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100+ Best Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Game Development
Dec 27, 2023
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100+ Mobile games Idea for android and ios

Are you looking for the top-rated mobile game ideas for Android and iOS so you can choose the best one to develop your mobile game app? If yes, Fret not! This blog is for you! Here, we have handpicked the 100+ most popular mobile game app ideas after doing in-depth research and analysis so you can have the best options to step into the gaming world.

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing industry in the world, surpassing even movies and music. The number of smartphone users across the globe has reached more than 8.6 billion in 2023 and the number is increasing at a rapid pace. To cater to the demand of the growing number of users, thousands of mobile game applications are rolled out into the market with innovative mobile game ideas. 

Mobile games have become a prominent activity to kill boredom, pass the time, and have fun.  Nowadays, people around the world are also playing games to earn money by using their gaming skills. That’s why mobile games have secured a place in everyone’s smartphone, and players are looking for mobile games that have unique game ideas, and features. That’s why, for you, we have made a list of top ideas for mobile games so you can know all about them and make an informed decision. 

As people are turning their gaming passion to making money, they are looking for mobile game app ideas so they can opt for the best idea to start their gaming venture that can generate revenue for them. 

Let’s dive in-depth to know the 100+ ideas for mobile games.

Mobile Gaming Statistics for 2024

Since the mobile gaming market is filled with the most popular gaming apps, investors need to familiarize themselves with recent trends and come up with innovative original game ideas to satisfy the demand of users. Take a look at the recent mobile gaming statistics of 2023.

  • 21% of Android and 25% of iOS apps that are downloaded are games.
  • 43% of smartphone use can be credited to mobile games. 
  • 62% of people download a gaming app within a week of owning a smartphone. 
  • 78% of gamers prefer the Android platform. 
  • There are currently over 3 billion mobile gamers in the world. 
  • Women spend more money on in-game purchases than men. 
  • 57.9% of mobile games played are puzzle games. 
  • The mobile gaming content market is projected to be worth over $170 billion by the year 2026. 
  • The number of smartphone users globally has reached over 8.6 billion which has increased the demand for mobile game apps.
  • Asia is the biggest mobile gaming market in the world. 


Top 100+ Mobile Game Ideas for iOS and Android in 2024

We have listed the best Mobile game ideas for iOS and Android to develop a stellar gaming app and attract a large audience to your game. You can choose game idea that suits you best and can even merge two ideas to create a unique gaming experience for users.

Let’s get started. 

Card Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Card Game ideas

1. Poker Game

One of the most popular and most-played casino card games. Poker is one of the best mobile games to play in the card game segment. Make sure to integrate various interactive features like multiple variations, daily rewards, social media log-in, live chat, etc. to provide an unprecedented gaming experience. Popular Poker variations include Texas Hold’em, Omaha Poker, Seven-Card Stud, Hi-Lo Chicago, 888 Poker, PPPoker, etc. 

2. Blackjack Game

Renowned as the best casino card game with the lowest house edge, it is slowly becoming the favourite of players. Blackjack is one of the best online mobile games to invest in. With a stunning interface and robust features, it will become a hit in no time. 

3. Rummy Game

It is a simple and addictive card game that features fairly simple rules. With Rummy mobile game apps, you can include various variations and provide an immersive gaming experience to users. 

4. Teen Patti Game

One of the most popular casino card games in India and South Asia. Teen Patti card game is among the best mobile game app ideas to target a large demographic. You can provide various variations and features like live chat, refer & earn, bonuses, and promotions to hook and engage users with your mobile game. 

5. Cribbage Game

A casino card game that provides exceptional multiplayer capabilities. Moreover, there are not a lot of cribbage game apps in the market so you can easily penetrate the market and earn hefty profits with this particular gaming app idea. 

6. Callbreak Game

Another popular casino card game that is gaining traction online. The call break market is not saturated and can provide high monetary gain if you plan to invest in this card game idea.

7. Baccarat Game

Who doesn’t love Baccarat? It is a strategic game where players have to bet on either the Banker or the Player. Baccarat is popular on the iOS platform and is among the best iPhone games that earn real money. 

