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How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Mobile App?

Jan 02, 2018
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Develop a Bitcoin Mobile App

A digital coin or cryptocurrency is based on functionality those are based on customer thinking then the cryptocurrency development companies provide the best source and user-friendly services on customer-based these type of application is totally secure with SSL layer and 2-factor transaction so we can say that the cryptocurrency is of bitcoin is the largest business application platform at present time.

The Application Feature is Based on These Type of Features:

  • User Panel

The user panel of the bitcoin or cryptocurrency is based on the seller and buyer user-based. The dependency of the user panel is based on these types of panels:

(i) Registration: You can create your account detail and also login with the social network website on this platform with a credentials account.

(ii) Manage Your Account: In this section after confirmation, the user or customer easily sell or receive bitcoin with information related to a seller, Bitcoin rate and amount and also with information.

(iii) Buy Bitcoins: According to information, the user can buy the bitcoin with related seller information such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum amount.

(iv) Selling Bitcoins: It contains selling cost, information such as bitcoin to allow to bitcoin sell.

(v) Filtered Search: filtered search option is based on price, coin choosing for making the whole procedure for investment simplified.

(vi) Request a Deal: Once all deal is done on cryptocurrency then the process starts for user verification, if it not found then they navigate original verification page.

(vii) Identify the Buyer: In this section, the seller can see buyer list because it is displayed buyer or seller name, the number of bitcoin purchasing also with a deal number of the verified transaction.

  • Send & Receive Bitcoin

With help of this service you can send your bitcoin with help of wallet service which is established by blockchain network via smart contract development. is there have some feature which is helpful to improve these services

Send & Receive Bitcoin

(i) User status: User can check all status with account detail on membership account detail

(ii) Push Notifications: it is the notification result is related to new requests or services along with transactions and activation to the users.

  • Admin Panel

The admin panel of the application or website is based on the administrator which is provide these type of services to make a better service of the user. The admin panel has authority to modify the setting, content analysis, manage withdrawal setting with the request, pin or password request and many more.

(i) Dashboard & Login: The dashboard and login are provided with a service to the user with all credentials and can view the profile of the user such as an address, account register date, status, processing etc. feature provides on the dashboard and after the login screen.

(ii) Membership Management: Membership management is based on application and website development services offer which depends on the membership package that is availed by the user which is managed by a different type of category. This type of membership managed and stored by the admin panel.

(iii) User Management: User management is based on user account information, once the admin login with username and password then he will be able to see a user of activating on the website, registered user etc made by the user and their total earning.

Feature of Bitcoin Application Development

features of Bitcoin Application Development

If we are talking about bitcoin application development then we know about the application feature to improve services on the application platform. These types of features improve an application service globally.

QR Code Scanner this feature is best at present time in application development which is decode the barcode and QR code with camera application permission scanning. The scanning permission will save time and lessons hashle of entering the long account. In the bitcoin application, a user can scan and they are ready to make payment.

2-Factor Authorization It is a totally secure feature of payment gateway application which is based on user registered account number or email. Once the user and someone log in account and transaction to another person, then it is required to and generates an OTP on registered mobile or email id to make a successful transaction.

So the 2-factor authentication is can be opened by the user none of the other people can access the application.

Billing & Invoicing It is based on a bitcoin wallet application service-based. The billing and invoicing process in business trading in bitcoin offering and funding that is generated every transaction record which is called invoice and make paid automatically on the monthly basis to business trading parties.

Technology Involved

We use best technology to make best services in application and provide lots of best services. Mobile application developer need to be technicalities and about the system. These are some technology code which improves application performance.

  • it’s generating the address and transaction through bitcoin wallet to making reliable service on application runtime.

  • it is open source ruby application code. It is a full node of a crypto coin, Bitcoin and uses WebSocket API to making communication server easier.

  • Bitcoin: Bitcoin is passing by java library that allows to deeply integrated bitcoin application.

  • Robust Framework, database manage the data of ICO and blockchain API.

  • Bitcoin RPC: That is used for constructing distributed, client-server based application.

Development Process

Development Process

The development process depends on application creation like (Analysis, Design, Development, QA, Launch) these type of process make the best application server platform.

Analysis: this information is used to plan the basic project to conduct a feasibility study in the economic, operational and technical areas that are to be integrated and all the related documentation form a major part of this step.

Design: The design approaches clearly define the architectural module of the project along with the communication and data flow representation of the third-party module. The front end design must be tailored with the lipidology and graphical features of the embedded functionalities of the app.

Implementation: It is major turning point phase where all features are designed and made operable as well while applying the concerned technologies.

QA (Quality Assurance): This stage is usually a subset of all the stages as in the modern application development, the testing activities are mostly involved in all the stages of application development and verified all the bugs and stringent measures must be adopted in fix time.

Launch: Once the application is tested and ready to be deployed or launch, it is released formally in the appropriate globally market. Sometimes apply development happens in stages as per the business strategy of that organization.

Required Team Structure:

The team structure of website or cryptocurrency app development is based on project management or a manager who should be able to figure out the best-optimized solutions and must have good command to resolve errors and modifications. The developer’s team creates and develop its own creativity based feature in the application and website and the designer team provide an impressive and attractive user interface to customer and client after all the tester team has checked all the process of the website and application to define bug and exception on the live platform to change or modified to make the best application in the global market.

Development Cost Estimation For bitcoin development

In the global market the cost of bitcoin application development is BR Softech  is taken $20000-$35000 USD fee, it around 25-30$ hour basis by technology stack and development team and provide a best application best feature as per client requirement.


Bitcoin is the most trading platform currency at present time and everyone needs to develop an application to make easier and more reliable service in the global market. The application of bitcoin is providing exchange, selling, trading, funding, sending, receiving services in one touch application platform with a one-touch feature and smart secure 2-factor features. Is there BR Softech providing the best bitcoin application at the cheapest price with lots of features and smart secure service?

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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