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Things to Consider in White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development

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Mar 05, 2024
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White Label Fantasy Sports Software

When a company manufactures any product or service and sells it to another brand, the other brands put their own label on the products or services and sell them in the market as their own products. In simple words, when a product or service is manufactured by one company and sold out by another company is called white labeling. White labeling is also known as private labelling.

What is White Label Fantasy Sports Software?

White Label is very common in retail industries. But it is not limited to the grocery or retail industry. Many service providers use white labelling like the software development industry and provide services like apps, digital programs, cloud-based services, software, etc. It works the same as other industries. The main difference is that there is no name for the manufacturer on the services and the white label fantasy sports software development company is working behind it anonymously. Without letting anyone know they allow you to take all the credit. The white label sportsbook solution provider company signs Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) in order to assure the ownership of the service or products, IP rights, and source codes.

Market Growth of White Label Fantasy Sports Software

Report Suggested The global Fantasy Sports market size was reached at $13.9 billion in 2018. So it is expected to touch $33.2 billion by the end of 2025. According to the recent fantasy sports market surveys, 85% of US-based companies prefer to go with the white label fantasy sports solutions. But 56% of companies choose these white label fantasy sports solutions to save their cost and time.

Features of White Label Fantasy Sports Software

Features of White Label Fantasy Sports Software

In this section, we have compiled for you some features of white label fantasy sports software that will help you to understand why labelling is essential. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Gives you the luxury of choice.
  • Allows you to take advantage of expert work.
  • Boost the visibility of your brand.
  • Provide your brand with a refined product.
  • Managing the authenticity and security of white labelled products.
  • Strengthens the loyalty of clients.
  • Monitor performance, extending support and maintenance to ensure smooth working of the services.
  • Host applications on behalf of customers on specialist server hardware.
  • It creates end-to-end products ready for execution and sale.
  • It helps you to save time and money.
  • Take the pressure off.
  • It is like having an in-house developer for a fraction of the cost.
  • Configuring and integrating new solutions with the main platform and requested technology.

White Label Fantasy Sports Software Solutions Development

White Label fantasy sports software solutions have become a core aspect of developing impeccable features that have emerged as a billion-dollar industry with infinite business opportunities to grow in leaps and bounds. Getting a perfect white label fantasy software solution gives a secure platform that is strong enough to handle all the business operations quite smoothly and easily avoid any kind of misfortune.

  • Efficiently handle massive traffic
  • Perfect solutions for day to day business operations 
  • Results-oriented with great user experience
  • Speed up the whole process with an effective management process.

Types of White Label Fantasy Sports Software

White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development

The white label business is categorized mainly into three categories. They are as follows.

  • B2B White Label

A product is sold to a company and rebranded, and that company further resold the product to another company to make more profit. 

  • B2C White Label

The resold and re-branded product is purchased by another company and sold to the end-user that is a customer.

  • White Label SaaS

SaaS is a software service. Resellers licensed rebranded software and hosted it on the internet for subscriptions where resellers claim the software to be their own and resell it to their customers.

Advantages of White Labeling

Take a look at some advantages of white labeling. It will help you understand how white labelling can benefit your daily fantasy sports software business.

Advantages of White Labeling Software
  • Create Own Brand

 You can enhance your brand’s visibility in the marketplace through white-labelled development services and solutions as it is an easy and effective way to build your own brand. Apart from this, you can mix and match different services by contacting various vendors that can increase the visibility of your brand. It is the most convenient and best way for startups and businesses to make their place in the competitive business market.

  • Save Time

It saves a lot of time and effort. It requires a lot of expertise, working hours, and human resources to develop an application or software as it is such a time-consuming process. With the help of white labelled services, companies can save a lot of time and can be free from the hassle caused in software development. They can invest that energy and time in promoting their services to reach the customers.

  • Beneficial for Bigger Enterprises

White label services attract not only startups but also more significant enterprises or businesses because of the benefits it provides. Bigger companies ask third-party service providers to promote their (big company’s) products by making deals with them. It helps big organizations with increased ROI, sales and marketing of their services.

  • Benefit from the Knowledge of Experts

You can build your company’s name and can capitalize it by using the knowledge of experts from white-label fantasy sports software providers. There are strong chances that a white label company can provide you with services or solutions better than you for your company. They make it possible with a lot of skilled developers in the market. So you just enjoy white label services by paying them for their work.

  • Less Risky

Testing a new service or solution is always risky. But white label solutions are there to minimize these risks to a significant range. You cannot assess the exact amount of resources required for the development of an original solution. And there will be no guarantee of success. White label services can provide you with already ready-made and tested services.

