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Mobile Game Marketing: How to Promote Mobile Game App?

written by Admin | Feb 09, 2022
Marketing of Mobile Game App

Do you want to know how to promote the Mobile Game app? Check out this guide. 

In this comprehensive article about the marketing of mobile games, you’ll learn about paid and organic ways to acquire users. 

It’s time to get started!

What is Mobile Games Marketing?

With the mobile games market becoming more competitive, it shouldn’t be a surprise that game marketing strategies are becoming more aggressive. You should take advantage of this opportunity if you have a strong passion for the industry. So, firstly understand what mobile game marketing.

Marketing with mobile devices is a revolutionary tactic in business. However, Communication with customers and product advertising is made easier and more efficient. Though, the Enhancement of e-commerce businesses is possible. Customers are now contacted based on their preferences and characteristics.

Marketing a mobile game can be difficult for even the most talented developers, but that does not mean you should discount your campaign entirely. There is no point in settling for less than the best. Why settle for anything less than the best? Your game deserves the best, so why would you settle for anything less? The tips we have provided here on monetizing games will help you reach your goal.

Which Market/Audience Do You Target?

Your offering will be valuable to you if your target audience needs it or wants it.

  • If your company offers any innovations or solves problems, you should also consider that when deciding whom to contact. 
  • Reach out to these people and you’ll reach the right audience.
  • You should create a product that solves a problem and provides a benefit for the users.
  • It would be a good idea to check out your competitors. Is your target audience similar to theirs? Are they targeting the same type of clientele as you? 
  • Consider the data rather than making assumptions.
  •  Your target audience will expand as you do. 

Your target audience should be redefined constantly and rethought. Make sure that you target the appropriate audience.

The Importance of Targeting Audiences for Mobile Apps

Target Audiences for mobile app

Advertising is not the only use of the term target audience.

Designing, developing, and monetizing a mobile game requires an understanding of its target audience.

In the beginning, you are here to resolve a problem or to entertain this audience. You, therefore, need features that they will enjoy.

Last but not least is advertising. You should already have a clear idea of who your target audience is before you begin advertising.

As a result of your previous research, you should have a basic understanding of their demographics, favorite social networking websites, and interests.

Analyzing and defining your target audience

We can find out by asking the following questions:

  • How would you describe your business, service, or product?
  • Would you be able to describe the problem that you are trying to solve?
  • Which benefits will your product or service provide to the user?
  • What does your target audience usually do at work?
  • How old and what gender is your typical target audience?
  • Is your target audience a child?
  • What is their income and education level?
  • What is your target audience’s interest, and who are they?

You can determine how to market your mobile app most effectively by answering these questions. Find out how to promote your mobile game apps after determining who your target audience is.

Tips to Promote your Mobile Game App

Today, as the global market for mobile games grows, choosing the right marketing strategy is more important than ever. Here are two strategies:

  •  Getting Paid to Play Mobile Games 
  •  Marketing mobile games organically 

Paid and organic marketing must be distinguished in order to understand mobile game marketing.

Advertising campaigns involving pay-per-click are run across a variety of advertising networks. Organic mobile game marketing refers, however, to all free marketing strategies that are designed to increase users’ numbers. You can optimize your app store by posting on social media, maintaining a website, etc.

It is nevertheless important to include both in a good strategy.

Paid Mobile Game Marketing 

To use paid advertising campaigns to promote your game, you need to master three things. You succeed when you understand your target audience, come up with great creatives, and know how to run marketing campaigns across different networks. 

This is how it’s done.

  • Players’ motivations 
  • A player’s archetype
  • Techniques of expressionism
  • Expertise in a skill
  • Planned strategies
  • Innovative
  • Adventurer
  • Treasure hunter adventurer
  • Create a video ad: A Guide

How mobile games are organically marketed 

It is also possible to market mobile games organically and through paid user acquisition. To acquire organic users, app store optimization is vital. As an alternative, the publisher can use influencer marketing and content marketing to market the game. 

The following are the best ways to conduct mobile game marketing campaigns

  • Optimizing apps for app stores 
  • The title of the game
  • Icon for a game
  • Thesaurus
  • Video Promo for the App 
  • Photographs
  • Marketers who create content 
  • Visit the website
  • Media channels on social media
  • Marketers using influencers 

Promoting an online game

You can’t just develop a game by yourself. You need to plan and prepare even before you start coding. The platform on which a mobile game runs and the mobile app retention rates are crucial considerations when creating mobile games.

