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The Ultimate Solitaire Game Development Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 22, 2022
Solitaire Game Development Guide

Solitaire is a popular card game developed as a digital version. In the 1990s, Microsoft Windows included the Solitaire card game, which became immensely popular. Solitaire, however, dates back to the 18th century. 

Do you have any experience playing Solitaire on your Windows computer? When you play this card game, you know how addictive it can be! From Windows 3.0 to Windows 11, Solitaire has been included in every version of Windows. If your business requires a Solitaire game, you might be interested in developing one. You can follow the step-by-step process with the help of this Solitaire game development guide

What is a Solitaire Game?

Solitaire is a skill-based and concentration-based tabletop game. Cards are typically used in Solitaire games. Tiles, pegs, and stones are used in other types of Solitaire. Solitaire games are generally divided into the following types: 

  • Played with cards, patience or card solitaire.
  • Solitaire Mahjong – played with tiles from a mahjong board. 
  • Solitaire with pegs on a board is called Peg Solitaire. 

Using a 52-card deck, Solitaire is a card game. There are seven columns of cards at the beginning of a classic solitaire game. The number of cards in each column varies from one to seven. 

What is the Common Solitaire Game Terminology?

Before reading this Solitaire game development guide, you must be familiar with some common terminology. I have provided some of the terms, expressions, and jargon commonly used in Solitaire games.

CellsOne card can be placed here. 
ColorThe suit’s color. Clubs and Spades are black, while Diamonds and Hearts are red.
DealPlacing cards on the table from a deck.
Deck52 playing cards in a set.
FoundationFor the game to be won, the cards have to be moved.
LayoutAt the beginning of the game, the cards are arranged on the table.
PatienceIn England, Poland, and Germany, Solitaire is known by this name.
RankA card’s value in numbers. Ace (A) ranks among the lowest cards in Solitaire, while King (K) ranks among the highest.
ReserveThere is a pile of cards. The card can be placed in reserve and withdrawn at a later date.
SequenceA Rank-ordered pile of cards. Two, three, four, and five are all part of the same sequence, for instance.
StockStacks of cards. One card can be drawn at a time by each player.
SuitEach card has a symbol on it. A club, a spade, a heart, and a diamond make up the four suits.
TableauGameplay takes place mostly here. Tables are also known as tables.
WasteA pile of cards. The cards are typically moved to the waste pile if the stock is turned over.

What is the History of the Solitaire Game? 

Since the 12th century, card games have been played. As a result, there have been many variations over the years. As a result, Solitaire has its roots in the 18th century. In a book called Illustrated Games of Patience, the first set of Solitaire rules was published in the late 19th century.

Solitaire games are also known as Patience games because they require players to be extremely patient. There was however a difference between the early Solitaire games and the ones that are popular today. Players are most familiar with Klondike Solitaire, the most popular Solitaire game type. 

Various Solitaire game variations have been included with Windows since then, including FreeCell and Spider Solitaire. Solitaire games are largely played on websites and apps in the 21st century.

What is Solitaire Game Development?

Is Solitaire game development something you are interested in? If you would like to learn more about Card game development, then you should read this tutorial.

The development of a Solitaire game for digital platforms is called Solitaire Game Development. Solitaire games are developed with relevant game development tools such as Unity and Unreal Engine.

Platforms for Which Solitaire Games are Developed Include

  • Windows, Linux, and Mac desktop solitaire games
  • Android and iOS Solitaire Games
  • Solitaire Games for Tablets (iPad, Android)
  • Solitaire games for consoles (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo)
  • Solitaire Game for Web Browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

We can create Solitaire game development platforms!

Benefits of Solitaire Game Development

Now that you know the history of the Solitaire game and how it developed, you’re well prepared to play it. Thus, you might wonder, why should you develop solitaire games? Users, companies, developers, and other stakeholders will benefit from this Solitaire game development guide

Benefits for Users

Among card games; Solitaire is very popular. Therefore, players want to play at home, at work, and on the go. The Solitaire Game User benefits from: 

  1. Enhance Mental Abilities

It enhances the mental abilities of the player because it takes a sharp mind and quick actions.

  1. Improve Memory

It helps the player to improve their memory and thinking skills.

  1. Entertain Yourself

Players can entertain themselves by playing virtually.

  1. Learn How to Develop Strategic Thinking

Playing this game gives strategic thinking skills to players.

  1. Patience is Taught

This game teaches patience.

  1. Mind-Calming

It helps in calming and soothing.

  1. It Allows You to Spend Time Alone

It lets you play virtually and spend some time alone.