8. UNO Game

You must have heard of UNO. It is a turn-based family card game that is part of celebrations and festivities. UNO Card Game has a massive user base all across the globe and is among the most popular gaming apps on the Google Play Store and App Store. 

9. Franchise-based Card Games

Nowadays, franchise-cased card games like Pokemon, Yu Gi Oh, Gwent, etc. are in high demand among users. All these card games feature different gameplay. You can capitalise on these card games by targeting card game lovers as well as hardcore fans of the franchise to significantly increase your user base. 

10. Texas Hold’em Card Game

Texas Hold’em is the most popular Poker variant that is played in online and land-based casinos. It can be a profitable venture, however, make sure to incorporate sophisticated and robust features to get a competitive edge over the apps already available in the market. 

11. Hearts Game

It is a trick-taking card game that is played by avoiding cards. This game features interesting gameplay where the objective is to have the lowest score possible. Hearts can be a profitable video game idea for your business. 

Board Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Board Mobile Game Ideas

12. Ludo Game

One of the most popular Android games of 2020 was Ludo. Online Ludo gained traction during the pandemic and is still going strong even now. The classic board game can be played by a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 players. Provide a unique and unprecedented Ludo game experience to users and fetch hefty profits. 

13. Chess Game

A classic board game that has been played for centuries and tests the strategy-making capabilities of the players. It is quite a popular board game and with interactive features like 3D chess pieces, immersive sound effects, and stunning game design, you can capture the interest of a massive user base. 

14. Carrom Game

One of the most fun game apps for Android, Carrom is a popular board game that is played throughout India. Add attractive graphics and a seamless interface to develop a hit mobile game. 

15. 8 Ball Pool Game

When you are talking about the best mobile video games in the board game segment, you can’t miss out on 8 ball pool. It is a popular board game that has taken the internet by storm. There are a plethora of 8 ball pool game apps in the market so the competition will be fierce. However, if you manage to penetrate the market, it can be one of the most profitable top mobile phone games. 

16. Sudoku Game

One of the toughest and most strategy-based board games that are popular all around the world. It can be a great educational game if you target math geeks and educational game enthusiasts. You can also add various difficulty levels and a hint feature to enhance the user experience. 

17. Snake & Ladder Game

Snake & Ladder is a popular family board game and an integral part of our childhood. This game still boasts a massive user base and is played by online gamers. If you are looking for game dev ideas, you can create a stellar Snake & ladder game that can be played with friends and family. 

18. Monopoly Board Game

Monopoly is perhaps the most popular board game in the history of board games. It is a strategic board game where the objective is to buy properties and sustain your business. The last player to go bankrupt wins the game. There are a variety of Monopoly game apps out there but if you add a little innovation and spice, you can pull off a Monopoly board game that ensures a high ROI. 

19. Checkers Game

It is a strategy-based card game that requires critical thinking and logical skills to win. You can offer various game modes and multiplayer support which can be integral to the success of the video game idea. 

20. Scrabble Board Game

Scrabble is a fun and addictive board game where the objective is to create as many words as possible with the tiles at your disposal. If you want a creative idea for video games, Scrabble can the perfect option. You can provide hints and 3D tiles to further enhance the gaming experience. 

Casino Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Casino Mobile Game Ideas

21. Slot Game

If you are an avid casino enthusiast, you must be familiar with the potential of slot games. Slots are the most played casino game because of their simple and easy gameplay. Moreover, online slot machine game apps are quite popular among online gamblers. You can provide various themed slots and exciting features to start a profitable gambling business. 

22. Bingo Game

Test your luck in this multiplayer bingo game where users have to check the numbers printed on their tickets. Bingo is an engaging casino game that is purely based on luck. Users can buy tickets with in-game coins or even real money. Provide exciting bonuses and features to build a profitable Bingo game business online. 

23. Wheel of Fortune Game

If you are looking for Real money game ideas for adults, Wheel of Fortune can be your pick. This game is usually played for real money or you can include various in-game rewards to take it up a notch. You can also provide features like daily rewards and extra spins to players to ensure customer retention. 

24. Roulette Game

Roulette is renowned as the face of casinos as it is a popular game that is featured in many movies. Online Roulette games have been gaining traction on the mobile platform. Moreover, there isn’t a lot of competition so you can easily penetrate the market and create a scalable Roulette money game iOS. 

