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Different Types of Poker Games – How You Can Play

written by Nitin Garg | Jan 17, 2022
What are Different Types of Poker Games and How You Can Play Them?

When you listen to poker what do you think in your mind? most probably you think that it’s a card game played for gambling purposes. In ancient times different types of poker games were played in Europe, the Middle East, and China. In the early 1800s, Poker became a popular game in America. During the civil war, it became more popular and a way of entertainment for soldiers but now all over the world poker games are played over various platforms. 

Traditionally it was played over cardboards and over tables in casinos but the evaluation of digital transformation converted poker games online in the year 1998. From the first of January 1998, various websites are available to play & demo online poker cash games. 

As you know poker is played worldwide so there are different types of poker games present in the market according to country, religion. Of course, the playing process of playing these variants is also different from each other.

Here we are going to explain everything about poker game development, features, types, basics & how to play poker?. This will help you to understand poker games from near. 

15 Facts About the Poker Game 

  1. In Arizona, The BirdCage hosted a Poker Tournament that took 8 Years, 5 Months, and 3 Days to complete. 
  2. We use poker chips to play and bet in the poker game, the first chip was made up of wood, ivory, clay, and bone. 
  3. On the first January 1998, first-time people used online real money poker games over a website. 
  4. In ancient times poker was played with 20 cards.
  5. In 1973 the first poker game was televised. 
  6. There is a rumor about former president Richard Nixon that he founded his political campaign with the money that he won in a poker tournament.
  7. According to a certain source, 4 kings are in the name of real kings.
  8. According to the industry, poker is considered an official mind sport. 
  9. To get flush required flush is  649, 740 to 1.
  10. There are a few players who play poker in dirty clothes.
  11. Johnny Chan, a professional poker player who won many national and international bracelets, always keeps Orange near him while he plays poker. 
  12. Andrei Karpov, bet his wife to play poker and at the last, he lost his wife in the game. 
  13. Many poker players think that they can play Texas Hold’em poker games in Texas only but this is not true. 
  14. Poker was played by the French for the first time in history. 
  15. There is a hand that we called “Dead Man’s Hand.

There are Three Main Types of Poker Games

  1. Draw Poker
  2. Stud Poker
  3. Community Card  Poker

Draw Poker

Draw poker is a category of poker card game families in which players are hidden from their opponents. Also, players try to improve their hands by replacing a certain number of cards. Badugi and 5 Card Draw both fall into this category.

Stud Poker

Collections of poker variants that have similar characteristics are called Stud Poker. In the Stud poker game, we do not use hole cards but the selection of upcards and downcards allowed to each player. Up cards are open cards at the table but down cards are secret cards.

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Community Card  Poker

 A poker game that uses community cards is called a community card poker game, the cards are dealt face up in the center of the table and shared between all poker players. In these games each player is dealing with incomplete face down, they are combined with community cards to make a complete hand.

Additional Types Of Poker

In various forms of poker, the ranked hand wins the pot. We have two additional types of games where this has not been followed. Some poker variants come under lowball or some games come under high-low split games. 

  1. Lowball
  2. High-Low split 

Lowball Poker 

Lowball poker is a type of poker in which the lower hand always wins, there are various types of lowball poker for example- Ace to Five, Reduced to Seven, etc.

High Low Split Poker 

In traditional poker always the best hand wins the whole pot. In the High Low Slit poker game, the pot is divided into Both the traditional hand and the lower hand equally.

Poker Game Variations 

The poker game is one of the most versatile games ever played in the card family. From the time it was founded people did various experiments and created new variants of poker games, here we are going to share the names of these Variations. 

  1. Texas Hold’em 
  2. Omaha Hi
  3. Omaha Hi-lo
  4. 7 Card Stud
  5. 2-7 Triple Draw
  6. 5 Card Draw
  7. 5 Card Omaha 
  8. Badugi 
  9. Chinese Poker
  10. Pineapple poker game 

Texas Hold’em 

Texas Hold’em Poker game

Texas Hold’em is one of the most popular poker game variants available to play everywhere. If you ever noticed that, in all types of poker game platforms you will find one common type of game that is Taxed Hold. The main polarity bend in this poker game is various tables and a wide range of stakes which players can bet. This is one of the best poker cash games played over the internet. 

