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How to Start an Online Ludo Game Business in India?

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Nov 12, 2023
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Ludo Game Business in India

Online ludo game has gained immense popularity over the years and is recognised as the most popular game in India. Ludo is a traditional game that first originated in India. Earlier the game was played by people at family gatherings, friends’ parties, and vacations. However, with the advent of technology, smartphone and easily accessible internet, the online ludo game business became mainstream. Moreover, the pandemic fueled the growth of ludo mobile game apps like Ludo King, which allowed players to play video games from the comfort of their homes. 

Most gaming entrepreneurs see developing online Ludo game apps as an excellent opportunity to reach a wide population and generate greater revenue. Ludo is a widely preferred and accepted game in the world. People of all age groups and gender see ludo as an excellent source of time pass and entertainment. If you are fascinated by the online ludo game business and want to launch your own platform, here is the guide for you. 

Scroll down to know all the major aspects related to Ludo game development including cost, steps, features, and much more. 

What is Online Ludo?

Online ludo game is a popular board game that allows two or four players to compete with each by rolling a single dice. Each player has four tokens that they need to use to win the entire game. Each player is given a chance to roll the dice and move forward with their tokens in order to win. They need to follow some rules and regulations in order to move forward and win. The player who completes the race first wins the game. 

Online ludo game allows players to play the game with their friends and family from anywhere and at any point in time. You don’t need to physically meet your team players in real-time to compete and win. The live chat feature of the online ludo game allows you to instantly chat with your opponent team in case of any communication or queries. 

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Online Ludo Game Market Overview 

Online ludo games have seen an inclining growth, especially after the pandemic when people stayed indoors. On average, the user base of online ludo games increased by 70 % during the time of lockdown. Mobile game apps like ludo king also noticed the enhancement of market size and share. As per market research, the platform made a profit of $20 million in the year 2020.  Moreover, it is the first game app to reach the value of 500 million downloads by the end of the year 2020. 

The above stated clearly showcase that the Ludo game apps became quite famous after the pandemic. The industry is growing day by day and is here to stay. 

What is the Future of Online Ludo Business? 

As per the above market stats, it is quite clear that the online ludo business is a profitable venture for creators due to the progressive growth of the industry. With the increasing fan base and craze of online ludo games, there is a growth in the number of companies offering cost-effective and efficient mobile game apps. The future of the online ludo business is very bright. But the major thing that can make or break your business is the high competition. There are a lot of Ludo game apps that are available in the Apple or google play store, giving tough competition to each other. 

In order to make your online ludo game app cut above the rest, make sure to incorporate the robust ludo board game strategy and the latest market trends. An ideal business incorporates customer-oriented features and functionalities to perform well in the market. You must also focus on customer centricity and satisfaction to make your Ludo game platform highly preferable across the globe. 

To make things a little bit simpler for you, here we have listed some of the major steps, to help you take your online ludo game business to the next level. 

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Steps to Start An Online Ludo Game Business in India 2024

Steps to Start An Online Ludo Game Business

Starting an online ludo game business is a hard nut to crack, as it requires the collaborative efforts of art designers, marketing professionals, and developers. From market research to QA and deployment; there are multiple steps that you must fulfil to build a successful online ludo game platform. 

1. Market Research and Planning

Research and planning play a crucial role when it comes to starting any business. Make sure to research well about the market by understanding the market strengths, opportunities, weaknesses and threats. The success of the Ludo game app depends on how well you research the market and your competitors. Know what your competitors are doing and how well they are reaching their target audience and making money through Ludo game apps. Moreover, do not forget to identify the uniqueness of your ludo game platform that can help you make a difference in the industry. 

2. Define the Target Audience 

Make sure to define your target audience to reach them in an accurate and efficient manner. Define the demographics and the type of population you want to target such as children, adults or elderly people. It is very important for businesses to define their target audience to reach more people and earn great revenue. 

3. Set a Budget 

Define your budget at the start to avoid any extra or overhead costs. The budget must be well-thought and made after considering all the ludo game development costs required for the designing, developing, testing, marketing and launching. It will help you choose the best Ludo game company, offering solutions and services under your set budget. In a nutshell, setting a budget can help you remain within boundaries when it comes to expenses.

4. Make a Blueprint 

Create a blueprint of your ludo game app including all the features, functionalities and graphics that you can include to make your platform interactive, engaging and user-friendly. 