25. Keno Game

Keno is a popular gambling casino game that is among the best offline mobile games ios. Players stake money by choosing numbers from 1 to 80. Provide exciting features like small mini-games to take the user experience to the next level. 

26. Craps Game

Craps is another popular casino game that features exciting gameplay that is purely based on chance. The objective is to roll a number with two dice and roll that same number again without rolling a seven. It is one of the best offline mobile games and can be turned into a profitable business if executed properly. 

27. Dragon Tiger Game

Dragon Tiger is a fast-action game played with cards. Players can choose to bet on either the Dragon or the Tiger. It is a popular game in Asian casinos and is also dominating the mobile platform. You can develop a Dragon Tiger game with next-gen features to provide an immersive gaming experience to users. 

28. Golden Dragon Fish Table Game

Golden Dragon Fish Table is a game that is played at online casinos. The players have to use bullets to hit creatures. The total winnings are calculated according to the points accumulated by the player. It is one of the most creative ideas for video games and has the potential to fetch hefty revenue as players invest a lot of money in these types of casino games.

Fantasy Sports Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Fantasy Sports Mobile Game Ideas

29. Fantasy Cricket Game

The popularity of Fantasy Sports has skyrocketed in recent years. Fantasy Cricket is arguably one of the most played Fantasy Sports, especially in India. Leverage the power of Fantasy Cricket game for mobile and enables cricket fans to use their knowledge to earn real money. 

30. Fantasy Football Game

Football is the most played Fantasy sport all around the world. With major leagues like UEFA, La Liga, etc. your fantasy platform could be the preferred choice of football enthusiasts to use their football knowledge and earn monetary benefits. 

31. Fantasy Hockey Game

Hockey is a well-known sport around the world and the National sport of India. Moreover, there are not a lot of Fantasy Hockey apps in the market. You can launch a dedicated Fantasy Hockey platform and target the Indian demographic, which is the biggest Fantasy market in the world. 

32. Fantasy Baseball Game

If you want game-making ideas to target the North American demographic, you can opt for Fantasy Baseball. The game is especially popular in regions like the United States, Canada, Japan, etc. Leverage the craze of Baseball and earn hefty profits with a Fantasy Baseball platform. 

33. Fantasy Basketball Game

Develop a cutting-edge Fantasy Basketball platform and provide Basketball enthusiasts with a medium to quench their Fantasy thirst. Fantasy Basketball features leagues like NBA, Euro League, FIBA, etc. 

34. Fantasy Tennis Game

There are not a lot of Fantasy platforms that offer Racquet and Ball games like Tennis. Fantasy Tennis game design ideas as the market is wide open and is waiting to be capitalized. Develop a Fantasy tennis Platform and provide interactive features like Crypto Support and various payment gateways to attract users to your platform. 

35. Fantasy Badminton Game

One of the best Fantasy new game ideas can be a Fantasy Badminton platform. Players can choose their players and the points will be allotted according to their real-life performance. Fantasy Badminton is still an untapped segment that is waiting to be capitalised. 

36. Fantasy Rugby Game

Rugby is a cutthroat action-packed sport that is widely popular in the Fantasy market. Players draft a team of Rugby players and their score will be influenced by the performance of players in the real match. With premium leagues like NFL, Rugby League World Cup, Super League, etc. you can create a premium Fantasy Rugby platform that has the potential to attract a massive user base. 

37. Fantasy Golf Game

Fantasy Golf is popular in the market and is played by millions of players across the globe. The platform is a chance for Golf fans to utilise their skills and knowledge to earn real money from the comfort of their homes. With exceptional features like real-time analytics and player cards, you can offer a stellar Fantasy Golf experience that provides an edge over your competitors. 

38. Fantasy Boxing Game

Fantasy Boxing works like sports betting. Players have to select the player and their live performance and overall scores determine their winnings. It is still an untapped area that has huge revenue generation capabilities. 

Racing Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Racing Mobile Game Ideas

39. Car Racing Game

When we are talking about Car game ideas, how can we leave our Racing Car Games? With immersive graphics, advanced cars, and stunning racing maps you can create a stellar car game that can give tough competition to games like Asphalt 9. You can also add an engaging storyline to hook players. 

