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Andar Bahar Real Money App: Cost and Features

Game Development
Feb 14, 2024
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Andar Bahar Real Money App Development Cost

Are you curious to know the cost of developing an Andar Bahar real cash app? Do you want to have your own Andar Bahar game application for your business? If yes, this blog is for you! Here you will get to know about the cost and features of the Andar-Bahar apps that will in making informed choices.

The Andar Bahar online game has its roots in India and it is one of the popular card games played by a large number of players of every age group across the world. The game is so famous that it is among the best choice of games at events and social gatherings. The simplicity and engaging nature of the game are the reasons behind its prominence and the availability of numerous Andar Bahar games on online platforms. This has made Andar Bahar game development a profitable business and offered an opportunity for several entrepreneurs to start their own gaming business.

Before stepping into the cost and features, let’s get started with knowing what this game is all about followed by the list of top online Andar Bahar apps available for Android platforms that offer the users to earn real cash at their home.

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What is Andar Bahar Real Money App?

Andar Bahar real cash game is a famous card game which is known as a game of luck that is known to be originated in Bengaluru, India. To play this game you need a standard deck of 52 cards and a group of players (minimum two players) without any equipment. One card is drawn as a deck and it is labeled as a joker. You have to bet if the drawn card will come from the Andar side or the Bahar side.

The rules of this game are easy to follow and no expertise or skillset is required. The only thing you need to win the game is luck.

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List of Andar Bahar Real Cash Apps

Here are the top 5 Andar Bahar games for Android smartphones that are widely played by punters across the globe.

Andar Bahar King

This is a popular card game that has simple gameplay mechanics where the players bet on the outcome of the game to win huge cash prizes and real money rewards in the form of digital currency. Andar Bahar King card game is designed for the Android platform and is played using a standard card pack with only three of them being dealt in each round.

Andar Bahar Gold

The best poker card game is here to allow you to play with thousands of players worldwide in real-time. This game is quite easy to learn and play. It features immersive visual elements that give a realistic gaming experience to the players. You get up to two lakh free chips for joining the game for the first time. Have a good time playing the Andar Bahar Gold Edition with your friends and family and earn oodles of free poker chips. Truly an entertaining game!

Andar Bahar Poker

Another variation of poker, the Andar Bahar Poker game is played with up to three players. You can even play with the dealer who selects the first card. A fun playing and simple card game where you can use the tricks to increase your winning chances in poker matches. You can see the cards that are being dealt. Place a bet on each hand and play a penalty when losing the bet. As a challenging game, it is a good way to relax when you are stressed out.

Andar Bahar Rummy Roulette

Get a thrilling experience by playing Roulette with this app on your Android smartphone. This variation provides opportunities to earn real cash through rummy roulette games. You can play this game with your known ones (up to six players in a match) by inviting them to join the app which will give both of you joining and referral bonuses. Also, there are many exciting cash rewards waiting for you inside the game.

3 Patti Sky – Andar Bahar

At last, we have with us the 3 Patti Sky Andar Bahar, a game similar to the Teen Patti card game that is filled with lucrative bonuses and points to keep you stuck to your device for longer durations. With simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics there is something that makes it totally different from all of the other Andar Bahar Table variations.

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Features that must be included in the Andar Bahar App

Features of Andar Bahar App

Choosing the best feature is very important, but also a tricky task most of the time. If you want to have a large user base for your game, you must implement top-notch features that can create a striking difference between you and your competitors. To make things clear, we have listed below some of the best features that you should consider including in your Andar Bahar app:

1. Live Chat

A live chat is an integral feature that allows the players to interact with each other in drawing the gameplay.

2. Customized Avatar

This feature allows players to personalize their profile in the Andar Bahar real money game according to their needs and preferences. This also increases user engagement to the game which keeps the player connected to the game.

3. Daily Bonus

To attract anyone for anything, you will have to offer something. The same tactics apply to the online Andar Bahar real cash app. If you provide daily bonuses to players, the game app will encourage the players to start playing the game.

4. Integration of Social Media

Social Media Integration allows the players to link their social media profile to this game through which they can connect to numerous players and discuss the game with them. It also eliminates the joining process as players can join the app with their social media profile.

