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Celebrity NFT Marketplace Development Cost and Features

Game Development
Aug 14, 2023
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Celebrity NFT-Marketplace-Development Cost and Features

Overview of Celebrity NFT Marketplace

NFT has been the name floating around social media for the past few months. The main reason for the increase in the limelight of this name is celebrities selling their artwork in the form of NFTs. A celebrity NFT marketplace helps the known names in the industry to sell and trade their Non-Fungible Tokens on a common platform. 

According to statistical and market data, the total market capitalization of the NFT technology projects is growing by 2,200 per cent. If you take an example of the past year, the market grew by 400 per cent. The majority of NFTs are selling quickly, and most of them are selling at an unimaginary price of $75 million. The craze of NFT is increasing among people as their fav superstars are selling their art, music, memes, etc., in the form of NFT. 

Indeed, the celebrity NFT marketplace development will be the next big thing in the market. People are looking forward to this type of new technology; let’s see why the celebrity NFT marketplace matters. 

Why is Celebrity NFT Marketplace Important? 

The unique thing about NFT is that it represents a unique and rare collection with the constant support of blockchain technology to boost its authenticity. You cannot convert every piece of art or any random thing into an NFT. The artwork should be unique, authentic, and genuine to attract potential buyers. A celebrity NFT marketplace company ensures to provide you with the best services and features to develop a platform that is easily accessible. 

When you are using these marketplaces, celebrities are looking forward to building a bond between the audience and sharing their special moments in the form of an NFT. Moreover, NFTs do not only have one dimension; it is a multidimensional technology that can reshape the future of any industry. If you are keen on knowing why Bollywood celebrities are launching their NFTs, you can read about it. 

These are some of the reasons why the celebrity marketplace matters. 

  • To showcase professional experiences: A celebrity can easily showcase their professional experiences that the public is unaware of. Rare moments like these can attract the attention of their fans. 
  • Best option to generate revenue: NFTs are the best and easiest way to generate revenue for a celebrity. 
  • Boost the popularity: Celebrities can quickly boost their popularity by selling unique art on a celebrity NFT marketplace.

These are some of the reasons why the celebrity NFT marketplace is important and how it will shape the future. Let’s have a look at the features of a celebrity marketplace platform.

Features To Include In The Celebrity NFT Platform 

Features To Include In The Celebrity NFT Platform

The features of an NFT marketplace can vary its development cost and helps the company to attract the maximum number of customers to the platform. NFT marketplace development cost directly depends on the number of features you include on the platform. 

Here are some of the features you should include in the Celebrity NFT platform. 

  • Storefront: It is one of the essential features of an NFT marketplace that helps users know more about the NFT. Moreover, in other words, it is a kind of dashboard that will display necessary information about the NFTs. An excellent celebrity NFT marketplace development platform lets you include maximum features to make the platform handier. 
  • Crypto wallet integration: The celebrity NFT marketplace should integrate with the crypto wallets to help the users easily create, store and trade the NFTs. This feature makes the NFT marketplace easily accessible to the users and improves the performance of an NFT marketplace.
  • Advanced search options: The advanced search options help users search for their desired NFTs easily without spending the maximum time. The search option improves the platform’s efficiency as now the users can reach their desired results directly without wandering on the platform. 
  • Enable easy trades: A NFT marketplace should enable easy trades to make the NFT marketplace more approachable to the users. A white label celebrity NFT marketplace development quickly helps users trade the NFTs on these platforms.
  • Multiple payment options: A good celebrity NFT marketplace should have multiple payment options to provide power to the users to trade an NFT on the platform easily. 

These are some of the essential features of the NFT marketplace that your platform should have to improve its quality. The next step is to know how to launch a celebrity NFT platform. 

How to Launch a Celebrity NFT Marketplace Platform?

Launching a celebrity NFT marketplace is not a tedious task as the celebrities are already known people, and launching something about them can already create better headlines in the news. NFT is the technology attracting celebrities due to its bright future and ability to generate maximum revenue. 

For launching, you can conduct an event where there can be media officials who can interact with the celebrity and ask questions related to the launch of this new NFT. To launch in the celebrity NFT marketplace, you can also promote it on social media and in local newspapers to increase its reach. The launching process is straightforward, but the development process is where one should focus. 

These are some things that you should keep in mind to launch a celebrity NFT platform. The cost and features of an NFT marketplace depend on multiple factors that you can have a look at. Now let’s quickly look at the benefits of NFT marketplace development. 

Benefits of NFT Marketplace Development for Celebrities 

Benefits of NFT Marketplace Development for Celebrities

Multiple benefits of NFT marketplace development can attract the maximum number of customers to this market. A celebrity NFT marketplace company helps the celebrities to enjoy the maximum benefits from the platform and build a more excellent bond between their fans. 

Here are some of the benefits of an NFT marketplace for celebrities. 

These are some of the benefits of an NFT marketplace that you should consider for celebrity NFT marketplace development. Now, let’s have a look at the top celebrity NFT marketplaces. 

