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A smart contract is a digital protocol that is used by blockchain technology. In today's world, smart contracts are regarded as the norm for validating transactions between two or more parties. BR softech is a professional smart contract development company that develops fully integrated smart contracts.

We employ blockchain smart contract developers that are driven by more than 4+ years of collective experience in blockchain technology. So, one can expect the development of smart contract solutions that can be executed more efficiently and with greater reliability.

With our dedicated team of smart contract developer, we offer the most efficient and effective distributed ledger tools. We provide a smart contract development platform for different verticals such as the financial sector, supply chain, and other sectors. A large part of our tech stack integrates programming languages related to blockchain like Java, Solidity, and Go.

Our Ethereum smart contract developer uses a framework based on ERC20 to guarantee the development of tailored Ethereum smart contracts that deal with business complexities efficiently.

Being counted as the blockchain smart contract development firm we go a long way to help the enterprises use blockchain technology in supply chain management, international trade, healthcare, remittance, insurance, etc. As a result of the development of smart contracts, companies have been able to drastically reduce transaction costs by eliminating the need for intermediaries.

By working with us, you can integrate blockchain smart contracts into your business so that third parties are reduced to a minimum.

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You can hire highly-skilled blockchain smart contract developer from BR Softech who are driven by more than 4+ years of accumulating experience in blockchain technology. In the initial stages, our developers will work with you to understand your business requirements and suggest a smart contract that will enable you to achieve those goals. In addition, our team of developers has expertise in several platforms for smart contracts development such as Ethereum, Hyperledger, Hedra, Hashgraph, EOS, among others.

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Smart Contract Development Services

The following is an overview of our smart contract development services which adhere to the right automation for our global clientele.

  • Design & Development of Smart Contract

    We design and develop smart contracts that are aligned with the business nature and the size. By bringing advanced and customizable solutions to your business, we aim to bring the automation it needs.

  • Smart Contract for Decentralised Apps

    We provide decentralised apps and blockchain smart contracts in order to maximise the functionality, security, and efficiency of business procedures or software.

  • Smart Contract for DEX

    During the development of smart contracts for decentralised exchange apps, we prioritise the end-user data, the business logic, and the data maintenance to ensure maximum safety.

  • Smart Contract for Digital Wallets

    Smart contracts allow digital wallets to make transactions without the need for any third-party intermediaries. Our smart contracts allow them to self execute the transactions on the demand of the user.

  • Ethereum and Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

    We develop Ethereum based ERC-20 smart contract development services in addition to smart contracts on Hyperledger for different industry verticals.

  • Smart Contracts Architecture

    We employ best practises developing the smart contract architecture due to the computer-based protocol's need for an error-free workflow.

  • Self-Auditing Mechanism

    Our smart contracts code requires a smooth workflow in business procedures for using it at its best. We have skilled professionals to make specific methods for smart contract development for making procedures error-free and reliable.

  • Smart Contracts Optimization

    We provide optimised smart contracts that help decrease the wastage of Ethereum gas. We have a specialisation in smart contract optimization for a smooth work procedure.

  • Smart Contracts Audit

    The Smart Contract Audit guarantees the development of a trustworthy smart contract. A full evaluation of smart contracts enables us to ensure a flawless and valid digital contract.

  • Tron Smart Contract Development

    Our Tron smart contract development services are self-executing programs that execute particular tasks whenever a smart contract is triggered.

  • EOS Smart Contract Development

    We are also to work on EOS smart contract development that is capable of handling notification from the different sources of the other contracts and can even trigger action in other contracts.

  • Smart Contract Development for Defi

    The smart contract development service we provide for Defi brings the best level of automation in the process of establishing claims, creating invoices, tracing invoices, and so on.

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What are the Benefits of Solidity Smart Contract Development?

Our Solidity smart contract development services can provide some top-notch benefits to your business. Here is an overview of the benefits we can deliver for your business.

  • Flexible Structure

    In keeping with the progress of technology, we provide our clients with smart contracts that are fully debatable. Furthermore, our clients can act swiftly in an emergency situation to take control of the transaction process.

  • Automated Observing

    Automated payment structures into our established standardised contracts support reduced transaction fees while computerised monitoring is performed for the difficult term structures.

  • Dependable Architect

    We make smart contracts easy to construct, handle, and implement on any Blockchain that supports them with our dedicated Blockchain Smart Contracts developers. For every transaction, we create easy-to-understand, enforceable, and enforceable digital agreements.

  • Authorised Access

    The agreements and transactions we authorise on behalf of clients are reliable and can be transferred between anonymous and disparate parties without the need for outside enforcement or centralised authority.

Our Blockchain Smart Contract Development Process

Here is how we get your smart contract from ground level to a position where it is suitable to accomplish your business goals.


To enable your smart contract to be effective, our team will analyse and understand your business use case. Next, we will prepare a development roadmap that will be followed by our team.

Technical Designing

During this process, documentation will be prepared on the need for smart contracts, as well as a technical architecture design and data flow diagram. Also, delivery milestone creation will take place during this stage.

Detailed Development

At this stage, smart contract structure development will take place for both the beta level and the alpha level. Clients will be able to test a release version of the smart contract structure.

Deployment & Upgradation

In the end, the smart contract will be deployed on the main network based on the preferences of the client. Afterward, we will start deploying new smart contracts from the backlog.

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Why Choose BR Softech as Your Smart Contract Development Company?

As one of the leading companies in blockchain smart contract development, BR Softech has developed smart contracts on multiple platforms like R3 Corda, Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric. With effective technologies, we also assist businesses in building reliable business solutions. Let one of our professional blockchain developers help you and solve all your business problems.

As a leading smart contract development company, we specialise in providing custom smart contract development solutions that align with your business requirements.

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What is smart contract development?

A smart contract is a piece of software that is based on Blockchain technology and can be executed on its own when certain conditions are met without the involvement of any intermediary.

How do smart contracts work?

Smart contracts, which operate on Blockchain, are recorded in a public database and cannot be changed. Contract terms are defined by the parties involved in the transactions and then translated into code by the programmers. This code represents the conditions under which the transaction takes place. This code is stored on the public blockchain and whenever the contract terms are satisfied, then the transaction is executed on its own without the involvement of the intermediary.

How to develop a smart contract?

Smart contracts are pieces of computer code that can be easily created by any blockchain development firm that serves your specific business needs.

What tools do you use to develop smart contracts?

Here is a list of some of the tools we used to develop blockchain smart contracts.

  • Truffle
  • MetaMask
  • Ganache
  • Remix IDE
  • Geth
  • SonarSolidity
  • MythX

Do you provide smart contract development services for Ethereum?

Yes, at BR Softech we also offer Smart contract development services on Ethereum.

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