How to play Texas Hold’em?

Let’s learn how Texas Hold’em hands work 

  1. In the first round, you deal with your hole cards that are delivered.
  2. A round of betting will be done between the players.
  3. The remaining first-round players see a flop. 
  4. Another round of remaining players will be done. 
  5. You can see a turn card or you need to know about the turn card.
  6. Another round of betting will be done between the remaining players. 
  7. Now you are ready to see your final river card. 
  8. Last turn for the betting.
  9. Finally, the perfect and best 5 card hand wins the poker game. 

Omaha High 

Omaha High  Poker

After the Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hi is the second most popular game in poker. Here in the name “Hi” refers to the highest hand in the game. The person who has the highest hand can win the pot at a showdown. The Ohama game is mainly focused on the Pot limit. 

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How to Play the Omaha Hi Poker Game? 

The process is simple when you play the Omaha Hi Poker game that is 

Step- 1 The Blind

The first two players from the left of the dealer will raise blind, this is imaginary of course because they did not see any community card yet, 

Step-2 Pre Flop 

4 cards deal with the player that they can see. These are “hole cards” used to play in these 4. 

Step-3 Call 

Equal the amount in the pot.

Step-4 Rise 

Give  up opponents and create 5 hands with 5 community cards

Step- 5 Fold

Give up and stake in the game.

Step-6 The Flop

There are three community cards that players use to make 5 cards in hand. 

Step- 7 The turn 

The fourth card is introduced in the game 

Step- 8 The river

In this round, the fifth community card is dealt.

Step- 9 The Showdown 

At the final step, more than one player is remaining in the game, all showcase the cards the highest hand won the Pot. 

Omaha Hi-Low 

Omaha Hi-Lo

After Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo is the 3rd poker game that is most popular in poker. Similar to the Omaha Hi, it has a pot limit that is divided into two equal parts. Different combinations of cards are created for the Low and High cards. 

How to Play Omaha Hi-Low?

The betting process of Omaha Hi is divided into four rounds and the betting is processed clockwise, here we share the complete process. 

Step 1 – The Blind 

Step 2 – Pre-Flop

  • Call 
  • Raise 
  • Fold 

Step 3 – The Flop

Step 4 – The Turn

Step 5 – The River

Step6 – The Show-Down

7 Card Stud 

Before the invention of Texas Hold’em poker, 7 card stud was the name that was rocking the entire poker game world. It is still widely played today. In this game, you can see a number of cards in the opponent’s hands. 

How to Play 7 Card Stud Poker?

Various steps are involved in the 7 card stud poker game. In 7 card games, 5 rounds are played. 

Opening the betting 

The player with the lowest ranking up cards starts the game with a token bet. 

Third street

Once the bring-in bet has been done, each player can fold, call, or raise to the betting limit. 

Fourth street

Everyone is dealt with another up card, the player who has the highest two cup hard will start the betting. In this round of betting if someone has an open pair then that person can make a double bet. 

Fifth street

Everyone gets a cup card, the person who has the highest cup card starts the betting.

Sixth street

Again cup cards are shared and the person who has the highest cup card starts the betting. 

Seventh Street or The River 

Seventh street is the last round, everyone will deal with the last cup card, and the person started betting who did in the previous round. 

2-7 Triple Draw

In this form of poker game, all the participants deal with their 5 hands and try to create the lowest pair. In this type of poker, game participants get 3 chances over 2 chances to develop the lowest pair.

How to Play 2-7 Triple Draw? 

In the 2-7 draw poker 4 rounds and 3 draws are played, after each round of betting players are allowed to discard their hand cards from 0 to 5 cards and the dealer replaces those cards. After the third draw, the last round of betting will be played. 

5 Card Draw

5 Card Draw Games

This is the simplest game in the poker games category. For other formats, players need to learn a lot but in the 5 card Draw game players are not required to create a strategy so this feature makes it better.  In this game, players need to create the highest ranked 5 cards. 

How to Play 5 Card Draw?

  • Each player is dealt with 5 cards,
  • A round of betting is followed. 
  • Each player can get up to 3 card replacements. 
  • All players get new cards by replacement. 
  • The best hand wins the game.