  • Showcase hidden qualities: In today’s world where everyone wants to know about the personal life of their favourite superstar. NFT marketplace provides the benefits of showing professional and personal skills and talent to the fans so that the people can enjoy the benefits of the NFTs. It is an excellent way of portraying the feelings and the hidden talent that a celebrity has. 
  • Trade assets for profit: A celebrity can easily trade their NFT tokens on a celebrity NFT marketplace where they can earn a good amount of profit with these tokens. The ultimate goal of most activities a human being performs is earning money. With an NFT marketplace, celebrities can quickly generate a good amount of money. 
  • Ownership: A celebrity NFT marketplace allows maximum asset rights and complete ownership over the Non-Fungible Tokens. With better ownership over the Tokens, you can control them better and use them according to your wish. The ownership also boosts the token holders’ confidence and helps them enjoy the maximum benefits. 
  • Publicity of the global level: A NFT launch can help a celebrity improve their publicity on a global scale. With the power of having a unique asset and converting it into colossal profit, NFT marketplaces are helping the users be free and enjoy the maximum benefits from the NFTs. Publicity is one of the most critical factors that a celebrity looks for while developing an NFT. 
  • Availability: A NFT marketplace has multiple benefits, including inspiring the audience and being available at top places. An NFT marketplace development cost can vary depending upon these factors. The availability of these benefits can improve the quality of this type of marketplace.

Top Celebrity NFT Marketplaces in the Industry

The top celebrity NFT marketplace in the industry helps the developers inspire and create significant marketplaces. The top celebrity NFT marketplace has some essential features to improve the quality of NFT trading. 

Here are some of the top NFT marketplaces in the industry.

  • Beeple- WENEW: This NFT marketplace came into the limelight after selling a digital asset, “Every day’s,” for nearly Seventy Million USD. The next big move for Biffle is to launch an NFT platform where users can buy and sell iconic moments in the time. The initial sale features a collection of moments that you can create with Andy Murray. 

  • Amitabh Bacchan- Beyindlife: The partnership with Guardian Link to launch their NFT in the market brought a wave of questions and answers in Bollywood and among news channels. Guardian Link is a celebrity NFT marketplace development platform that is helping users to be more creative.
  • Snoop Dogg: The new launch of Snoop Dogg’s NFT series consisting of his original video and audio elements is available for auction and will generate significant revenue once they are traded. 

These are some of the top celebrity NFT marketplaces available to improve popularity and generate good revenue for the superstars. Now, it’s time to know about the process of celebrity NFT marketplace development. 

Process of Celebrity NFT Marketplace Development 

To start the development of a celebrity NFT marketplace, you have to be very careful about the requirements and top features that you should include to increase the quality of your NFT marketplace. You need to focus on the problems that your marketplace can solve to increase the reach and quality of your marketplace. 

Here are some of the steps you can follow for celebrity NFT marketplace development. 

  • Consider the essential features:
    For developing an NFT marketplace, you need to consider some of the essential features to maintain the platform’s performance. Some of the NFT marketplace features are filters, storefront, searching for items, buying and bidding, creating a listing, wallet, etc. Once you identify the features you require for your platform, it’s time for you to know about the technology stack required to build an NFT marketplace platform.
  • Technology Stack required for building an NFT: You should consider the technology stacks required to build an NFT. These technology stacks help you to improve the quality of your marketplace. A celebrity NFT marketplace development is a process that requires the presence of mind and creativity: Ethereum, Flow, Cardano, Tezos, and various blockchain platforms with technology stacks, etc.
  • Building the platform: After considering all the facts and factors, it’s time for you to build the platform and apply the theoretical knowledge to practical knowledge. To build a platform, you need to be aware of the market trends and be more innovative. 
  • Testing: The final and most crucial stage of celebrity NFT marketplace development is testing, which ensures maximum working conditions and improves the working of the NFT marketplaces. 

These are some of the essential steps you involve in developing a celebrity marketplace. Now, let’s look at the development cost of a celebrity NFT marketplace. 

Celebrity NFT Marketplace Development Cost

The celebrity NFT marketplace development cost is dependent on multiple factors and features that can shape the performance matrix of an NFT marketplace. The primary reasons for the increase in NFT marketplace development costs are efficiency, safety, performance, adaptability, simple interface, etc. 

Here is the breakdown of Celebrity NFT marketplace development cost:

  • UI/UX development: The cost of UX/UI development can vary from $2395 to $5040, depending upon the experience of the developers. It can help you create a positive user experience (UX and helps you to satisfy the customer’s needs. 
  • Security: The authorization and security can cost between $3285 and $8640 to provide maximum safety. Security is the most crucial feature you should consider while developing a celebrity NFT marketplace. 
  • User profile: The resources and user profile can approximate costs between $2385 and $5040.
  • Home page: The development cost of homepage essential tools can approximately vary from $3645 to $10,080. 
  • Filters and search: The cost for developing features like filters and search can vary from $4005 to $11,520. 

These are some examples of the cost that is part of the overall cost of a celebrity NFT marketplace development. The total cost of the NFT marketplace for celebrities can be approximately $50,000 to $116,040. 

Final thoughts

The celebrity NFT marketplaces are helping celebrities to build a bond with their fans and generate significant revenue. The NFT marketplace is helping the developers be more innovative and build easily approachable platforms. BR Softech is helping individuals with a great idea to develop NFT platforms where users can easily trade and earn profits.



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