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Now Twitter is Targeted by Hackers

written by Admin | Feb 05, 2013
twitter hacking images

Now hackers have started to targeted on micro blogging sites twitter. According to security director Bob Lord, two and half million password have been stolen so two and half millions of accounts have been hacked. We find odd access pattern that helps us to determine that illegal access had been trying to reach user information.

We detected one live assail and were trying to shut it down and we had been successfully removed it. However our checking process has far pointed that the hackers may have had reached to user data- Username, session tokens, e-mail addresses and encrypted version of passwords. As a security measure, we have set all passwords again and repeal session tokens for the user accounts, who had been affected. If your twitter profile was one of them  then you will have  shortly received  an message from twitter  at the ID  associated with your account indicate  you that you will required  to change your account  password  And old password should not be work when you will try to access your account.
In an message to impacted users, Twitter wrote that “believes that your account may have been compromised by a Web site or service not associated with Twitter. We’ve reset your password to foreclose others from accessing your account.”
Some people are hypothesizing on Twitter that the impacted users are all among the services earliest — in other words, that they were created there accounts in 2006 or 2007, since only owners of accounts that old look to have received the notice from Twitter. It appears that the hackers behind the attacks had not aimed any specific group, like political dissidents or media organizations.


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