As a result, launching a successful game has become increasingly difficult. Keep up with these trends and competition with the help of mobile game promotion. The faster you act, the better.

However, the following are a few of the best ways to promote a mobile game.

1. Develop a marketing strategy after researching the market

You should leave your fantasies aside if you are serious about mobile gaming success. Even if there are exceptions to the rule, shortsightedness does not excuse us from losing market share.

It is imperative to conduct comprehensive market research before creating a game for an unknown audience. Research the most popular games and niches. For research purposes, go to to see what searches are trending right now. When you look at what people search for, you can usually tell what they are interested in.

This method will help you identify your focus, saving you headaches in the future.

2. Understand the strategies of your competitors

This point heavily cites the latter. I would recommend browsing app stores as a user before analyzing your competitors’ apps using an app competitor analysis tool. Find similar mobile games on app stores. Consider genres that are similar.

You should make a list of everything of interest while browsing your app competitors to learn from them. You should also read reviews from different users. Look at screenshots, titles, and descriptions of your competitors. Write down the script for their videos. Take note of how and where they use keywords throughout their listing.

You need to do more than place your game with the rest of the app forest to promote your game. You will need to prepare thoroughly if you want to succeed. Making sure that you do your homework before making every decision is part of preparing. It stands to reason that a game with better features will have a better chance at fame and fortune.

Think about how you played. There are many other apps to choose from. Why does this one stand out?

3. Reach out to publishers of mobile games

Can signing a contract with a publisher be difficult? Yes. Finding the right publisher is not an easy task, but finding the right publisher is even more challenging. Publishers will handle your game’s promotion, but they will also take a cut of your game’s profits.

The feedback you receive from a third party, even if you don’t want to be published, can be substantial and concrete. You can benefit most from insights like these when working with a game publisher, who will focus more on the marketability of your product.

4. Game testing on mobile devices

Tests are one of my recurring pieces of advice. Take a look at the numbers if you’re as indecisive as me. You can’t lie with numbers. It is often the brightest gems that are buried beneath a pile of data. Mobile game promotion is no different.

Ensure that the quality of your products meets industry standards by testing them. As many bugs as possible need to be squashed before launch, but bad game design should take precedence. A study by Steam indicates that users are much more likely to leave a negative review if the game is poorly designed than if it has bugs.

Game testing can be divided into several phases:

  1. Alpha Testing: Currently in development, this is all about hardware and software failures
  2. Beta Testing – The the game is almost ready for production, so there shouldn’t be any major problems
    • Closed beta testing – testing by a limited group of testers
    • Open Beta Testing – anyone can participate in testing

The fact that the game is in early access might be considered a form of testing. We aren’t too concerned with whether or not that is the case for the moment. Let’s focus on improving your project. Your testing will be more enjoyable and easier to manage if you break it down into phases.

 Everything should be put to the test. You can make smarter decisions with numbers.

5. Work on your Mobile Game ASO

Without proper app search optimization (ASO), it is rather difficult to promote mobile games. Your mobile game’s ASO will be easier to approach if you’ve done your homework and understood your competitor’s perspective. 70% of mobile users search for apps on app stores to discover new ones, according to App Radar.

Once your marketing is turned off, your game is no longer visible to your audience because it no longer gets organic traffic from the app. You must drive your mobile game organically. 

 Your game’s ranking in the app store has a direct relationship with the number of installs you can expect.

Therefore, the ranking factors for the app stores should be used to optimize your listing. An ASO strategy should consist of the following:

  • Research keywords
  • Optimizing titles and descriptions
  • Icon for the application
  • Reviewing apps
  • The localization process

Try to come up with a good title. Speak to your family and friends about it. If you want to see what your audience wants, you can also survey them, but keep in mind that a good ASO title will contain the main keyword as part of it, or even like the title.

Additionally, work on the listing’s other parts. Among the elements you should focus on are screenshots, descriptions, game icons, and videos. Do A/B testing on each of them to confirm your decisions.

As you optimize your app store listing, you will need to monitor relevant KPIs to assess how well your ASO efforts are performing. This can be automated. It is possible to use a number of ASO tools to assist you.

