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How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Game App Like Ludo?

written by Nitin Garg | Jul 07, 2022
How much it cost to develop an app like Ludo

It is always a good idea to kill time by playing games. Globally, playing online games with remote players has become a popular activity in the digital age. A board game like ludo that can be played on a mobile device at any time is very attractive to mobile users.

A mobile application version of the classic old-school board games is now available.

Due to its mashup of traditional and ancient game rules, Ludo has held a strong position in the gaming market. Traditionally, pre-packaged games have been known as ‘family games,’ including Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. The rapid pace of today’s life does not allow a family to play these games together, but they are currently available on mobile devices in an advanced configuration. 

Traditional Ludo rules are adhered to, as well as the old-school look. Ludo’s dice and the technique with which the tokens are moved will determine your luck, much like the kings and queens of India’s golden age.

In this article, we will talk about ludo game app development cost with a detailed guide.

Ludo Game App Introduction

Game apps like Ludo have now also introduced audio chat rooms where you can talk with your friends and play the game. Ludo is an ancient Indian game; Akbar even played it. It has 500+ million downloads on the google play store. Due to its simple layout and interactive console, it is famous among every age. Moreover, It has a 74% traffic source directly from the search. 

Features Of Ludo Game App

The features of Ludo makes it unique and famous in the world. You can enjoy the childhood game on your mobile phone with your friends just by using a 51 MB app. It is an easy to play and easily adaptable game. 

  • Computer/offline Mode:

    You can play this game using a computer. This game feature helps the user sharpen their skills in the game and allow them to play a tournament live. Ludo game costs vary depending upon the development of modes. 
  • Play with friends:

    The user has the leverage to play with friends and create a room. You have to create a private room and send the code to the other friends. The maximum limit is five friends, and the minimum limit is two. You get the coins inside the game, which you can customize. 
  • Play Worldwide with Multiplayer Mode:

    This game has worldwide access means you can play the game with your friend from different countries. Development cost games like ludo are affected by the range of locations it is available. 

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  • Local Mode: 

    BR Softech design the Ludo game with entertainment of joyful which is based on user-friendly. Local mode is based on the user which are play game manually on the Ludo board. The game application provides color variation of (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow) which are dependent on user choice, with player name functionality and the user also the select player option (2 players, 3 Player, 4 Player). The Ludo game dice will play user manually and the result is showing with winning ranking.
  • Challenge Mode

    The Challenge mode of the Ludo game is based on two types that improve user creativity via server-based. This game functionality we are designed to connect the user via the network connection of game server code.
  1. A user will select the Create Room option. In this, the user creates their own gaming room tab with 8 digit code.
  2. This 8 digit is user room join id.
  3. Someone user clicks on join room button, then the system of “Ludo Game Application” ask 8 digit code to join the Ludo game private room.

    (After entering 8 digit code (78458956) the game server authenticates with user table via server-based whether the user is sitting anywhere in the world.

Features of Admin Panel Ludo Game App  

  • Login authentication for administrators
  • This dashboard provides all the important parameters required to make marketing and sales decisions.
  • Block users who have been reported by the application.
  • Board of leaders – Local, National, and Global, as well as among friends.
  • Managing the entry fee for tables
  • Tournament management
  • User wallet management so admins can edit & add coins to user accounts, credit or debit them.
  • Ensure that all earnings and purchases are being monitored.
  • Manage the daily distribution of coins to the user.
  • All games played between players in the past and ongoing.
  • Management of app versions.
  • Management of notices
  • The notification system
  • Chat management

Benefits of Developing a Game App like Ludo with BR Softech 

Many benefits have made Ludo king the most known game among gaming enthusiasts. The main benefit is the popularity of the game from the past. It is a well-known game among Indian audiences, and almost everyone has played it in their childhood. Ludo game app development is more but the outcome you get is infinite.

  • Coded in well-known technology:

    To code, the game application advance and latest technology are in use. Our game app development has advantages like UX/UI design, advanced features, and technologies.

  • Adaptable and Customised Solutions:

    Timely, we team up with our users to assist them with accomplishing their desire and goals. Our flexible solutions intend to satisfy all your requirements with the most extreme adaptability.

  • Best Performance Apps:

    We have a team of young developers to make mobile game applications like Ludo King that can easily fit in the accessibility range of maximum users. Ludo app development cost in India varies due to performance of the apps.

  • Consistent Communication:

    We have smooth communication with our users to provide a more outstanding experience and help them with progressively customised services.

  • Innovative Solutions:

    Along with cutting edge innovation, we also provide outstanding solutions. Our services help in saving time and effort. 

Revenue Business Model Management of Ludo Game App

While investing in the development of a game, the first thing that comes to mind is how much revenue it will produce. We have multiple paths for the users to choose the best which will satisfy their requirements. We provide the following options.

  • Refer and Earn Model:

    Referring the game to other users attracts more traffic to the application and provides more users. To motivate users to refer, you pay them a fixed amount of money. Users and companies both benefit from this model. Ludo app development cost increases by including such models.

