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A Complete Guide to Create Games Like Free Fire in 2024

Game Development
Apr 25, 2024
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A Complete Guide to Create Games Like Free Fire

Do you want to develop a game like Free Fire? If yes, this blog is for you! Here, we are going to discuss step by step the development process with features, monetization strategies, cost, benefits, and games like Free Fire so you can clear all your doubts to introduce a successful game platform similar to Free Fire. 

Free Fire is a popular shooting game that was developed by Garena for both iOS and Android platforms. It has over 1.9 billion monthly users making it the second most-played Battle Royale game in the world. This has urged investors to invest in developing similar games to Free Fire. This game has become the talk of the town within a short period and has taken the gaming industry by storm with its action-packed shooting gameplay. 

After the success of the Free Fire game, many similar games have been launched. But, only a few of them are successful. For you, we have handpicked top Free Fire-like games that are creating a difference in the gaming industry so you can get a perfect game idea to make your own game platform similar to Free Fire. 

Let’s dive in-depth to learn the step-by-step development process of creating a Free Fire like game so you can successfully bring your game idea to life. But, before this let’s know the prominent Free Fire like games so you can make an informed decision.

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Top 10 Similar Games Like Free Fire to Play in 2024

Top 10 Similar Games Like Free Fire to Play in 2024

Here is the list of alternative games to Free Fire with different and amazing storylines so you can pick the right one to have fun and get an idea to make your own game similar to Free Fire. 

Games like Free FireYearDeveloped By
Battlegrounds Mobile India2021Krafton
Fortnite2017Epic Games, People Can Fly
Call of Duty: Mobile2019Activision, TiMi Studio Group, Tencent Games
Apex Legends Mobile2022Respawn Entertainment
Cyber Hunter2019NetEase Games
Knives Out2017NetEase Inc
Creative Destruction2018Titan Studio, NetEase Games, Titan Studios
Battlelands Royale2018Futureplay Games
ScarFall: The Royale Combat2019XSQUADS Tech Pvt Ltd
Survival Squad2021Glacier Games

Let’s start to know them one by one.

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1. Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)

When you are looking for a game like Free Fire, BGMI is the perfect match that will offer you an immersive gaming experience. BGMI is known as the Indian version of the PUBG game and is played all over India. It was developed by Krafton in 2021. This game has made a big hype by offering a thrilling shooting gaming experience and that’s why, it is counted as the perfect alternative to the Free Fire game. Players who love to play Free Fire games will love this game. This game comes with multiple game modes and numerous maps to experience a similar world to Free Fire.

2. Fortnite


Fortnite is another popular and most-played game that secured a place in the list of the top 10 free fire Jaisa games. This game is known for its eye-catching graphics, amazing storyline, exceptional features and functions, unique building mechanics, etc. players who love to play action-packed shooting games, Fortnite is for them. This game was introduced by Epic Games in 2017 with six different game modes. The prime motive of the game is to survive and for that, you have to kill your opponents, and the last standing person wins the game. Add this game to your playlist to experience something unique and innovative like the Free Fire game.

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3. Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile

Are you in search of a similar game to Free Fire? If yes, Call of Duty: Mobile is the perfect alternative to Free Fire game. This is a multiplayer shooting video game and was developed in 2019 by TiMi Studio Group. This game offers you multiple game modes with exciting features and functions that will offer you an amazing world that is full of entertainment. The game runs in a smooth way where you get a wide range of weapons to kill your opponents. When you play this game, it reminds you of the Free Fire game. 

4. Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile is another top gun similar to the Free Fire game that has attracted millions of players from every corner of the world by offering amazing gameplay that has never been experienced before. This is a multiplayer battle game that comes with two game modes and each one has its unique features to attract and engage players. The gameplay is unique and immersive and here, players land on a location with upgraded weapons to shoot down their opponents. The game motive is simple, whoever stands till last wins the game. 

For players who love to play shooting and battle games, Apex Legend Mobile is a boon for them. 

5. Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter

Cyber Hunter is an alternative to the Free Fire game to play online that was launched in 2019 by NetEase. This game is available for both PC and mobile games so you can enjoy it on your preferred devices. It is a Chinese shooting game that comes with thrilling and mesmerizing gameplay. Here, you get multiple game modes with amazing battles so you can enchant yourself with innovative gameplay and top-notch shooting game experience. Give a space to this game in your smartphone to elevate your fun.

6. Knives Out

Knives Out

Looking for a substitute for the Free Fire game? Try the Knives Out game. This game is a bit challenging but offers you an immersive world that is full of action. To win this game, you have to make a winning strategy so you can beat your opponents. The gameplay is quite simple but full of thrilling experiences so once you play this game, you will become fond of the Knives Out game. Players who are looking for a Fire-like game experience should try this. 

7. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is another top-notch free-fire-like game that is known to deliver an unexpected thrilling and shooting gaming experience that will bound for hours without blinking eyes. By offering its kind of mesmerizing and captivating gameplay, this game has attracted millions of players from around the world. The best part of this game is players can make structures on the fly which adds an extra layer of strategy to this innovative game.

It is a sandbox survival game where players can entertain themselves by building and firing. The prime aim of this game is to survive and for that, you have to eliminate all your enemies. To kill your enemies, you have to get various kinds of weapons that will add power to your character. Try this alternative of free fire game to take your gaming experience to the next level. 

8. Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is a mobile shooting game that has become a substitute for the Free Fire game to play online. This game is known to offer an amazing experience in short bursts. The gaming interface is very easy to use and comes with simple navigation so you 

can easily entertain yourself without facing any issues. For shooting game lovers, this game is a jewel. Try this game, if you want to get a free fire game-like gaming experience.

9. ScarFall: The Royale Combat

ScarFall: The Royale Combat

It is another thrilling and action-packed shooting game similar to Free Fire to play online that was introduced in 2019 by an India-based gaming company. This game is known for offering an amazing gaming experience on all types of devices that’s why, this game is liked so much by players. In this game, you will experience multiple game modes with a wide range of weapons. Try this substitute for Free Fire game to dive into a virtual world that is full of fun. 

10. Survival Squad

Survival Squad

Survival Squad secured a place in the list of top 10 alternatives for free-fire games. The prime aim of this game is to collect supplies to kill your opponents to survive. To win this game, you have to be the last standing person among 100 players. No matter you are playing in a team or as a solo player, this game is full of fun and offers you unlimited entertainment. There are a wide range of vehicles and weapons for you.

Are you inspired by the Gerena Free Fire game and want to create a game like Free Fire to generate revenue from it?  If yes, here is the step-by-step development process to create a Free Fire-like game.

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Game Modes of Free Fire Game

What are the Free Fire Game Modes?

Free Fire game offers many exciting and competitive game modes to the players. While some are available permanently, other game modes are constantly in rotation to make room for new trending modes. 

Classic Game: The classic Battle Royale mode allows 50 players on a virtual map where they collect equipment and battle to be the last man standing.

Rush Hour: A quick match mode where 20 players can battle in an enclosed area. It is suitable for players who want to enjoy quick matches.

Clash Squad: This free-fire game mode resembles games like CS: GO and Valorant. It involves two teams with four players and the goal is to eliminate all players of the enemy team. There are seven rounds in total and the team who wins the most rounds wins the game.

Big-Head: A team deathmatch mode where every player has enlarged heads.

Kill Secured: A deathmatch game where the goal is to get more kills. Each defeated player drops dog tags that provide extra points when picked up.  

How to Make a Game Like Free Fire?

How to Make a Game Like Free Fire?

Developing a similar game like Free Fire is a challenging process that requires time, money, and collective effort. To give shape to your innovative game idea, here is the step-by-step development process to create a similar game to Free Fire. 

1. Audience Analysis

When you are going to develop a Free Fire like game then the first step is to know your target audience and know their requirements. It is also important to figure out the key aspects of your competitors and where they are lacking so you can introduce something that has never been experienced before. 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are their preferences?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the features your competitors offer?
  • Key features of your competitors and where they are lacking.

Always invest your time and money in this step to introduce new and innovative things that can attract and engage your target audience. 

2. Choose the Game Platform

After requirement gathering and market analysis, the next step is to determine the platform you want to target. If you are creating a mobile game, you can go for Android or iOS. Building native platform games can be an easy investment for you. However, developing cross-platform games will open your game app to a new demographic audience. 

3. Choose a Technology Stack

Once you have determined the platform you are targeting, it is time to choose a technology stack for your Garena free fire similar games. You can choose a basic technology stack for Android or iOS, or you can refer to the Garena Free Fire tech stack to choose the best technologies for your app.

4. Hire a Gaming Company for Your Project

Building a game like Free Fire is a time-consuming and expensive task. Not to mention, it requires in-depth technical knowledge and experience working with programming languages. If you are new to coding, you can instead outsource your game project to a game development company that will take care of the entire process for you. 

Moreover, you will also get access to experienced developers and the best-in-class technology stack all at an affordable rate. 

5. Prototyping and Development

The developers will create a prototype of a similar game to Free Fire that will be available for testing. A prototype will have all the elements and features in place and will also give you a general idea about the gameplay experience. You can test the features of the alternative game to free fire and improve upon elements to refine your product. Once the changes are implemented, your game is ready for the testing phase.  