5 Card Omaha 

5- Card Omaha Poker

The 5 Card Omaha game is driven from Omaha, in this game you need to make a high card payment of 5 cards. Players need to be allowed two 2 hole cards and 3 community cards. 

How to Play 5 Cards Omaha?

This has a unique way of betting 

  1. Blind- at the first without any card dealt, blind bets are put by the players. 
  2. Preflop- each player receives 5 hole cards.
  3. Flop- after the Preflop three community cards are placed at the center of the table face down. 
  4. Turn – after the flop round one community card is placed with the face-up. The betting players started one by one.
  5. River- after the turn step- at last, the final card is placed. Players started from the anticlockwise direction. 


Badugi Poker Games

This variant of poker game is under the draw and Lowball poker family. This is one of the more unusual variants of poker games. This game is not played widely in poker games. This is different from others because players get four cards instead of 5 cards. 

How to Play Badugi Poker Game?

Since this is a perfect game to play we will discuss this game

Step 1- Blind- at the starting of the Badugi game, the first blind calls are placed before dealing with cards. 

Step 2-  From the clockwise direction, everybody will be dead with 4 cards. 

Step- 3 Once all players have 4 cards, the first betting round will be played. 

Step-4, when this betting round gets overall, will be entered at the first drawing round.

step -5 deal starts from the left that how many cards from needed nad how many spend to the 

Step-6 A player can keep their hands and do not throw hands, this is also getting.

Step-7 All the players received their cards in hand after replacement finally the winner is decided, 

Step- 8 again from step 1 this process will be repeated.

Chinese Poker

Chinese Poker Game

Chinese poker is based on poker hand ranking. This poker game is a beginner-friendly poker game played with basic knowledge of cards. 

How to Play Chinese Poker Game?

In a Chinese poker game, After shuffling the cards, these are divided into four hands, each hand 23 cards. There are 3 players then 1 hand is discarded, if 2 players are playing then 2 remaining hands are discarded. In a two-player game, the player is allowed to look into his own hands. 

Pineapple Poker 

Pineapple Poker Game

Pineapple is fruit like that is the name for a type of poker game. While this game variant is not that popular because it is not played commonly. This game is quite easy to learn and play. 

How to play-  This is played like a Chinese Poker game that is described already in this blog. 

Mixed Poker Games 

A mixed poker game means- a combination of two or more two variants of poker games in a particular poker game. A mixed poker game is quite confusing for the players. Players need to play one hand of one variant and then play multiple hands of another variant. This needs concentration while playing the game, here are the main types of mixed poker games.

. H.O.R.S.E.

  1. 10 Game Mix
  2. 8 Game Mix
  3. H.O.S.E.
  4. Hold’em Mixed
  5. Omaha Hi/Low Mixed

Features Of Online Poker Games 

In poker games, we mainly consider two types of features 

  1. Client feature 
  2. The Table features 

Client Features 

  1. Preview 
  2. Lobby view
  3. Mini table view 
  4. Titan poker points 
  5. Real-time game history 
  6. Multi-Currency options 
  7. Real-time transaction history 
  8. Live support 
  9. Auto rebuy tournaments 
  1. Toast notifications
  2. Widget bar
  3. Buy in and free consolidations 

Table Features 

  1. Settings 
  2. Four-color deck options
  3. Keyboard play support
  4. Player notes
  5. Buddy list
  6. Hand history replay tools
  7. Quick deposit functionality 
  8. Configurable betting buttons 
  9. Timebank 
  10. Twister poker 
  11. Cash table group 
  12. Tournament pop-up notifications 

How to Develop a Poker Game?

If you are planning to develop a poker game then you need to understand that there is an uncountable number of options available in the market, but which one suits you best is in your hand. We are sharing the development process of the poker game so you can understand it easily and no one can make you fool about the process of development 

  1. Ideation 
  2. White Paper / Prototype 
  3. Designing 
  4. Development 
  5. Testing 
  6. Launching 

Ideation of Poker Game Development

When you come to know that you want to do a poker game business it means that you are working on an idea for a poker game. The idea will consider the things that are different from other poker games available in the market. Tyro to develop an idea that is different from others. You can discuss that idea with the poker game development company. 