Promo videos should be given special attention

The most important ASO element is the app promo video, since it drives the most conversions. Check out these tips for creating a good video.

Writing a script for a promotional video for your app should be your first step. Here you describe the idea of the video. Try to keep the length of your video between 15 and 30 seconds, as that’s more than enough to explain your game to users.

If you want a particular kind of video, you need to make sure you describe it well to that person. By now, you know that promo videos can make a big difference when users are deciding whether to download or buy your game. Therefore, you should make sure it represents your game well and looks good.

6. Take advantage of alternative store markets

Your mobile game should be submitted to alternative app stores and directories. There are other places where Android app development can be found. Below are a few alternative app store markets that you should not overlook:

  1. Amazon Apps and Games
  2. Huawei App Gallery
  3. AppBrain
  4. SlideMe

To increase your mobile game’s discoverability, you must select the right mix of traffic channels from the various marketplaces available.

You will be able to improve the discoverability of your mobile game app if you have the right cocktail of marketing channels in place. The research will be the key to avoiding frustration and rework.

7. Pay-for-performance social media campaigns

Run social media paid campaigns. It is important to find which social media networks work best for your mobile game and focus your efforts there.

An attractive message, stunning creativity, and gameplay videos are required. Take into account your audience and what might interest them. It is worth the time and money spent on these kinds of creative projects.

Though, how to promote a game on social media. However, Facebook Business Manager lets you manage both Facebook and Instagram ads. You need to constantly track and optimize your paid social media campaigns for your mobile game once you set them up

Taking your share of the pie on social networks will require you to split-test your ads. Click here for more information on testing mobile ads.

8. Google Ads Universal App Campaigns and Display Network

You can use Google’s Universal App Campaign (UAC) to distribute your mobile game to users. But we recommend that you do it properly and design graphics and videos specifically for promotional purposes.

9. Promote each other

Mobile game promotion through cross-promotion is free. There are two ways to cross-promote a mobile game: either in any of your other games (if you have any) or by approaching other developers. 

However, learn with us how to make your mobile game work.

How to Make Your Mobile Game App Work?

At one time, making a game was an arduous task. A game is only one component of a full software development cycle in modern times. For your mobile game to be a success, you will need to do market research beforehand and prepare a marketing strategy even before your game is developed.

You’ll face many obstacles and challenges as a mobile game developer if you don’t. 

So, after knowing every factor about how to promote mobile games, now learn what is the updated revenue market of mobile game apps.

Revenue of online mobile game

The mobile gaming sector in India is expected to generate $5 billion in revenues by 2025. Though, the mobile game revenue in 2021 will be up from $1.5 billion. According to a report published by Sequoia Capital and management consulting company BCG.

By 2020, mobile gaming is projected to generate $1.5 billion in revenue from in-app purchases and real-money game purchases. A large portion of this was due to the in-game advertising by India’s mobile game developement company.

The cherry on top of the iceberg is mobile game promotion. Mobile games are often discovered by their app store listings, which are their first point of contact with the audience. In order for your mobile game to be advertised successfully, your title, screenshots, and app description are crucial. Therefore, a cherry must appeal to a specific audience by being a succulent, sweet fruit.

The mobile game marketing industry is a joint effort and a show of collective power. It takes a team to overcome an uphill battle. Let us help you identify your users.

(A-Z plan for developing user-friendly mobile games)

How to create an app users will love?

Tip #1: Create an app that is useful!

Tip #2: Know who you’re dealing with

Tip #3: Ensure an easy onboarding process

Tip #4: Use best practices when developing apps

Tip #5: Do not redirect

Tip #6: Create touchpoints for users

Tip #7: Whenever possible, integrate

Tip #8: Create beautiful things that people want

Tip #9: Make your workplace safe

Tip #10: Listen to your users to make your app more friendly

Game app monetization methods

In light of that, we have compiled a list of the top mobile game monetization trends for 2022. If used effectively, these trends can increase your revenue from mobile games in 2022.

Let’s get right to the point. Here are the best strategies for monetizing mobile games in 2022.

1. In-app advertisements

2. The in-app purchase system

3. Games that are paid

4. Subscription-based model

5. An Integrated Monetization Strategy

6. Monetization of meta layers


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