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VR Poker- Virtual Features of Online Poker Platform

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 20, 2023
VR Poker

The online casino industry has evolved rapidly over the past few years. This is mainly because of the rising adoption of advanced technologies. The online casino industry has reached out and embraced modern cutting-edge technologies to facilitate the growth of online casino games. One of the most popular casino games is Poker which has greatly benefitted from this rising adoption of technologies. Nowadays, online Poker platforms have adopted virtual reality technology and given rise to Virtual Reality Poker platforms which offer a highly-immersive experience that transports the user to a virtual environment regardless of their physical location. 

The global virtual reality market size was estimated to be $37 billion. It is expected to grow at a CAGR of 25.3% and is projected to reach a value of $114.5 billion by the year 2027. 

Although Online poker gaming platforms provided an interactive experience, they are still not close to an actual land-based Poker gaming experience. However, the adoption of technologies like VR has allowed Poker game developers to build Poker game app which offers a highly-immersive and engaging Poker game environment. In this blog, we will talk about how Virtual Reality technology has widely transformed the online Poker gaming industry and VR-enabled online Poker software. 

What is VR-enabled Poker?

Ever since the emergence of Virtual Reality Technology, it had an immense impact on online gaming including Online Poker software. VR technology has allowed Poker game app development companies to incorporate this technology into online Poker gaming platforms in order to build a virtual reality world offering online Poker experience for gamblers to enjoy to the fullest. The introduction of VR technology in the Online Poker industry will unlock a plethora of opportunities for Poker game developers to experiment with and further improve the gaming sector. 

VR technology can be integral in bridging the gap between online Poker and live Poker games. It transports the user to a virtual reality where they can interact with various game elements and observe other players’ reactions in an overall engrossing experience. VR technology has already made massive strides and there are already various virtual reality Poker platforms where you can enjoy Poker games with the help of VR gear. Here is how you can enjoy VR Poker games- 

  • Multiplayer Poker Game
  • Easy-to-use User Interface
  • Voice Chat enabled
  • Compatible with Oculus Rift
  • Weekly Poker Tournaments
  • A Large Casino Setting

Let’s take a look at some of the essential elements of VR-enabled Online Poker platforms that greatly enhance the user experience. 

Virtual Features of VR-enabled Online Poker Platforms 

Although VR Poker is still in its initial phase, there are some online Poker software providers that have already experimented with and implemented this technology efficiently in their online Poker platforms. Here are some of the most common virtual features of VR Poker platforms. 

Virtual Features of VR

1. 3D Game Tables

VR-enabled online Poker software offers interactive 3D tables that allow players to take a seat anywhere they want and also interact with other players, and live dealers, and chat with them according to their convenience. 

2. Virtual Cards

Players can also experience the virtual dealing of cards by the live dealer which offers an actual land-based experience of the Poker game. 

3. In-game Virtual Chats

Players at a VR-enabled online Poker software can virtually connect and chat with each other which gives the exact experience of an actual Poker room. 

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4. Realistic Poker Game Rooms

Players can visit hyper-realistic Poker rooms and explore them in a three-dimensional open-world gameplay that offers an engrossing and satisfying Poker experience. 

5. Realistic Sound Effects

The sound effects of the Poker game like the shuffling of cards, dealing, falling of chips and other elements have been taken from a live Poker game. These sound effects are integral in offering a lifelike Poker room experience. 

These are some of the basic elements of VR-enabled Online Poker software which are integral in enhancing the user experience and elevating it to the next level. 

Advanced technologies have been a cornerstone in developing highly-interactive and robust online Poker platforms. However, Virtual Reality technology is not the only one that is shaping online Poker gaming platforms in 2023. Let’s have a look at the upcoming trends in Online casino platforms to watch out for in 2023. 

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Poker game developers have been leveraging the latest technologies to facilitate Poker game development and provide new and improved online casino experiences to users to attract a larger audience. Let’s take a look at the upcoming trends in online Poker software to watch out for in 2023. 

