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NFT Game Development: A Complete Guide Here

Game Development
Aug 17, 2023
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NFT Game Development

If you’ve heard about NFTs, even if you’ve never aimed to obtain them, you’re not alone. Popular trends tend to permeate the entire information sphere and draw the attention of everyone, regardless of their level of interest.

So what is this all about? What is NFT and why is it gaining so much attention?

So, go through this blog to know what NFT actually is and all about NFT game development.

What are NFT Games?

Non-fungible tokens are the result of the formation of blockchain. Fungible tokens are single tokens that are non-identical from one another in the same environment. Like the same regular currency, you can use them to make payment transactions. Gaming is a large industry, and NFT game development is trending due to the uniqueness of this technology and its ability to make gaming more fun. 

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A non-fungible token means that every token in that system is unique, and they do not have a common value and do not allow for an equal exchange. Each of these tokens contains equal information. According to statistics, the largest NFT market by total volume is NBA Top Shot, with over $600 million att-time volume achieved in mid-2021. 

Role of NFT in Gaming

NFTs provide the freedom to the game to customize these assets and become the owner of these items. An NFT can improve the gaming experience because you collect assets virtually and trade them online. BR Softech is a mobile game development company that helps gaming developers to create new games that will attract the audience of the future gaming industry.

Gaming is a massive industry with millions of dollars flowing in the market every day. Gamers are very dedicated to their games and drive the industry to the future. The most popular games of the decade are a league of the legends, Counter-Strike, League of the legends, etc. NFT game development is taking the industry to the next step and challenging the limits of the game. 

Gaming is such a large industry as it provides virtual environments and characters to the user to do whatever they want without the tension of any physical injury. Collecting new items in the gaming environment is essential in a game. But the problem with buying items is that you are not becoming the complete owner of the game. Instead, you become the partial owner of the game. 

NFT Gaming Standards

NFT Gaming Standards

Each blockchain has multiple standards that you can consider as a template for the function you will use in the smart contract. Each of the standards offers specific attributes and features that you must fill in when creating an NFT. You may have questions like:

What are NFT games, and how can you use them more effectively? 

Each blockchain has several standards that you can consider as a template for the function you will use for the smart contracts. Each of these standards offers specific attributes and features that must be filled in when creating an NFT. 

Here are some of the standards of NFT gaming. 

  • Ethereum:

 In the beginning, the original non-fungible token stand was ERC721, built on Ethereum. It is one of the best and most popular platforms to build and run NFTs.

 It assumes that an asset has specific attributes or characteristics that make it rare and unique. Other less common standards on Ethereum blockchain are ERC 998 and ERC1155. 

  • Tezos: 

It is a decentralized multifunctional blockchain platform with support for smart contracts and creating tokens and decentralized applications. NFT game development is at its peak due to the popularity of decentralized gaming. 

  • Flow: 

Flow is related to CryptoKitties, an NFT-based game that allows users to sell, buy, collect and breed digital cats. It came into the market using ERC721 tokens. In the beginning, it was consuming much more Ethereum blockchain resources than regular consumption.

Most Essential Characteristics for NFT Gaming

NFT gaming has multiple characteristics separating them from regular games. You can easily customize the gaming environment and the items in the game. If you are spending money to buy any item in the game, you get ownership of that item. 

Some of the characteristics of NFT gaming are. 

  • NFT games will lead the metaverse

Games that NFT like Axie Infinity and Splinterlands powers are ahead of the curve for those who want to benefit from Metaverse and Blockchain. Unity game development is trending in NFT gaming due to the high-performance engine and effective performance. 

Games are one part of the metaverse, and NFTs glue them together for our connected, digital future. The metaverse will be spread across the internet and hosted on multiple platforms, sites and games. 

  • Players will have more power: 

NFT gaming provides a decentralized system to the players where they have more power and freedom to modify, work or act in the gaming environment. NFT game development is taking the gaming industry to the next level by providing robust support to the system.

  • NFT gaming will mix the real and virtual world:

NFT is the technology or platform mixing virtual and the real world. NFT is bridging the physical world with the digital world and giving an interactive interface to the user where they can easily combine their gaming experience to enjoy the virtual environment. 

NFT Games Development Process

Developers create smart contracts providing specific rules for creating, using, and replacing NFTs in the gaming environment. Smart contracts in blockchain are self-executing pieces of code stored on the blockchain network. NFT game development is trending in gaming and taking the gaming experience to the next level by providing more power to the gamers. 

For example, in a famous game CryptoKitties, a small number of core contracts structure the game. The game’s main idea is to define the random mechanics of generating new cats. Initially, the game’s developer is keeping its code secret, so interested players are also creating tools to analyze whether the two cats are the same or not. 

Here is the detailed process involved in the NFL game development process.

NFT Games Development Process

 Game Model: 

You have to decide which game model you choose before proceeding with the game development process. 

