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Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Software

Game Development
Apr 24, 2023
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multiplayer 8 ball pool game software

8 Ball Pool is an exciting game that features cutthroat and engaging gameplay. It is a popular board game that is played using sticks(cues) and balls. With increased innovations and technological advancements, the traditional 8 ball pool game is now dominating the online sector. There are a plethora of online multiplayer 8 ball pool game software that allows players to enjoy the gameplay from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, these software also provides plenty of benefits for businesses by providing unprecedented gameplay that increases customer engagement and revenue of your business. 

Nowadays, multiplayer 8 ball pool online games allow users to interact and connect with like-minded people from all around the world. Additionally, the play-to-earn feature also enables players to play the game for real money and earn real cash. 

Are you interested in online multiplayer 8 ball pool game development? This blog will provide information about the features, and cost of developing an 8 ball multiplayer online software. 

What is 8 Ball Pool Game Software?

The 8 ball pool game software allows players to enjoy an exciting 8 ball pool gameplay online from the comfort of their homes. The software is also packed with interactive features which are not present in the traditional version that greatly enhances the user experience. Features like play-to-earn and multiple game modes provide an all-around robust gameplay experience that is preferred by users. 

The software also features tips and tricks and a secure payment gateway that allows users to withdraw their winnings to their bank accounts. Moreover, the play-to-earn gaming model is also in huge demand as it allows players to play for real money and invest more in the gaming platform. 

Let’s take a look at the rules & regulations of the 8 Ball Pool Game. 

How to Play On 8 Ball Multiplayer Online Software?

8 Ball Pool Balls

  • Cue Ball: White Ball that is used to hit other balls
  • 1 & 9: Yellow Coloured Balls
  • 2 & 10: Blue Coloured Balls
  • 3 & 11: Red Coloured Balls
  • 4 & 12: Purple Coloured Balls
  • 5 & 13: Orange Coloured Balls
  • 6 & 14: Green Coloured Balls
  • 7 & 15: Maroon Coloured Balls
  • 8 Ball: Black Coloured

1 to 7 are solid colour balls while 9 to 15 are striped balls

Rules & Regulations

  • The balls are placed in the breaking position in the shape of a triangle. 
  • One of the players scatters the ball by breaking the triangle.
  • If any ball is potted, the player is assigned that group of balls(solid or striped)
  • If no ball is pocketed, the next player has the chance to choose his group and pocket the ball. 
  • After the groups are assigned, the players have to pocket all the balls of their particular groups. 
  • If any player pockets the black 8 ball without pocketing all their balls first, they are declared the loser. 
  • If a player pockets the cue ball is pocketed by mistake, it is considered a foul and the player can place the cue ball anywhere for his next turn. 
  • The first player to pocket all their balls and the 8 balls at the end wins the game. 

Features of Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Software

In order to provide an engaging and interactive gameplay experience, 8 ball pool developers incorporate various advanced features into the game software. Moreover, these features are also responsible for driving traffic towards the Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Software. 

Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Software

Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Software Feature

Play-to-EarnUsers can wager and play for real money in the online multiplayer pool game software. They can also withdraw their winnings from the various payment methods available in the app. 
Social GamingUsers can play online 8 ball multiplayer with friends on the 8 ball game software. They can also add and invite their friends and family to the gaming platform. 
Safe & Secure Payment GatewaysThe multiplayer games 8 ball pool online games are integrated with safe & secure payment gateways that facilitate transactions and provide multiple payment methods.
Refer & EarnWith the referral rewards feature, users can invite their friends and family to the online multiplayer pool game. Moreover, users also get additional rewards whenever a user joins the game through their invite link.
Live ChatThe live chat feature allows users to interact with each other using texts, voices, and emojis.
Social Media IntegrationUsers can link their social media accounts to the online multiplayer pool game and log in without any hassle.
8 Ball Pool TournamentsPlay in tournaments to determine the top player on the server. Most tournaments on the game have hefty cash prizes.
24×7 Customer SupportThe customer support feature is essential to address and resolve users’ queries.
Multilingual SupportWe also provide a multilingual feature so users can play the online multiplayer pool game with friends in their preferred language.
User-friendly UI/UXOur online 8 ball multiplayer games feature an attractive design and easily navigable user interface so users can browse through without any challenge.

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Business Model of 8 Ball Multiplayer Online Software

As mentioned above, the 8 Ball Multiplayer Online Software provides a ton of benefits for businesses. Moreover, as a game operator, you can also utilise various monetization strategies to generate revenue from various streams and maximize your ROI. 