40. Bike Racing Game

Bike Racing Games with challenging tracks receive a lot of audience. Adults and children both enjoy these types of games. Moreover, with the multiplayer feature, users can challenge their friends and family to test their skills on various circuits and races. 

41. Animal Racing Game

Looking for creative ideas for video games? Animal Racing is the answer. Create an engaging Animal Racing game with various gameplay modes like Horse Racing and Dog Racing. Also, you can provide customisation and upgrade options to engage users with a personalised user experience. 

42. Bicycle Racing Game

A bicycle racing game can be developed with minimal expenses. With a wide variety of bike options and various challenging maps, you can also generate a huge number of users. 

43. Hill Racing Game

We all love our favourite Hill Climb game! Develop a game similar to Hill Climb Racing with various hill tracks and vehicle upgrades to capture the user’s attention. It is one of the most profitable unique game ideas if you want to dive into the racing genre. 

44. Swimming Racing Game

Swimming racing games can be an instant hit if you execute them properly. 3D characters, stunning backgrounds, and an engrossing story can help you earn hefty profits from swimming game creation ideas. 

45. Mountain Bike Racing Game

Master the mountain terrain and race on hardcore mountain tracks for a way towards the finish. A Mountain Bike racing game features cutthroat high-octane gameplay that is loved by the users. Add trick and stunt animations and replays to make the game more engaging. 

46. Freestyle Skiing Racing Game

Showcase your skills while skiing on the snowy slopes. With an interesting storyline and multiplayer capabilities, an online freestyle skiing racing game can edge out your competitors. 

47. Auto Driving Game

The newest trend in the gaming industry is the Auto Driving game design ideas. Games like these are preferred by users but are hard to find. You can get a scalable game if you plan to go through with your Auto Driving ideas for mobile games. 

48. Space Racing Game

Zap through outer space on futuristic rockets and spaceships in the Space Racing Game. Include various in-game purchases like extra lives and weapon upgrades to offer a competitive and engaging gameplay experience. 

49. Kart Racing Game

Everybody loves Mario Kart- the popular racing game of our childhood. A game similar to Mario Kart where users race in Karts and use weapons to surpass their opponents has massive potential and can be extremely beneficial for your business. 

50. Monster Truck Racing Game

A monster truck racing game where you move forward by smashing cars and objects. Monster Trucks are loved by both children and adults. Develop a Monster Truck Racing Game that provides various tracks and maps. Also, add customization and upgrade features for an interactive user experience. 

Children’s Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Children's Mobile Game Ideas

51. Counting Games

Nowadays, even kids are well-versed in using smartphones and there are a variety of mobile app game ideas for kids. A counting math game where kids can experience interactive learning has huge potential. 

52. Talking Game

Remember the Talking Tom Cat Game? A talking game that mimics the user’s words in its voice and accent can be a very fun and interactive game for kids. 

53. Alphabet Game

An animated cartoon-themed game that encourages learning through stunning animations and transitions will be very well received by the kids as well as their parents. 

54. Word Game

The Word Game is targeted towards older kids, specifically, those aged 5-10. Kids can learn to identify and learn the meaning of words. Also, you can provide various game modes with different difficulty modes to target an older demographic. 

55. General Knowledge Game

The general knowledge game can be extremely fun and informative. You can categorize various subjects and provide interactive quizzes to encourage interactive learning. 

56. Bus Simulator Game

Bus Simulator games where the objective is to reach a destination point while collecting coins can be very profitable. As most kids go to school on a bus, a driving game can capture their interest and is also a great concentration exercise. 

57. Aeroplane Simulator Game

It works on the same concept as the bus simulator. The only difference is that you fly an aeroplane and reach the destination without crashing. You can add stunning backgrounds and various levels to further improve the user experience. 

58. Train Simulator Game

Users drive a train full of passengers and take it to the next destination within a specified time. It is a dream come true for children as they get to experience what it feels like to be inside a train driver’s cabin. 

59. Identification Game

The Identification Game is one of the best Android game ideas for children’s games. You might have watched advertisements for these types of games as they are already quite popular. You can use shadows and let users guess the object or animal. Moreover, make sure to include hints so users are not discouraged and are engaged by the game. 

