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Essential Features & Cost to Create a Teen Patti Game Application

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 24, 2022

Whenever we talk about card games, the first thing that comes to our mind is the Teen Patti games. Teen Patti games are counted as the most popular and entertaining card games. Since Teen Patti games entered the digital space, it has drawn the eyeball of millions of users across the globe. Many gaming business owners also see teen Patti game development as a great opportunity to make a fortune. 

If you are in the online gaming industry and want to expand your reach to a wider audience then nothing can beat an exciting game like Teen Patti. There are hundreds of thousands of online Teen Patti games available on the Google Play Store and App Store, but only a few of them gained acceptance amongst the audience. 

If you are also willing to join the bandwagon of online games with an engaging and thriving Teen Patti game application, then you might have come across doubts related to essential features of the Teen Patti game, the cost of the Teen Patti game development, and so forth. 

If you also have similar questions, then you have landed on the correct page. Here in this blog post, we are going to answer such questions. 

What is a Teen Patti Game? 

Teen Patti game is one of the gambling card games that originated in India, and is famous across the globe. Just like any other poker or rummy game, the Teen Patti game starts with placing a bet. The game is widely enjoyed by people at gatherings, parties or family functions. The game has influenced a wide range of people irrespective of social status or age. It is a 3-card poker game for 3 to 6 players who have to possess the best 3-card hand and place bets before the showdown. 

Essential Features That Must Be Included In Teen Patti Game Application

Selecting the ideal features for the Teen Patti application is one of the most challenging things to do. Some people think of copying features from the successful Teen Patti game applications. However, copying features blindly is not the right thing to do, instead of making the game useful, these copied features will overweight the game and reduce the game application performance.

Teen patti game application

Also, selecting unnecessary features will add up to the Teen Patti game app development cost. Hence, it is advisable to select the right features to keep up with the Teen Patti game trends and make your Teen Patti game app cut above the rest. 

Basic Front-End FeaturesDescription 
Live game chatThis feature comes in handy for gamblers who want to communicate with the other participants playing the game with themselves. 
First-person game viewFirst-person is a graphical view rendered from the perspective of the player’s gameplay character. 
Personalized avatarsPersonalized game characters will enhance user engagement to an extent. Thus, allowing gamblers to personalize their Teen Patti game will go a long way to make your game successful in the market. 
No-limit tablesThis betting structure allows the gamblers to place the bets implementing no limits on the betting amount. This feature will attract gamblers who love to take risks.
Fixed table limitIt allows the gamblers to place 2x bets of the last drawn bet.
Daily cheap bonusBonus attracts the gamblers most, thus offering a free daily cheap bonus to the gamblers will give you a competitive edge in the market. 
Attractive user interfaceTeen Patti games are not particularly built for a specific age group, thus you need to design a Teen Patti game application that remains attractive for all ages of people. An efficient UI suitable for all ages of people will enrich the build quality of your Teen Patti game application. 
Social media integrationThis feature will enable gamblers to invite their friends to join them in their race of experiencing the thrill of the Teen Patti game. 
Animation A perfect mixture of animation will enrich the gameplay of the Teen Patti game. 

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Basic Back End FeaturesDescription 
Light-weight sizeLight-weight Teen Patti game applications that can be easily downloaded and installed on aWe have outlined some of the essential Teen Patti features above. Besides these, there are several other features as well such as a wallet, leaderboards, themes and so forth. The development cost will go down or up depending on the feature you decide to incorporate with your game application.ny smartphone will make it easy for gamblers to use your application even on their low-specification smartphones. 
Constant UpdatesTo introduce new and exciting features to your audience, constant and timely updates are essential. A reputable Teen Patti game developer will help you do so. 
Detailed Analytics & StatisticsThe gamblers will see detailed analytics & statistics of their gaming performance. This will help them understand how well they are performing and where they lack, so they can take wise steps to improve their performance. 
Multiplayer OptionsPlaying an online Teen Patti game with the players you know in person will enrich the gaming experience. 
Compatible with multiple devicesAn online Teen Patti game needs to be compatible with the majority of the devices available in the market. This will allow you to target a wider audience.
Multiple currency supportAs Teen Patti games allow players to make some money while playing the game, then adding support to multiple currencies will provide convenience to the players and they will be able to deposit or withdraw the money in their preferred currency. 
Multilingual supportOnline Teen Patti games are far ahead of the geographical restrictions. Such online games can be played anywhere in the world, hence, you need to add support to multiple languages so players can use the game application in their understandable language. 

