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AR in Sports Betting: Augmented Reality Apps that Bring Fans into the Betting

Sep 02, 2020
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AR in Sports Betting

Augmented reality has changed the face of sports betting and gambling. So many gamblers enjoy betting and playing online casino games. Sports betting became easier and convenient with the help of Augmented Reality App Development. Also, soon augmented reality will change all the sport experiences. Betting through AR will permit the user to have a real-time experience while spending their real money on casino games online. This technology promises to give all the advantages of online casinos with fewer disadvantages.

Augmented Reality is All Set to Transform the World of Sports Betting

Various development companies are working towards making more innovations in augmented reality online betting. Many challenges need to eliminate and deliver real experience. All these changes are possible with the help of AR and VR in Sports Betting, combined with the mixed reality. Through these, Online casinos and sports are now able to include such amazing attractions. 

What Do You Mean by An Augmented Reality Sports Betting App?

In simple words, AR uses a real-world environment and also adds a digital aspect; it can be either through sound or visually. Through it, you can watch a football match on a box and point the mobile phone at the screen, and you can analyze every player instantly with a list of available bets across various markets on the individual or that actual game. 

With the innovation of more and more wearable techniques, it is becoming possible soon. There are so many AR sports betting apps, where people can place bets and can see the real-time data as well while watching the race. AR technology can completely change the way of sports betting through Google Glass. 

With this, you can walk down the street literally with a full view of betting markets while watching a live match of Football along with placing a bet without making any move. People can do multitasking efficiently by using this type of technology. This technology is presently used and developed by the Betfair app under Augmented Reality Game development. But there are so many other companies too that are not far behind using this technology.  

How Does it Work?

AR technology provides a real-environment that helps the players to forget they are at home. They can enjoy casino games online. Virtual videos and images are covered on your field of view and also have an impact on the surroundings you are living in. For this, you don’t even need to purchase lots of specific tools to have experience of AR with your tablet or smartphone. Imagine, you are turning your head from right to left, and you will see an entirely new kind of reality without using any of your devices. With the speakers for complimentary sound and a microphone built into the app for having data you need and perform actions as needed. 

Approaches through Which AR Helping Sports Industry to Grow Tremendously!

Though the Augmented reality in the sports industry is new, still it is helping to grow the sports app extremely. Here are some of the ways to discuss which AR are having a significant impact in this field.

Sports Training

AR will be a great tool for adapting new skills and training purposes. It is provided with a wide range of new environments and conditions of Sports Betting in AR App development that can be presented and replicated. Strategies can be developed this way for some specific occasions. Training sessions will be more effective by this. All the players will be able to improve their skills and techniques through intersections and real-time videos. Players and coaches have AR solutions already in the sports field. 

Also, there are smart clothing consisting of sensors that can help you to get better at yoga poses by seeing on glasses or phone. These smart lenses or glasses can offer you heart rate diagnosis, real-time training data, etc. Intersection techniques might help you to replace the golfer’s swing as well. There are endless possibilities that will interrupt the trainer’s job. 

Sports Betting

AR will interrupt the industry of sports betting. Suppose you are watching a sports game on TV and want to place a bet. Then, with a device, you can point at a particular player or on the screen, horse, or team. After that, all the statistics and information will pop-up that you need regarding that bet. It is possible through Augmented Reality Game development, and it saves a lot of your time as you don’t need many resources for having information. 

Now, you can place your bet with the AR app on your TV screen without quitting the game. Also, you can have direct interaction with other players. It can make life difficult for the bookies.

Sports Advertising and Marketing

Use of AR is good for those who want to promote their products. When you are handed over a brochure or poster during a game, it will be fun when you get all the information just by pointing your phone towards it. You can also get a special price or deal by playing the game. To aim at target audiences and to connect with the players and sports, marketeers are building apps particularly. They can get useful data regarding their customers through it. 

