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Sports Betting

The Best Online Betting Games To Earn Real Money

written by Nitin Garg | Apr 14, 2023
top 50 betting games

Who doesn’t like to make a fortune in a short period of time? We bet everyone does! Online betting games real money can help do that in a matter of few seconds; all you need to do have is gameplay skills and knowledge. With a proper understanding of the rules and regulations of each game, anyone can ace the gameplay and earn huge cash rewards as the prize for winning the bets. 

There are different best online betting games available in the market which lets users place bets on the outcomes of the specific sports gameplay. Some of the major and most popular sports betting games online are horse racing, cricket, rugby, football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, car racing, etc. The global sports betting market accounted for $83.65 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030. 

How Does Online Betting Games Real Money Work?

The popularity of online betting apps real money is reaching new heights of success. 

Key factors for this increased growth are the increased number of internet users worldwide, penetration of smartphones and easy access to mobile data &  betting game apps.

Since the internet and smartphones have proliferated for so long, online betting has come a long way. Nowadays people can bet from anywhere and at any point in time with an optimum amount of betting knowledge and prior experience. 

The concept of online betting game apps is quite simple. As a sports bettor, your job is to predict which team or sportsperson is going to conquer the sporting event. The bet is going to be placed on the prediction of the event. If your prediction becomes true, you will be able to win rewards. Otherwise, you will lose the bet amount.

We have moved on from the days when sports betting was illegal and sports bettors were the prey of the police. Now, most countries such as India, the USA, the UK, Canada, betting games in South Africa, and so on have allowed online sports betting. Online money betting games such as casinos, cards, poker, blackjack, roulette, rummy, Teen Patti, Poker, Ludo and so many others are currently ruling the betting industry. 

Players can participate in a variety of games and wager online using real money just like they do in land-based casinos. If the wager manages to win the game, they will be rewarded with real-world money that can be withdrawn anytime. This is how you can place bets on real cash betting games to earn real-world money.

Strategies to Make Real Money From Betting Games

There are millions of people worldwide who are fascinated by the concept of the best real money betting apps via which they can make a fortune in nearly no time. If you are a beginner in the field of the betting industry and don’t know how to ace the gameplay experience and win exciting rewards via online money betting games, here are strategies that you can follow: 

Real Money From Betting Games

1. Trust Your Skills Rather Than Your Luck

Playing online betting games for real money is not a simple task. You need to be assured of several things such as house edge, winning chances, odds and so on. To increase your chances of winning, we advise you to invest your time and money in skills-based betting rather than luck-based games.

For example, if you are playing the rummy game then you are supposed to win the game depending on the fact that how well you deal with the cards. However, if you place a bet on the cricket betting app real money, then the probability of winning and losing will be 50:50. Furthermore, you have no control over the outcomes, it is completely based on luck.

2. Develop Sound Knowledge of the Game 

Before getting your hands on any sports betting games online, it would be in your interest to develop adequate knowledge of them. By doing so, you will be able to craft your own strategies that will help you defeat the opponent and make you the winner of the game.

For instance, if you are going to try your luck at cricket betting apps for real cash, then you further have to understand the varied tournaments of cricket such as the T20 World Cup, IPL, and so on. This knowledge is going to assist you at every stage of betting and help you convert your knowledge into cash.

3. Aware of the Betting Odds

No matter how well-versed you are with your betting knowledge, it is still a smart thought to be aware of the betting odds. Sports betting odds are the only thing that suggests whether or not to bet on it. You should place a bet only if you genuinely have a feeling that this is going to provide you with good value.

4. Disciplining Yourself

The importance of discipline is inevitable in every part of life. While playing online casino games for real money, you should know your limits and avoid going beyond your limits. 

For instance, if you are on a winning run, you should not start more than you can afford to lose. The same thing applies when you are losing, don’t make a silly bet while chasing lost money.

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It is a good idea to check whether real cash betting games are legal in your country before playing them to earn real money. Here we have compiled a list of the countries where online gambling is legal.

Countries Where Online Gambling is Legal

1. United Kingdom (UK)

Some of the major online gambling games real money are horse or dog races, poker, casino, sports betting, Bingo, Lotteries, eSports, Golf betting games, Tennies, etc, which allow users to bet and earn real cash rewards.

2. India

Online betting games in India like Rummy, fantasy sports, free horse betting games, cricket betting games, Lottery, etc. are grabbing the attention of players to earn real rewards. 

3. Japan

Horse racing, boat racing, bicycle racing, Bingo, Pachinko, casinos, lotteries, slot games, Baccarat, Poker, Roulette, Live Dealer Games, etc. are the best online betting games available in Japan. 

4. Spain

Blackjack, Roulette, casino table games, Poker, Bingo, betting on sports/horse racing betting games online, fantasy betting games, lottery racing, and the majority of other skills-based online betting games real money. 