Business Model of 8 Ball Multiplayer

1. Pool Coins

Users can earn pool coins by winning real money games on the platform. There are various skins and powerups available on the gaming platform that can be bought by accumulating pool coins. Users can also use real money to buy skins. Moreover, these cosmetic items also provide additional powerups which is why users are more drawn towards these microtransactions. 

2. In-app Advertisements

Most gaming software or apps use in-app advertisements as their primary business model to generate revenue. Third-party ads are strategically placed in the game software which users have to watch before or after they finish a game. Also, you can use banner ads that are constantly displayed on the screen. However, make sure you strategically place advertisements so they don’t hamper gameplay. 

3. Mini-games

There are various mini-games available in the game that attract and engage the user. Mini-games like a free shot and spins are free for one-time use but the user has to buy additional chances to play again. This is also a common source of generating revenue from 8 ball pool mobile game software.

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4. Chat Packs

The live chat feature contains various chat templates that the users can use. However, if a user wants to send a personalized message, they will have to buy additional chat packs with pool coins or real money to unlock this feature. 

5. Season Pass

The Season Pass is a loyalty program that users can buy for additional rewards and skins. Buying the Season Pass will give users unrestricted access to various tournaments available on the Pool game app. Moreover, users also get access to a ton of skins and cosmetics that enhance their gameplay. Users can also earn NFTs by winning tournaments and making their invested money back in no time. 

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Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Development

Game development is not an overnight task, Online Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Game Development is a complex process that requires a full team of dedicated developers, designers, testers, etc. It requires in-depth technical knowledge and various game development tools and frameworks that facilitate the game development process. Take a look at the team structure required for developing 8 ball multiplayer online software. 

1. Team Structure

  • Project Manager
  • 8 Ball Pool Game Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Testers and QA Analysts
  • Business Analyst
  • Game Designer

2. Technology Stack Requirement

  • Game Engine: Unity or Unreal Engine
  • Back-end Development: Node.js
  • Cloud: AWS or Azure
  • Database: MongoDB or Cassandra
  • Real-time Analytics: Azure Analytics
  • Real-time Communication:
  • Notifications: Google Cloud Messaging
  • Payment Integration: Rapid API, Diamond API

3. Hire Multiplayer 8 Ball Pool Games Software Development Company

If you don’t possess the technical knowledge or don’t want to go through the trouble of developing the game yourself, you can hire a multiplayer 8 ball pool games software development company to undertake the project for you. The experience and expertise of the 8 Ball Pool Game Development Company can help you develop a stellar Pool app and it is also a cost-effective option as it saves the expenses of hiring a full-fledged team and purchasing different technologies. 

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Cost of Multiplayer 8 Ball Online Pool Game Development

The cost of multiplayer 8 ball online pool game development is not fixed and is dependent on a variety of factors. Moreover, different game development agencies will provide varied costs according to their experience. Factors like the location and experience of developers, features, tech stack, and more majorly affect the overall development cost. Take a look at the various factors that affect the cost of development-

  • Experience of Developers
  • Location of the developers
  • Features
  • Tech-Stack
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • UI/UX Development

On average, it costs around $20,000 to $30,000 to develop a single-platform multiplayer game 8 ball online pool software with basic features. However, if you want to develop cross-platform Pool game software, you will have to invest close to $50,000. 

Also, keep in mind that this is an average estimate and might differ from the actual cost. The actual cost will be calculated based on your preferences and requirements. If you want an exact cost estimate, you can contact an 8 Ball Pool Game Development Company. 

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How Can BR Softech Assist You With 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer Game Development?

BR Softech is a veteran 8 Ball Pool Game Development Company that strives for customer-centricity and ensures to fulfil all your Pool, Snooker, and Billiards development requirements. Our developers are well-versed in working with advanced technologies and aim to develop a highly interactive and feature-packed 8-ball pool billiards app. We also provide multiple variations like Snooker 8 ball pool and online multiplayer games 8 ball pool billiards in our multiplayer 8 ball online pool game. Partner with BR Softech and reap the following benefits of 8 ball pool multiplayer game development. We offer- 

  • Experienced Developers
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Customised Solutions
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • On-time Delivery
  • 24×7 Customer Support

Leverage the power of 8 Ball Pool Game Development and ensure higher engagement and increased ROI for your business. Contact us now

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How many players can play 8 ball pool?

8 ball pool is generally played by 2 players(1v1) However, some game modes feature team games where up to 4 players can play(2v2). 

Q.2 What are the most popular 8 Ball Pool game apps?

The most popular 8-ball pool apps include- 
1. 8 ball pool 
2. Billiards City
3. 3D Pool Ball
4. Kings of Pool

Q.3 Do you provide customised 8 ball multiplayer online software development?

Yes, we provide entirely personalized 8 ball multiplayer online software development that is bespoke and tailored to the client’s requirements. 

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