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How To Build A Card Game App Like Rummy?

written by Nitin Garg | Jul 07, 2022
How to build a card game app like rummy

Have you ever heard of the history of card games? Card games were a popular form of entertainment for our kings and queens according to history books. Even today, everyone loves card games, whether they are young or old. How about those days when we played solitaire or hearts on our desktops? As technology advances, you can now play card games sitting away from your phone thanks to digitalization. A massive audience base has made mobile card game apps extremely popular, and people demand more of them.

According to recent research, online rummy received a whopping amount of 335 million US dollars in 2019 from the Indian gaming market. Experts are expecting this amount to rise to 1.4 billion dollars by 2024.

This guide will tell you things that no one tells about a card game app like rummy. Here you will get to know various in-depth insights into card game app development, like how to build card game software, the future of card game apps, and a lot more.

What is a Card Game App?

A card game app is the online version of the traditional card games that allows you to play rummy, etc, with card game players around the world.

All of these card game apps come with multiple features like social media log-in, payment gateway, chatbox, tournament stats, multiplayer game mode,  refer and earn, and various other in-built analytical features.

How to Build a Card Game App like Rummy?

The reasons like affordable infrastructure and higher revenue are some of the benefits that have made “How to build a card game app” a common buzzword among various gaming entrepreneurs.

However, card game app development is not an overnight task. It takes planning, skills, strategy, and a lot more to build a successful card game. Let’s break the ice and proceed further to understand how you can build a card game app like rummy, etc.

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What Is The Best Way To Design An App Like Rummy Card Game?

A project’s design is one of the most important aspects. Casino game development & game development are even riskier. An app clone that plays rummy can be popular among your target audience because of its user interface. A killer rummy app clone design should include these things:

Research on competitors

Online rummy games are already so popular. Before you develop your own multiplayer card game, make a list of the most popular ones and check out their designs.

In what ways are users engaged? Is there anything that needs to be improved? Playing the game is smooth, right? Does the card design look attractive to you? Are there any improvements you can make?

Start working on your design after researching and finding answers to the above questions.

Analyze, create, repeat

Your rummy clone app development should begin with a wireframe. The first time you try something, you won’t strike gold. Design evolves in that way. Your first wireframe must be analyzed, discussed with your team, and identified for improvement. Once you’ve found a design that meets all your needs, continue to follow these steps.

Mockups that look realistic

A realistic mockup is necessary after you have created an effective wireframe for the real money game app. Expert designers would be a good choice for this job. Once all the design elements are in place, you will be able to see exactly how your app will look. You are always free to improve the overall design if you feel that a few tweaks would make it more user-friendly.

The Building Blocks of Rummy Game App Development

The next step in the Rummy game app development process is to code the final design. Having the building blocks ready is the first step. The steps are as follows:

1. Rummy-like app documentation

The importance of documentation during application development cannot be overstated. Keeping track of the development pace is the most important benefit. Additionally, it keeps the quality of work high by transferring knowledge among various project teams effectively.

2. Rummy App Technology Stack

If you want to create the app for specific platforms or if you want to build it once and deploy it everywhere using a cross-platform app development framework, the technology stack will depend on your choice. If you identify the technology stack beforehand, you’ll be able to hire the right people and build the app within your budget.

3. The development of card games by developers

Whether you are developing a Rummy or a Ludo King clone app, developers are the brains behind the project. Your development headaches will be greatly reduced if you hire skilled and experienced developers. Consider outsourcing your needs to mobile game development if you have no previous experience coding or managing applications. An app development company that specializes in third-party development has the right combination of technical resources and experience to deliver high-quality software applications quickly. How to hire mobile game developers may be explained in this guide.

4. Maintenance and support

Maintaining and supporting your app should be part of your strategy. The Android and iOS operating systems are updated continuously throughout the year. The majority of these updates are minor, but major updates must be handled seamlessly by your app. Why would you want your users to lose their trust in your app because you don’t support the latest features?

What To Consider When Developing Online Multiplayer Card Games?

Our discussion of the basics of developing a rummy clone app has so far covered the basics. Take a closer look at a card-based game’s inner workings and finer details.

1. Feature-rich real money apps like rummy

Among the key features that a rummy-like game app should have are:

  • Simple login forms or integration with Gmail or social platforms are used for user authentication.
  • In-app purchases, tournaments, coin purchases, and more are all made possible by the Payment Gateway.
  • Using the chat box feature, participants can interact with each other and have fun while playing the game.
  • Discover the rules, the prize money, and the details of each tournament.
  • To invite friends and family, you can earn coins or game passes.
  • It gives you a single place to view your previous game history, earnings, and many other metrics to help you learn and improve.

2. The mechanics of card games

Feeling real is very important when it comes to game mechanics. Arranging the cars in the sequence or selecting one from the deck should feel realistic. It is never a good idea to compromise on game mechanics.

3. Artwork

It takes art to create a mobile game. Don’t miss a single detail. It is a good idea to plan well in advance how the cards will look, as well as the back cover. It will reduce development time and improve product quality significantly.