5. Australia

Online poker game, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Slots, online video betting game, Table Casino games, horse racing, in-play sports betting, betting on the outcomes of the lottery, and so on.

6. China 

Pai Gow poker, card games, unofficial lotteries, online casinos, betting games such as Mahjong, etc. are some of the popular online betting apps for real money. 

7. France

Card games, casino games, club games, sports betting, horse betting, etc. are the popular online betting games for real money. 

8. Canada

North American sports (NHL, NFL, NBA, MBL, CFL games, NCAA football, NCAA basketball), video poker, blackjack, slot, etc. are some of the best real-money betting apps in canada.

9. The USA

Soccer, Basketball, Baseball betting games, Ice Hockey, Tennies, Golf, Rugby Union, auto racing, softball, cricket, volleyball, field hockey, water polo, bet sports games online etc.

1o. South Africa 

Horse racing, rugby, cricket, and football are some of the best online betting games in South Africa. 

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List of The Best Online Betting Games to Earn Real Money

Now that you are considering trying betting apps for real money that not only bring endless fun to you but also let you earn some money too, here is the list of the best betting games that you must check out. 

1. Sports Betting

Online betting games for real money are broadly classified into various categories. The first is sports betting which allows users to place bets on different sports based on their knowledge and prediction skills. 

Sports Betting

A. Fantasy Cricket Betting

There are many kinds of sports but cricket is among the most beloved worldwide. With the help of the cricket betting app real money,  you can place bets on uncertain outcomes of the cricket match legally.

B. Soccer Sports Betting

Soccer is yet another widely followed sport. Hundreds of soccer leagues take place every year, offering lucrative betting opportunities to sports bettors. Anyone can place bets on soccer with the help of soccer fantasy sports apps that allow betting on football games. Sports betting apps real money for Football even allow you to place bets on NFL games and even they provide betting lines on NFL games to make it easy for the players to place the bet.

C. Baseball Sports Betting

It is one of the major American sports. Baseball betting is based on the concept of the money line, which means the winners are drawn according to the odds. Anyone can place a bet on baseball without facing any legal complications.

D. Basketball sports Betting

Basketball is yet another popular betting app for real money in countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and the Philippines. The National Basketball Association is also allowing people to place bets on NBL games.

E. Horse Racing Betting

Online horse racing betting is legal in most states of the USA. Bets can be placed on specific winners of particular races. Some of the online horse racing betting websites like allow the players to bet on Kentucky Derby betting games as well.

F. Golf Sports Betting

Just like cricket, baseball, and football you can also place a bet on golf. Even the federal law of the United States has drawn out all the restrictions on placing bets on golf games.

g. Hockey Sports Betting

Hockey is the national sport of India. Hence the scope for hockey online betting games app in India is huge. Since betting on a hockey game is based on Moneyline, you must make a guess regarding which player you believe will win.

H. Rugby Sports Betting

Rugby isn’t as popular as football in the USA, but it is incredibly popular in Europe, and you’ll see a lot of people here betting on it. 

I. Auto Racing Betting

Betting on auto racing includes betting on car racing, truck racing, and so on. As a bettor, your goal is to choose a driver who will cross the finish line first; if they finish the race before anyone else, you will win.

J. Tennis Sports Betting

A similar concept is applied to tennis betting like that of baseball and hockey, as long as you predict which player will win you will make a profit from it.

K. Handball Sports Betting

Handball is quite popular in European countries like Germany and France. In recent years it also gained popularity in the United States too. As two teams are involved in handball, you can make a bet on the team which will win.

L. Esports betting

Esports allows you to bet on a wide range of video poker games held between professional players. Depending on the bookmaker you choose, you can place bets on video games on profitable terms.

M. Boxing Sports Betting

Expected boxing Olympics, you can place bets on the boxing matches. The most frequent betting line in boxing is the Moneyline which means you can place a bet on your guess of who will win.

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2. Casino/Card Betting Games

Another type of online betting games real money is casino and card betting games, offering players a chance to earn real cash rewards in the most authentic way. 

Casino/Card Betting Games

A. Baccarat Game Betting

Baccarat is one of the online casino games real money which is being played by gamblers worldwide for fun. There are two hands, i.e. banker’s hand and the player’s hand in the Baccarat games that you need to be dealt with. 

B. Blackjack Betting Game

One of the most popular online betting apps for real money involving skills is Blackjack. The betting rules of the Blackjack game are very simple. During this game, the bettors compete against the dealer with a number of cards, aiming for 21. If the player gets closer to 21 than the dealer, it wins.

C. Roulette Betting Game

Roulette is one of the most favoured luck-based casino games widely played in American and European casinos. The main objective is to predict the number, colour, or row of a ball that changes by a spinning wheel.

