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How Much Does it Cost to Create iGaming Software?

written by Harshita Khangarot | Aug 04, 2022
iGaming Software

igaming is undergoing a revolution of technological advancement. With BR Softech, you can create a fully functional and robust igaming solution without the hassle. Providing seamless integration and fast access to top games such as sports betting, fantasy sports, online casinos, and more, with a team of skilled professionals is our specialty.

As a market leader, we offer ample services to help you achieve your goals effortlessly. Our team manages all your needs, including choosing a platform and ensuring technical proficiency. Our online gaming software developers align their expertise with ours to create a unique and impactful solution.

igaming app development

According to Statista, in the fiscal year 2019, the value of the Indian gaming industry amounted to 62 billion Indian rupees. It was expected that the industry will be worth over 250 billion rupees by 2024, marking a tremendous potential in this sector.

What is iGaming?

Gaming that involves betting or gambling is referred to as iGaming. iGaming (or online gaming) involves playing or betting on the outcome of a game or event through the internet, such as live casino games, slot machines, sports betting, and horse racing betting. The iGaming industry includes, but is not limited to, sports betting, online casino games, poker games, video games, etc. but sports betting and casino games account for the largest share.

Software for iGaming: Things to Consider 

Make sure you choose your iGaming software provider carefully

Gambling enthusiasts have a wide selection of online casinos to choose from when selecting an online casino. Sites with high-quality games, lucrative bonuses, secure payment methods, and excellent customer service will always be preferred. Creating the best live casino platform requires considering these elements. 

A successful future depends on choosing the right software provider. Making the right iGaming choice requires careful consideration of the following points. 

UI and Software Are Excellent 

  • Customers will notice your website first. Your website cannot attract new customers if it is unattractive and poorly designed. 
  • The best software provider will be able to provide you with an excellent website UI and customize your needs accordingly. 
  • Your existing customers may even leave if your software lags and your UI is poor.  

Mobile device optimizations: 

  • Mobile gaming has become increasingly popular among players today. Mobile-friendly iGaming Software in Gambling should be used.
  •  You’ll be able to attract new customers and keep existing ones by optimizing for mobile. 

Reliable and safe software: 

  • In the casino industry, safety is of utmost importance. 
  • Players have made a name for themselves with iGaming platforms that have gained their trust. 
  • Make all necessary arrangements for players by creating your online gaming software exceptionally well. 
  • The best way to gain customers’ trust is to inform them how safe their money is on the platform and bring transparency to it. 

Integrate with third parties:

  • Ensure that your online gaming software provider integrates third-party payment gateways that are reliable.
  • Integrations with third parties are necessary for a variety of reasons, such as issuing payouts and accepting deposits through a payments gateway.
  • You should look for someone who has third-party integrations for your platform if a software provider doesn’t have them. 

Exceptional Customer Service: 

  • Customer service also determines the reliability of a casino platform. Your online gaming business can even lose money if you provide poor customer service. 
  • For this reason, every update on your software should be communicated to your customer support team. 
  • The software provider for your platform must be open and transparent about everything related to the platform’s software. 
  • A new iGaming business should take this step as one of their first steps.

Our iGaming Software Development Services

With an extremely competitive market and increased gamers expectations, it has become essential to select the right iGaming software development company. Optimize your iGaming experience with BR Softech. Our team of skilled professionals helps you achieve your goal of offering high-end services which can help your operators gain a position as the market leader.

From game design to development, Payment gateway script intergration, 3rd party game integration, multiple payment system integrations, affiliate system, stats, and odd API integration, we include everything in our igaming software development process.

Without further ado, let’s find out more about the services we offer:

1. Robust Software Development
2. Includes 3rd party Gaming Integrations
3. Multilingual Implementation
4. Ownership of User Data
5. Payment Gateway Integration
6. Native iOS and Android Apps
7. Consider All the Jurisdictional Compliances

Apart from these, we do not take any commission on the licensing model. We also provide with Whitelabel igaming software to help you mark your presence in the market successfully.

iGaming Software Solutions We Develop

iGaming Software Solutions

BR Softech helps you develop high-rated igaming software solutions. We help you provide with conceptual layout with wireframe, enhanced security, high-end features and functionality that one must include.

