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New Battle Royale Games To Play Online In 2024

Game Development
Nov 03, 2023
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Battle Royale Games

Are you looking for new battle royale games to play online? If yes, we have got you all covered with these survival and adventure games!

There is a wide range of the best battle royale games that emerged as the perfect blend of exploration, survival and scavenging elements. The craze for such games rose in 2017 when games like Fortnite and PUBG came into existence. The new battle royal game is based on the interesting concept wherein the winner takes all the stakes amidst the high tension and challenging environment, offering players battle against a lot of other competitors. 

With the huge success of such multiplayer video game genres, the demand for battle royale games unblocked broke all the records. This is also the reason why a lot of entrepreneurs put their major money into mobile game development. So whether you are looking for a PC or mobile game; here is the complete list of some of the most popular battle royal games to invite your friends or family to have a virtual escapade with you. As per the Statista, Apex Legend is among the best survival games having viewing hours of 9,610,228

So what are you waiting for? Deep dive into this list to know what new battle royale games are perfect for your adventure-seeking soul. 

Battle Royale Games

List of New Battle Royale Games 2024

Being a multiplayer game, Battle Royale is one of the most immersive online games of all, which offers users a constant adrenaline rush as they play with their friends or family. Besides PUBG or Fortnite, there is a lot of new battle royale games 2024 that you can try and enjoy wherever and whenever you want. 

Check the below best battle royale games list to clear all your doubts: 

Farlight 84 

Being a new battle royale game, Farlight 84 is a multiplayer game which invites players to take part in adventurous tasks involving spider tanks, quirky characters, interactive interface and fun gameplay. At the time of launch, this game offered 14 eccentric characters to choose from. 

Some of the most striking characters are Ducksyde, a guy in a theme park mascot duck costume, and Maggie, a Pizza delivery/Cat girl combo. It is a TPP shooter in which we can take command of powerful vehicles with their devastating firepower and control the battlefield.

  • 4.4star
  • 409K reviews
  • 10M+Downloads

Fall Guys 

Launched in 2022, Fall Guy is one of the top 10 new battle royale games which you can play for free on your PC or smartphone. The game involves up to 40 players who take part and control jellybean-like characters and compete against each other in the mini-games that are selected randomly. They are allowed to proceed further with other rounds until the last remaining player is crowned as the winner. 

  • 2.8star
  • 2.56K reviews
  • 500K+Downloads

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Naraka: Bladepoint 

With a fast-paced environment and Mythical Far East aesthetics; Naraka sets itself apart from the list of battle royal games that are new. Available on both Android and iOS, the game focuses on using cold weapons, parrying and entertaining exploration. It is a free-to-play action game published by NetEase Games Montreal. 

Just like PUBG, herein more than 60 players fight against each other and the last one who remains unharmed will be the winner. It is perfect for those who want to seek competitive and sprucing gameplay like Fortnite. 

  • 4.2star
  • 415 reviews
  • 50K+Downloads

Super Animal Royale 

If you are looking for a combination of cute yet horror games, there is no further going than Super Animal Royale. It is the best battle royale game in which players are assigned characters of the animals and thus they can use their claws, teeth or machine guns to battle against the opponent and tough task to get through their gameplay journey and win. You can either play solo or in a team of up to four players as it comes with a varied range of gameplay modes. 

You can enhance your experience by using the advanced features and cosmetic elements available online on the app. It is constantly being updated by the developer to offer players modern costume options, animals and weapons. 

  • 4.5 star 
  • 100 reviews 
  • 53.3 k downloads

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Lost light

Lost Light joined the list of the new battle royale games 2024, which focuses on the survival and adventure of the players. It is a cross-platform game app, which you can use and play anytime, and anywhere you want. Like PUBG, you can easily swap from first-person to third-person preferences for a realistic gameplay experience. It promotes a player-driven economy wherein you can trade with other survivors in the matches for enhanced gameplay. 

  • 4.3star
  • 354K reviews
  • 5M+Downloads

Realm Royale Reforged 

Being one of the most popular battle royal games free platforms, Realm Royale Reforged is developed by Heroic Leap Games. The game features a lot of characters that are unique and different from each other in terms of their special powers and abilities. It is a spin-off of the hero shooter Paladins wherein players can choose from five classes, varied weapons, and destructive skills. 

Besides, in-game elements players can use magic potions to confuse other players and even create outstanding weapons to challenge other players to battle against them. One of the greatest advantages of playing this new battle royale game is the varied localities like Jungles, forests, deserts and frozen lands.

  • 4.5star
  • 56K reviews
  • Downloads 10K

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Dead Cide Club 

Are you searching for upcoming or new battle royal games? If yes, Dead Cide Club is specially designed for you! Being a survival game, the game mixes in some player-vs-environment elements, wherein players team up to battle against the dangerous monsters. With appealing graphics, an inviting interface, and user-friendly features, this is definitely you need to keep your eyes on. 

  • 4.2 star 
  • 959 reviews 
  • Downloads 8k+


Being the best battle royale game, Crossout offers a post-apocalyptic road for battle. It offers a competitive environment, endless entertainment and explosive matches that anyone can take up to showcase their survival and fighting skills. You start the match with a basic car but later you can amplify your vehicle by upgrading with in-game accessories, armour and weapons to take a race to kill or be killed. 

There are endless customization opportunities when it comes to enhancing your vehicle; try to be innovative when trapping your enemies. 

  • 4.0star
  • 227K reviews
  • 10M+Downloads

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Sausage Men 

Sausage Men is among the upcoming battle royale games, offering players a perfect mix of minigames and goofiness just like Fall Guys. Herein, players are involved in intense shooting and Fortnite-like survival activities. It is the perfect game to take a break from the action-based game as you can escape in the colourful themes and entertaining arcade modes of this game. 

The main objective of the players is to ride a sausage pig with a buddy and team up to battle against the giant sausage monster. 

  • 4.2star
  • 542K reviews
  • 10M+ Downloads

Apex Legends 

Last but not least is Apex Legends! It is one of the new battle royale games, developed by Respawn Entertainment. The developers are experts in creating multiplayer FPS games, and Battle Royale is equally captivating and enticing. 

It is a free-to-play hero shooter game wherein players battle for glory and fortune. Herein teamwork is done to create a difference between victory and defeat. 

  • 4.4star
  • 636 reviews
  • 50K+Downloads
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Develop The Best Battle Royale Games At BR Softech 

By now you might have understood what new battle royale games have made their presence in the gaming market. The demand for the battle royale genre is high among gamers fascinated with seeking adventure and survival tasks. If you want to tap this massive market and generate a high level of ROI, you can do so by developing the best battle royale games of the generation that are tailored to the modernized requirements of the players. You can get help from BR Softech, a renowned game app development company. Choose us to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Battle Royale Game? 

Battle Royale game is a shooting and survival-based game which can be played solo or in teams. The main objective is to survive and battle against the opponent to win in the end. 

How Much Does it Cost To Develop Battle Royale Games? 

If you want to develop games like Fortnite then it might cost you a fortune. On average, the cost to develop a battle royale game ranges from $20k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $35k or more with the complexity of the project. 

What Is The Top 1 Battle Royale Game? 

List of the most popular battle royale games are: PUBG
Fall Guys 
Apex Legends 
Call of Duty

What Category is Battle Royale Games? 

Battle Royale is the subgenre of shooting game, which combines the elements of both survival and shooting skills. 

What is the most played battle royale 2024?

Apex Legends is one of the most played and best battle royale game in 2024. 

Did Fortnite Beat PUBG? 

Fortnite has taken over PUBG with the increasing popularity and demand for this battle royale game. 

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