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Cost to Develop Sportsbook Betting Software Like Bet365

Sports Betting
Feb 20, 2024
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Cost to Develop Sportsbook Betting Software Like Bet365

Do you want to develop a sportsbook betting software like bet365? Do you know how much it costs to develop bet365 betting software? 

With the changing time, people and their habits of dealing with things have also changed. We can take instances of watching different sports on TV, previously people used to bet offline with their friends including limited options but now the scenario has changed. There are a lot of Sportsbook Betting Software solutions that facilitate users for online sports betting including various sports.

If you hire sportsbook betting software developers from a leading development firm, it will provide you with options in sports betting development that involves both custom and white label betting software. 

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In this blog, you will learn all about the development cost of sports betting software like Bet 365. 

How To Build Sportsbook Betting Software Like Bet365? 

While hiring online white-label betting software providers to develop sports betting apps like Bet365, you have to look out for the entire sports betting development process. Below are some phrases that are an integral part of the development procedure.

1. Identifying the User’s Requirements 

Before getting into the sports betting industry, know the requirements of your targeted users. Professional bettors are well-composed with the winning or losing elements of the sports betting app but there are some newbies also who still need to learn many things about betting. So keep your app at the scale of every kind of user. Analyze what they want in a betting app, you can also offer them betting software like Bet365. 

2. Market Analysis

While analyzing the user’s requirements, it is also necessary to see the current market situation and hot trends. According to that, you have to develop your White label betting software. Most importantly, don’t follow your competitor’s strategy, do something unique to them. Otherwise, why would players use your app if you are offering the same services?

3. License & Certificates

If you are going to operate a gambling business, it is necessary to take a permit in the form of a gaming license or certificate from your country’s legal authorities. All nations have varied sports betting laws under different jurisdictions. You must know about your country’s laws for sports betting. Various countries don’t support betting and have declared it illegal. 

a) USA 

Online sports betting is legal in some states of the USA such as New Jersey, West Virginia, and Nevada. While in some states, it is illegal to launch any product or service related to gambling. 

B) Europe

The gambling laws and rules are different in different countries of the Europe region. For instance, in Italy, you can easily get a gambling license for your business within a few days or weeks. While in Germany, it is not allowed to launch any type of gambling business.  

C) Australia 

When it comes to gambling, the restriction is not that strict in Australia as compared to the USA. You can easily launch a gambling business here if you have a valid license. 

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4. Additional Customization 

If you are having a clone betting script, custom betting software, or white label betting software, then you might need some additional changes to it. These changes can be anything like theme, app logo, overall color, etc. as per your choice of geography, jurisdiction, sports choice, etc.

5. Quality Assurance 

After the changes, testing is necessary for the end product in terms of design and development level to check for any glitches inside the system. It needs to be fixed if there is any.

6. Software Deployment 

Deployment refers to launching the app or website to the users where they can use the software development services after downloading. Sports betting software providers are responsible for the safe and efficient deployment of sports betting mobile apps. 

7. Post-launch Support & Maintenance 

When you hire sports betting app developers, ask them to provide support after the app-launch services. The app needs updates after a specific time for smooth operations and working. Hence, it is important for you to check whether or not the development company is offering a regular maintenance check for the seamless performance of the application.

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What is the Cost to Develop A Sportsbook Betting Software Like Bet365?

There are some considerable aspects while developing sports betting Software like Bet365. It includes software platform, features, complexity, software development team and their location, etc.

On average, the cost to develop a sportsbook betting software like Bet365 ranges from $22k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost of bet365 software may go up to $30k and more depending on the complexity of the project or business. 

Factors of Bet365 Sports Betting Software Development Cost 

Here is the list of the factors that affects the overall Bet365 sportsbook software cost. Some of them are: 

Software Platforms

Android and iOS are the main platforms used for software deployment but the costs of these platforms are different and if you want to have a cross-platform app, then it will cost you less as compared to the native app development. 

Software Features & Complexities

If you want to incorporate core and advanced features in the sports betting software, the mobile betting app development cost will be higher. As a result, the platform will provide an amazing experience to players. The more complex features you add, the more will be the cost of the project. Whereas, the betting software with less-advanced features costs you less. 

Experience of the Company

If you don’t have the budget issues, you can always opt for a highly advanced and experienced betting development company that can keep up with the advancement and trends of the betting industry. Whereas, if you have a tight budget, you can opt for mid-level experienced or startup betting development companies to get your project done at affordable rates. 

Location of the developers 

The location of the developers are meant to be a deciding factor for the overall cost or budget of the project. Indian developers tend to be affordable as compared to UK and USA’s developers. If you have less budget, you can opt for indian sports betting developers offering reliable and engaging solutions at affordable rates.

Final Words 

The price of your white label betting software can vary due to requirements, ideology, and features but expert sports betting app developers at BR Softech never compromise on the app quality. We provide end-to-end high-quality solutions at an affordable cost. Hurry up and come to us to have thrilling sports betting app software. 

Whether you opt for a basic featured app version or an advanced featured version, leave the rest to us. Our sports betting software development company will assist you to create a sports betting mobile app and web for your betting business idea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the key features of sports betting mobile apps? 

In order to create sports betting software like Bet365, make sure to integrate some of the crucial features, including live scores, betting guides, player details, betting model selection, betting types selection, instant payments, push notifications etc.

Q.2 Do you develop sports betting apps like Bet365?

Yes, as a leading sports betting mobile app development company, we develop end-to-end sports betting app software with high-end features, graphics and a next-generation tech stack. We offer credible, reliable and efficient sports betting mobile apps of high value.

Q.3 How much does it cost to develop a sports betting app?

On average, mobile betting app development costs around $30,000. This is the cost of a platform with basic features and functionalities. Hence, the cost may shoot up to $50,000 depending on the type and complexity of the features, graphics, and tech stack you want to incorporate.

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