D. Craps Betting Game

Craps is among the widely played betting dice games of chance. The player can bet on the outcomes the dice will produce.

E. Keno Betting Game

Keno Casino is a game that offers a balance of chances and skills. This lottery-style inspired best online betting game is played by placing a bet on 20 numbers out of 80.

F. Big Six Wheel Betting Game

The Big Six Wheel is a game of unequal chances, widely played in the United Kingdom (UK), Australia, and New Zealand. Typically, players bet on which symbol or number they think will appear on the spinning wheel.

G. Bingo Betting Game

Bingo game emerged as one of the most favoured low-priced casino games in Japan, Monte-Carlo, and other parts of the world. In order to place a wager, the bettor is required to purchase the card and must mark it odd, even, or pre-drawn. Players who manage to achieve the card in the designated time win the entire stake.

H. Slot Betting Game

Slot casino game is widely played in countries such as Africa, Asian & European countries, North America and Oceania.

I. Video Poker Betting Game

Video poker is one of the best casino games that is played with the help of five cards. There is only one casino betting game in which you can earn 100% of your winnings. It is correct what you heard. There is a way to beat the house edge if you use the right skills.

J. Texas Hold’em Betting Game

Among the many varieties of poker, Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker games. Players are dealt two cards initially, and then a community of five is revealed afterwards. Bettors need to make the best combination with the five cards to ensure winning.

K. Call Break Card Betting Game

Call Break Card Betting Game is one of the best online betting games real money played in many countries including India and Nepal. The game is played using 52 decks of cards and bettors need to make a minimum of hand betting to ensure winning.

L. Scratch Card Casino Betting Game

Due to its low-cost betting and high opportunities to generate instant money, scratch card casino betting has gained popularity. To play the game you simply need to scratch the card on the screen.

M. Three-Card Casino Betting Game

It is the American version of the most popular British game, Brag. In this fast-paced, real money betting games allow players to compete against the house.

N. Pai Gow Casino Betting Game

The Chinese continent is a popular gambling ground for Pai Gow casino games. To succeed in this game bettors need to make two poker hands: a 5-card hand and a 2-card hand. If your hands manage to beat the dealer you are in luck.

O. Rummy Betting Game

Rummy Game is a skill-oriented card game that’s played far and wide in India. It is played by a deck of 52 cards, divided into four major parts containing 13 cards each. In the end, the player with the minimum value cards is declared the winner.

P. Andar Bahar Game

Andar Bahar game is a card game that has a huge fan following in India. This is a game of pure chance.

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3. Poker Betting Games

Another popular type of online money betting game is poker betting games, offering players a chance to make a fortune through strategic gameplay. 

1. Pot-Limit Omaha

The European poker game pot-limit Omaha is extremely popular among high rollers. As a bettor, you need to make the best five-card poker hand to ensure the win.

2. Open-Face Chinese Poker (OFC Poker)

OFC poker is one of the most fascinating Chinese poker games with a worldwide fan following. The game involves drawing cards from a single deck in order to come up with the best possible hand.

3. Razz Poker Game

Razz is yet another highly popular poker betting game where the players’ goal is to make the lowest possible hand to win the game. In Razz poker, all bets and raises are streamlined to make it easy for players to determine which action is the most profitable.

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4. Lottery Betting Game

Yet another online betting app real money platform is a lottery betting game, wherein people can try their luck by placing bets on different lotteries to earn real cash rewards. 

Lottery Betting Game

1. Powerball

Powerball is a highly admirable lottery game in the United States that offers many opportunities to win money. The lottery system provides approx 9 ways to make money from the Powerball lottery.

2. Mega Millions

There are more than 45 states in the District of Columbia, the United States, and the Virgin Islands where you can play Mega Millions. To win the jackpot at Mega Millions, your six number printed numbers printed on the lottery should be matched up with the winning game.

3. Little Lotto

Little Lotto is yet another lottery-based betting game in the USA. Since this is a smaller version of the lottery game, the number of players is limited, thus the odds of winning are higher.

4. Live Betting Games

There are different betting apps for real money famous for their unique and immersive gameplay. Another type of betting game is live betting games which allow users to bet in real time. 

5. Live Sic Bo

A classic dice game that originates in Asia, Sic Bo Live is quite popular these days. You might be surprised to know that it is the second most played betting game in the casinos of Macau. The game is played with the help of chips. Buy the chips with real money first. Place your bet and then watch the desired outcomes play out.

6. Live Casino Hold’em

The most popular variant of five-card poker is live Casino Hold’em. In context to game rules, it is very much similar to the Texas Hold’em betting game. There is only one difference: you will play the game in real-time, with dealers instead of competitors.