White Paper / Prototype of Poker  

When your idea is finalized and the company understands your requirements, white paper, wireframes, and prototypes will be developed. White paper and wireframe are the paper representation of your idea.

Designing Of The Poker Game

Designing is the main important part of front-end development, in this everything will be done like what type of color suits your game idea that people like. For example, most poker game platforms are colored in bright red, blue, and dark colors. Red is the most chosen color. 

Development Of The Game Platform 

After the color and UI design, it comes to the coding and backend development, here the developer showcases the coding skills and completes the core functionality of the poker game software.

Testing of the Poker Game Platform 

After the development of the poker game platform, it comes to the testing team where this is tested where online poker game web/app is tested for the quality assurance purpose. Quality testing is compulsory just because the audience can not find any problem when they use it and all the bugs and changes are done after testing. 

Launching The Poker Game Platform 

After testing and quality assurance completion, this platform is ready to launch for the audience. You just need a perfect marketing campaign. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Poker Game? 

To develop a poker game, many factors can be considered for costing purposes like consultancy fees, designing, development, testing, etc.

S NO ObjectiveCost
1Consultancy fees$ 1000
2Designing fees$ 1500
3Development charges$ 2000
4Testing Charges$ 1000
5Maintenance charges$ 1500

Now we can say that the cost of poker game development can vary from $5000 to $8000, this is not the confirmed fee it can be affected by various factors according to the features of the game and the needs of the clients. 

How to Develop a Poker Game? 

Finding a perfect developer is really needed for your poker game idea, it can help you to get an impressive poker game. There is 3 option you have to choose 

  1. In the housing development team 
  2. Find a freelancer developer
  3. Find a perfect poker game development company

1. In The House Development Team 

If you have the experience to lead a game development project, you can hire employees that can develop in those poker games according to your needs. You need these profiles for poker game development. This is a costly and time-consuming process to develop your game.

  1. Project manager
  2. Professional poker game developers (3-4 developers )
  3. UI Designers (2 UI designers)
  4. UX Designers ( 2 UX Designers )
  5. Game Testers ( 2 Testers)

2. Find a Freelancer Developer

You can easily find freelance developers through social platforms like UP Works, Freelancer, Linkedin, etc. you can check reviews, ratings, and the experience of the developers. This is one of the best ways to get the cheapest way of poker game development. 

  1. Upwork 
  2. Linkedin 
  3. Dribble 
  4. Toptal
  5. Behance
  6. Designhill
  7. Freelancer
  8. SimplyHired

3. Find the Perfect Poker Game Development Company 

The best way to develop a poker game is to hire an experienced poker game development company. Most people chose this ideal option because they know the importance of the game development company. 

How to Select Poker Game Development Company?

  • Research about poker game development companies 
  • Choose 4-5 poker game development companies according to you.
  • Talk to them separately about pricing features, project deadlines, their reviews, client testimonials, their experiences, their teams, their internal work culture, etc. 
  •  Find a conclusion from the research and find a perfect poker game development company. 
  • You can assign your project to the company which you find comfortable for you. 


It clearly mentioned that poker can be played in various ways, everyday new variants are discovered by the poker game players. These variants are played worldwide. 

If you are interested in the game business then you need to understand that this can be one of the best game businesses to start. Also, the development of different types of poker games is very easy if you follow our guidelines.

Q. How many different kinds of Poker Games are there?

There are three major types of poker games- 

Draw poker
Stud poker
Community Card Poker
There are also various types of poker game variations that can be played. Some of these include Texas Holdem Poker, High/Low Chicago, Seven-Card Stud, video poker, etc. To know more about the types of poker games, check out this blog.

Q. Are Texas Holdem and Poker the same?

Texas Holdem is a type of poker variation and is derived from the poker game itself. There are some changes in the rules of Texas Hold’em. Read more about the Best Texas Holdem Game Software and Features

What Type of Poker is the Best?

There are many poker game variations in the market. One of the most popular poker game variations is Texas Hold’em poker. It receives a massive audience worldwide and is one of the most loved poker games in the United States. 

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