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Disadvantages of White Labelling

There are always two sides to a coin. If there is something good, something bad would be there. Here are some disadvantages of white labeling. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Misunderstanding

When you decide to take the help of a third-party company, misunderstanding is one of the key risks you will encounter because you won’t be directly communicating with the project team. There could be an instance that the information you have passed to them could be distorted because of the stream of information passing. This results in missing some of the vital features of your imagination about the services.

  • Difficult to Modify

When you buy a white label fantasy sports software, you get it fully developed. And because of that, you do not have your hands-on technical details of the software since you were not involved in the development of the software. Due to this restriction, it would be difficult to make any changes or modifications to the software.

  • Delayed Products

Miscommunication causes an unwanted delay in the development process. This will ultimately increase the cost of the service. Apart from this, always make sure the offerings of the white label company because of pricing issues, sometimes companies provide a cheap product which does not stand to your product quality. In the end, your name will be on the product, and if there is something terrible in service, it will bring a bad name to your brand.

  • Inconsistent Branding

You cannot rule out the possibility of inconsistent branding when working with third-party service providers. Most of the time, professionally designed white label service providers fail to bring the desired results.

stastics of Fantasy

It would make you suspicious in front of your customers if a product or service is not in sync with the company’s branding and does not match the final look. Also, it will look unprofessional.

Types of Fantasy Sports Product

Whitelabel software solutions are a perfect blend of techno-advanced technologies with an innovative approach that brings one of the most innovative approaches along with customised white label requirements that can easily help you find your own identity. Here is a list of fantasy white label fantasy sports products that will offer you end-to-end white-label software development services.

  • Daily Fantasy Sports

A white label daily fantasy sports platform is developed for a user experience and gives its players a great experience with payout features.

  • Season Long Fantasy Sports

A game of experts where players are allowed to bet head to head based on the seasonal leagues, it’s a kind of season long fantasy sports.

  • Custom Duration Fantasy Sports

Play your game as per your choice and attract players of intermediaries that lead to enhancing the tailor-made needs as per the market requirements.

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Essential Features of White-label Fantasy Software Solutions

Adaptive Multiple Platforms

A multiple-device with high engagement modules that can be accessed on multiple platforms.

Wide Variety of Sports

Considering the target audience with the right set of games including all the major sports like cricket, football, baseball, and basketball.

Leaderboard and Achievement

Enriched features that display the target base, rank checking, position checking, checking score’s or displaying the achievements of the players.

Robust Platforms

An extensive and robust platform that handles all business operations. A white label fantasy sports software is capable of handling the immersive number quite effectively without any performance barriers.

Multiple Payment Gateway

With the great advances and securely transacting multiple payment gateway portals, white label fantasy sports software provides secure payment gateways with great ease while aiming for desired business objectives.

Multi-lingual Support

Whitelabel fantasy sports software proffers multi-language support options that make the platform much more accessible with different locations all around the world.

Reasons to Choose a White Label Service Provider

There are several reasons to choose a white-label service provider for your company. Here we will discuss some of them. Let’s get started.

  1. A company wants to extend its offerings by keeping the customers that it has and attracting new customers.
  2. Want to become a full-service provider agency and attract more and bigger clients.
  3. Improve the company’s brand name by adding more products and services.
  4. To improve sales and reduce the risk of time and money.
  5. Bypass all the extra legwork and resources required to develop your own software.
  6. Adding value for your clients by bundling products/services and reducing the need for them to have vendor clutter. 

Technologies used in Developing White Label Fantasy Sports Software

  • Node.js
  • Php
  • React Native 
  • Redis
  • RabbitMQ
  • mongoDB 
  • Amazon Web Services
  • MySql

Cost of Developing a White Label Fantasy Sports Software Development

The costs incurred in the development of white label fantasy sports software development can vary as per the requirements of the client. The total cost depends on the features added in the white-label software. While these costs can easily be recovered once the software hits the market, one just needs to make a smart investment.

If we talk about developing a Whitelabel fantasy then, there are major factors that are affecting the cost of white label fantasy sports software. 

  1. Size complexities
  2. Platform Used
  3. No of Functionalities in the Software
  4. Geographical location of the Software

If estimated the cost of Whitelabel fantasy software then it may cost you around $18000 to $25000, which makes it a great deal for business owners.

Wrap up

White label service providers give you the right to provide your name to the software solution without any support from you in the development process. It can benefit you in various ways, such as faster launches, fewer risks, lowered costs, and diversification. These benefits are attracting enterprises to choose ready-made solutions instead of developing software services by themselves.

Although there are some drawbacks of white labelling like less control over features, miscommunication, compromised products, poor integration, and delays, the benefits rule over these downsides.

There are many white label fantasy sports apps & software development companies in the market. If you are looking for a white labelling service provider, then BR Softech is the perfect solution for fantasy sports app development. With BR Softech you will get all the aspired outcomes that you want. We made it possible with a team of professional and experienced white label fantasy cricket game developers.

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