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A Complete Guide: White Label Esports Betting Software Development

written by Admin | Apr 28, 2021
White Label Esports Betting Software Development

At the time of the global pandemic, when every industry is struggling to make a profit, the Esports betting business is making cash from this opportunity. The value of the Esports industry was $906 million in the year 2019, by the end of the year 2021 we expect it to become a billion-dollar industry. Such growth in a limited span of time shows how profitable the white label Esports betting platform is.  

Esports betting has already proven its credibility and is constantly on growth. This influenced many companies to invest in white label Esports betting software development. You can also enter the world of Esports betting with effective Esports betting software. On the way to find out the right white label Esports betting software development Company, you can consult with BR Softech. 

Here in this blog post, we are going to cover a lot of information related to the white label Esports betting software development including features, cost and other essential information. 

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What is White Label Esports Betting Software Development?

What is White Label Esports Betting Software Development

We can consider white label Esports betting software as the script which is packed with plenty of features any fantasy sports application needs. With the help of the white label Esports betting solution, anyone can develop Esports betting software instantly. 

White label term used to refer to the software created by one company and sold by another company. The selling company may put its own trademark on the software and present this software as its own, giving no credits to the development company. 

In short, the Esports betting software developer remains anonymous to the world. The acquiring company can represent the Esports software as their own. White label Esports betting software is developed, designed and tested by a team of experts and can be deployed instantly. On top of that, this software supports many sports such as Soccer, Cricket, baseball and so on. 

Market Growth of White Label Esports Software Development

Market Growth of White Label Esports

This is one of the first thoughts that hits the mind when you think to invest in white label Esports betting software development. The estimated market size of Esports was $13.9 billion in the year 2018, which is further expected to touch down the mark of $33.2 billion by the end of the year 2025. As the market surveys conducted by various organizations states that 85% of companies are interested in opting for the white label Esports betting technology as they save development time and cost in the long run.  

White label solutions not only benefit the companies but can also benefit the users and governments. As of now, there is a tremendous demand for white label solutions, many people across the world have shown great interest in the transparent Esports betting software. So this is the right time to spread your feet into the fantasy sports world to make the most out of it. 

How White Label Esports Software Development Can Benefit You? 

White Label Esports Software Development Can Benefit

As mentioned, the white-label solution industry is on boom therefore, startups and companies are investing in these solutions to make a profit from it. So here are some of the worthy reasons to step into the white label Esports industry. 

Time and Cost-Efficient 

As we know, white-label Esports betting technology took a huge time and investment to develop. Every year or even with each day the market becomes competitive, therefore, early comers will most likely make a profit from it. White label solutions are the answer to such questions as they took very limited time in development and also cost-effective even small organizations can manage to afford them. 

Fast and Simple Branding

If you tend to build custom Esports development software, then you have to focus more on designing and developing the application from the scratch. However, if you opt for white label solutions, then you have more time to focus on the marketing, your visibility goes up and you are better able to make a profit. All you have to do is put your trademark on the game and spread it over the world under your name and make a profit from it. 

Multiple Device Compatibility

If you have picked the white label betting software development, then the compatibility across multiple devices should not be a point of concern for you. The team of experts develops this software to ensure it remains compatible across all the screens.  

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Security is a primary concern for most organizations and startups as Esports betting software involves financial transactions. The white label solutions are developed using the latest security standard to offer the best level of security. 

Less Risk

Launching complete fantasy sports developed from scratch requires a lot of effort and investment, even so, there are no chances of getting success in the market. While on the other side white label solutions can provide you with the readymade and tested solution. These solutions are already available in the market and well-recognized. This way you have fewer chances of failure. 

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Features of White Label Esports Betting Software Development

Features of White Label Esports Betting

Here we have curated a list of features you can incorporate with the Esports tournament platform. 

1. Admin Dashboard 

Admin dashboard is one of the most prominent features offered by the white label Esports betting software Company. It enables the game owner to keep an eye on the statistics of the game. 

2. Leaderboard 

The leaderboard provides great help to stay informed with the scores of particular users and also helps to evaluate their past results to see how well they are growing in the game. 

3. Refer and Earn

Promotions always work well to keep the users engaged with the platform. If a user refers his friend to join your game, then they will most likely receive a certain amount of rewards. 

4. Achievement Badges 

Depending on the leaderboard, it will reward the users who perform extraordinarily in the league or contest with the achievement badge. Such things will go in a long way to boost user confidence. 

5. User Management

User management is one of the challenging tasks to do when you have a lakh of users registered on the platform. However, white Esports leagues software development has the potential to handle a huge number of users at the same time. Moreover, you can increase the user management capacity based on your needs to reduce the development cost. 

6. Multiple Payment Options 

As you know, fantasy sports involve a financial transaction, thus having support to the multiple payments will ease the users to make payment using their preferred mode of payment. 

7. Social Media Sharing

The moment when users earn an achievement badge worth sharing with the other users. BR Softech Esports betting API provider offers support for multiple social media platforms

8. Multi-Language Support

With the advancement in technology, the spread of Esports service providers is across the world. And, as we know every country has its own language to communicate, thus, having support for multiple languages will enable the users to enjoy their fantasy sports game in their preferred language. 

9. Location Tracking 

Feature of White label E sports betting software list seems incomplete without having an in-built location tracking feature. The location tracking feature enables the admin to track the location of the registered. This location information is used to create location-specific promotional offers to the users. 

10. Real-Time Feed

While trying your luck in the Esports game, you have the opportunity to see a real-time feed of all the ongoing sports. This will double up your gaming experience. This way you don’t have to switch between multiple tabs to see the real-time feed. The real-time feed can be customised according to the taste of the users.

11. Email and Push Notification 

This software also empowers you to keep your users aware of the latest promotional offers and other important updates using the email and push notification features. 

12. Esports Betting Blockchain Integration 

With fast transaction speed and enhanced security, the demand for Blockchain-based Esports tournament software is on the rise. 

What is the Cost of White Label Esports Betting Software Development?

Cost of White Label Esports Betting Software

The total cost of white label Esports betting software development varies depending on many factors. The first and foremost thing is the features you want to include in your game. Some features are easy to accomplish, hence they require less effort and development cost. While some are more complicated and require days to accomplish, therefore they will add the development cost. Besides this, the cost of white label Esports betting software development is determined based on the following factors. 

  • Software cross-platform compatibility
  • Development time 
  • Region of Development company 
  • Maintenance & customer support services

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Bottom Line

And with that, we have concluded a complete guide on White label Esports betting software development. By utilizing this information anyone can build an Esports betting software. Hire a white label Esports betting developer and step into this profitable market. 

BR Softech is a professional Esports game development company with the expertise to develop custom white label Esports betting software. Want a better understanding of the white label betting software, do contact BR Softech.

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