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Develop a Cryptocurrency Exchange Like Binance

written by Admin | Aug 13, 2018
Develop a cryptocurrency exchange like Binance

In a very short period of time, Blockchain has waved its magic to all over the world and this technology has become the part of every business sector. Many reputed companies have made this technology as their vital part and are relying on it.

Let’s tell you that blockchain technology has introduced in 2008 with the cryptocurrency (BItcoin) by the name of Satoshi Nakamoto, the real identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still unrevealed, it can a single person or a group of individuals. BItcoin is the first cryptocurrency which is has been designed for the exchange and it is known as a virtual currency and digital assets. But after launching with bitcoin this blockchain technology has been seen in contributing in various sectors.

How Blockchain Technology Works ?

This technology is an open source and it is available worldwide. It helps you to maintain the data and records. Other features are it is fully secured and relevant. It doesn’t allow any third party interface as it based on decentralized system. However, even you can create your own blockchain and it works according to the requirements.

Additionally, the data is not stored on any server or place it is distributed to all over the world and it is unalterable.

Blockchain technology is beneficial for many sectors, but other sector can be managed without this technology, but the world of cryptocurrency is incomplete without it. And this is the area where this technology has become world famous.

As bitcoin introduced there were many more cryptocurrencies which make their presence, around 700 new cryptocurrency has introduced and become the part of the world. After seeing the success of the bitcoin many people came with the similar concept and has started the bitcoin business. While seeing the bitcoin market sever currency exchanges also came up with their startups to serve people. One of the most popular cryptocurrency exchange market was Binance.

Know About Binance – The Most Popular Cryptocurrency Exchange Market.

Binance is among one of the best cryptocurrency exchange platforms, it is introduced by the Chinese based company in 2017. According to the sources, it has been launched by the experts. Presently, It is run by the CEO Changpeng Zhao. Mr. Zhao. He had worked with loomberg, as well as with in the technological department and that’s the reason he has made the strong team of product development.

They had pitched their own ICO and introduced their own exchange trading system. At the moment, the ICO has almost finished its course demonstrating an impressive number of more than 40,000 token holders.

Reasons that people opt for the Binance

Now, here we give you the reasons why in a short period of time it has become attractive and its value has reached at around $2 billion.

Features of Binance cryptocurrency Exchange Software,

  • Clear and Transparent idea

  • Prepared via experts and skilled team.

  • Low trading fees – 0.01%

  • Achieve 3 million users globally and around 100 digital currencies in trade.

  • Create its own digital currency ‘’Gifto”

Why exchange application is essential?

The cryptocurrency world is highly effective and trustworthy, but still some resources is still in question mark. Still it is not governed, so the whole process needs a perfect verification. But as the market, increasing the more users are joining this platform and in that case to serve them better this exchange application is a better idea.

Let’s have a look in application on which features you should and how it works.

  • Sign in/Sign up

It is to get registered and let people use this platform, but here it is a responsibility to protect from the unauthorized login and to keep the information confidential of the users. This functionality should be very well developed. The vital process starts from here only and user make his ID and password.

  • User Verification

Verification is the essential process as this market is fully based on the verification and this process should be done in a relevant way. It decreases the possibility of scams.

  • Deposit/Withdrawal

This feature allows to deposit the money in the wallet and also helps in withdrawal, according to the policies of the platform.

  • Analytics

This feature is considered as an important feature as it allows to create the various graphs and better visibility. After all, how the platform looks it is an essential part.

  • Internal API

Its own API allows users to build their own automated trading systems and allows users to exchange among the varied users while using the cryptocurrency exchange script.

  • Admin Panel

Admin plays the vital role as it instruct the features act and it monitors everything.

These were the main features which are essential in this type of apps.

Components required in the app – Imperative points which should be focused:

  • Design

It is really an imperative feature and it attracts the users. The design has an ability to bring the users on the platform and it acts as a first impression.

It includes 2 stages named as Wireframes and Prototype

  • Client-side development

The client should be satisfied and it includes everything which satisfies the client. Design and functionality should be better. It’s better to work with HTML, CSS markups, and Javascript programming language, including Angular JS, React js, Vue js. Frameworks.

This also includes API, Blockchain and Testing


It’s your responsibility to provide the best security to the users as it contains the sensitive information of the users and should prevent from the possible data leaks and hacking attacks. The security can be provided in 2 ways Secure architecture and User’s authentication


According to above description you can understand and follow the terms of cryptocurrency exchange software platform which is similar to binanance platform. With the help of this you can establish your own business exchange trading system which is beneficial to increase your marketing value in the cryptocurrency market. So, you can hire the best developers which are expert and professional in this industry to creating a cryptocurrency exchange platform.


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