There are two types of game development models: 

  • F2P: It is known as free-to-play, and there are significantly fewer games like this, but they do not require any initial cost; you can start playing the game without paying any fee. The possible income will be lower in this case, and the utility token may be absent; the earning will remain only in the NFT.
  •  P2E: It is called pay-to-earn; here, to start playing, you need to pay a certain amount and buy their first NFT. There is an opportunity to recoup the investment in the future.

Design for your game: 

After deciding the model of your game, you need to select the genre of the future game. NFT games have characteristics, so people feel scared because it’s a new technology. All options like strategy, adventure, role-playing, simulation and combat are available. After choosing the genre, it is more critical to conduct the competitive analysis. 

The design document contains all the information related to the NFT game. It is how you can avoid misunderstanding or misinterpretations among the same team. BR Softech is an NFT game development company that provides top-notch services by providing experienced developers. 

Mobile or Web:

Applications built on blockchain technology are called Dapps decentralized applications. Unlike client-server applications, a decentralized application’s primary data and code are executed and stored on the peer-to-peer blockchain, processing data, and code on servers. 

All cryptos are already a type of decentralized application. But, they are considered the basic foundation of the blockchain, where various decentralized applications are already working. Usually, decentralized applications are open source. 

Mobile applications can be divided into two main parts.

  1. Cross-platform: This type of application won’t access smartphone functions, but they are much faster, easier, and cheaper to create. 
  2. Native options: These are created for a specific operating system and can access various smartphone functions, like contact list, camera, bad, windows movie, Symbian, etc. 

Suitable Technology:

Take advantage of open source to get a foot on the ground in the NFT theme. Like, you can go to GitHub and finalize both ready-made games and templates for NFT. NFT game development needs the selection of proper technology to access your gaming environment.

The most common and famous app development ecosystem is Truffle Suite. Truffle suite provides blockchain developers with a standardized testing environment and asset pipeline to create high-quality and intelligent contracts. 

There are three different parts of the Truffle Suite.

  1. Truffle: A development environment that uses Ethereum virtual machines and specializes in development. 
  2. Drizzle: A set of front-end libraries based on the Redux store to develop a more manageable interface and predictable. 
  3. Ganache: It is a tool used for the local Ethereum blockchain that allows you to deploy, test all, and develop our decentralized applications in a deterministic environment. 

The Frontend Stage:

 The client-side of the user interface can be created using JavaScript. You also need to choose a platform that provides developers with a framework for writing applications. BR Softech is an NFT game development company that provides high-end solutions. 

As frameworks, VUE and React frameworks can be good options. Angular, with its vast API, may seem too complicated for beginners. They originally built a truffle suit to connect to React. 

The Wallet:

Cryptocurrency is not stored in a natural or virtual wallet, unlike ordinary money. It is located directly in the blockchain ecosystem. A crypto wallet is a hardware or software that allows you to store digital currency.

A great wallet should allow you to trade, exchange, and send cryptocurrency to different platforms in the same ecosystem. The secure wallet should meet the following requirements.


Your game should have several levels of security. The security process should be properly defined and made in isolation. Moreover, they Have private and public keys. 

Smart Contracts: 

Smart contracts are programs stored on the blockchain that run when predetermined conditions. When the user wants to access the process goes like this, 

  1. The front layer receives the user’s address from the crypto wallet. 
  2. The front end sends the user’s address to the smart contract. 
  3. The smart contract gives the user the NFT address owned by the given user. 

The backend Stage:

We have already determined that the smart contract deals with the URL of the desired NFT. The front end requests the backend to get the metadata using this address. 

The Testing Stage: 

The final stage is the testing stage, where the NFT game provides different operating systems. 

Types of testing for a blockchain game can be as follows. 

  1. Security testing: Security is testing by putting the game on different servers and locations. 
  2. UI testing: It’s essential to ensure that the game’s workflow and functionality are working correctly and test front, graphics, color, and more for a great user experience. 
  3. Functional testing: This test is an overall functioning of the data transfer, game, block, and chain size to calculate and evaluate requirements, processes, etc.

NFT Game Development Cost 

The total cost involved in the NFT game development is approximately between $15,995 to $58,020. Furthermore, the cost also depends on the tools and technology you are using to develop the game. 

The detailed cost with features is mentioned below: 

Features Time Cost/Hour 
UI/UX development 42 hours$630 – $2520
User Profiles42 hours$630 – $2520
Search and filters96 hours $1440 – $5760
Home page 84 hours $1260 – $5040
Reviews and Ratings48 hours$720 – $2880
Payments 42 hours $630 – $2520


You have a general idea of making an NFT game; now, you need to collaborate with the NFT game development firm. NFT game development is the next big thing in the market, as it will be the next big thing in the gaming industry. BR Softech is an NFT game development company that provides a decentralized environment to gamers.

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