Poker Game Development

1. Crypto and Digital Currencies

Poker players all over the world enjoy the accessibility of faster and safer transactions along with anonymity with the help of cryptocurrencies. Online Poker platforms that accept cryptocurrencies and NFTs as payment register more users and also offer players complete control over their in-game assets. In 2023, more and more online Poker gaming platforms will adopt digital currencies to facilitate their operations and increase their user base. 

2. Live Streaming Services

In 2023, we can see an increase in live-streaming services on online Poker gaming platforms. This will curb the popularity of pay-per-view TV and allow players to watch online Poker tournaments right from their Poker platforms. The platform even airs major Poker tournaments such as the World Series of Poker. Moreover, players will also have the ability to stream their own online Poker matches which can provide them with an additional source of income. 

3. Increased Mobile Options

Mobile gaming is the fastest-growing segment in the gaming industry and with the advent of 5G technology, we will likely see Poker games that are designed towards those who like their games short and fast. Speed-based games limit the number of players at the table and the time to make decisions. Online poker platforms like Zynga Poker already offer a speed round which is designed for people on the go who don’t have enough time to invest in a Poker game and allow them to enjoy a Poker match while saving time. 

4. VR Poker Games

Virtual Reality technology has been at the forefront of innovating the Poker game app development industry. VR-enabled online Poker software like PokerStars now allows players to experience Virtual Reality Poker and bridge the gap between the physical and virtual world. Moreover, the technology will be further improved when Metaverse finally comes into play. With the introduction of Metaverse poker platforms, online poker players may enjoy a new level of immersion when it comes to online Poker games. 

5. New Poker Laws & Regulations

In the past two years, the United States Legislation has allowed individual states to regulate gambling laws. Various states have already allowed Poker rooms to offer services to the public within their territory. The United States of America is one of the biggest Poker markets in the world and we can expect more states to join in and regulate online Poker in the upcoming year. 

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Best Online Poker Software Providers in 2023

Take a look at the best online Poker software providers to look out for in 2023. These online Poker game development companies are dominating the industry and innovating new ways to offer personalised services to their clients. 

Online Poker Software ProviderHighlights
Ignition CasinoMany Poker Tournaments, Referral Rewards, Live Dealers, and Great Customer Support.
Bovada CasinoSafe & Secure Platform, Mobile-friendly, Welcome Bonus, and Assorted Table Games.
BetOnlineGreat Poker Bonuses, Crypto Support, Amazing Customer Support, and Swift Transactions.
7Bit CasinoEncrypted Website, Fast Deposits, No Transactional Costs.
PokerStars200,000 active user base, Various Tournaments, Great Bonuses, Customisable Platform.

How can BR Softech Assist You With a VR-enabled Online Poker Platform?

As a leading Virtual Reality Development Company in the USA, BR Softech is proficient in developing highly personalised and robust Online Poker gaming platforms for our clients. Our developers are well-versed in the latest technologies and have years of experience in working with virtual reality technology to build Poker game apps that have the potential to reach millions of users. We strive for 100% client satisfaction and strive to offer highly-customisable and bespoke Poker game app development that helps in generating additional revenue. Partner with BR Softech and reap the following benefits-

  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • Customisable Solutions
  • On-time Delivery
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Experienced Poker Game Developers
  • 24×7 Customer Support
  • Integration of the Latest Technologies
  • Customisable Solutions
  • On-time Delivery
  • Cost-effective Solutions
  • Experienced Poker Game Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What Is The Cost Of VR-Enabled Online Poker Game Development?

The cost of our VR Poker game app development is influenced by many factors. It costs around $50,000 to $60,000 to build a Poker game app with basic features and functionalities. 

Q. How Long Does It Take To Develop A VR-Enabled Online Poker Platform?

It takes around 4 to 6 months to complete the development phase of online Poker software.

Q. Do You Offer Customised Poker Game Development?

Yes, we develop customised Poker game app development solutions. Our customised solutions are bespoke and tailored according to the client’s requirements. 

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