7. Live Dragon Tiger

Due to the simplicity and speed of the play, Live Dragon Tiger has become the most favored live casino game worldwide, especially among East-Asian players. The game is dealt with two cards; dragon and tiger. Dragon refers to the dealer’s card, while Tiger refers to the bettor’s card. Bets are placed on which cards have the highest value.

8. Live Hi-Lo

Live Hi-Lo is on the newly introduced live casino games. This game is easily accessible on betting sites such as Bet365, Betfair, and It involves predicting the outcome of the next card game.

9. Live 3 Card Brag

The live 3 card brag is a variant of poker. The game is played with one live dealer and 3 players. The game begins with the players receiving 3 face-up cards and the dealer receiving 3 face-down cards. On the basis of the quality of the players’ cards, they should bet or hold.

10. USA Live Dealer Super 6

Live Dealer Super 6 is a highly admirable variant of the online Baccarat game. Similar to the land-based Baccarat game, it also offers three types of bets i.e. the Banker, Player, and Tie.

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5. Esports Betting

Esports are another online betting apps real money offering players a chance to showcase their skills and generate money out of it. 

Esports Betting

A. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) Esports Betting

CS: GO is one of the highly popular and safe eSports bettings in the year 2021. You can keep placing on CS: Go as long as its tournaments are taking place worldwide.

B. Battlefield Esports Betting

Battlefield is one of the widely played first-person shooting games. Each year, hundreds of competitive Battlefield tournaments are held in which players can put their money on the line.

C. FIFA Esports Betting

Bookmakers like Game Champions are among the new esports platforms that allow wagers from around the world to place bets on FIFA esports. Regardless of the amount you bet, you are at complete liberty to do so.

D. DOTA 2 Esports Betting

Esports betting sites like Pinnacle Sports and Bet365 allow the wagers to place bets on DOTA2. You are simply betting on which team will win this game.

E. League of Legends Esports Betting

Most online sportsbook platforms allow wagers to place bets on League of Legends. Since League of Legends is counted among the biggest esports worldwide, there are plenty of betting opportunities available for bettors.

Call of Duty (COD) Esports Betting

The introduction of the Call of Duty world league brings a lot of betting opportunities for fans of COD. They can place bets on Call of Duty on a range of platforms available online.

Overwatch League Esports Betting

Popular video game betting sites such as BetOnline allow wagers from around the world to make real money with the right usage of their Overwatch league skills and betting knowledge.

StarCraft 2 Esports Betting

It is a real-time strategy game that is played worldwide, especially in countries like South Korea. You can easily place a bet on StarCraft 2, all you have to do is choose a sportsbook that offers StarCraft 2 esports betting and you are all set to rock.

The challenge of finding a reputable and legal betting game site or betting app real money is the same as finding a specific fish in the sea. In order to find a legitimate betting site, you have to wade through a lot of trash. We are going to ease your burden by providing the names top legal betting game sites for 2023:

1. DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings Sportsbook has earned a big name in the field as a provider of daily fantasy sports content and sports betting. This American sportsbook allows wagers to place bets on all major American sports including MLB, NHL, NHL, NBL, UEFA Championship League, Tennis and so many other sports to name.

Furthermore, betting on Draftking is considered to be legal action in all major countries including India, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Columbia, Germany, and so many others countries.

Develop your App like DraftKings Sportsbook

2. BetOnline

BetOnline is far more than just a sports betting site or real money betting app. It also displays the latest sportsbook odds to make players’ betting experience completely unique.

Here you can place bets on all major sports including NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, Rugby, horse racing, and so on. In the USA, BetOnline is legal, which means players can place bets without being subjected to legal action.

3. Bovada

Bovada is one of the most trusted online betting games on the site, where you can enjoy betting on a variety of sports, poker, and casino games. Furthermore, live dealer games are also listed on Bovada. Betting on the Bovada site is legal in countries like the USA and Canada.

Bovada betting site also provides sports betting odds to help players to make wise selections with their betting.

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Final Words 

By now you might have received in-depth knowledge on the best online betting games real money, offering immersive, unique and engaging gameplay experiences to users. If you are new to the world of gambling or betting, then we at BR Softech can help you guide through every stage of online betting app development services. 

Under our guidance and strategies, you can develop a personalized sports betting website catering to your specific requirements. In addition to filling a void in the betting market, this website offers a vast number of revenue-generating opportunities to you. It follows the customer-centric sports betting app and website development approach to ensure the fulfilment of all our client goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How long does it take to develop online betting apps real money? 

On average, online betting game app development takes around two to three months from scratch. 

Q.2 How much does it cost to develop online betting apps real money? 

On average, the cost to develop an online betting app ranges from $30k to $35k. However, the cost may shoot up depending on the type of betting game and its specifications.

Q.3 What are the key features of the best online betting games app? 

The major features of the best online betting games include live chat, real-time betting, anti-fraud system, RNG system, different sports, odds management, etc.

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