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Why Companies Are Switching to Node.js Web Development ?

written by Nitin Garg | Jun 27, 2018
Why Companies Are Switching to Node.js Web Development?

Mostly web development companies have switched to node.js for their future growth and better performance. Node.js is an open source cross-platform javascript runtime environment.We can easily develop a different variety of tools and applications in node.js Walmart has recently switched to node.js and now serving all the website traffic of walmartdotcom. Same like Walmart so many live examples have in the industry today.

The number of Node.js web development companies are regularly increasing. Sam’s Club is also powered with the node.js based web. Its basic modules are written in javascript and developers can write new modules in javascript. Javascript gave rise to numerous opensource technologies and it is still eating up the website market. Node.js development services are helping the website to build scalable network applications.

Here we summarize below the applications which work well with node.js:

  • Data streaming applications

  • JSON APIs based applications

  • I/O bound applications

  • Single page applications

  • Data-intensive real-time applications.

1. Asynchronous and Event-Driven:

APIs of the node.js libraries are all asynchronous or non-blocking. Its non-blocking and event-driven I/O it becomes fast compared to other programming languages widely used for web development. Utterly symbolizes that whenever an API call is made the node.js based server never wait. The data returned move to the next API in the queue. The information device allows the server to obtain the acknowledgment.

2. Supremely Fast:

We are incredibly grateful for google chromes version 8 javascript engine, shines perfectly with its fast working in code execution. A big hand of google chrome to promote, popular the node.js the top corporate companies to a large surface these organizations consider efficiency in all spheres of the project. Most of the important tasks in web applications quickly done with the help of node.js

3. Single Threaded Nature but Scalable:

For the event looping, node.js completes the single thread model. This event device that promotes the server to work in a non-blocking design and is responsible for the scalability characteristics displayed by node.js.

4. The Effectiveness of Microservices:

Microservices have prepared the superb result on the web applications of corporate designs for their ability to create significant modules of those part of a solid application.. The node community has wholeheartedly accepted the microservices in the run of making a section. Instead of interaction together as in other technologies, node.js facilities to all these modules. Offer to improved the speed, low memory utilization and versatility of node.js. Excellent tooling for making sending and saving up this useful example.

5. Swell productivity:

Implementation of node.js in several companies has produced in increasing the profitability and richness of work form the employees considerably. Most of the corporations able to unite the front end and back end development teams to work more pleasantly with node.js. A corporate company is considered they could collect best benefits with node.js

Node.js Web Development Company diverse industry verticals around the world. We all are the handle of the present technology to node.js in a very simple way. Expert node.js

developers say are all the requirements tasks is complete in very easily and smooth way with node.js.

6. Top 10 companies who switched to node.JS.

  1. Microsoft

  2. Intel

  3. amazon

  4. Netflix

  5. Linkedin

  6. Github

  7. Capital One

  8. eBay and PayPal

  9. Yellowpages

  10. Google and youtube

Conclusion: Node.js Web Development

So, here we have told you the advantages why you should opt for the Node.JS and even many companies are switching to the JS node if you also want to opt for it and earn best profit. So, go fo it and have benefits and stay tuned with us.

Nitin Garg

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