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Best Online Family Card Games

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Dec 27, 2023
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Are you looking for the best online family card games to play with your loved ones? You’re in luck! In this blog, we will list the top 20 card games to play with your family.

Card games are some of the best social games to play with family and friends. Nowadays, a variety of great family card games are available online that offer an engaging and social gaming experience. With the advent of Card Game Development, there have been a plethora of card game platforms on the internet.

While some card games are played in casinos and feature gambling and wagering, there are other happy card games for family with a deck of cards for families that can be played online with your family members. 

Whether you want to hone your skills, pass boring time, or have fun with your family and friends, here are the top family card games to play online. 

Top Online Family Card Games

We have listed the top online family card games to play with your loved ones. All these games are available online in the form of gaming apps- 


The objective of Spades is for players, often divided into two teams, to accurately predict the number of tricks they will take in each round of the game. Tricks are won by playing higher-ranking cards or, in the case of Spades, by strategically using this suit. The goal is to reach a predetermined score, typically 500 points, before the opposing team.

The online version of Spades is an excellent choice for families looking to play together, especially when distance may prevent them from gathering in person. It provides a virtual platform where family members can connect, bond, and enjoy the game regardless of their geographical locations. Online Spades offers a convenient and accessible way for families to maintain their traditions and create new shared experiences, making it an ideal choice for family game nights or gatherings.

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UNO Card Game

UNO tops our list as it is one of the most widely played Looking for easy family card games with a deck of cards, UNO is one of them. It is a discarding type card game that is very popular online. UNO is played with a specialized deck of 108 cards. However, with recent updates, some UNO decks now come with 112 cards instead of 108. There are 76 numbered cards, 24 Action Cards, and 8 Wild Cards. Instead of Suits, the cards are divided by colors- red, yellow, blue, and green. 

The objective of the game is to finish all your cards and declare UNO before other players. With the emergence of UNO Game development, the game is also available online. Online UNO card games allow players to play the game with other players from around the world and AI bots.

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Rummy Card Game

Want to spend quality time playing fun family card games with a deck of cards? Rummy is the perfect choice for you. It is a popular Indian discarding type-card game available online on multigaming platforms and standalone apps. Due to increased demand, Rummy game development is highly popular among card game enthusiasts and there are several game apps for Rummy online. 

The objective of Rummy card game online is to finish your cards by melding them into sets and sequences. It is a popular game in India and other South Asian countries. Moreover, various Rummy earning apps are popular among gamblers and casual gamers alike. 

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Teen Patti Card Game

If you are a card game enthusiast, you must have heard about the Teen Patti game online. This game is one of the most popular card games for families with a deck of cards in India and neighbouring countries. There are several 3 Patti game apps available online that offer a fun and relaxing gameplay experience. 

It is a traditional game in India that is part of festivities and celebrations. Moreover, if you are interested in real-money gaming, you can also play Teen Patti real cash games

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Call Break Card Game

Call Break multiplayer is a card game typically played between four players. The objective is to win tricks and reach a target set of 300 points. The origin of the online Call Break game is unknown but it is believed to be derived from Spades. 

It is also known by other names in different regions like Lakdi or Gochi. While the gameplay and rules change from region to region, the core mechanics and ideas remain the same. 

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Cribbage Card Game

If you are looking for the best card game to play with your family, you should check out Cribbage. Cribbage evolved from an English game called ‘Noddy’. The game offers both the element of luck and the chance for players to showcase their skills. Cribbage card game online gameplay includes grouping cards into combinations to gain points. 

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Solitaire Card Game

One of the best card games to play with your family is Solitaire. If you have ever used an older Windows OS, you must remember Solitaire. The game was highly popular in the 2000s and is still available online on dedicated Solitaire game apps. There are several gaming websites like where you can play an online game of Solitaire. 

Moreover, there are many dedicated card games like solitaire apps you can download for free on your mobile device. You can also find additional nostalgic family games like Sudoku, Mahjong, and Bubble Shooter on these game apps. 

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Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens is another popular card game to play with your family and friends. It is a fun and happy family card game that combines strategy with humor. In this card game, players take turns drawing cards while avoiding the dreaded Exploding Kitten card. If any player draws this card and can’t defuse it, they are out of the game. 

There are several action cards like Skip or See the Future to gain an edge over other players. The objective is simple, to survive until the end and be the last man standing. 

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Spades Card Game

spades card game

Spades is a popular family card game played by four players, generally in a team of two. The objective is simple, accurately predict the number of tricks a team will take during each game. One major twist in the Spades card game is that suits have a hierarchy- Spades being the highest, followed by Hearts, Diamonds, and Clubs. 

Spades is a strategic card game where observation and communication are important. You can play this game with your friends and family and test your communication skills as teamwork is essential in Spades. 

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Bridge Card Game

Bridge is among the list of great family card games to play with your loved ones. It is not a solo game and requires other players. The game is extremely popular and there is even a World Bridge Federation that organizes annual tournaments all across the globe. 

Players play in teams of two and decide the number of tricks they will win. Meanwhile, the other team defends and tries to prevent them from achieving their declared goal.

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Canasta Card Game

Canasta is a classic card game typically played in teams of two. It is typically played with two decks with Jokers. The objective of Canasta is to meld the cards into a combination of seven cards of the same value. 

