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Sports League Management Software: Everything You Need to Know

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Oct 03, 2022
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sports league management software

Organizers and participants may benefit from sports league software that integrates with calendar software, website builders, payment gateways, and email software. Sports league management software differs from athletic competition management software in a key way, though both are perceived as similar. Games and tournaments are managed for ongoing leagues/clubs. As an alternative, athletic competition management software is used to plan sporting events and tournaments.

The following criteria must be met for a product to qualify for the sports league management category:

  • Maintain membership lists and register members
  • Create a website for the team
  • Organize tournaments and games
  • Send emails or SMS to members to facilitate communication
  • Fees for registration or membership can be accepted

Software for Managing Sports Leagues: What Is It?

Managing multiple leagues under the same business umbrella is made easier with sports league management system. As part of this software, players can register, pay online, register for leagues, view scores, standings, schedules, and comment on games.

The management of a sports league is no simple task, especially when there are multiple leagues under the same umbrella, so sports league management system is essential. Our list of what to look for in your new sports league software will help you decide if a system is right for your business.

Sports League Management Software Features

Sports League Management Software Features

Even the most basic sports team management tools come with a variety of features. Among them are:

Registration onlineSign-ups and player reservations should be enabled. Select the team(s) you would like to join. In the event that your preferred team or league is full, you can join a waitlist.
Payments made onlineThe registration fee must be paid in full. Siblings, couples, or last-minute additions can receive discounts.
Schedules for practices and gamesPlan team schedules, league schedules, and referee schedules. In the event of a missed game, adjust accordingly.
Standings, rosters, and scoring for the leagueRecord team rosters, scores, and standings for leagues and divisions.
Boards of discussionCommunication between team members and/or all league members should be easy.
Analyses and reportingAnalyze payments at the team and player levels. Find out which players/team members are unreliable by tracking absenteeism.
Management of websitesMake your website fun and interactive to keep potential league members engaged.

League management software consists of two major components: registration and scheduling. Registration capabilities drive leagues. Online registration has become the norm for potential league members. 

The following are key features to keep in mind when choosing registration software:

  • Teams can be joined randomly or based on specific criteria
  • Volunteering to manage a team
  • Complete the registration payment process

The scheduling capabilities are what keep the league running throughout the season once the league is set up and registration is complete. In the event of weather delays, team dropouts, or other issues that can cause cancellations, administrators must be able to easily adjust the schedule. In order to inform players about schedule changes, sports league scheduling capabilities should include easy, one-step notifications and alerts.

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Benefits Of Sports League Management Software

In order to create and manage a sports league, it’s pretty much a necessity to use sports league management platform. The league has become reliant on software to manage its operations.

The following are some specific benefits of adopting sports league management tools:

  • Organize, organize, organize. In comparison with managing multiple disparate documents and software provides league and team managers with the unparalleled organization.
  • Analyze and record key data. The benefits of data analysis for your sports league and/or team may surprise you. Tracking and recording member attendance, for example, can help you identify problem players.
  • Provide league members with easy access to information. Provide members with schedules, team standings, and contact information for team members to maintain engagement.
  • Communicate between members of the league. The league’s (paying) members need to be able to communicate and build relationships with each other.

New Buyer’s Guide to Sports League Management

However, not every sports team management system is suitable for your needs. When selecting sports league software, there’s a lot to consider since it will be the backbone of the league.

You will be able to navigate the vendor landscape and choose the best sports league management software based on these recommendations. In order to determine effective strategies for selecting the best business system, we surveyed cross-industry software buyers. Among your small business peers, the following tactics are most popular:

  • Make sure you do your due diligence research for the top sports league in the world. Software is available for every type of sports league business, whether you’re starting one or optimizing an existing one. To do your research and find out what the market has to offer, you need to put in the effort. If you need advice from another sports league business manager, do not be afraid to ask.
  • Determine your current needs and pain points. If your business isn’t performing well, or if it could be performing better, you should reach out to software vendors before moving forward.
  • Vendors can identify software features that will improve your business by taking these needs to them. You shouldn’t be blinded or wooed by the system that has the coolest feature. Your business needs should be met by the core features.
  • Your peers in the sports league can provide you with valuable software reviews. You can make informed decisions by reading software reviews from peers who manage leagues. Vendors often use marketing jargon in their marketing materials that you can cut through by seeing what your peers think.

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Top Sports League Management Software In The World

Top Sports League Management Software In The World

Determine your current needs and pain points. If your business isn’t performing well, or if it could be performing better, you should reach out to software vendors before moving forward. Following are the top sports leagues in the world.

Upper Hand

It provides comprehensive sports and fitness management solutions that enable businesses to achieve more with fewer resources. Through Upper Hand, you can empower your team to grow your bottom line by removing the complexities behind running your business. 


With EZFacility, users can track payments and automate scheduling for gyms and fitness centers. Multi-chain fitness centers and small-to-midsized clubs are served by EZFacility. Members can manage trainers and memberships, track equipment, assess fitness, and track commissions. 


Our “One Stop Shop” sports management system offers best-in-class customer service and is user-friendly. We offer a free demo to answer your questions about TeamSideline, a highly customizable system that includes free site setup, free training, and free customer support.


In addition to managing registration, membership, marketing, and event marketing processes, Playbook is a cloud-based club management system. Registration management, billing, POS, and scheduling are some of the key features. 


SquadFusion manages, schedules, and organizes teams for organizations through sports management software. The program includes a calendar feature that allows users to schedule games and events, track attendance, and view all related details. With detailed statistics about players’ performance, coaches can track their progress over time.


A modern and feature-rich sports management platform designed for clubs, leagues, associations, tournaments, sports facilities, teams, coaches, officials, players, and parents. All-in-one sports registration, payment, schedule, league, tournament, facility, messaging, fundraising, members, website, and mobile app platform that’s mobile-friendly and secure. 

The Cost of Sports League Management Software 

The Cost of Sports League Management Software

After knowing about the essential features that you should consider to enrich the quality of your fantasy app, you must now be curious to know about the cost of Sports League Management Software.

The cost of a single platform can range from $5000 to $10000 for the user’s version. The price can go as high as $20000 if you target both iOS and android. 

The admin version of the sports league app can range from $10000 to $20000. Altogether, the cost of sports league platform for both versions will cost you somewhere around $15000 to $40000. 

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Build the Sports League Management Software with BR Softech!

Sports betting app development is one of the services we offer at our company. When you reach out to us, you’ll get custom technology that addresses all aspects of your training program, league, or team.

We can build the following:

  • An app platform that is robust. Get all the basic information and relevant updates by letting your fans interact with a mobile app. Your marketing activities can be made more effective by integrating this solution with your CMS.
  • An immersive mobile experience. Utilize know-how technologies, such as augmented reality and arena-to-home transit, to enhance the current user experience.
  • Software for specialized training. Integrate wearables, IoT devices, Big Data, and smart design into your tracking solution. Visit our development process page to learn more.


Our sports team management software has already helped SD Gulls, Finis, and Grand Rapid Griffins. You’re now in the driver’s seat! Get the custom solution you need from BR Softech. You can talk to us about your project and we’ll get to work as soon as possible to benefit your business. Our company offers the service of sports app development. By reaching us, you’ll get a custom technology that will address each aspect of your team, league, or training program.

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