Blueprint gives you an idea about everything related to art design, creation and deployment. This avoids room for error or glitches that may happen during the time of creation. 

5. Choose the best Ludo Game Company 

Another important step to starting an online ludo business is selecting the best and most reliable ludo game company. Make sure to check the years of experience the company possess when it comes to the ludo game apps. The company should have a certified and professional team of developers who can customize your Ludo game app as per your requirement. Always select a company that has a wide range of experience in designing and developing ludo game applications for Android, iOS and Windows Mobile platforms.  

6. Select The Best Marketing Strategies 

Marketing and promotion are the two most important factors which decide the reach of your ludo game platform. You can make use of different market strategies and tactics to approach your fragmented target audience. The most common and effective marketing tactics include digital marketing campaigns, content marketing, Email marketing, and Youtube marketing. If you have assigned a separate budget for marketing, you can opt for a paid form of marketing. However, if you have less budget and want a cost-effective method to promote, you can opt for organic marketing. 

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Business Models of Online Ludo Games 

The first thing that comes to the mind of an entrepreneur before starting any business is the return on investments. It is quite obvious that they want their hard-earned money to be justified. But you don’t need to worry about your ROI when you are launching an online ludo business. It’s because the platform offers multiple monetization strategies that are highly profitable for a startup business like yours. 

Business Models of Online Ludo Games

In-App Advertisements 

Advertisements are the most common methods used by gaming entrepreneurs to earn money. Using this revenue-generating method, they charge a high amount of money from the brands or companies to promote their ads on the gaming platform. You can also use this method to generate next-level revenue. 

In-App Purchases 

This strategy has become widely famous among gaming business owners to make great money. By offering certain profile-enhancing credits and points you can make your target audience excited about earning those points. In turn, you can make huge money if they purchase those credits or points. 

Refer and Earn 

If you want to attract more audience to your gaming platform, refer and earn feature works as the fuel. Using this feature, you can attract more and more players to download your ludo game app. In turn, increase your overall profit or revenue. 

Fixed Percentage Model 

The admins can set a fixed percentage over every game which is being played by the players. Using this model, they can charge a fixed percentage and can make huge returns at the end. 

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Ludo Game Business in 2024? 

It’s impossible to give you the exact cost of starting an online Ludo business unless you hire a Ludo game company charging a fixed amount of money for your project. The cost depends on various factors such as Ludo game design, testing, marketing and deployment.

On average creating a Ludo app costs around $5,000 to $10,000. This cost is for the Ludo game app with basic features and functionalities. Hence, if you want to create a Ludo game app with advanced features and functionalities, the cost may shoot up to $20,000. There are some major factors affecting the cost of developing Ludo Games, which include: 

How Much Does it Cost to Start an Online Ludo Game Business?
  • The location of the developers 
  • Experience of the board game company 
  • The complexity of the features 
  • Technology stack 
  • UX/UI design 
  • Marketing and promotions 
  • Customer support 
  • App size and type

Want to know the exact cost of the Ludo game app?

Final Words 

The Ludo game has been popular for decades. The main factor that contributes to its growth is that it is the most preferable gaming platform for everyone, irrespective of age or gender. Due to the larger fan and user base, many gaming business entrepreneurs invested in Ludo games to seek first-mover advantage and generate greater revenue. 

There are ‘N’ number of ludo game apps that are available out there in the market, but only a few of them are ruling the market. The reason behind that is the unique ludo board game strategy, Ludo game design and Ludo game features. If you want to break through this industry by launching an online ludo game business, make sure to take help from us.

As a leading ludo mobile game app development company, we can help you create an innovative, creative and unique ludo game app that will offer your target audience great convenience, flexibility and an immersive gameplay experience. 

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Q.2 What are the different types of modes in the Ludo game app? 

We incorporate the major modes in the Ludo game apps such as computer mode, multiple-player mode, local player mode and private mode for multiple players. Read More

How to develop a Ludo game?

Developing Ludo games is not an overnight task, and hence requires collaborative efforts of designers and developers. The major steps to develop an online ludo game business are research, budget set, ludo game design, testing, marketing and launching. Read More 

What Makes a Mobile Game App Like Ludo King Profitable?

Mobile game apps like ludo king make huge profits from a wide range of monetization strategies, including in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, participation charges, collaboration charges, and fixed percentage models. Read More 

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