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Step by Step Process of ICO Token Purchasing

written by Admin | Apr 18, 2018
ICO Token

The crowd funding platform in this token purchasing because with help of this in 2013 the ICO token business make 5.1 billion dollars then increasing of token marketing time it crosses 14 billion dollar market in 2014 and now the value is cross 62 billion dollars also it’s instantly moving in the global market with the new tokens.

ICO Token: What is?

ICO token is a fundraising money which is based on crowdfunding shares. Initial coin offering is like an initial price offering in the token stock market. In the stock marketing, you can purchase the digital coin. Here we define that what is token?? It is part of cryptocurrency which is known as a cryptocurrency token that is built Ethereum token, bitcoin token on ethereum blockchain platform.  Interestingly thought of the token development that you can use blockchain development process for your ICO token marketing and develop your own token for business purpose.

How to buy ICO Token  

The ICO token purchasing procedure depends on the website or applications compatibility which we are describing here:

1. Registration Your Information on ICO Token Website Portal

At present time every business and company business is based on website or android application portal. Just like that every ICO token outlet is available on online website store where you can register your information (Name, email, Contact Number, Bank Number, ID proof etc). The website specifies the token selling and purchasing process. Along with you can usefully legitimate operation, high profile ICO with the most trusted investor.

2.  Activating Your Account

The activation of account is based on email verification because we know that the cryptocurrency security is based on 2-factor authentication it means, when you register your account then the administrator send an email on your register email-id. So you can click on the verification link to activate your account for ICO token purchasing.

3. Buy & Selling ICO

When you activate your account you can see the dashboard screen where the token buying price, selling price has mention for trading or investment purpose buy and sell now button. Then you can see the seller and buyer private key for ICO token trading which have in various form like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum etc. Alternatively, the all transaction is recorded in blockchain block record that is fully secure by 2-factor authentication.

4. Account Processing

You can use your bank account (Debit card, credit card, third-party payment services) to buy the token to store in your ICO token account.

5. Wallet Service

Basically, the token service is based on storing the digital money or token in the cryptocurrency digital market. It means you can store your all ICO token in the ICO token wallet service for your future purpose and if you are not investing your token then you can easily keep the token in your wallet.

Who Can Involve in ICO

The Blockchain development technology allows for ICO token purchasing service anywhere in the world in very short time. But be sure that is legal in your province. We know that the ICO is explicitly legal in all countries to exchange BTC to ETH, LTC to BTC, ETH to LTC token and exchange FIAT token. By analyzing of this content we come to simple conclusion that ICO token builds up your token exchange services in digital ICO token business development.


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