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How to Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ICO Tokens ?

written by Admin | Jul 17, 2018
Create Your Own Cryptocurrency ICO Tokens

We all are aware with the most trending topic ICO, the full form of ICO is Initial Coin offering. It is a platform to raise fund for new cryptocurrency projects. Basically, this platform is a process of raising the fund for the tokens in exchange like Bitcoin and ether.

Benefits for ICO Tokens

Save time: As we all know time is really essential in our lives, and if you go to bank to borrow the money so you have to go for a very long process which waste your lot of time. But ICO is an easy process to invest the money. Mostly small companies face this obstacle but it is perfect solution.

Quick, Cheap and Easy Funding: Yes it has various features – quick, cheap and easy. It depends on your internet connection only you have to follow some steps and it will be done and you don’t any particular skill it is so easy only follow the steps.

Global: It is not till a particular boundaries it is widely spreaded to across the world. You can access in from any part of the world.

Marketing: You don’t need any traditional marketing, it is done by the online marketing. You can promote your subject to facebook, youtube, linkedin and you can reach to the larger groups.

Steps to Create an Cryptocurrency ICO Tokens

You have to follow the simple steps to create an ICO:

Strong project Idea

Your focus is to have the strong idea about your project, Your project idea should have an ability to influence the people.

Strong purpose of the tokens

Your tokens should have a strong purpose, basically a token is a tool which is used for the payment as well as it can also be used for the token system. It is closely related to the products and represent it and your main focus is to sell the tokens only.

Widely Spread Supply Tokens

You should widely supply the token, your target should be a wider audience. Just keep token for the fixed one and try to spread to the wider people as it will increase your engagement.

Dedicated Team: Basically it is tough work to hire a team who will be dedicated and focused. Hire dedicated and creative team opt for youth for fresh and new ideas but don’t completely rely on them along with this hire experts also as a seniors afterall experience speaks. So opt for the best, dedicateds and professional team as it will bring the best output. Have a best relation with your team members for the best output always have a frankk behavior as it increase their confidence and will get motivated.

White Paper: Whitepaper is the most essential documentation as it includes everything about the project. It is a time of notebook and syllabus. It has all the information from the core. It is also said as a blueprint of the project. Hire professional writer to create white paper.

ICO Website

Your website is a representation of your project, it will represent you and your ideas. It should look professional and should have all the details of your company contact details to purpose to team members. AS on digital website plays the vital role. So make an ICO Website which is professional. Even many people can visit at a same time so be alert that your site should be secure and fast.


Mostly experts prefer to do coding with smart contracts as Smart contracts are coded in a language called Solidity. It is helpful as well as secured programming language.

ICO Marketing Campaigns

Marketing is an essential feature so now it is important to reach to a wider number of people and the best way is campaign on social media as campaign increases your visibility so just opt for this process. Different social media platforms are facebook, Twitter, blog, email, Reddit, Telegram, slack, Medium and Github.Don’t limit yourself try new also.

So, here today we told you about how to create your own cryptocurrency ICO tokens and it will surely beneficial for you. So for more updates follow us!


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