Benefits of Companies

Among card games, Solitaire is very popular. Therefore, players want to play at home and on the go. Companies benefit from building Solitaire games in the following ways:

  1. Engagement of players
  2. Increased revenue from sales
  3. To provide customers with value
  4. Loyalty among players
  5. Company promotion

Benefits for Developers

When solitaire game developer learns and works on solitaire game development, they benefit from the following:

  1. Obtain a competitive salary
  2. Possess analytical and creative skills
  3. Enjoy your work environment
  4. Provide millions of users with solitaire games

Benefits for Buyers

The benefits of buying a Solitaire game are numerous for individuals and businesses. A prospective buyer will be able to:

  1. get ready-made, white-label solutions.
  2. Increase revenue by attracting millions of Solitaire players.
  3. Solitaire is a popular game that can improve customer relations.
  4. The Solitaire game can be marketed instead of developed.

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What are the Famous Types of Solitaire Games?

Types of Solitaire Games?

Solitaire has many variations, but three major ones form the basis for all of them. Each has a different way of playing, but there are also some similarities.

Solitaire Klondike

A deck of 52 cards is what you need to play the game. After shuffling the cards thoroughly, 28 of them are arranged face down in columns 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7, overlapping cards from left to right. 

Spider Solitaire

Originated in the early 1940s and takes its name from a spider’s eight legs, referring to the foundation’s eight winning piles. 

Free Cell Solitaire

In the early 1940s, free cell solitaire was invented. This invention created free cells by making cards based on alternative colors. 

TriPeaks Solitaire Game

Using one deck of cards, TriPeaks is a Solitaire game. As a result of the cards forming three pyramid peaks, the game is called TriPeaks.

Pyramid Solitaire Game

A Pyramid Solitaire card game involves arranging the cards into a pyramid-shaped arrangement. 

Yukon Solitaire Game

Yukon Solitaire is similar to Klondike Solitaire in concept. A single deck of cards is used in Yukon Solitaire. 

Golf Solitaire Game

Golf Solitaire is a game of strategy that is easy to play, but it requires a lot of concentration from the players.

What are the Features of a Solitaire Game?

Features of a Solitaire Game

There should be a standard set of features in every Solitaire game, regardless of the variation. Which Solitaire game features can you expect to find in any Solitaire game? The following are some of the significant features of the Solitaire game:

  1. Highlight Available Moves

A player of solitaire examines the table to determine the number of legal moves. Nevertheless, highlighting the available moves feature can simplify this process for the developer of Solitaire games.

  1. Display Hints 

Beginners can receive hints for Solitaire to help them take the next step. As a result, whenever a player becomes stuck, hints can be displayed to assist them.

  1. Card Count 

Beginners can receive hints for Solitaire to help them take the next step. As a result, whenever a player becomes stuck, hints can be displayed to assist them.

  1. Game Statistics 

Win/loss records for Solitaire games, percentage wins, wins based on Solitaire game type are displayed in Solitaire game statistics. You can make your Solitaire game more enjoyable for your players by adding this feature.

  1. Scoring System 

Players are more likely to engage with a Solitaire game if there are scoring systems. A player who wins by making the shortest number of moves, for example, receives more points. As a result, the player will come back to try to beat his previous record.

  1. Leaderboards 

It has become increasingly common for players to challenge one another in online gaming. In this way, Solitaire games can track players worldwide with global leaderboards.

  1. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Challenges

Solitaire games often feature daily, weekly, and monthly challenges that give players further goals to aim for. 

  1. Rule Variations 

It is the rules of Solitaire that determine how the game is played. A game’s gameplay can be greatly enhanced by rule variations. As a result, Solitaire game developers have the option of customizing the game’s rules.

Why Do You Need to Make a Solitaire Game? 

You might wonder why you should develop a Solitaire game before diving into the Solitaire game development process. Consequently, this Solitaire game development guide will provide individuals and businesses with compelling reasons to invest in Card game development.

  • Opportunities for monetization

You can monetize your Solitaire game in a variety of ways. Obviously, ads are a great way to monetize your site. Advertisements can be displayed at strategic locations in your solitaire game without interfering with gameplay.

  • With a potential user base of millions

2019 marked the induction of Microsoft Solitaire into the Video Game Hall of Fame. There is therefore an increase in the popularity of solitaire games. Millions of users love variations of Solitaire, such as Klondike Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, and FreeCell Solitaire.

  • Business Marketing and Branding

As You can reach millions of gamers worldwide by making a Solitaire game. The event is therefore a perfect opportunity for your business to market itself and brand itself.

Your business can take advantage of new marketing opportunities by developing a Solitaire game. 

How to Create your own Solitaire Game? 

Create your own Solitaire Game

This Solitaire game development guide has covered a lot of ground so far! Here are the 7 stages in the development of a Solitaire game. The following are among them:

Step 1: Come up with ideas

The first step in developing your Solitaire game should be to brainstorm with the team before coding or developing. You and your team should work together to bring your solitaire game vision to life.

Step 2: Analyzing the market

It can be expensive and time-consuming to develop a solitaire game. Prior to spending large amounts of time and money on Card game development, it is important to conduct market research and analysis. 