Players take turns drawing and discarding cards while trying to achieve a valid combination. The game requires strategy, teamwork, and a pinch of luck. Canasta’s exciting mix of strategy and excitement has made it a beloved family card game. 

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Hearts Card Game

Hearts is another fun family card game generally played with four players. The objective of the Hearts card game is to avoid taking tricks with Hearts and the Queen of Spades. In the classic hearts card game online, the objective is to have the lowest score possible. 

Each Hearts card is worth 1 point and the Queen of Spades is equal to a whopping 13 points. Players must avoid taking points and keep their score to a minimum to win. With simple rules and strategic gameplay, Hearts is among the most popular family card games to play. 

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Euchre Card Game

If you’re looking for a trick-taking fun family card game to play, Euchre is the best option for you. The game is especially popular in the USA and Canada and offers the most customization options, especially online. The game is usually played with a deck of 24 standard cards including the A, K, Q, J, 10, and 9 of each suit. 

The objective of the game is to reach 10 points first. A 10-0 score is also known as ‘skunking’. 

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Speed Card Game

This game is a quick-paced discarding card game where the player’s objective is to finish up your cards before others. Speed is ideally played between two players. Each player is dealt five cards and two face-down cards are placed to start the game. Players have to simultaneously flip over their cards and assemble them in two separate piles 

The Speed card game requires fast reflexes and extreme concentration as players race against each other to finish their cards. 

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War Card Game

War is a simple card game which is played between two players. It is played with a standard deck of cards. The game starts with evenly distributing the deck between the two players. The players reveal their top cards simultaneously. The player who has the higher-ranking card will take both cards and repeat the process until a tie occurs. 

The game features fast-paced gameplay making it a popular fun family card game of choice among gamers. 

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Old Maid Card Game

Old Maid is an old-fashioned card-based family game that consists of a standard deck excluding one Queen- the “Old Maid”. The players take turns drawing and swapping cards in an attempt to create pairs and discard them. The objective is to avoid the Old Maid card, as the player with this card at the end of the game loses. 

The game combines strategy with luck and is a suitable fun card game for families. 

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Whist Card Game

Whist is a classic family card game in which four players play the game with a team of two players. The goal is to win the most tricks possible in each round. Players must follow suit, however, if they fail to do so, they can play any card they want. 

Unlike most card games, Whist doesn’t include betting and features a straightforward approach. The simplicity and precise gameplay of Whist make it a favourite card game for families. 

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500 Card Game

500 is a fast-paced trick-taking card game derived from Euchre. Although it is the national card game of Australia, the game was invented in the USA. The 500-card game utilises a standard deck of 52 cards and players bid on the number of tricks they believe they can win. The highest bidder declares Trump. Players follow suit and the highest ranking card or the highest ranking trump wins the trick. 

500 is an addictive card game with an unpredictable nature and dynamic gameplay. 

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Digimon Card Game

If you are an Anime fan looking for a franchise-based card game, you must try the Digimon Trading Card Game. It is an excellent and strategic TCG based on the popular Digimon franchise. Players fulfill the role of Digimon tamers and use decks comprised of Digimon cards, each possessing unique abilities and evolutions. 

The objective of the card game is to combine strategic thinking, evolution mechanics, and deck-building skills to outsmart your opponent. 

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Crazy Eights Card Game

Crazy Eights is a discarding type card game where the objective is to be the first player to discard all their cards. Similar to UNO, the game is played between 2 to 7 players. The rules are similar to UNO and each player is dealt eight cards at the start of the game. The remaining deck is placed face down on the table. The top card is revealed face up to form the discard pile. 

Players have to discard their cards by matching the suit or rank of the top card of the discard pile. If players fail to do so, they have to draw another card. 

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Cheat Card Game

Cheat Card Game

If you’re looking for a deceptive card game to play with your family, you should consider the Cheat card game. It is also known as “B.S.” or “I Doubt It”. It is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and players aim to get rid of their cards by bluffing or lying. 

Each player takes turns playing cards face down, declaring the cards out loud. The twist is that players can dishonestly play any cards they want, hoping others won’t call out their bluff. If caught bluffing, the player must pick the entire pile. 

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Final Words

There are a plethora of fun and happy family card games to play online. And the best part is most of them run flawlessly on your smartphone. All these card games are available on online betting card games websites or standalone applications. If you are looking for a fun time with your family, you can go for UNO. However, if you are looking for something strategy-inclined, we suggest 500 or a Cheat card game. These are the top family card games with a deck of cards that offer an engaging and wholesome experience with your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What are the benefits of playing family card games?

Ans. There are plenty of benefits of playing card games with family such as improving social skills, alleviating stress, boosting memory skills, and enhancing observation skills.

Q. Do you provide customised family card game apps?

Ans. Yes, we provide completely customised card game apps that are bespoke and tailored to the client’s requirements.

Q. What is the cost of developing family card game apps?

Ans. The cost of developing family card game apps is dependent on various factors. On average, the family card game app development cost ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on your business requirements.

Q. What is the best games for families?

Ans. UNO, Hearts, Bridge, and Rummy are some of the best games for families. The gameplay of these games involves a standard deck of 52 cards which makes the game more interesting.

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