60. Barbie Game

This is the perfect game app idea for girls. Users can dress up and do various activities with their Barbies. Moreover, they can also customise and manage the Barbie house which is both fun and informative. 

61. Physics Game

A fun Physics game that demonstrated various properties of physics and teaches them in a fun way. This game can make learning fun and also provides various theories and experiments to make your child interested in Physics at a young age. 

62. Geography Game

A geography game where players guess the country or city can be very exciting and informative. You can also provide various game modes like Guess the Flag where players guess the country or state based on their flags. 

63. Logo Game

A game that can be played by children as well as adults. The logo game is a quiz-type game where players have to guess the brands based on their logos. You can add various franchises like cars, movies, anime, etc. to target a specific demographic. 

Action Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Action Mobile Game Ideas

64. Ninja Game

A ninja game like Shadow Fight or Ninjago is very sought after by users. You can include various game modes like 1v1 battles, story modes, complete the level, etc. to provide different types of gaming experiences. 

65. Detective Game

If you are looking for multiplayer detective games Android ideas, you can create an RPG detective game where players have to find clues to complete the level. It is a very fun and informative experience as it also boosts your concentration and cognitive functioning. 

66. Cross Road Game

Recently Animal Crossing became one of the most popular games of the year. Working on the same concept, you can create a cross-road game with different characters. This fun and challenging game will attract a lot of players. 

67. Fighting Game

1v1 fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken will never go out of demand. Add various characters that the players can choose from to fight in battles. You can also include weapons and various upgrade and customization options to hook users. 

68. Sniper Game

If you want successful ideas for games to make, you can never go wrong with a Sniper Game. A Sniper Game like Sniper Elite has massive potential and bags a lot of users. Each level is filled with new challenges and targets which makes the game highly unpredictable and exciting. 

69. Role-playing Game

One of the most played genres in the gaming industry is RPG. If you decide to work on new game ideas, you can never go wrong with an RPG game. Users control the main character of the game and unfold their story as the game progresses. Most RPG games also have an adventure and fantasy element like Genshin Impact. 

70. Zombie Game

Zombie games are one of the most profitable game creation ideas for adults. These games include a survival element where players have to survive by killing zombies and sustaining civilization. These are fun action-packed games that also include a strategic element. 

71. Superhero Game

Become a Superhero and save the world from the wrath of villains in this thrilling action-packed game. Add various villains and an engaging storyline to keep users hooked. Moreover, you can also add various power-ups and upgrades to ensure user retention. 

72. Open-World Game

An open-world game like Mafia and GTA where users can freely roam around the world and wreak havoc or complete missions. These games can be an engaging experience or a fun pastime depending on the players. You can attract a considerable amount of users with open-world game development ideas. 

Puzzle Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Puzzle Mobile Game Ideas

73. Word Search Game

Similar to word search games we play in magazines and newspapers, a word search mobile game can be very interactive and fun for users. You can add 100+ word search levels to offer a never-ending dose of fun. 

74. Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Jigsaw Puzzle gaming apps are some of the most popular app games. You can add various images and puzzles to your game for an uninterrupted fun experience. Make sure to use HD backgrounds and images for an immersive user experience. 

75. Tetris-styled Puzzle Game

We are all familiar with the block puzzle game– Tetris. A Tetris-styled puzzle game where users match blocks is very addicting and exciting. Use seamless transitions and animations to become an instant hit in the puzzle game genre. 

76. Brainstorm Game

Users have to use their brains to solve various puzzles and find solutions to levels. It is a simple game where the solutions are on the screen but are tricky to find. Test your IQ with Brainstorm games. 

77. Hidden Objects Game

Find the hidden object in the level to progress to the next level. Hidden Objects is one of the best mobile phone games for adults and children. You can also make it a detective game and provide hints to engage users with your game. 

78. Tic Tac Toe Game

Everybody loves playing Tic Tac Toe. The simple yet addictive game can be very profitable as a mobile game. Use stunning graphics, interactive UI, and other features to provide an immersive user experience. 

79. Escape the Jail Game

Escape from a room, dungeon, or jail by finding clues hidden in the room. It is a really tricky game that requires concentration and deduction skills to ace. You can also add stunning backdrops and a backstory to engage users. 

