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Top 9 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality Technology in App

Oct 31, 2018
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9 Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in App Development

Nowadays experts, have considered Augmented Reality as an essential technology, and it plays a vital role to turn your app according to the competitive world. AR helps you to experience the advanced technology and real world. Along with this, it brings the your imaginations into the real world. It has been noticed that most people are looking for the Augmented Reality App Development service.

Mobile application opens an opportunity to the users to know everything and enjoy the service at their doorstep also. There are numerous Mobile App Development Company, which offers the most advanced and relevant services to their clients, among them AR is the new and latest technology, which has become the demand of the future mobile app development.

The process of app development is enhancing day by day and new features are executed in it, to provide a modern world experience to the people. The advanced app development features have turned human lives into smooth and simpler way, which fulfills all the requirements for the purpose of business as well as daily life’s hurdles.

Our this blog, will tell you about the Augmented Reality and its advantages.

Augmented Reality – Trending Technology Of Mobile App Development

Augmented Reality is the trending technology for Mobile development and it is turning as a most dependable aspect of the mobile apps. With the help, of the AR technology the imaginations can turn into the live platform. In simple words, it is an interactive experience of the real world which includes visual, auditory, haptic, somatosensory, and olfactory aspects. Directly and indirectly it is beneficial for various industry sectors and it is helpful also. AR offers a world of open opportunity to the users. It works well for the business sectors.

Hence, AR bring the real world into the digital platform and enrich the digital platform with proper information media and ideas which includes 3D models and videos.

History and Growth of AR Technology

According to the research,Ivan Sutherland a Harvard professor and computer scientist invented AR technology in 1968 with his students. Then in 1990, a Boeing researcher named Tom Caudell coined the term “Augmented Reality” professionally. After this, in 1992, Louis Rosenburg created the first real operational augmented reality system in USAF Armstrong’s Research Lab. Finally, in 1994, first theater production use AR and finally the AR technology was officially in front of the world. This technology has become so popular that now it has been used in every industry and every sector like – health care, public safety, gas and oil, tourism, marketing, gaming industry etc.

Tech Giants like iPhone app developers, Google, Android are working hard to bring the improvement in the framework of the AR technology. During this year, technical world has powerful AR technology frameworks. It has been proof that, it is an evident technology for the growth And why not? After all this technology offers an ample of opportunities to the business sectors and technical world to grow. Till 2021, it has been expected that the combination of market size of AR and VR will reach to 215 billion. And by 2020 it is expected to rise till one billion users.

9 Advantages of Using AR in App Development

  • Creativity: It offers a creative world, the application itself speaks if the app is for business purpose so the product and strategies speaks itself. If the app is for eCommerce purpose, so it is enabled to give a 360 augmented view of your products and if it is for educational purpose, it can give the tutorial classes. Allow the products to speak up the strategy. It brings the unique and creativity on the platform

  • Preview the product: It allows to preview the live product to the customers virtually. Enabled user to view, interact and experience the product virtually on the digital platform. Customers can view the product from all aspects and know all the details of the product. Client’s can know about the product on a wide platform and in depth while taking their time.

  • Turn education sector easy: The platform turns the educational sector easy and it teaches students step by step. Like to draw the sketch it teaches to draw the line step wise. AR apps help to improve and enhance the skills of the students. For medical students also can learn the course with real images from ultrasound,

  • Build your brand: It helps to recognize your brand in real. Owners can come in touch with the customers by showing their working reality and how its effects on people. AR can take the world into the next level. Even with mobile device they can track the location and reach to events or destination, Business owners can go live from there events and people can become a part of the event and know more about the brand, it brings clients and customers close to each other.

  • Real life experience: The best thing is it brings real life experience to the customers. It is beneficial for every industry as for E – commerce business owners can give a glance of the real product and how it looks, customers can know about it. Where as for travel industry agents can show the real pics of the destinations. Customers can see how the actual destination is and it can create for excitement in them. By video and pics, they could have grab that experience. Even news channels and reporters can bring the real news world to them, the live events can be captured in 360 degrees and can deliver the information to the clients.

  • Increase Engagement: It increases the engagement of the users on the mobile applications, as users want to get updates and they will visit again and again on the platform. Repetitive engagement is the key of the business. Even due to AR technology the view can be again and again rule the mind of the users. By visiting again and again on the app of the user it will repeat the advertisements on the platform. User will force to visit your site again and again.

  • Three-dimensional Thinking: The android and iPhone developers can develop the platform with their creativity and AR technology that the user will forced to think about the product and till when he will not buy he can’t satisfy. They can create an unforgettable view. Virtual fitting rooms can help the user to opt for the right size and color for their decor or according to their requirement they can go with the product. Hence, It offers a clear view of the perspective.

  • Saves time: For real estate also it is best opportunity to offer the app with AR as in this user can have a view of the property via app only, as in this hustle bustle life, it is not possible to visit at every place or destination. So in that case, customers can experience the property in via AR. It is really beneficial as for customers, if it is not possible to visit London or any other place so in that case he can view the property at their place only. It will give them a perfect gesture of the location and they can decide is location, fulfilling their requirements and can agree the deal according to it hence it saves time. Even the constructed property can provide the perfect idea or view to the customers.

  • Increase Business: It increases business opportunities especially for hotel, eCommerce, travel etc. Industries. As it offers a live view to the customers and hotel industry can provide them the actual view by images as well as videos and it would act as a perfect glance of the location. As customers can have ideal choices to select the hotel and other items according to their preference. It will build a sense of trust among users. Even entities can share the working process or many more things to customers.


Those days are gone when mobile apps were developed with the normal features now AR has turned the apps into modernity and advanced. It completed the mobile application with full features. Mobile applications with AR will rule the future business and offer a wide opportunity to the business sectors and will enhance the apps with the following benefits which are mentioned below. If you are looking for the Augmented Reality App Development so contact us.

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