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5 Ways to level up fast in Pokemon Go

written by Admin | Nov 28, 2016

Pokemon is all the rage these days for the game lovers around the globe. But still some people ponder over how to level pokemon fast in Pokemon Go which is at times little tough. But in this post we will help you out in leveling your Pokemon fast in Pokemon Go with some easy ways as such. When your trainer advances in the game of Pokemon Go then he or she will be said to have captured more powerful Pokemons.

Pokemon Go: level up Pokemon:

Well, for leveling up swiftly in Pokemon Go game you will have to gain much of XP that is experience points. There are various pokemon go xp levels in the game. In very less time you must gain various XP in the game which is a surefire way to level up fast in the Pokemon Go. You can also simply focus on the actions which award many of the XP per hour and not to focus on th action that reward very little XP or no XP as such. Pokemon Go XP chart will help you know about the Pokemon Go leveling rewards which you get while playing this astonishing game.

How to level up Pokemon fast in Pokemon Go?

There are different ways by which one can gain XP in Pokemon Go. There are different Pokemon Go XP per level. Some of the actions in the game will award you with the minimal XP as such and other ones will fetch you more amount of XP in the game which similar to AR+ and is most loved by the game lovers. Here we list you 5 smashing ways for gaining the experience points which will help you level up quickly:

#1 Catching the Pokemon:

The punch line of Pokemon franchise itself is “Gotta Catch Em’ All”. So this is the first way to level up fast in the game of Pokemon Go. So catching the Pokemons is the top-notch and efficacious way to gain more XP in this game. So, for proficiently throwing the Pokeballs you will certainly gain more XP (you can opt for nice throw, excellent throw, nice throw, etc).

You will not just gain more XP but if the pokemon in the game is new then you will also get an added XP bonus in the game. And this added bonus is more than the standard XP bonus too. For the beginners of this game, catching the new Pokemon is more effectual.

#2 Hatching the eggs in the game:

Yet another way to level up fast in Pokemon Go is by hatching the eggs in AR+ clone game. You will find these eggs at the Pokestops in the game. All you need to do is walk about one kilometer (0.621 miles) and your egg will hatch into a Pokemon. For hatching these eggs you will also gain the XP, no matter what the species and if that Pokemon is new they you will also gain XP bonus for getting the new Pokemon.

#3 Move your Pokemon forward in the game:

If you desire to level up in the game of Pokemon Go then you will have to advance your Pokemon When you will capture the Pokemon you will also get the candy. Before evolving the Pokemon, different species of Pokemon require some amount of Candy.

For the evolution, getting the candy will take some time so you need to be patient enough or playing this game in order to level up in similar app like AR+. So if you desire to level up in the game then you must advance as many Pokemon as possible. By this you will also make your Pokemon team quite strong and eventually you will also gain good deal of XP in the game.

#4 Fighting at the gyms:

There are various kinds of Pokemon Go XP per level in the game of Pokemon. Well, it is an uphill battle to find the gyms in the game and not so simple as finding the Pokestops . But as you find the gyms you will open the doors for you to gain more XP in this game. So you must hunt for the friendly gyms in the game, mostly if you are beginner to play this game of Pokemon Go. These Friendly gyms will also help you to train your Pokemon without going into dealing with opposing Teams’ Pokemon. For every conquered Pokemon, your trainer will be getting the XP.

If you trip across any Gym which is being controlled by a different Team then also you will be able to fight. But getting success in these kind of battles is quite daring and demanding in this game. You will be gaining the XP for each Pokemon that you beat in this game.

#5 Search the Pokestops:

As you travel through this game you will find numerous Pokestops to visit. The Pokestops will provide you the eggs you require in the game, Pokeballs, Revives, etc. Above all, visiting the Pokestops will also provide you some amount of XP. You must also note that you will not gain loads of XP from these Pokestops. For the new players fo this game, XP adds up when you visit various Pokestops in very less time as such.

You must also reduce the idle time like watching your Pokedex, checking the inventory, personalizing the trainer. But make sure to avoid all the action in the game which will not award you any XP at all.

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Well, if talking about how to level up fast and quickly in Pokemon Go then the above mentioned 5 ways will help you to the core. Apart from th 5 ways listed above there is also a bonus tip which you must know which is gaining 1000 XP per minute in the game. For this, all you need to do is to gather loads of Pidgeys, Caterpies and Weedles in the game. You need to make certain that you have a Lucky egg (with doubles XP for very short span of time) and you will get this as you are going to level up and you will get the lucky egg as the level up reward when you reach the Level 9. Other alternative of getting Lucky egg is to get it from Shop of Pokecoins.


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