Step 3: Pre-Production

In the preproduction stage, ideas are generated and market research is conducted. To start the development of the Solitaire game, all stakeholders meet during the preproduction phase.

Step 4: Production

Solitaire is in the process of taking shape at this point. Here are the members of the Solitaire game production team:

  • Manager of projects
  • Artist for solitaire games
  • Designer of game levels
  • Developer/Programmer of solitaire games
  • Engineer specializing in audio

Step 5: Conducting tests

End-to-end testing is required before launching a solitaire game. Solitaire is ready for launch once testing is complete.

Step 6: Launch

Congratulations! You are ready to launch your Solitaire game. The Solitaire game must be published on your targeted platforms. 

Step 7: Post-Launch

You might think that the Solitaire game development process ends with its launch. That’s not true! There are several reasons why the post-launch phase is essential.

Present Trends of Solitaire Game Development

What trends should you be aware of after learning to make a Solitaire game? The following are three significant trends in Solitaire game development:

  1. Business Models of the Future

It was offline desktop games that first gained popularity when Solitaire games first became popular. The development of Solitaire games has evolved from free-to-play to gaming as a service (GaaS) since then.

Solitaire games that are free to play allow players to play for free. The Solitaire game can be monetized in other ways, however, such as by showing ads or purchasing in-game currency.

  1. Solitaire Games for Mobile Devices

Since 1990, every Windows computer has included Microsoft Solitaire. The popularity of Solitaire games on mobile devices has grown since then. Solitaire games for iOS and Android devices are abundant in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Solitaire games have become more popular on mobile devices since they were introduced.

  1. Streaming and Cloud-based Solitaire Game

It is a step up from mobile solitaire games to play on the cloud. Players can play hundreds of Solitaire games for a monthly fee through services such as Xbox Game Pass, Amazon Luna, and Nvidia GeForce Now.

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Tech Stack to Develop a Solitaire Game

Solitaire game developers are free to choose the tech stack they prefer for developing their games. The following are a few of the most important Solitaire game development tools covered in this guide:

  • Game engines:-

Game engines simplify the process of developing games. In addition to 2D and 3D rendering, physics, animation, sound, scripting, and more, it also contains a host of other tools. Consequently, developers of Solitaire games prefer game engines. Solitaire games are commonly developed using the following game engines:

  1. Unity
  2. Unreal Engine
  3. Godot
  4. CryEngine
  5. Amazon Lumberyard
  • Tools for designing solitaire games:-

Artists create Solitaire game elements with the help of design tools. In order to design Solitaire games, there are many tools available. Games can be designed using a variety of tools, including

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Blender
  3. GIMP
  4. Maya
  • Solitaire Game Programming Languages:-

The development of Solitaire games requires programming. Programming languages used by gaming engines include C++ and C#. Additionally, Solitaire games can also be made in languages such as

  1. JavaScript
  2. C++ (Used by Unreal Engine, Lumberyard, Godot)
  3. Python
  4. C# (Used by Unity)
  5. Java
  6. Lua (Used by CryEngine)

Solitaire Game Development Cost

You might wonder how much does Solitaire Game Development Cost Now that you know how to do so. Solitaire game development costs depend on many factors, so there is no easy answer. For a standard Solitaire game, you should expect to spend at least $15,000 (Fifteen Thousand). A larger number of Solitaire game development platforms, complexity, and marketing will, however, rapidly increase the cost.

Type of DevelopmentEstimated cost
Game Design & Development $100,000
The cost of UI/UX $45-60K
Server costs$150K
Game Animation$30k-50k 
Sound Design$20,000 


It is likely that you gained a better understanding of how to create your own solitaire game after reading this blog. Choosing a game app development company in the USA is the next challenge that might arise during the process. 

You should conduct extensive online research before hiring a Solitaire game app developer who excels in the development of Solitaire games. Lastly, consider working with a company that is ISO certified like BR Softech Pvt. In order to make your Online Solitaire Game App successful, we can provide complete front-end and back-end assistance.

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Solitaire Game Development FAQs

What is the best way to create your own solitaire game?

The first step is to decide what type of Solitaire game you want to play. To play that type of game, you must know all the rules. Using a game engine such as Unity, your Solitaire game developer can build the program.

How much does it cost to develop a Solitaire game?

It will cost you at least $15,000 to develop a solitaire game. Adding complexity and features, however, increases the cost.

Is it possible to build a Solitaire game in a short amount of time?

It takes around 4-6 months to build a basic Solitaire game. The timeline increases as the complexity of the Solitaire game increases.

What are the benefits of building a Solitaire game?

The popularity of solitaire games among gamers is unparalleled. Around 35 million people play Microsoft Solitaire every month, for example!

For the development of Solitaire games, what programming languages should I use?

It is up to the developer to choose the programming language for the Solitaire game development. There are, however, a number of other languages you can use, including C++, C#, JavaScript, Java, Python, and Lua.

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