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How To Build A Card Game App Like Rummy, Teen Patti?

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 13, 2021
Card Game App like teen patti

After the COVID-19 lockdown, the online gambling industry has grown rapidly. The penetration of smartphones and increase in the usage of the internet is proving to be a boon for gambling cards game apps like rummy, teen Patti, and a lot more.

According to recent research, online rummy received a whopping amount of 335 million US dollars in 2019 from the Indian gaming market. Experts are expecting this amount to rise to 1.4 billion dollars by 2024.

Such enormous revenue even in this difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic is attracting various gaming entrepreneurs to invest in card app development like rummy games.

This guide will tell you things that no one tells about a card game app like rummy, teen Patti. Here you will get to know various in-depth insights of card game app development like how to build card game software, the future of card game app, and a lot more.

What is a Card Game App?

A card game app is the online version of the traditional card games that allows you to play rummy, teen Patti, etc with card game players around the world.

All of these card games apps come with multiple features like social media log in, payment gateway, chatbox, tournament stats, multiplayer game mode,  refer and earn, and various other in-built analytical features.

How to Build a Card Game App like Rummy, Teen Patti?

The reasons like affordable infrastructure and higher revenue are some of the benefits that have made “How to build a card game app” a common buzzword among various gaming entrepreneurs.

However, card game app development is not an overnight task. It takes planning, skills, strategy, and a lot more to build a successful card game. Let’s break the ice and proceed further to understand how you can build a card game app like rummy, teen Patti, etc.

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Hire an Experienced Rummy Game Development Company

This step builds the platform of your card game idea, hiring a well-versed rummy game development company adds an additional advantage to your end product.

Before finalizing a card app developer, check the company portfolio, research their service in graphics, sound, marketing, gaming content, and other phases of card game software development. Check their client portfolios, online reputation to know what people are talking about them.

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1. Check Market Insights

There are already hundreds of teen Patti apps in the market. Therefore, start studying the successful card game apps, figure out the features and strategies that your business model lacks.

The in-depth market research gives a deep understanding of what your target users are expecting. Monitor game demographics, analyze what age group mostly plays card games.

2. Make Monetization Models

A card game app like rummy is not just about getting installs and allowing the users to have all of the fun. Obviously, you are here to make money off your investment in card game app development. Therefore, look into the following policies to develop an effective monetization model for your card game software.

  • Ad Revenue: This policy works on the concept of in-game ads where users get to download the app for free, but they have to watch in-game ads. The game owner earns money for the number of times a user views or responds to the ad copy.
  • In-app purchase: Famous mobile games like Pubg for android, Angry birds earn millions of revenue by selling their in-app products. Similarly, you can use this model to attract your users to purchase additional features like new skins, power-ups, and a lot more.
  • One-time fee:  In the one-time fee model, a game app charges users for one time to play the game. You can also implement this model in your card game app to charge your users a one-time fee for a certain time period like 15 days, a month, or a year.

3. Create a Game Roadmap

Once you’re done with all of the above steps, be ready to jot your thoughts on a document.  Write down your game idea, mechanics, graphics, user interface, game content, player rewards, characters, and anything else that your card game app development company needs to understand.

4. Prefer cross-platform app development

If you’re willing to create a card game app like the teen Patti game then cost-cutting should be minimal because these games already don’t require a top-notch budget.

Instead of developing them on a single native platform like Android, or iOS will eradicate a lot of business opportunities. Leaving a single platform in a card game app like rummy, teen Patti will demarcate you from the opportunity of targeting a lot of potential audiences.

Therefore, always prefer cross-app development where you can launch your app on both platforms. Moreover, the cost of cross-app development is nearly similar to the cost of native app development.

5. App testing

App testing helps in determining the bugs, UI upgrades, or any other scope of improvement left from the side of your card game app development team for teen Patti, rummy. Launch the Beta version of your app among different types of users varying in age, gap, interests, etc

Users from such vast demographics will help you to determine real-time feedbacks and avoid any further fluctuations after the app launch.

6. Online marketing

Even before the launch of your card game app, start online marketing your product to the target users. Publish it on popular gaming websites, ask famous bloggers to share your game, make promotional videos and upload them on youtube or other niche-relevant websites.

Connect to famous social media influencers and highlight the USPs of your card game app in every promotion. Try to make a buzz of your app among the gaming enthusiasts, use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc.

7. Publish and maintain

Register as a developer on the platform where you’re willing to launch your card game app like rummy. Ensure that the app satisfies all the quality criteria set by the respective platform.

After the app launch, keep monitoring the user reviews and feedback. Your card game development team should fix all bug issues and release frequent updates to build an effective brand value among your fanbase.

What is The Future of Card Game App Development?

Card games aren’t any newborn, they have a way back since centuries. The growth of mobile app games and multiplayer gaming has brought card game app like rummy, teen Patti into the trending figures.

Since the launch, rummy apps have successfully gathered the attention of many online card game players. The reasons like 24×7 availability on the app store, ease of access, easy installation on any device, and handsome rewards have given a dominating share to the card game software in the online gaming industry.

Meanwhile, India holds 73 percent of the total rummy traffic which means there are over 2 lakh online players that like to play card game app like rummy, teen Patti through various portals. Such popularity in the digitalization of Teen Patti and Rummy clearly states that the future of card game app development will only go higher.

Things to keep in mind before hiring a card game development company


There are already various card game apps like rummy, teen patti that offer an extensive range of interactive features. Therefore, look for the features that the developer is providing for the card game application, here are some of them:

  • Interactive graphics
  • Best in class fraud-proof features
  • Real-time player statistics
  • Custom chatbox
  • Payment gateway options like UPI, digital wallet, credit/debit card, net banking, etc
  • Robust user interface
  • Multiplayer gaming and personal game rooms
  • AI security protocols to ensure safe transactions
  • Push notification system
  • Data management system
  • Cash withdrawal feature

These features will give your card game software a standalone advantage and it’ll generate more traffic against the other card software competitors in the market.


Graphics play a crucial role in increasing the sales and engagement of card game software development. If your game lacks graphical appeal then it won’t be easy to hook your target audience.

Therefore, look for a rummy game development company having creative graphic designers with exceptional proficiency in game designing.

Company Portfolio

If you want to build an incredible card game app like rummy then it is essential to check the portfolio of the developer. Hire dedicated resources will only give you a disastrous experience because rummy app development is not a one-day task it requires a lot of hard work and experience.

Check Company Portfolio!

Check the portfolio of the rummy game development company, look for the strategies and technology platforms they have followed during the development of the previous card games. Finalizing an experienced card game software development company that has already built various card apps will save you from a lot of hustles and additional expenditures.

How much does it cost to develop a card game application like rummy, teen Patti

The cost to build a card game app like teen Patti depends on various features like types of features, graphic requirement, data complexity, choice of the technology stack, app platform, country of the card app development company, and above all it’s the client’s expectations. Still, the average cost to build a card game app is between $5,000 to $80,00.


There are a lot of advantages to investing in the development of card game app like rummy. The information given above in the blog will help you turn your business idea into a successful card game app.

If you’re also willing to create a card game application, hire BR Softech can be a game-changing point for your business idea. We’re a leading rummy game development company with 10+ years of experience and 100+ skilled card game developers.

Real-time communication, complete project transparency, custom development plans are the basic professional ethics that you’ll expect after hiring BR Softech for your card game development idea.

Right from code to gameplay, our experts focus on each phase of rummy game development.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us anytime! Get A Quote

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