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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Yandex Taxi Clones?

App Development
May 20, 2021
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Taxi booking app

The demand for taxi booking app development is rising day by day. The market has flourished to such an extent that it holds a market worth of multi-billion dollars in the current time.

Many factors are responsible for this rapid growth, and some of them are growing urbanization, increased purchasing power, affordable smartphones, and accessible and affordable data plans. 


Yandex Taxi App developers are one of the most searched terms on the internet by investors who aspire to hold their share in the market with their unique on-demand taxi booking app. If you seek interest in investing in a taxi booking app however are concerned about the huge costs associated with it, then this article is a must-read for you.

It mentions the various factors that influence the cost of  Taxi App Development along with the total budget that you need to carry for your project. 

Cost To Develop Yandex Taxi Clones

To know about the cost that it takes to create an App Like Yandex Taxi, it is important for you to know the process of its development and the various influential factors. 

Factors that determine the cost of app development include:

  • Features of the app
  • The technical team involved in app development
  • Platforms that you target
  • Geo-location of taxi booking app development company

Versions & Features of Taxi Booking App

versions and features

Features involved in app development are further segmented into three versions of the Yandex Taxi Clone development that are as follows-

  • Passenger version
  • Driver version
  • Admin version

Passenger’s version

Features of Passenger App

  • Registration and login: The foremost step that the user will come across will be to register its profile and to log in, providing the credentials
  • Create a profile: Once the user successfully lands in the app, the next step would be to create a profile that includes setting up the basic details.
  • Select location: This feature is about empowering the passenger with the dual option for entering pick up location, either manually or via. automatic detection.
  • Vehicle categories: Riders should have various vehicle options to toggle between, such as hatchback, sedan, SUV, along with selecting the riding options like car-pooling or single passenger journey.
  • In-app chat: Another option of great relevance is the in-app chat option that lets the rider connect with the driver.
  • Rent a vehicle: ‘Rent a vehicle’ is amongst the must-have features for the riders in case they want to opt for a self-drive cab option.
  • Outstation booking: This feature is for the rider who wishes to book a cab for outstation trips.

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  • Notifications: 

Real-time notifications are a crucial feature to keep the rider notified at every phase of the taxi booking, departure, and arrival. 

  • OTP: 

This option is about entering the four-digit code from the time when the rider boards the cab. It will save the customer from paying up any extra charge even if the driver starts the trip beforehand.

  • Live tracking: 

This will help the passenger to track the cab right from the moment the cab booking is confirmed until the trip ends.

  • Cancel trip:

This option will help the rider to cancel a ride for a nominal cancellation charge.

  • Review and rating:

This helps the app operator to get detailed insights about the quality of taxis and services that are delivered to the customers.

  • Ride history:

It gives the customer a detailed insight into cab bookings, cab availed, cab canceled, including the pickup and drop location, and the fare charged.

Driver’s version

Features of Driver App

  • Registration and login: 

Just like in the customer’s version of the app, this is the foremost step in driver’s version of the app. The driver can register its profile using an existing social media account or create a profile manually by entering the credentials.

  • Document uploading and verification:

Once the driver creates the app, the next thing is to upload the required documents and wait for the verification from the admin’s side.

  • Edit/update profile:

Drivers should be able to edit or update their profile in the later stages that include name, contact details, profile picture, etc.

  • Ride request:

After the driver successfully registers on the app and creates the profile, the driver then receives a ride request from the nearby areas.

  • Accept/Reject ride:

The driver then uses discretion to accept or reject the ride within a stipulated time.

  • Cancel ride:

This option lets the driver cancel the ride and select an appropriate reason with additional remarks (if any).

  • Driver’s availability:

This option lets the driver notify if it’s operational by going online or offline.

  • Geo-fenced service area:

This feature ensures that the driver does not receive any ride request or drop location in a crime-prone or unsafe area. 

  • Navigation:

It helps the driver to find the nearest route to the rider’s location and provide other insights such as traffic density and estimated time to reach the driver’s pick up location and drop location.

  • Earnings:

Let the driver see the earnings daily, weekly, and monthly by integrating this option.

  • Ride history:

All the completed, canceled, or missed rides are displayed in this section of the driver’s version of the app.

  • Call/Chat:

This feature empowers the driver to connect with the rider in case of any queries via call or chat. 

  • Deactivate profile:

Drivers can easily deactivate their profile from the app by accessing the ‘Deactivate Profile’ tab in the app.

Admin’s version

Features of Admin App

  • Revenue manager:

This segment of the admin’s version of the app lets them keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly earnings for detailed accountability.

  • Driver’s document verification:

This section lets the admin verify the documents that are provided by the driver after profile registration.

  • Roles manager:

Admin can further divide the task amongst the sub-admins created that can look at various aspects related to the Yandex Taxi Clone App.

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  • Reports:

This section of the app provides the admin with various filters that are required to acquire desired reports for better management of all the activities on the app.

  • Transaction manager:

It includes all the minute details about the trips such as the driver’s and rider’s details, fares charged, and many more.

  • Wallet manager:

An effective wallet manager is a must-have to let the admin manage all the transactions using the wallet.

Technical Team

The size of the team that is deployed to create the On-Demand Yandex Taxi App highly influences the cost of app development. A basic structure of the team engaged in taxi app development is as follows-

  • Project Manager
  • Native Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Web Developers
  • Testing and Quality Assurance

Moreover, the cost is also determined by the platform for which it is developed. The most basic platforms that are trending in the market for Cab Services Like Yandex are iOS and Android. 

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Referring to the table provided below will have you develop a better understanding of how the total cost is estimated.

Android iOS
Project Management $3500 $4000
Native Development $13000 $14000
UX/UI Design $5000 $5000
Back-end Development $5000 $5000
Web Development $4500 $4500
Testing and Quality Assurance $8000 $9000
TOTAL (Rough Estimate) $39000 $41500


*It is to be noted that the figures that are mentioned above are just a rough estimate, and to know the exact cost of  taxi app development, referring to the Best Taxi Service App Development company is suggested.

Geo-location of taxi booking app development company

Geo location for taxi

The location of the app development company also plays a major role in determining the final cost of app development. It is noticed that developers based in western countries charge more fees as compared to those who are based in eastern countries. 

Location Countries Cost per hour
  • India
  • China
  • Vietnam
  • Pakistan
  • The Philippines
  • Egypt
  • Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • Morocco
Eastern Europe
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Belarus
  • Poland
  • Czech Republic
Latin America
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Chile
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica

Upon referring to the figures mentioned in the table, it is clear that Asian countries are the most reasonable when it comes to the cost of Yandex Taxi App Development.

Moreover, India ranks the top in providing enriched software solutions at reasonable prices that make it a perfect hub for you to search for the ideal taxi app developer like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.

Ending up

After reading this article, you must now be aware of the requirements of the Yandex Taxi Clone App. Keeping the basics in mind, such as a mobile yandex taxi moscow supported admin panel, a user interface that is easy to navigate, appealing graphics and colors, will help your app to stand apart from the rest of the competitors in the market. 

Coming to the budget part, the process of estimating the cost of app development is highly dynamic. The more customization that you opt for, the higher the price gets. An expert app development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. will be able to help you figure out the best in-app optimizations and the price associated with it.

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