4. It’s Not All About Aesthetics

It is a grave mistake for game designers to focus only on aesthetics and neglect the fun part of the game. Even if your app looks great, users won’t stay long if they do not enjoy playing it.

You should begin game testing as early as possible to make sure the fun matches the aesthetics. Look for ways to make the game more engaging and exciting by choosing different age groups, getting their feedback, and making changes as needed.

What is The Future of Card Game App Development?

Card games aren’t any newborn; they have a way back for centuries. The growth of mobile app games and multiplayer gaming has brought card game apps like rummy into the trending figures.

Since the launch, rummy apps have successfully gathered the attention of many online card game players. The reasons like 24×7 availability on the app store, ease of access, easy installation on any device, and handsome rewards have given a dominating share to the card game software in the online gaming industry.

Meanwhile, India holds 73 percent of the total rummy traffic, which means there are over 2 lakh online players that like to play card game apps like rummy through various portals. Such popularity in the digitalization of Rummy clearly states that the future of card game app development will only go higher.

Things to keep in Mind before Hiring a Card Game Development Company

Company Portfolio

If you want to build an incredible card game app like rummy, then it is essential to check the portfolio of the developer. Hiring dedicated resources will only give you a disastrous experience because rummy app development is not a one-day task. It requires a lot of hard work and experience.

Check the portfolio of the rummy game development company, look for the strategies and technology platforms they have followed during the development of the previous card games. Finalizing an experienced card game software development company that has already built various card apps will save you from a lot of hustles and additional expenditures.


There are already various card game apps like rummy, teen patti that offer an extensive range of interactive features. Therefore, look for the features that the developer is providing for the card game application, here are some of them:

  • Interactive graphics
  • Best in class fraud-proof features
  • Real-time player statistics
  • Custom chatbox
  • Payment gateway options like UPI, digital wallet, credit/debit card, net banking, etc
  • Robust user interface
  • Multiplayer gaming and personal game rooms
  • AI security protocols to ensure safe transactions
  • Push notification system
  • Data management system
  • Cash withdrawal feature

These features will give your card game software a standalone advantage and it’ll generate more traffic against the other card software competitors in the market.


Graphics play a crucial role in increasing the sales and engagement of card game software development. If your game lacks graphical appeal then it won’t be easy to hook your target audience.

Therefore, look for a rummy game development company having creative graphic designers with exceptional proficiency in game designing.

What is The Cost of Developing an Application for Card Games like rummy?

The business side of things is finally taking off. Costs and time are involved in app development. You can expect a rummy app to take between 4-5 months to bundle.

You will have to decide whether you are building a platform-specific app or a platform-independent app in order to determine the cost of rummy app development.

Platform-specific apps are more expensive to develop since they need to be built separately for each platform. Using different technology stacks and hiring separate teams of developers is necessary to accomplish this.

It takes less time and costs less to develop cross-platform apps. With one piece of code, you can run it on multiple platforms at the same time.

While cross-platform apps are generally faster and perform better than native ones, they do lag in terms of performance and speed.

How Do Card Game Development Costs Vary?

  • Storage in the cloud
  • Charges for hosting
  • Complexity of features
  • UI number

Taking an average of $40,000 and $80,000 as an estimate, developing a moderately complex Android-only app costs $40 to 80 thousand dollars. It is likely that you will be charged on an hourly basis if you outsource your app development needs. Apps that are platform-specific typically take $500-$800 hours to develop.

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Choosing Outsourcing vs. In-House: What’s Best?

Whether you build the app yourself or hire a company to do it for you, you have two options.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both arrangements. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Developing card apps in-house pros

  • Controllable
  • Communication that is efficient
  • A greater degree of agility
  • Work-related friction is nonexistent

Cons of developing card applications in-house

  • Costlier
  • A large number of positions need to be filled
  • Retaining quality developers is difficult
  • Focuses on activities that are not core to the business
  • Scalability and upgrade requirements are hard to keep up with

With outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about managing every aspect of app development as you would in-house. Everything, however, remains under your control and in your hands.

In order to succeed in business, it is important to outsource your app development needs. That’s why you should choose the best with careful consideration. For startups, entrepreneurs, and enterprises around the world, BR Softech has been the preferred outsourcing partner. Your ideas are always kept under wraps because we are completely transparent. You can always be assured that whatever you share with us will remain safe. Can you learn more by reading this guide to offshore or local app development?

Pros of outsourcing

  • Cost-savings
  • Having access to a large talent pool
  • Flexibility is more important
  • Time-to-market acceleration
  • Scalable and easily updated applications

Cons of outsourcing

  • Inconsistency with company culture
  • Challenges related to time zones
  • Concerns about transparency


There are a lot of advantages to investing in the development of card game app like rummy. The information given above in the blog will help you turn your business idea into a successful card game app.

If you’re also willing to create a card game application, hire BR Softech can be a game-changing point for your business idea. We’re a leading rummy game development company with 10+ years of experience and 100+ skilled card game developers.

Real-time communication, complete project transparency, custom development plans are the basic professional ethics that you’ll expect after hiring BR Softech for your card game development idea.

Right from code to gameplay, our experts focus on each phase of rummy game development.

For any queries, feel free to reach out to us anytime! Get A Quote

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