We majorly focus on developing:

  • iGaming Software for Fantasy App
  • iGaming Software for Sports Betting
  • iGaming Software for Poker Betting
  • iGaming Software for Casino Betting

With increasing competition, it has become a must to invest in the right software and meet players expectations. It is essential to meet the gamers expectation while ensuring an enjoyable player experience. Quality is our top-most priority for making the best in class software offering lasting online gaming experience.

The global online gambling market is anticipated to be valued at more than 94 billion U.S. dollars in 2024. The current size of the market is almost 46 billion U.S. dollars, meaning the size is forecast to double in the upcoming years.

igaming software solutions

The right igaming software will consist of things that matter like:

1. Fantasy Sports Solutions: –

Our Fantasy sports applications and software come with a plethora of advanced features inevitable to build an influential business model consisting of features like:

  • Database of visitors and players
  • Sports lobby
  • Ad Modules
  • Social Media Integration
  • Achievement badges

Fantasy sports app development is an emerging trend of recent times. Investing in fantasy sports is a smart business idea. We as a Fantasy Sports Software Development Service Provider is offering a great opportunity to entrepreneurs who are willing to start their business in fantasy sports like Football, Cricket, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis and a lot more.

2. Sports Betting Solutions: –

Sports betting now becomes exciting platforms that allow people to develop their own team. With the digitization, it has drastically changed to the core, and with the explosion of technological advancement, it has achieved another level of success.

Sports betting is all about making predictions of sporting events and placing a wager to win more.

Our Sports Betting Software includes:

  • Live feed and real-time simulation
  • Give advantage over traditional on-site betting
  • Helps you compare odds from multiple bookmakers
  • Allow users to unfold the overall betting experience
  • Give users access to live feed of various games on any platform Like Android, iOS

To develop the top-rated sports betting app and website, we Integrate of latest technologies like APNS, GWT, Cloud Environment, Database, Real-Time Analytics, Debian, CentOS, Macintosh, Ubuntu, Datastax, Sinch, Nexmo, and a lot more depending on your business requirements.

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3. Online Casino Software Solutions: –

The casino platform is a powerful software solution that helps you manage your gaming business efficiently. Online Casino games have replaced the traditional way of playing while bringing modernization and convenience. With the emergence of technology advancement, online casino game got immense popularity.

Here we have listed the types of casino games we develop:

  • No Download Casino Software
  • Casino Software Download
  • Live Casino Software
  • Virtual Reality Casino Software

You can evaluate the casino game software by considering Game Variety, Language Support, Cross-compatibility of Games, Graphics, Audio and a lot more. Our Online casino software includes Top-quality graphics, Intuitive User Interface, Great Customer Support, Privacy & fraud Protection, and Advanced Themes.

4. ESports Platform Development: –

ESports often considered a form of an organized, multiplayer video game. With 600 million viewers and estimated revenue of 1.48 billion by 2020 makes igaming esports popular around the world. With a team of skilled professionals, we help you develop a beneficial ESports Platform consisting of all the required features.

With BR Softech you can get:

  • Whitelabel Esports Platform Development
  • Custom Esports Software Development
  • Esports Tournament Management Platform
  • Esports Mobile App Development

We help you bring the spectacular Esports gaming world into reality with our team of expert professionals. This engaging platform attracts the attention of millions offering an appealing tournament platform with easy navigation and technical expertise.

5. Social Gaming Platform Development: –

Develop a unique game with social check-ins and mark your presence in the market with BR Softech. Our mobile and server technology helps you grow your business through the community of sports fans. We have specialized in Social Gaming Platform Development offering an outstanding gaming experience. To make social gaming more engaging we include options like:

  • Push Notifications
  • Messages
  • Live Chat
  • Match Forums
  • Activity walks
  • Achievement badges

These features make your social gaming platform more attractive and make a lasting impression on gamers around the world. We help you develop an outstanding social gaming platform offering customized solutions to your needs.

The Factors Affecting the Cost of Developing Mobile Games

When developing a mobile game app, it is important to consider different factors. Here are the top factors that affect mobile game development costs!

1. Costs related to pre-development

A Game Design Document (GDD) incorporates each game’s details in a well-structured mobile game development process. Being a fundamental step, it is one of the most important.