5. Friendly User Interface

A user interface is the most important aspect of any application as it has the capability to attract users. A simple and easy-to-navigate UI helps a large number of players to scroll through the game. So a friendly user interface integrated into the online Andar Bahar games will help users understand the game without much effort which increases user engagement in the game.

6. First Person View

A first-person view is a graphic user interface that depicts the gameplay from a first-person perspective. In this mode, the player feels as if they are the in-game character and playing the Andar Bahar online game.

7. Interactive Animation

A visually appealing and interactive animation enhances the gameplay experience and it increases the player’s enthusiasm toward the Andar Bahar Tricks in the game. Creative game designs and animations cover the most important part of the features of the game.

8. Multi-Lingual Support

A multilingual support feature will help global players understand and play in their native language. Also, such features are essential for game development if you are targeting global players.

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Cost to develop the Andar Bahar Real Money app

While looking for the online Andar-Bahar app development, the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is the development cost. The cost to develop the online Andar Bahar real money app ranges between $25000 and $45000. It may be noted that it is not a fixed range as the cost solely depends on numerous factors which we will discuss next to this. To get an exact cost estimation, share your project details with a renowned card game development company. 

Here is the cost range to develop an  online Andar Bahar real cash app for multiple platforms:

PlatformCost Range (USD)
Windows 25k~35k
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Factors Affecting the Cost of Andar Bahar App

Several factors affect the cost of the Andar Bahar app. There are four major factors that affect the cost of developing the real money app for Andar Bahar.

  • Choosing the best game developers

Game developers play an important role in the development process. If you hire freelancers or inexperienced developers, you may end up getting an incompetent app full of flaws. So, it is recommended to hire the best game developers as they have deep knowledge of game development and professionalism to create a top-notch andar bahar app. Hiring experienced developers will add up to the cost of game development.

  • Features

The number of features in an app decides the success or failure of the app. To stay ahead of the league, you must integrate the most demanding features into your online andar bahar real money app which can help you attract more players. But, keep in mind that more the features, the higher the development cost. So always integrate optimum features that come as value for money.

  • Types of Game Platforms

Developing a native andar bahar real money game will cost you more than developing a multiplatform game. So consider developing your Andar Bahar app that is compatible with multiple platforms. You must check the game demand for various platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows. Also, creating a multiplatform game will attract a large user base which will help you generate high revenue.

  • App Security

The app security is as necessary as the app features. Integrating a high-level security process into the Andar Bahar app increases the development cost but it is good to have the highest level of security as there are fewer chances of loopholes and there is maximum protection from third-party attacks.

  • Location of the Developers

The location of the developers highly influences the development cost of the Andar Bahar game. Game developers from India charge less than the game developers from the UK, USA, and Australia and the time taken for development is more or less the same. So it is recommended to hire game developers as they provide cost-effective development solutions and take the same time for project delivery.

These are the major factors on which the development cost is highly dependent, a slight variation in any of the above factors can influence the cost of developing your Andar Bahar app.

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Develop Andar Bahar Real Money App at BR Softech

As a leading card game development company, we are proficient in developing class-leading Andar Bahar card games for the global clientele. We have the finest team of card-game developers who are well-versed in advanced technologies and tools that help them to develop a robust and reliable application for Andar Bahar real money game that is reliable, scalable, and credible for our client’s gaming business.

If you are looking to develop a fascinating Andar Bahar game app for your business, share your project details here and transform your Andar Bahar game idea into a striking reality. Choose us to get top-level benefits;

  1. Dedicated card game developer team
  2. 24/7 Client Support
  3. Reliable Andar-Bahar Solutions
  4. Integration of Latest Technologies
  5. Budget-friendly Andar Bahar Games

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is andar bahar legal in India?

Yes, andar bahar is completely legal in India, as it is considered a game of luck and no specified law prohibits the andar bahar game and it is offered by many online platforms.

How can I earn money from Andar Bahar?

You can earn money by playing the Andar Bahar game with your skills and focus in the game. You should focus on the placement of bets, watch the distribution of cards, and win money and cash prizes if your bets become successful.

How to win Andar Bahar every time?

The trick to win Andar Bahar every time is to place the bet on the side where the dealer starts laying down the cards. The logic behind this trick is that the cards are dealt differently every time so your winning card can enter the side from where the game was started.

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