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Cost to Develop Teen Patti Game Application 

3 Patti game development is not an overnight task and hence requires a professional team of designers and developers. On average, Teen Patti game development costs around $20,000 to $25,000. However, the cost may shoot up depending on various factors. If you want to incorporate advanced features, functionalities and tech stack in your Teen Patti game app, then it will cost you somewhere between $30,000 to $40,000. 

Factors That Can Influence the Cost of Teen Patti Game Development

To determine the cost of Teen Patti game development, you need to know the features involved in developing it. The following are some of the most common factors that play a vital role in determining the cost of 3 Patti Game development.

Teen Patti Game Development Company

First, you need to choose what variations of the Teen Patti game you want to develop and which company you are going to hire for these variations of Teen Patti game app development. Either you can hire a freelancer or a team of game developers.

If you hire freelancers, then the development cost might be cheaper in comparison to hiring a team of game developers. However, if you want quality work, then hiring a team of game developers would go a long way.

Apart from this, the geographical location of the Teen Patti game development company will also influence the development cost. An India-based game development company would be a much cheaper option and bring quality work into existence.


We have outlined some of the essential Teen Patti features above. Besides these, there are several other features as well such as a wallet, leaderboards, themes and so forth. The development cost will go down or up depending on the feature you decide to incorporate with your game application.

Game Development Platform

There are two most prominent game development platforms: Android and iOS. Rather than choosing a single development platform, it is advisable to develop an application for both operating systems. The chosen game development platform will also add up to the Teen Patti game app development cost. 

Game Security

Just developing a high-performance Teen Patti game application with an appealing user interface won’t be enough to grow the online gambling business. Since card games involve money, Teen Patti game developers need to keep gaming security as their utmost priority. 

The development company needs to invest a lot of time and resources to find out loopholes in the game and later needs to address these loopholes to make a secure Teen Patti game application. As you know nothing comes for free, hence adding an advanced level of security to your game will add up the development cost.

Final Words

The popularity of the Teen Patti game application is reaching new heights, thanks to the technology improvements such as AR/VR, AI, chatbox and many others to name. Therefore, investing in this lucrative industry will allow you to make huge revenue.

As you know, Teen Patti card game development is not a straightforward task. It requires a leading Teen Patti game development company like BR Softech that can offer you reliable, credible, and reliable Teen Patti gaming solutions.

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 Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How to develop a Teen Patti game?

In order to develop an interactive game like Teen Patti, developers need to follow a pre-defined set of stages. The Teen Patti game development process includes the steps like audience research, UI/UX design, development, testing and debugging, launching and marketing. Read More

What are the benefits of developing a Teen Patti game?

Teen Patti real cash game offers plentiful benefits to both investors and developers. Some of the major benefits are a growing platform user base, cost-effective architecture, a famous game, and a profitable business model. Read More

What is the cost to develop the Teen Patti game?

The Teen Patti game source code costs around $20,000 to $25,000. The final cost to develop a Teen Patti game application depends on various factors, including the location of the developers, complexity of features, platform, tech stack, game design, and type

What are the best Teen Patti apps?

The best Teen Patti app list includes Happy Teen Patti, Teen Patti Master, Teen Patti gold, Teen Patti Online, Teen Patti party and teen Patti Joy. Read More

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