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12 Crypto Trading Strategies You should Follow in Your Business

Apr 18, 2020
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12 Crypto Trading Strategies

Invented in the year 2008 by an unknown person or group, namely Satoshi Nakamoto, the first cryptocurrency in the world was bitcoin. A hot topic for all the water-cooler conversation, it was never imagined that the digital currency will take over the world like a thunderstorm.

The sole reason for the invention of cryptocurrency was to provide a platform or a medium of exchange which is decentralized and confidential. With such an intent, the digital currency was innovated. Now, the market has flourished to the extent where many leading brands are venturing the business of cryptocurrency.

You can also start your business and deal in these digital currencies with the help of crypto exchange software. BR Softech is a leading IT and Software development company that will help you achieve your business goal with all kinds of technical help required for this venture.

What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital medium of exchange that uses cryptographic means to initiate and complete the process. To understand these digital currencies, you will first have to get familiar with the basic terminologies related to cryptocurrency like blockchain, cryptography, wallet etc. Let us have a look at them one by one-

Blockchain: Blockchain is an open ledger which is used to store all the vital information related to the transactions that take place with the help of the cryptocurrencies. The data stored is permanent and hence is an authentic source to verify any transaction done in the past. It is an ever-growing list of records and resistant to any kind of modification.

Cryptography: Cryptography is the process of decoding the mathematical calculations to process a transaction that has been initiated.

Mining: The process of verifying and adding the transactions on the digital ledger with the help of a miner is called mining. With every transaction initiated, a miner is required to solve the mathematical coding to complete the transaction.

A crypto exchange software is required to deal in the exchanging of the cryptocurrencies.

Advantages of cryptocurrency

Advantages of cryptocurrency

There is more to a cryptocurrency than just a medium of transaction. The reasons that make these digital currencies a techno-fancy medium of exchange in the world where people uses fiat money are:

  1. The cryptocurrencies are decentralized; hence no governmental or financial institution has authority over them.
  2. They allow smooth international transactions as the value of digital currencies does not deteriorate when changing territorial borders.
  3. These are not subjected to inflation or deflation as happens with the fiat currencies.
  4. As each owner has a unique key that works as an identity and ensures authenticity.
  5. Cryptos are being widely accepted by leading brands for the exchange of goods and services hence making them reliable.

Based on the blockchain technology that uses mathematical coding (equations and problem solving) makes it a secure platform with more enhancement planned shortly.

Strategies for crypto business

Strategies for crypto business

It is essential to consult an expert before you make any decision for your business. Some points are mentioned below, which may help you provide the necessary knowledge and aid in aligning the strategies.

1. Know what’s trending: Since its launch, the number of cryptocurrencies has tremendously increased. With many digital currencies floating in the market or say network, you must have the proper research done about what coins are trending and their scope to flourish in the future.

2. Degree of volatility: The value of digital currencies are not certain. They tend to lower or raise. It is essential to keep a track on the value of the currency you are going to invest in getting a rough idea of the future gains or risk.

3. Understanding the technology: The first-ever cryptocurrency was bitcoin. However, over time many digital currencies have been developed working on their unique technology. You need to learn the technology driving the cryptocurrency that you will be using for the business.

4. Analyzing news: It is important to be alert and updated. News updates related to government regulations and the introduction of new currencies manipulate the value of these digital currencies. Also, any new venture by a leading brand into cryptocurrency tends to alter the value of the currency. Hence, the investor must keep an eye on the latest news updates when it is about doing business with these techno-currencies.

5. Security: Before owning the cryptocurrency, it should be thoroughly investigated whether the platform that you are using is safe or not. If the platform is prone for the hackers to get access, you might end up losing the cryptocurrencies forever hence suffering a loss.

6. Fees: You should compare the price that is charged by the broker or the platform that you use for the cryptocurrency. There are mainly 3 types of fee that should be adequately investigated before investing to avoid any discrepancy in the future. The fee three types of fee are:

  • Exchange fee- It is the fee that is charged for using the crypto exchange software for the purchase or selling the cryptocurrencies. Depending on the cryptocurrency you deal with, the rates will be determined.

  • Trade fee- It is the fee that is imposed while making any transaction of the cryptocurrencies. It is further divided into 2 parts that are the marker fee and taker fee. Marker fee is the fee charged while selling out the cryptocurrency, and on the other hand, the taker fee is the fee that is charged while purchasing the digital currency.

  • Deposit and withdrawal fee- It is the fee that is charged when encashing your cryptocurrency for real money. Not only in the case of withdrawal but also a certain amount is imposed if you deposit money in your account for further trading.

7. Wallet: There are many wallet providers in the market, however, before going in for any particular wallet proper research must be carried out as there are many risks involved if you accidentally chose a less known wallet. The bitcoin wallet is an example of a reliable wallet provider.

8. Strategy: After you are equipped with all the essentials that are needed for doing business with the digital currencies, you need to prepare an approach that is organized systematically focusing majorly on the money management system.

9. Analyze pattern: It is crucial to analyze the model the cryptocurrencies have been following to minimize the chances of loss.

10. Knowing the metrics: The more you study mathematics, the less probable it will be for you to suffer loss. You should keep a track on the numbers of wallets vs the number of active wallets. This way, you will get better at predictions and hence the investing.

11. Tax: Different countries impose different rates of taxes on the profit gained by exchanging the cryptocurrencies. You should be aware of the tax rates imposed on trading with these cryptocurrencies.

12. Bots: Using bots will undoubtedly reduce the burden of manual work and help you to smoothly execute the work that will be predetermined to the bot.

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The tips mentioned in the blog can be helpful before you make any decision on investing your hard-earned money for the digital currency. From choosing the right currency, wallet to keeping a check on the market, almost every aspect and know-how have been shared that are in sync with the current trends that are required before going for crypto exchange software development.

Many companies deal in developing crypto exchange platforms; however, the quality of services offered also depends on the expertise of the developer. BR Softech is a reliable brand that has provided many companies with the optimal software solution required for the business. Hope the blog caters to answer all your doubts related to the cryptocurrency business.


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