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Game Development

Mobile Game Developers : Top App Development Tools used by Game Developers in 2021

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 20, 2021

The amelioration of game quality can be spotted by high-end games like PUBG, Battlefield and many more infiltrating the market. Developing a game like these no matter the genre is a complex task. 

It takes vast technical knowledge and experience apart from time and efforts to make a game with advanced technology. But with the innovation of new software, game development has now become hassle-free.

Since modern App Development Tools and software make app development much more convenient, it simultaneously reduces the price of the process.

In this article, you will discover the top App Development Tools that are a popular choice of experienced game developers. To get a better idea, you can also prefer contacting an experienced game development company like BR Softech.

Most Powerful Game Development Tools

Game development tools

Out of many game development tools that are available in the market, we have selected to list the ones that are most powerful. 

Game Development Tools

There was a time when developers struggled in creating video games. Meeting the ever-growing expectations of the serious gamers were getting difficult. 

The developers felt the need for innovating a platform that could help streamline the process of game development. As a result, many tools that aided in game development were invented, out of which some of those are stated below. 

#GameMaker Studio 2

GameMaker Studio 2 is renowned for the ease of use that it offers. The typical drag and drop interface makes developing the game a blissful experience.

GameMaker Studio boasts powerful elements that can turn your vision into reality by creating a top-notch video game. Not just that, but the game development tool also boasts an additional language that resembles C for the developers seeking better control of the game development.


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However, experts suggest that the tool is helpful when it comes to developing 2D games, but things get challenging as soon as you get on to developing a 3D game.


Construct3 is actually a game development tool that is more focused on the developers who have minimal or no coding experience. The game development tool comes loaded with behaviours and effects that make game development easier than you imagine.

It provides developers with an edge over most of the game development tools not just because of the convenience of use but also targeting various platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Construct3 lets the developer play and check before making any final amendments delivery an added flexibility.


Solar2D is one of its kind game development platforms that is also a favourite choice of more than 30000 developers. As the name suggests, the game development tool specializes in creating 2D games.

It uses Lua as its scripting language. The platform also offers extensions and plugins that can further enhance the user experience. Some popular games that are a creation of Solar2D are PKTBALL, Gunman Taco Truck, I Love Hue and many more

Solar2D is available for free on the internet that makes it a no-risk product for a basic 2D game development.


Yet another game development tool that focuses on creating 2D games. The visual editor is a feature of great relevance that allows the developer to place elements on the set-up via a mouse.

Fusion boasts a free and a paid version. The user can make a purchase of bundles for further customization. Many popular games such as Future Police, Bit Odyssey, Quadle are powered by this platform.

Dropdown menus and checkboxes further make the entire process much more convenient.


Buildbox also lays emphasis on drag and drop selection over coding, programming or scripting. This platform has wide popularity amongst enthusiasts with no prior knowledge of the game or even software development.

The cross-platform development software can be used on either OSX or Windows Operating System. However, operating it may require you to subscribe to a monthly plan that comes at a nominal price cost.

With ample elements loaded on the game development software, it can make a huge difference at the time of creating a game like a professional.

Game Engines

Game Engines are the popular choice for those who are committed to game development. It provides a wide range of functionality that lets the developer take complete control of the game development. 

Developing an advanced game using a game engine is not an easy task. It takes years of experience and knowledge of creating codes, balancing elements and predicting the most accurate functionality for a game developer to create an app using game engines. 

The game engines that are listed below are the all-time favourite of the developers.


Unity is a cross-platform game engine that was introduced in the year 2005. Initially, it was declared as a game engine that was exclusive to Mac OS X. With time, the engine has undergone significant evolution and now supports more than 25 platforms.


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Out of 1000 top trending games on the app market, more than 34% are powered with Unity. This marks the significance and popularity of the game engine in the app development market. The game engine is also the first priority for big brands like Samsung, which has powered more than 90% of VR games with Unity game engine.


Unreal is the most dominant platform to develop high-end video games in the market. Developers working on complex 3D projects with high-end graphics quality often tends to settle with this game engine.

Games created using the Unreal engine are usually larger in size and demand high-end devices to support the gameplay. The platform is free to use up to a certain limit, but royalty is imposed as soon as the app crosses the predefined benchmark.

Most of the games boasting an exceptional graphic content are powered with Unreal engine game development. It is the platform that powers popular games of all time like WWE Immortals, Infinity Blade 3, Marvel Heroes etc.

The tools that are mentioned above are one of the most popular ones for creating high-quality 2D and 3D games. But the list does not end here. There are many Mobile Game Developers out in the market using more advanced tools such as Unity and Unreal for creating next-level gaming experience.

Getting expert Mobile Game Development Service

Deciding whether to go for a mobile game development tool or a versatile engine can be a difficult task, especially for the non-technical aspirants. This is where the game developers come into the picture.

Hiring an experienced team of developers can have many merits that are as follows-

  • Getting an expert on board will ensure that the project sails in the right direction.
  • The vast experience of the developers will be helpful to cope up the challenges that arise in the process of app development.
  • A reliable app development company will lay due emphasis, not just on the development but also on testing.
  • Hiring developers will give you toom enough to focus on the marketing aspect of game development.

Now when you have discovered the merits of hiring a game development company, let us look onto the popularity of the game development tools that have been on a surge in recent years.

The rising popularity of game development tools

App Development Tools are getting significant recognition in the mobile game development industry. These tools have made it possible to reduce the long time (that even reached years) required to create an app, eventually cutting it short. 

The reduction in time has also impacted the cost of app development in a positive way. Clients are now receiving the desired projects at reasonable prices as compared to the huge figures incurred in the process of game development in the earlier days.

The global video game market has already attained a figure of multibillion dollars. It makes investing in a mobile game app development worthwhile. Since its debut, the video game industry has shown no sign of shrinkage. Instead, it has been gradually expanding.

There is no limit to the budget that is required in creating a video game from scratch. Basic games come at a lower price whereas the games boasting advanced functionalities are quite expensive. 

Depending on the budget, you can opt from the immense gaming genres that are available for gaming enthusiasts. With the gaming maniacs present all over the world, you are likely to recover the cost invested in a few years once people develop a following for your video game.


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Start your Game App Development Now!

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If we talk about the gaming genre, then there is a long-range of options to choose from. Arcade, racing, RPG, adventure, platformers, the classic board games and the list does not end.

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