Creating a game design document takes time and effort, which causes pre-development costs. These costs can be measured based on factors such as the cost per working hour.

2. The platform

Choosing iOS, Android, or both platforms would be helpful. The platform you choose greatly influences the cost of developing your game and its reach and revenue potential. It costs more to develop an Android app than an iOS app. Mobile platforms, however, favor Android.

It is more expensive to administer and pay for Apple gadgets when choosing iOS. The cost of developing a single platform is lower than that of developing multiple platforms.

If you choose only one platform, you will be unable to generate revenue from other platforms. Therefore, the best solution is to develop cross-platform apps that take advantage of every platform’s features.

3. The design

The process of designing a mobile game involves several layers. As part of this stage, you can determine the target users, the levels of the game, the environment of the game, as well as the gameplay. If the game app is not planned properly, it may be prone to many bugs and glitches. Therefore, you should proceed cautiously with this step.

UI/UX designers, architects, and game artists are among the many experts involved in the design and development process. Depending on their experience and capacities, these professionals charge fees.

4. Testing of game apps

In the same way that game development is crucial, the testing process is equally important. Bugs cannot be tolerated by gamers.

To ensure a good user experience, ensure that the game runs smoothly, without any glitches. A game development company can provide you with testing services. Keep a portion of your budget aside for them.

5. Genres and categories

App development costs for virtual reality apps, social gaming apps, and casual gaming apps vary greatly. Depending on their complexity, game apps can be categorized as follows:

  • Casual 2D Games:

    These games feature a soundtrack and simple 2D graphics. This is a very basic 2D game, but it has a high user engagement rate and can be scaled up easily.
  • Playing mini:

    Games is as simple as playing in a solitary environment without any particular skills needed. It may be necessary to fix a budget if you wish to include more graphics or have higher expectations of the game app.
  • Games of mid-level quality:

    These mobile games feature good graphics, a story, character modeling, and a variety of levels. Players have engaged for a longer period of time thanks to the depth and variety of the content.
  • Facebook, for example, has become a hub for social games that are played by many users. In these games, the user’s information is limited, just like in-browser games. These games are generally developed with SDKs provided by social platforms.
  • Games of High Level:

    Games like these require a huge budget, but if you reach the right audience, you can earn great rewards. A cautious approach to the game plan, strategy, and design would be helpful.
  • Game of Business:

    Boosting team-building efforts with mobile games is beneficial to modern businesses. Using mobile games internally encourages creativity, improves communication, and enhances employee engagement and fun. Cross-platform compatibility, exciting graphics, storyline, and soundtrack are features of these multiplayer games.

6. Complexity of the game

Once you decide on a game’s category and genre, you are able to identify its most important features. The integration of social media will suffice if it’s a simple game.

PUBG is a complex game, so if you want to develop it, you’ll need gyroscopes, voice integration, etc. As a result, game development costs increase.

7. Engine for Mobile Games

Additionally, the game engine plays a crucial role in determining the cost of developing a mobile game. Thus, selecting one of these engines is crucial since your mobile game relies entirely on them. You will need to select a mobile game engine based on the game’s features, type, and category.

The app development market offers a variety of mobile game development engines. There are pros and cons to all of them. It is up to you to choose based on your needs.

What is the Cost of Developing a Mobile Game?

In addition to platform preferences, features, and functionalities included in the game, development technologies, and the size of the game, the cost of mobile game development is highly dependent on these factors. Also, the cost varies from region to region and from organization to organization.

If you want an advanced graphics-driven, high-complexity, multi-platform game, you will have to pay more. Having fewer demands will result in a lower price.

The Estimated Cost to Create iGaming Software

Cost to Create iGaming SoftwareChoosing a reliable iGaming software can be a daunting task. One must be clear whether you want to opt for a white-label igaming software provider or wish to hire a top-notch software development company. Gaming has become a highly profitable business with all the upgradations and tremendous growth. To gain this momentum, most game software development companies provide class-apart features and quality services to grab the bettor’s attention in today’s market.

BR Softech being in the industry for several years known as the best igaming platform providers. With our team of skilled professionals, we help you develop an advanced igaming platform consisting all the required features as per market demand. The estimated cost with a respective license obtained will set back for approximately $300,000 to $1,000,000. Unleash the ideas that can help you deliver the best user experience using the most reliable software.