  • Fixed Percentage Model:

    The owner of the game can decide how to give much access to the game to users. So like in starting, they can provide an accessible platform up to a particular stage. After that, they can charge a small amount of money to cross a particular stage.

  • Memory Management:

    Our coding is so intelligent that it avoids unnecessary server requests to minimise the server billing. The game is stable in all the applications, so it is compatible with all android devices. 

How to Find Ludo Game App Development Company India 

BR Softech is helping firms to develop games like Ludo king to get maximum users. Developing a game like Ludo requires approximately two Lakhs. A minimum of two to four months is required to develop a game like Ludo. Our services include mobile game development and mobile app development for all games like racing, board games, actions games, etc. Ludo game development cost in India includes all the necessary technologies required for developing the game. 

We focus on providing top-notch tech games that you can play on devices and support a large user base. In terms of technology and design, our game stands high. We use leading technologies for game development like AWS cloud, SQL,, Azure stream analytics, Payment Integration, etc. 

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Our games perform well in terms of technology and design. We have a common goal to create top-notch tech games to play overall devices and support a vast user base. We have expertise in everything from our development team, programmers and designers. 

You can hire our developers to get the best games like Ludo king, from design to support, app development, and maintenance we offer to complete the Ludo development cycle. 

Here are some things we consider while building an app like Ludo King. 

  • Engaging Graphic of Game:

    Attracting more users is the primary role of any game. Users enjoy the game only when the graphics are simple, and the game is easy to access. So, we consider using simple yet effective graphics to engage more users in the game. Ludo game development cost includes the graphics you use to develop the game.

  • Layout the base:

    Depending on the budget, the game’s concept is refined by discussing and evaluating the idea of the game. After detailing the gaming structure, we create the final requirement report and settle project milestones and objectives.

  • Functionalities over the various platforms:

    Depending upon the platforms upon which will launch the platform. The game designer does detailed research and study and selects the features. IOS, Android, Windows, and React Native are the most commonly used platforms.

  • Final Delivery:

    The game developers integrate app API in a single game, effective QA and testing for each level Deploying the game to the respective app store. Depending upon the target audience, the marketing of the game is done. 

How Much Time does it Take to Develop a Game Like Ludo?

Developing a basic game like Ludo takes around ten weeks for highly energetic developers. According to the features, requirements, and platform compatibility for Ludo King game development, the time can also increase up to fifteen weeks. 

The average time taken can vary with the game’s requirements, and the more developers take more time, the better the game will be. Ludo game development cost in India varies from company to company and service to service. 

Cost Analysis 

BR Softech provides app development services to furnish you with the benefits by addressing your business issues and goal expertise. Our talented developers have years of experience developing a top-notch game app that supports android, iOS, desktop, and different platforms. The factors affecting the development of games like Ludo games are. 

  • Game Design:

    The design of the Ludo king game application is beautiful and user friendly to play. The face four menus work the players effectively perceive the fundamentals. Standards of the games like Ludo appear in the main menu with sharing and rating options of the game.

  • App Platform Cost:

    The stage you pick widely affects the development costs. The fundamental choice exists between Android, React Native and iOS. For example, the frameworks of Apple are 10-15 per cent costlier than that of other frameworks. If you choose a Native platform at this point, you would likely face cost hindrances.

  • App Size:

    The features of the games are affected by the size and functionality you want to integrate into the app like Ludo. Ludo game app development involves advanced features and technologies. Ludo game development cost is also including the app size.

  • Game App Testing:

    The overall cost of the game is also affected by the testing methods of the game. The game’s processing is smooth by removing bugs; the gamers prefer an excellent testing method. 

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Ludo Game App?

Based on the above technical aspects, an app like Ludo King will cost INR 7, 00, 000 to develop. Get a free estimate and an exact cost from BR Softech if you’re looking for Ludo game app development.

The cost of developing a game like Ludo depends on the company you choose and other different factors. 

Size of the Company 

Cost per hour

Small Company 


Intermediate Company 

$50 – $10 

Enterprise-level Company 

$100 – $300

Closing Thought of “Ludo Game”

Games like Ludo dominate gaming due to their high accessibility and attractive interface. You can get much more than your return investment with an attractive ludo game development.

Ludo game development cost depends upon the factors like using the running platform, testing methods, etc. But don’t worry BR Softech provide you same ludo game app on a mobile device or tablet device according to generation wise that you will game easily around the world with anyone person with full enjoyment.

FAQ’s On Game App Like Ludo 

Will You Provide the Source Code of the Ludo King App Clone?

Yes, of course. Providing our clients with the source code allows them to customize the app in the future as user expectations change. This depends on the app development package you choose. Source codes are included in the advanced package, but not in the basic package.

Can I Customise My Own Rules to the Ludo Game?

Yes, As the game engine which acts as the core of the project is developed in-house we can make any changes as per your request.

How Can I Get More Information About Your Game Development?

Yes, you can get more information about ludo game development visit our website here:  

Can you provide me with a live demo of the Ludo Game Game?

Yes, we provide a live demo of the ludo game app after the final launch.

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