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Top Fantasy Sports Startups in India- Everything You Should Know

Fantasy Sports
Feb 22, 2023
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With the advancement of technologies, trends, and tools, the global gaming industry is revamping in a manner like none other. Smartphone penetration, online fantasy sports app, and an increasing population of online gamers reshaped the future of the entire gaming industry in the most trending way. Today, sports are becoming a hotspot for entrepreneurs & startups in india. People nowadays can play, compete and place bets on their favorite sports of their choice like cricket, basketball, volleyball, football, etc. 

If you are fascinated by the fantasy sports world, here are some of the best sports startups that you must know to get your work done. In this blog, we will talk about crucial aspects that are related to fantasy sports and top fantasy sports platform companies that can help you leverage ultra-modern technologies and make a difference in the gaming industry. 

What Is Fantasy Sports? 

Fantasy Sports is a type of gaming platform used by gamers worldwide that is available on both the web and mobile. Using this platform, users can create an imaginary team of their favourite players and as a result, the winners are announced after the performance of those players in the real world. This means the winning probability of the user depends on the excellence and performance of the players in the real life. 

Global Fantasy Sports Market 2022-2027 

The global market of fantasy sports is thriving and increasing in big numbers. As per recent market research and analysis, the global fantasy sports market was valued at $20.14 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $22.45 billion by the year-end of 2023. As the industry is continuously thriving, the fantasy sports software market is projected to reach a value of $34.66 billion by 2027. This is projected to grow at a CAGR of 11.47%. 

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A Complete List of Top Sports Startups in India 

The fantasy sports market is huge and has a promising future to offer everyone. No matter who you are, developer or investor, the industry is lucrative and beneficial for all stakeholders. Here is the complete list of popular fantasy sports startups in 2023 that have embarked on the journey to becoming game changers in the fantasy sports industry. 

1. Sleeper 

Social Messaging app for a fantasy sports 

The main objective of this platform is to let people connect and interact over sports. The platform enables players to connect and play fantasy sports games with others. The application aims that players to build a bond for a lifetime while sharing photos, conducting polls, or resolving challenges through chat options. The platform is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2018 
  • Location: San Francisco (United States)
  • Funding: 65M
  • Investors: Andrew Chen, Andreessen Horowitz, David George, and 21 other investors

2. DraftKings 

Specialized in providing fantasy sports platforms for a wide range of sports 

Being one of the leading fantasy sports companies in the USA, and Canada, DraftKings is becoming famous as the provider of fantasy sports platforms for multiple sports. The company offers unique and unmatched daily leagues for fantasy eSports, basketball, hockey, baseball, golf, hockey, etc. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2012 
  • Location: Boston (United States)
  • Funding: USD 719M
  • Investors: Revolution, Eldridge, Michael Jordan, and 46 other investors

3. MPL 

India’s largest eSports and mobile gaming platforms 

Being a leading gaming platform, MPL offers 60+ games for free downloads in different categories such as card games, puzzle games, arcade games, fantasy sports, action games and more. This is the best platform that offers players exciting rewards, cash prizes, and wearables at the time of the winner announcement. As the latest fantasy sports business, it allows over 9 crore users to play games like fantasy cricket, chess, rummy, carrom, fruit chop, 8-ball pool, etc. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2018 
  • Location: Bangalore (India) 
  • Funding: 386M
  • Investor Details: Gaingels, Accrete, Legatum and 49 other investors 

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4. Fanduel 

Proficient in providing cutting-edge sports platforms for multiple sports

Being a new and thriving fantasy sports startup, FanDuel Group offers platforms for daily fantasy sports, sportsbooks, horse racing, and online casinos. It allows players worldwide to play fantasy sports games for NFL, MLB, soccer, NBA, and Golf. The company is widely famous among the community of gamblers as it allows them to play and participate in the competition as they wish. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2009 
  • Location: New York City (United States)
  • Funding: 416M
  • Investor Details: Shamrock Capital Advisors, Bullpen Capital, Hercules Capital,  and 38 Other Investors