Processes of developmentiOS Platforms ($)Android Platforms ($)
Developing natively15-22k12-20k
Designing UX/UI3-6k2-4k
Development of the backend5-7k4-6k
Admin panel for web development4.5k4.6k
Quality Assurance and Testing6-8k5-7k
10-15% of the budget is allocated to project management4k3.8k
The final cost40-60k30-55k

What is The Best Way to Monetize a Game App?

Mobile game apps must be monetized if you want to earn money from users who download or use them frequently. Your app can be monetized in several ways:

1. Purchases made in-app

The most common monetization strategy for mobile apps involves adding features that require users to pay real money. However, users would need to pay real money for some of the locked features in these apps.

2. subscription

Subscriptions are the easiest and most popular method of monetization because they require users to pay a certain amount every month. Feature-rich and lucrative apps, regardless of their price, will attract users who are willing to pay subscription fees.

3. Promotions

For avid gamers, this must be the least preferred method of monetization. The last thing anyone wants is to be irritated while playing. The best way to monetize their game applications is through this method. As a result, users are more likely to switch to the premium version of the game without any additional advertisements.

4. The Freemium Model

Users can initially download the premium apps for free without paying any additional fees. Users are asked to purchase the premium version of the game once they start exploring the features. As a result, it is a preferred monetization method, as it aids users in analyzing the value of a mobile game and determining how to monetize it.

Everything considered,

Igaming is at its peak at the moment. The igaming industry is experiencing a boom due to technological advancements and advances in gaming. With the continual innovation of gadgets and technological upgrades, the 21st century has witnessed astonishing growth. It is possible to ensure engaging user experiences with igaming app development by offering comprehensive options.

Your software can be enhanced with any feature you want, from game management to player management. We at BR Softech can help you increase revenue by providing secure, reliable, and trustworthy software for your online gaming business. By providing anti-fraud software with easy integration, we help you provide the utmost flexibility.


What are the Services offered by BR Softech the iGaming Development Company?

Full theme and custom game development are typical services offered by BR Softech. Creating 2D and 3D themes and game assets programming, development, and modification. Game porting and advanced gaming features are seamlessly integrated. Games that integrate social media with social media.

The development of single-player and multiplayer games. In addition to proprietary slot platforms, table games, multiplayer game development, and full-scale backend support for online gaming operations, companies like BR Softech offer other products.

What Game Development Services does BR Softech provide?

With our game development services, you can be sure that you will gain the results and opportunities you need to grow.

We offer our clients the following services.

  • Custom Game Design Services
  • Game Animation
  • Engaging UI/UX Design
  • AR Game Development
  • VR Game Development
  • Game Marketing Services
  • Social Gaming Services
  • Fantasy Game Services

What are the Tools and Technologies you used for iGaming Development at BR Softech?

  • GitHub.
  • Bitbucket.
  • VRMark.
  • Amazon GameLift.
  • Google Cloud Game Servers.
  • XInput.
  • Google Gaming.
  • FBX.

I do not have any Technical background. How will BR Softech help me?

Don’t worry, BR Softech always welcome their customers. We have our experts who will explain you every terms of your igaming development website or app.

I am looking out for iGaming Development, how do I Contact BR Softech?

If you are looking for a igaming development, you can contacts us on our website or directly contact us on our toll free number.

What is the future of the iGaming market?

Combined with movies and sports, gaming has become a bigger industry than ever before. According to a report from market research firm SuperData, gaming revenue increased 12 percent to $139.9 billion in 2020 from $120.1 billion in 2019.

Everything considered,

This is the best time to enter in igaming arena. Emerging trends of technology advancement and boom in the igaming industry are the true reflection of success this industry is experiencing. 21st century has witnessed the astonishing growth offering more to discover with continues innovation of gadgets and technology upgrades. By adding comprehensive options to igaming app development you can ensure engaging user experience.

From game management to player management you can add any features in your software to increase its proficiency. Boost your business revenue investing in secure, reliable and trustworthy software with BR Softech. We help you provide with utmost flexibility, Anti-fraud software with easy integration.

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