all the players. Apart from Cricket, people have the same scrutiny for all the games, be it Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey, etc. 

These fantasy sports not only entertain users but also help them make money by playing well. People are getting motivated with the success of Dream-11 in the past two years and trying to develop similar apps to make their venture successful. 

Introduction to Fantasy Sports App Platforms

Many people are a huge fan of different games, so they show their interest in these gaming platforms as well. This is the main reason why there is an enormous demand for fantasy sports platform development. These apps provide users with a platform where they can pick their favourite games and players digitally and can also make their fantasy team at the time of an ongoing tournament. 

They feel like they are into the game this way, and they can use their predictive skills and game knowledge to win the game prizes. Some apps charge for the subscription, whereas some of them are free for users; it depends on the locations and varied game levels.

Best Fantasy Sports Platforms in 2024 that are Ruling the Web!

Among all the games, Cricket has its separate customer base and has a huge following worldwide. But some sports platforms include all kinds of games and still managing to be on the top. Look at these top players of the sports industry-


It is the most popular fantasy cricket platform for cricket among all the users and also allows us to play different games in one place. In this, they can generate and launch digitally. This game app has taken all over the gaming market with advanced features and an amazing user interface. 


It is a Dream11 Clone app that has been developed especially for cricket fans where they can play and can also win the cash prizes and bonuses. This game app has around 10M followers and has immense vogue among its fans.

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My11 Circle

This app was launched in 2019 and was dedicated to international and domestic cricket matches. But now it is looking forward to including more sports like dream11 fantasy cricket and football sports platform for entertaining their users. 

Fantasy Power11

It is available for Android users only and also provides the option for instant cash bonus if a user registers for the first time in the fantasy Cricket Contest.

MPL (Mobile Premier League)

It is developed by Bangalore-based Galactus Funware and known as an attractive IPL T20 fantasy cricket app to provide tournaments and enjoyment to the season. 

Understand the Working of Fantasy Sports Leagues Platforms

Fantasy sports apps have an easy and smooth working for their users. As a user, you first have to sign-in to the app, select real players through an online selection procedure, and then you can make your own fantasy team. The real game statistics of yours will be brought-in the app, and you will play with other users and perform properly to win the match. 

These fantasy sports platforms for football and other sports allow users to track how their chosen team is performing in comparison to other teams. These other teams can belong to anyone, maybe your closest friend. Above-mentioned famous sports platforms are the best examples of the good working procedure so you can look into them.

How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Platform Development Like Dream11 with Striking Features?

Develop a Fantasy Sports Platform Development Like Dream11

To build a fantasy sports app like Dream11, you have to understand that it is not a game of interactive and eye-appealing graphics and colours. Here are some significant things you can appraise for the development of fantasy sports app-

Data is Everything 

If you are developing fantasy sports platforms for kabaddi, Cricket or any other game, you must know that the game is played over the data and adept handling. It refers to a skilful and calculative nature of the game. The users are led by the league’s data and competitions such as the player data, overall performances, their form, conditions, etc.

Lead the 5-second Rule

The 5-second rule is defined as the designer is required to have the user’s attention within the first five seconds only to get their response further. Otherwise, the user will move on to anything else. So, apply a fast insights interface as per the user perspective.

A hint from the Newsroom

You need an inverted-pyramid that includes just entertainment, moderate analysis, and hardcore to manage gigabytes of data in a super-efficient way. Even, the dream11 app also follows this database structure to handle the data via the same logical structure to find out the most related bits.

Have Minimal

It would be good for fantasy Cricket app development or fantasy kabaddi app development if you go to different ways to engage users. So, consider that only 7 or less than that visual aspect will fill your normal screen, not more than that. Also, learn how to develop minimalist designs for your sports app.

Features & Functionalities

Here is the list of must-have features in the fantasy sports app that will make your site stand out of the crowd-

  • For User Panel

Home Screen– After allowing you to log in via username, email or phone number or through social media account, it redirects you to another page. It involves match listings, selection of the team, date of the match, time and points gained, earned money, etc.

Dashboard– Includes the whole profile of the user that keeps the record of almost all the aspects like winning amounts, cash bonus, total balance, rewards, subscription, badges, etc.  

Look Out the Sports– These fantasy sports leagues platforms provide the sports in which users can choose their favourite sports to play.

Create Contest- Create, play and win the contests, and it includes participants, prize selection, etc.

Join Contest– Players can join the fantasy sports contests just by a few steps.

Track records– All the history of playing and winning matches and time and contest related details.

Invite & Earn– It is common but important as well to engage the users.

Additional Features- Other features included in it are registration, profile settings, payment gateway, live score, home screen, social media sharing option, contests, etc.

  • For Admin Panel

Dashboard– Here admin analyzes and handles each aspect via using the management panel linked into the dashboard. 

Management Panel– IT must include in fantasy sports platform development contest creation, earning calculation, deletion, money management, authorizing app users, contest management, etc.

CMS– Admin handles app content via the Content management system

Additional Features– It involves managing games, team management, leagues, contests, managing players, managing requests and notifications.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Fantasy Sports Platform?

cost to devlelop a fantasy sports app

The overall cost of creating a fantasy sports app like Dream11 depends upon numerous factors. First of all, it needs a team of some skilled and dedicated professional that will include the following-

  • UI/UX designer
  • Project manager
  • Android developer
  • iOS developer
  • Back-end developers
  • QA experts

After deciding the team, you should look at the factors that will affect the entire cost. Commonly. A fantasy sports app like Dream11 will consist of an admin panel and a user panel. The admin panel that includes basic features will cost you up to $9000, and the user panel will cost you up to $8000 for both Android and iOS. 

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If you are looking for hiring a professional fantasy sports app development team or company, then it will hike up your entire budget by thousands of dollars. So, by estimating all the cost, it will cost you around $20,000- $30,000. It will cover the following aspects-

  • Cloud server
  • Domain registration
  • Legal charges
  • Annual maintenance
  • Data feeds

Wrapping Up

Finally, we hope you have got all the valuable insights into developing an appropriate fantasy sports app. Fantasy sports platform development includes varied features & functionalities to engage the users with their sports. With its increasing popularity, the game of the future is expected to be bright in the upcoming years. 

Call to Action

Creating a fantasy sports app is a complicated task, so take help of a reliable and experienced fantasy sports app development company  like BR Softech that includes knowledgeable and efficient developers who will understand your business needs. Get in touch with us for further guidance about fantasy sports platform development!      

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