Strategy Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Strategy Mobile Game Ideas

80. Build an Empire Game

A game like Age of Empires where players have to build a city and sustain a civilization is very nostalgic and requires strategy and patience. Moreover, players also have to defend their cities by arranging army troops and defeating other armies. If you want to invest in multiplayer mobile building games, a game like Age of Empires is your best bet. 

81. Pull the Pin Game

You must have seen the advertisements for the Pull the Pin Game. The players have to pull pins and secure all the balls into the container. However, it is not as easy as it sounds, players have to pull the correct pin or all the pins in the correct order to complete the level. 

82. Fill the Bottle Game

One of the most popular game apps where the objective is to fill the coloured bottles with the same colour. There will be bottles containing different coloured liquids and the player has to fill the bottles with the same colours to complete the level. 

83. Farming Game

A farming game where the player is in charge of a farm and has to grow crops and raise cattle to sustain the farmland. The players have to strategically use the raw material to feed cattle and build various structures in the farm to advance to the next levels. Farm Games like Farmville are some of the best mobile games on iPhone. 

84. SimCity Game

A strategy-simulation game where the user has to build their own house and manage their expenses while performing day-to-day activities. It has all the elements of daily life and is a great option for strategy players. If you are looking for a strategy video game idea, you can also go for SimCity. 

85. Home Designing Game

Create your own interior decoration and decorate your home with furniture, wallpapers, etc. The player has to conduct various household chores like fixing walls, plumbing, construction, etc. while keeping their coins in check. 

Hyper-Casual Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Hyper-Casual Mobile Game Ideas

86. Flappy Bird

One of the best games on mobile ios, Flappy Bird received a lot of praise when it first came out. It is a simple-casual game where users have to fly a bird by tapping on the screen and avoiding obstacles. Don’t be fooled, it’s a lot harder than it sounds. You can include various features like in-game purchases and rewards to provide an exciting user experience. 

87. Fruit Ninja

A classic Hyper-casual game that is among the top mobile games. The objective is to collect points by slashing fruits and avoiding bombs. If you hit a bomb, you lose a life. Include exciting variations and different game modes to make the game more exciting. 

88. Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump is a fun and among the top Android games where the objective is to collect jelly blobs and create new jellies. You can also include new game variations and game modes to attract a larger audience. 

89. Bubble Shoot

A classic game from our childhood, Bubble Shoot is a fun game that is also a great pastime. Players have to match three bubbles of the same colour to pop them. You can also add different backgrounds and animations to make the game more interactive. 

90. Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys is a thrilling and fun gaming experience. The player is up against other players and the objective is to reach the finish line before other players while manoeuvring around different obstacles. It is an exciting game which also requires strategy making and can also be played with your friends. You can also add new features like character skins, free spins, and refer to earn to offer an unprecedented gaming experience. 

Arcade Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Arcade Mobile Game Ideas

91. Pac-Man

Who isn’t familiar with Pac-man? The veteran game was an integral part of our childhoods and is still played on the mobile platform. The objective of Pac-Man is to eat all the dots while avoiding the coloured ghosts who chase you. You can improve the game by providing various incentives and in-game rewards to users. 

92. Pin Ball

Another classic game from our childhood. Pinball is a high-octane arcade game where the objective is to keep the ball on the board for as long as possible. You can add various themed boards and other rewards to make the game more exciting. 

93. Trizzle

Trizzle is one of the best ios mobile games where players need to match Russian nesting Dolls. At every level, the dolls get bigger and so do the rewards. It can be a great pastime for players and can be a profitable venture for you. 

94. Smash Hit! 

Smash Hit! is an addictive arcade game where the user uses steel balls to destroy glasses throughout the levels. The final score is determined by the number of glasses the players smash and the powerups they pick throughout the level. It is one of the fun game apps for Android which provide a fulfilling gameplay experience. 

Augmented Reality Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

Augmented Reality Mobile Game Ideas

95. Pokemon GO!

AR games like Pokemon GO are still relatively new to the market and are quite preferable to the audience. You can add GPS Tracking and Geolocation Integration to further augment the VR experience and create the best game on mobile. 