6. Testing & Quality Analysis

After your final product is ready, it moves to the testing stage where dedicated quality experts run various tests and remove all the bugs and glitches that may have been left in development. It is one of the most important and expensive phases of the development process of free fire like game as the game has to be tested across various domains.

7. Launch & Deployment

Once the product gets the green light from the testers and quality experts, it is ready to be launched in App Stores. Moreover, you also need efficient marketing strategies to promote your game among the desired target audience. 


The Development Cost of a Game like Free Fire

Development Cost of a Game like Free Fire

The development cost of Garena free fire similar games varies from $15,000 to $25,000 with basic features and a single platform. However, if you want to develop a cross-platform game with advanced features, you will have to invest around $40,000. The cost to develop a game like Free Fire is influenced by a variety of factors such as game idea, complexities of features, tech stack, the latest trends, graphics, cross-platform compatibility, and many more. Moreover, your personal development requirements will also play a huge role. 

Also, keep in mind that this is an estimated cost and the actual cost may differ according to the above-mentioned factors and your personal requirements. 

If you want to know the exact development cost of similar games to Garena free fire then you can share your game ideas with us.

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Monetization Strategies for Games Like Free Fire

Garena Free Fire game has an in-depth monetization model and uses various strategies to maximize its revenue. If you are developing an alternative game to Garena Free Fire, you can replicate the monetization model to maximize your income.

1. Season Pass

It is a unique subscription program that offers plenty of exclusive rewards and in-game collectibles to players. Owning a Season Pass also provides better points and XP in the game along with exclusive rare items like Weapon Skins and Characters.

2. Gem Store

Free Fire game uses a Gem currency that can be exchanged in the store for skins. Players get these gems by completing various missions in the game. Moreover, they can also be bought for real money in the game store.

3. Weekly Events

Aside from monetization strategies, you can also conduct weekly or monthly tournaments to engage your players and provide a new gameplay experience. Besides ensuring user satisfaction, these events also encourage players to spend money to buy several in-game collectables. You can set the frequency of these events according to your requirements and player demands. 

4. Buy Characters

Free Fire game online also takes advantage of a light RPG model. The game has over 20 characters to choose from that can be unlocked by playing the game. However, users can also invest real money to unlock these characters instantly. This is a useful monetization model that you can also use in your Garena free fire similar game app. 

Key Takeaways

  • Free Fire is the most downloaded game on Mobile platforms. 
  • To develop a similar game like Free Fire, it is better to outsource your project to a dedicated gaming studio instead of undertaking it yourself.
  • The cost to make a game like Free Fire ranges from $20,000 to $150,000. 
  • The Free Fire game comes with 5 different gameplay modes, each offering a different gameplay experience. 
  • Games similar to Free Fire can leverage various monetization models to maximize their revenue. 
  • Free Fire and PUBG have various similarities. While PUBG is suitable for hardcore gamers with high-end devices, FreeFire is the best choice for gamers with low-end devices.

Why Choose BR Softech To Develop a Game Like Garena Free Fire?

When you are going to develop a Free Fire type game, it is important to put special emphasis on features like personalized controls, custom weapons, characters, and in-game offerings. These features are integral elements of the game that attract a significant user base towards your game like Garena Free Fire. All that is possible when you hire a professional and experienced mobile game development company for your dream project to give it a perfect shape. For you, BR Softech is a prominent game development services provider that has the best team of game developers and designers with rich experience to give a perfect shape to a similar game to Free Fire.

If you are inspired by the Free Fire game and want to create your own game, contact BR Softech

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How to create a game app like Free Fire?

Ans. When you are going to develop a game application like Free Fire from scratch, you will need a full team of developers, Designers, Testers, and programmers to give a perfect shape to your innovative game idea similar to Free Fire. If you want to simplify your development process then hire a mobile game app development company that will offer you a perfect game platform for you. 

Q.2 What are the top alternatives to the Free Fire game?

Ans. When you are looking for a free fire Jaisa game here is the list of the top 10 free fire types games-

  • Battlegrounds Mobile India
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty: Mobile
  • Apex Legends Mobile
  • Cyber Hunter
  • Knives Out
  • Creative Destruction
  • Battlelands Royale
  • ScarFall: The Royale Combat
  • Survival Squad

Q.3 How long does it take to build a game similar to Free Fire? 

Ans. On average, the mobile game app development company takes around two to three months to develop a Garena free fire like game, and sometimes it may take extra time according to your mobile game idea, and functionalities.


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