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7 Up 7 Down Game Development Company

written by Admin | Aug 01, 2023

When it comes to casino games the 7 Up 7 down dice game has made a big hype all around the world and attracted players by its immense and straightforward gameplay. Within a short span of time, this dice game has gained tremendous popularity and has become a popular medium to have fun and make money for casino players. The 7 Up and 7 Down game is totally based on skills and luck factors where you get three betting options.

The 7 Up and 7 Down game is played by millions of users worldwide and there is a heavy demand for such kinds of platforms because the userbase is increasing due to its enticing gameplay and top-notch features where the right decision can help you to churn the big amount. You can also step into this casino game to churn this big opportunity where users will get an exciting platform and you will make money. For that, you can take the help of a 7 Up 7 Down game development company. 

If you want to know about the 7 up and 7 down card game, this blog will offer you a complete guide about the 7 Up and 7 Down casino game development process, its features, how to play, etc.

Before diving in-depth, let’s know what is seven up seven down game and how to play it. 

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What is a 7 Up 7 Down Game?

What is a 7 Up 7 Down Game?

This is a simple dice game that has secured a place in both offline and online casinos due to its potential to engage users and offer a considerable winning amount. The gameplay is very simple and captivating, in this two dice are rolled at a time, and you have to predict whether the outcome will be above 7, less than 7, or 7. By using your skills if you predict the right outcome you win an exciting amount and the luck factor plays a big role in it.

  • Seven up seven down is a popular dice-based casino game. 
  • To win, you have to predict the outcome of the dice is equal to 7, above 7, or below 7.
  • Gameplay is quite interesting and simple and to play this you have no need of any rocket science. Either you win or lose. 

Payouts and Winning Rolls of 7 Up 7 Down

Payouts and Winning Rolls of 7 Up 7 Down

Have a look at the winning rolls and payouts so you can have a better idea of this game. This will help you to decide which combination is going to make you a winner. 

Lucky 74:1 or 3:1
7 Up1:1
7 Down1:1

7 Up and & Down game favors a lot to the house, with a reduced payoff of 3:1 and sometimes 4:1 in winning 7 bets, the casino edge goes up to 33.33% from the calculated 16.67%. It means when you roll a dice 36 times, then there is a chance of winning 6 times. 

For winning 7 bets here are the dice numbers:

  • 1 & 6
  • 2 & 5
  • 3 & 4
  • 4 & 3
  • 5 & 2
  • 6 & 1

After understanding the game and its winning odds, if you are impressed and want to make an investment in the seven up seven down dice game, then for you we are going to discuss the step-by-step development process of the 7 Up 7 Down game so you can create your own 7 Up 7 Down game software that can entertain your target audience and a difference in the casino & gambling world.

Comprehensive Process for 7 Up 7 Down Game Development 

Creating a 7 Up 7 Down game is a challenging process that requires time, effort, and money in order to make your dice game successful. But, you can make this process easy and fruitful by following the below-given process for online 7 Up 7 Down game development. If you don’t want to indulge in a hectic and time-consuming process and only want an end product, then you can hire a 7 Up 7 Down game development company. 

Let’s dive into the game development process so that you can know how to create a seven up seven down dice casino game.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis is the first step when you are going to build a 7 Up 7 Down casino game. To make your game platform successful you have to represent your game idea in an innovative way that can create a big difference in the existing gambling world. But, for that, you have to understand that market and your target audience. 

Try to figure out these questions-

  • What is demanded by your target audience in the 7 Up 7 Down game application?
  • What are the features that are trending and that you should integrate into your game platform?
  • To represent your game idea in a unique way what are the key features?
  • Know your competitors?
  • Know whom you are going to target as your audience.
  • What features and functions are offered by your competitors to engage users?

Research is the key to success because the more you focus on research the more you get and when you find out anything worthy always integrate it into your 7 Up 7 Down game platform so that your game software can attract and engage the audience in an easy way.

Every player wants to experience something new so try to introduce something new and enchanting that can lure the audience which is a must for a successful game platform. 

Game Design Document

To develop your 7 Up 7 Down game in a smooth way, you should create a game design document for your seven Up seven Down dice game app. In this, you have to define all the features, functions, game design, UI/UX, payment gateways, user interface, navigation, compatibility, etc. whenever you face any issue while you are developing your 7 Up 7 Down game, this document will guide you and fasten your development speed to achieve your goal in a faster way. 

This document is the base of your 7 Up 7 Down game development. Always give time when you are going to create a game design document for your game. 

Develop a Wireframe

Once you are done with the game design document, the next step is to create a wireframe of your 7 Up 7 Down game. Basically, the wireframe is the basic idea of your game architecture and functions. When you create it, you will have a better idea of how your game will look when it will be completed fully. So, if there are any changes you can make it whenever you want. This is not the final stage. When your wireframe is ready, it is the actual working model of your game app. It will give you a perfect idea if there is anything missing. 

Hire 7 Up 7 Down Game Developers

For your 7 Up 7 Down game development services you need experienced and skilled developers who have vast experience in developing games. Before hiring them, you should make a proper inquiry in order to hire the best one. You can ask them about their previous completed projects, and their expertise so you can have a better choice to choose the best one. Hiring Professional developers for the 7 Up 7 Down game will help you to level up your game software and it will be able to make a difference in the gaming and gambling world. 