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5. Dream11 

Top-notch fantasy sports platform for a wide range of sports 

As a top Indian gaming platform, it allows players to play, compete and participate in fantasy hockey, cricket, volleyball, basketball, rugby, American football, etc. It allows users to play and compete by creating a team of their choice and win exciting rewards and cash prizes. This gaming platform is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2008 
  • Location: Mumbai (India) 
  • Funding: USD 100M 
  • Investor Details: Cryscapital, Footpath Ventures, Tiger Global Management, and 6 other Investors

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6. RealFevr 

Cutting-edge fantasy football platform 

It offers a fantasy football platform that provides users to participate and compete with each other using two main leagues for amateurs and experienced players. The application is available on both smartphones and browsers. The platform allows users to check the real-time match updates in a matter of a few clicks as the application is packed with top-notch and responsive features. Moreover, you can access this application on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2014 
  • Location: Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Funding: USD 13M
  • Investor Details: Semapa Next, Shilling, ADvantage VC, and 8 other investors. 

7. GreenPark Sports 

An Ideal mobile app for multiple sports

As one of the top fantasy sports startups, the company is widely known for an FTP Game that is developed by them for players worldwide. The gaming platform enables gamers to battle or compete with each other supporting their favorite team in the sporting event. This gaming application is available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2018 
  • Location: Burlingame (United States)
  • Funding: USD 68M 
  • Investors: Galaxy Interactive, Sapphire Ventures, Terraform Capital, and 15 other investors. 

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8. PrizePicks 

Online Fantasy Sports platform provider 

Being one of the latest fantasy sports providers of online fantasy sports platforms, it offers various fantasy sports games like baseball, UFC, football and so on. The application is widely famous for a large community of players as it allows them to choose their favourite players and predict their match status to win rewards. This gaming application is available on the iOS platform. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2007 
  • Location: Atlanta (United States)
  • Funding: 850K 
  • Investors: Australis Capital, Phoenix Capital Ventures, The Player’s Impact, and 18 other investors. 

9. Games24x7 

Platform offers a wide range of online games. 

Since its launch, the platform enable players to participate, play and enhance their gameplay skills via a wide range of games like cricket, kabaddi, football, baseball, and so on. The company has also launched a wide range of video game platforms for players so that they can participate, and compete to earn exciting rewards and cash prizes. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2006 
  • Location: Mumbai (India)
  • Funding: USD: 107M 
  • Investor Details: Raine, Tiger Global Management, Malabar Investments, 31 other investors

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10. PredictionStrike 

World’s first Fantasy Sports trading marketplace 

The company established itself as the first fantasy sports trading marketplace which allows users to buy and sell shares of their favourite athletes. All they need to do is trade according to the performance of their chosen athlete. The winning probability depends on your skill and understanding of market shares and real-time match updates. This application is very flexible and easy to use and is accessible on the iOS platform. 

Company Overview 

  • Founded in the year: 2018 
  • Location: New York City (United States)
  • Funding: USD 6M 
  • Investors: New Age Capital, MaC Venture Capital, Sixty8 Capital, and 1 other investor 

Final Words 

By now you must be familiar with the best fantasy sports startups that have emerged as a differentiator towards change and innovation. If you want to start your own fantasy sports application to make a difference like the above-mentioned companies, hire BR Softech, an internationally-recognized fantasy sports app development company

Our professional and certified designers and developers work day in and day out to bring forth the most creative and innovative fantasy sports app that is scalable and reliable in nature. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fantasy Sports App Like Fanduel? 

On average, the cost to develop a fantasy sports app with basic features and functionalities ranges from $20,000 to $30,000. Read More

Q.2 What Are The Best Fantasy Sports App Development Companies In India? 

The best fantasy sports app development companies in India are BR Softech, Let’s Nurture, Vinfotech, Octa IT Solutions, Codiant, etc. Read More 

Q.3 How To Start Fantasy Sports Business In India? 

In order to start your own fantasy sports business, you need to take care of various things like business goals, plans, budgets, game formats, types, rules, and other marketing aspects. Read More

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