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What Are The Top Online Poker Trends For 2023?

written by Nitin Garg | Mar 13, 2023
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Poker is a popular casino card game that is played by players using a deck of 52 cards. In this game, players play and compete with each other as per the card value in their respective poker hands. Bets here are made through chips and at the end of the poker game, players can trade those chips for money, or winners are calculated on the basis of those chips. Gone are the days when people had to play poker games in traditional casino sets ups, nowadays with poker software development solutions, it can be accessed anywhere and at any point in time. 

Being one of the most popular casino variants, online poker has received the attention of players across the globe. There are different types of poker games like texas holdem, Omaha, Stud poker, live poker, online 3 card poker real money, etc. With the advancement of technology and rising online poker games, it has become easier and more convenient for gamers to access those platforms. The global gambling market has become lucrative and promising for all sports entrepreneurs and investors. Today, poker software development solutions took the gaming industry to the next level. 

If you want to know more about how online poker gaming is booming, here is the list of top online poker trends for 2023 that have fueled the growth of online poker games. 

Growth of Online Poker Industry: Market Stats 

  • As per market research, the video poker machine segment was valued at $14.7 billion USD in 2020, which is projected to rise between the years 2021-26.
  • The online Poker segment has witnessed a massive growth of 30% in 2020. 
  • According to the recent report by KPMG, the Indian online gaming industry is expected to rise at a CAGR of 22%, which is showcasing a market rise from 4,380 Cr. in 2018 to 11,880 Cr. by 2023. 
  • As per the industry reports, the online poker industry is currently showcasing a growth rate of 35-40% year on year. 

Why invest in the Online Poker Market? 

  • Poker games have proved to be the most entertaining medium for people as they can participate and have fun as they play the game and place bets. 
  • Poker games are a great source of income for investors as well as gamblers. 
  • A sudden increment in the time spent by people has brought forth a great impact on the entire online poker sector. 
  • As per the research, around 6.8% of the net adult population used to play poker casino games on a regular basis. 
  • The online poker market has increased by a percentage of 43 due to covid-19, and smartphone penetration. 
  • Moreover, people who have played poker for the first time have increased by 255% in the lockdown period. 
  • Online poker gaming platforms are the clear choices for bettors to play, place bets and have fun. 
  • A new community of players are also interested in playing poker as their favourite leisure activity. 
  • Online poker is popular in different parts of the world, as it is not restricted by various geographical locations. 

Want to know about the different types of poker? Here is the guide for you! 

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 Online Poker Trends

The online poker market is continuously evolving over time. There are many locations that have accepted poker as a platform for great entertainment and fun. Online gambling trends are constantly emerging and revolutionizing the way people interact and place bets on gambling platforms. Here is the list of the latest online poker trends in 2023 that are emerging nowadays. 

1. Live Dealer Poker Games 

Live dealer poker games are becoming mainstream today in the online poker gaming industry. And the major reasons contributing to the growth of live dealer poker games are immersive features, live or real-time results and unmatched graphics that make the gameplay experience more interesting. In this type of online casino setup, players play against the live dealers from the comfort of their homes in the live online poker gaming environment. Some of the most popular live dealer poker games are 2 Hand Casino Holdem, Texas Holdem Bonus poker, Live Caribbean stud poker evolution, and live casino holdem evolution. 

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2. VR in Online Poker Gaming 

When it comes to online casino software solutions, the first thing that is re-imaging the entire industry as a whole is virtual reality. It is introducing a realistic and natural-looking gameplay experience to all the players as well as spectators. Most poker game development company are shifting their focus towards VR-enabled solutions to attract and retain a loyal community of both gamblers and punters. The concept of VR gaming has actually enhanced the gaming environment by making it 3D, realistic and vibrant. This overall increases the reach and ROI of the poker software development solutions. 

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3. The Rising Competition 

Along with the growth of the online poker gaming industry, the leading poker gaming companies are facing cut-throat competition because of the new entrants making a huge impact via online casino software development solutions. The industry is becoming promising for existing and new poker gaming companies. Despite the rising competition, the online poker market is constantly thriving and making a huge impact through enhanced ROI and market leads.

4. Demand for Mobile Poker 

Online poker software development companies like ours are experienced in designing and developing cutting-edge poker gaming solutions as per the needs and requirements of the clients. As the demand for mobile games is rising, poker shows no exception. With mobile poker, players can play, compete and place bets from anywhere and at any point in time. In a nutshell, online mobile poker games are famous due to their convenience and flexibility it gives to all users. Plus, they are easily available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

5. Emergence of Cryptocurrency 

The introduction of cryptocurrency in the global gambling market has solved half of the problem by making it much safer, flexible and more convenient. With digital currency, players don’t need to link their debit or credit cards to the platform as everything is processed in the form of crypto tokens such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana. The speed of doing transactions has also improved with the emergence of crypto support. 

6. The Popularity of Poker Live Streams

The year 2020 has brought forth a new concept of the live streaming platform in the limelight. This is one of the most popular online gambling trends that has captured the eyes of millions of people. The global gambling market has also harnessed the potential of live-streaming platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, etc. 

7. Free Poker Games

Allowing players to play online poker odds games free of cost is one of the new online gambling industry trends that helped creators advertise and promote their online poker platforms. In this case, online poker platform owners earn huge money by the count of ads watched by the players. 

Why Choose BR Softech As an Online Poker Software Development Company? 

As a leading online poker software development company, BR Softech can help you convert your dream into reality. Our in-house team of certified designers, developers and quality engineers work round the clock to develop the best-in-class online poker games texas holdem app that is of value. We strive to follow the above-mentioned online poker trends to deliver the most innovative and up-to-date online casino software development services. 

Choose us to get: 

  • 24/7 tech support 
  • Advanced features 
  • Robust poker game development 
  • Experienced team of developers 
  • Transparent communication. 

Final Words

The online poker market is increasing in a manner like none other. By now you might have got knowledge of online poker trends or gambling trends in 2023 that is revamping the entire gambling industry as a whole. If you are fascinated by the concept of the online poker market, contact BR Softech, a leading poker game development company to get high-performance solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q.1 How Long Does It Take To Develop Online Casino Software Solutions?

It takes around two to three months to develop online poker odds software from scratch. 

Q.2 How Much Does It Cost To Develop Poker Development Solutions? 

On average, online poker gaming cost ranges from $30,000 to $35,000. Read More 

Q.3 What Are The Key Features Of The Online Poker Market? 

We strive to focus on delivering top-notch casino software development services by including features like live chat, multi-lingual support, multi-currency, multiple payment methods, etc.

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