7 Up 7 Down Game Development 

When you have the best team of professional and expert 7 Up 7 Down game developers, your next move is to develop game software for Seven Up Seven Down games. This is the vital step and in this, always co-ordinate with the development team and try to figure out each and every aspect and try to make it better. The more attention your pay to development the better result you get. One better approach can take your game app to the next level.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After the development of 7 Up 7 Down game software, your next approach will be testing and quality assurance. For this, you can hire an expert tester that will identify all kinds of bugs and errors in your dice game application. For a smoothly working application, rigorous testing is a must so you can make your game app error-free. If you remove all kinds of errors, glitches, and bugs from the app, then it will be a great leap toward success. 

Launching and Marketing 

This is the final step, in this you have to launch your game application on your target platform from where users can download this and can enjoy it. Before launching, know all the rules and regulations so that without facing any issues you can launch your game app in an easy way. 

After deploying your game application, you can opt for different marketing strategies to target your audience in an easy way. According to your budget, you can choose your marketing strategies because there are multiple and always go with who offers you the best results at a low cost. 

After a regular time interval, you should introduce an updated version, so users can keep engaging themselves while enjoying something new and enchanting. 

7 Up 7 Down Game Features

7 Up 7 Down Game Features

Features play a crucial role in any game’s success. So, always try to integrate the latest trending features so players can show their interest in it. Here are the features of the seven up seven down game that we integrate into your game application. You can also tell us your desired features and after making some market research we will also assimilate features that are liked by the players the most. 

Create Private Tables

Players can have private tables that will add fun to their game. It will help users to play seven up seven down games with their preferred friends and family persons without interrupting by anyone. Play with friends and have fun and make money all three at the same time. 

Invite & Play with Friends

You can also invite your friends and family members to play games and have fun. When you send an invitation link to your friends then on each joining you make money. This one is really helpful for both users and owners because users get referral amounts and automatically platform user base increases. 

Play 1 to 1 with Online Players

Play 7 up dice games with worldwide online users and make real money. Increase your gaming skills in order to win exciting prizes. You can play one by one with your desired or random players. 

Secure and Fair Gameplay

The gaming outcome is generated by the RNG system that ensures fair gameplay. We integrate an advanced encryption method that is highly secure which means you can enjoy games without facing any issues. Security is the prime concern in the gambling platform especially casino games so without worrying you can enjoy games. 

Multiple Payment Gateways

We introduce multiple payment channels in the 7 Up 7 Down game platform so users can easily choose their desired method to make payments. You can also integrate your preferred medium to make transactions. 

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Why BR Softech is the First Choice For Your 7 Up 7 Down Game Development Solutions?

Why BR Softech is the First Choice For Your 7 Up 7 Down Game Development Solutions

BR Softech is a prominent casino game development company that offers 7 Up 7 Down game development services all around the world. Their best team of 7 Up 7 Down developers knows every aspect of the casino world and is highly skilled. That’s why they offer you a complete software solution that is laced with an innovative tech stack & functions that helps you to stay ahead in the gambling world. To create your seven-up card game BR Softech is the best development company that can enrich your game idea with eye-catching and stunning graphics, and high-end technologies to stay ahead of your competitors and create a difference. 

Why Choose Us?

  • The best 7 Up 7 Down game development services with top tech stack, end-to-end support, and maintenance.
  • Experienced and Professional seven up seven down game developers. 
  • Innovative approach for 7 Up 7 Down card online casino software solution
  • On-Time delivery with 100% satisfaction. 
  • Safe and Secure 7-Up game platform. 
  • Interactive and enchanting gaming solutions for 7 down dice games. 
  • White label and tailor-made software development for seven up seven down casino games. 
Q.1 How Much Does it Cost to Develop a 7 Up 7 Down Game?

The development cost of a seven up card game depends on various factors like game ideas, features, functions, payment channels, platform compatibility, tech stack, etc. so, the average cost to create 7 up card game is $5,000 to $12,000. It can go up and down according to your game concept. Share your game idea with us to know the exact development cost of a 7 down dice game.

Q. 2 What Tech Stack is Used to Build a Seven Up Seven Down Game?

To give shape to your 7 down casino dice game, you need an RNG system that will help you to offer fair and transparent gameplay. C, C++, C#, Java, Unity, NodeJs, PHP, JavaScript, etc. tech stack are the main tech stack and programming languages.

Q. 3 Do You Provide Customized Software Solutions for 7 Up 7 Down Game?

Yes, we deal in all kinds of casino gaming software solutions, you can share your game idea and your required functionalities and we will tailor-made 7 down game software for you. Our development game application will help you to achieve your objective in an easy way.

Q. 4 How Much Time Do You Take to Develop a 7-Up Down Game App?

The development duration depends on the game’s complexity, research, game idea, tech stack, and demands. Basically, it takes 1 to 2 months to build a complete game application for 7 Up Down. 

Q. 5 How to Play 7 Up 7 Down Game?

If you are a new player and want to know how to play a 7 down game, then you will find out that gameplay is very simple, engaging, and thrilling. In this, the dealer rolls out two dice and there are a total of three outcomes 7 Up, 7 Down, and 7. You have to place bets on your prediction that is made by using your game skills and luck factor. If the outcome matches your chosen one, you win. Or else you lose.

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