96. Zombies! Run

Another AR game that didn’t receive the same popularity as Pokemon GO. However, it is just as good. If you want to invest in the best mobile games Android, a Zombie AR game where the player runs from the zombies to survive is a great game idea. You can add various new features like weapon skins and microtransactions to make the game more exciting and thrilling. 

98. Teleport Games

With Teleport games, you give users a chance to explore various destinations all around the world in augmented reality. The game taps into the potential of AR and VR and provides an unprecedented experience that can’t be found in traditional games. 

AAA Mobile Game Ideas in 2024

99. Battle Royale Games like PUBG

When we are talking about the best mobile games to play, we can’t skip out on Battle Royale games like PUBG: Mobile and Call of Duty. These games have been the highest-grossing and most profitable game franchises in recent years. You can develop a game like PUBG and COD and also add additional features like different game modes, Team Deathmatch, etc. to capture the user’s attention. 

100. Open-world Games like Genshin Impact

One of the first AAA games ever launched for the mobile platform was Genshin Impact. The open-world AAA game crossed 15 million downloads within a week of release. You can also create an open-world RPG-style game that uses gacha mechanics. With the multiplayer feature, you can connect players from different regions and offer an immersive and engaging user experience. 

101. Minecraft

Minecraft is a unique pick as it falls under the genre of AAA and Hypercasual as well. It is an open-world free-roam style of game where the users can literally do anything. You can create an open-world game like Minecraft with pixelated graphics to hook and engage users with your gaming platform. 

102. Grand Theft Auto 

If we are talking about the best offline mobile games ios, we can’t leave out GTA. It is probably the most popular game franchise in existence and can be very profitable if you can develop a game like Grand Theft Auto. 

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How Can BR Softech Help You With Mobile Game Development?

If you are still unsure about the mobile game ideas or if you need an expert opinion of industry experts, you can connect with our expert mobile game developers who can resolve your queries. Our game developers have years of industry experience and are familiar with industry trends and audience preferences. They can help you come up with an excellent game idea that would be profitable according to the current market situation. BR Softech is also a leading Mobile Game Development Company that is an expert in mobile game development and can help you transform your unique game idea into a fully functioning game app. We offer- 

  • Experienced Game Experts
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  • Customised Solutions
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  • Integration of the Latest Technologies

If you want to develop a mobile game on Android or iOS, you can contact us and outsource your project to us. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 What are the best mobile games?

While it is tough to decide what are the best mobile games, we can take a look at statistics to determine the high grossing. RPG is the top genre with over $20 billion in gross revenue. Subway Surfers is the most downloaded mobile game with over 278 million downloads.

Q.2  How do Make Mobile Games for Android?

Mobile game development for Android is a time-taking and lengthy process. If you want to develop an Android game, you can outsource your project to a mobile game development company or hire a development team and build the game yourself.

Q.3 What is the most popular mobile game?

According to Statistics, Subway Surfers stands at the top of the list with over 278 million downloads worldwide. 

Q.4 How to come up with a unique game idea for mobile?

To come up with a unique mobile game idea, you should focus on market research and analysis. You can also contact a professional mobile game development company because they have an R&D team and they will enrich your idea and also help you to create a unique idea. A unique idea is always appreciated and if you are planning to launch your own game invest time and money into it so you can create a big difference in the gaming world.

Q.5 How to bring your mobile game idea to the real world?

To give a perfect shape to your unique and innovative mobile game idea, hire an experienced and reputed mobile game app development company that has rich experience in creating games. Because they know how to enrich your game with top-notch features and the latest trends so it can attract and engage players from around the world. 

Q.6 What are the top mobile game development ideas for creating a mobile game app?

Here is the list of the top mobile gaming app ideas so you can choose your desired one to develop your own mobile game –

  • Card Mobile Game
  • Board Mobile Game 
  • Casino Mobile Game
  • Fantasy Sports Mobile Game
  • Racing Mobile Game
  • Children’s Mobile Game
  • Action Mobile Game 
  • Puzzle Mobile Game 
  • Strategy Mobile Game 
  • Hyper-Casual Mobile Game
  • Arcade Mobile Game 
  • Augmented Reality Mobile Game 
  • AAA Mobile Game

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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