For this, advertisers and sponsors have to be more creative to get a new generation’s attention. Also, on-field advertising will be an essential method to promote sports brands. Unique ads can be shown on different feeds through augmented reality. The specific audience can be targeted through it in particular regions. Ad revenue of the stadiums and clubs can be maximized too by this.

Sports Fan Engagement and Entertainment 

AR is suited ideally for entertainment, sports and its fan engagement. Watching a game live in the stadium is an adventurous experience for sure. But now, you can experience all of these by sitting at home. Federations, event organizers, and clubs are developing a new and extensive range of apps through Augmented Reality App development. These can enhance the entertainment level at the time of the game.  

Sports Medicine

In this field, Augmented reality can be beneficial. Athletes who wear sensors and wearable tech, their movements can be tracked. It can be done through HoloLens as you can envision the bones and joints of athletes. It is possible to analyze real-time and what is a problem with the athlete’s movements. With the overlays, you can also see that what is joint and bone doing and where is betterment. 

Sports Broadcasting

AR is mostly used in this area as a 3D presentation of a certain team’s lineup right before the game is only counted as an AR app. Same goes with the live game’s 3D footage, 3D graphics, or with the other interactive data on the live video feed. Also, analysts can use the techniques of video overlaying to display alternative tactics and plays in the game or even, displaying a player’s 3D animation from a different perspective. These types of techniques increase the engagement level and viewer experience. 

Top 10 AR Apps You Can Use for Placing a Bet

If you want to have some best AR sports betting apps out of all the gaming apps, then you are at the right place. As we know the enhanced level of Augmented Reality Game development, so here we have brought these leading AR apps that will uplift the fun for you. The included apps in this compiled list are licensed and also available on multiple platforms such as iPhone, Android, tablets, and mobile browser.

Bet 365

It is the best among all for sports betting as it helps to build your bets with the personalized bet builder. It also includes cash out options for lots of different sports. It consists of an extensive range of events and markets, where you can place your bet. It offers up to 100% as credits of the bet.

William Hill

It is the most used AR sports betting app, and we can call it the self – acknowledged home of sports betting. It is also known as the longest recognized band of the UK. This betting app is a well-designed and solid app that includes lots of rich-features. You can get a £30 even after placing a bet with the £10 as a welcome bonus.


It is one of the most top-rated sports betting apps that is popular for football betting. It is very easy to use this app, and it has amazing options for cash out. For example- get £30 by placing a bet with £5.

BetWay Sports

This app is quite famous as it offers excellent welcome and bonus offers to the users. A global gambling company provides these offers. With the Augmented Reality Game development, these apps afford peculiar offers and different markets to the users. For their existing and regular customers, they have a good choice of ongoing bonuses and offers. 


It is popular for having early payouts on the winner market of the premier league. It also has a huge pool of sports like Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey, and motorsports. Lots of coupons are included in this app along with the special offers consisting of hat trick heaven and double delight.


You can select this app from the sportsbook or as an exchange app. It includes an extensive range of other sports apps involving poker and casino. This app is known as a part of the betting colossal Flutter entertainments globally through Betfair bet bundle; you can get £100 in free bets.


This sports betting app is easy to claim the bonus for new customers, and it also has a good level of consumer services. In this, you can get £20 in exchange of £5 in free bets. It is a multi-platform sport betting app.


It is a fun, exciting, and colourful themed sports app provided by a top AR APP development company. There are lots of betting coupons and markets to select from and win. It also includes casino and bingo apps that are available for users. Get £20 after betting £5.

Mr Green

It consists of casino and sportsbook apps, but it is now a part of William Hill. Also, it includes a wide range of offers and games while playing. 


Though it is a new player in the sports industry, still it has an amazing casino app and sports betting app as well. It is the simplest app that can be easily used by people. 

Final Verdict

By applying AR into sports betting apps, you can also have huge fan engagement for your app. It has been the biggest reason behind the successful and leading Augmented Reality Game development company, BR Softech. Our expert and knowledgeable team members always try to include new technologies to the app development for providing an amazing experience to customers. You can also contact us for app development; we will be happy to assist you further!

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