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How Much Does It Cost to Create a Crypto Token?

Jul 20, 2022
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How much Does it Cost to Create a Crypto Token?

There has never been an unchangeable economy in our age. As a result of centuries of progress, today we have a choice between paper money and metal coins for storing value and exchanging for goods and services.

Given the current situation in the world, thinking that we are facing another turn is not a stretch. Cryptocurrencies are the focus. But today, we will focus on the cost to create crypto token denominations. Check out the blog for more information.

What is a Token in Crypto?

Digital collectibles are NFTs. There are many ways to acquire, own, sell, and trade it. In order to increase its value, it needs to represent something important or appealing to many people. A token trades for millions of dollars while another is sold for a fraction of an Ether.

  • Process of tokenization

Tokenization can be applied to property deeds, newspaper articles, and movie scripts, among other things. A Burger King game gives customers the chance to win NFT collectibles. 

  • Tokens bearing Melania Trump’s portrait are for sale.
  • There is a lot of capital involved in the creation of a digital coin, as well as a complex process. Programmers, machines, organizations, and money are needed.
  • In contrast, people can create tokens using the Internet and anything that can be tokenized. The software required for this works on a variety of platforms.
  • A token can be created using a homework assignment, a postcard, or a grocery list. The possibility of its purchase exists.

Explore Different Types of Crypto Tokens

It is possible to trade cryptocurrency tokens inside a blockchain project’s ecosystem for use as a medium of exchange (currency tokens). In terms of their end-user benefit, they are best described. A blockchain-based ecosystem is nourished by tokens. 

Depending on the type of token, each offers unique features. These categories are not mutually exclusive, because a token can fit into several. The different types of crypto tokens are

  1. Tokens for the platform
  2. Tokens of security
  3. Tokens for transactions
  4. The utility token
  5. Tokens for governance

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How are Tokens and Coins Different?

Due to the fact that the crypto crowdfunding platform is new, digital assets are referred to by many new terms? It is common for investors to use them interchangeably. It is common for people to confuse tokens and coins in crypto. See crypto token vs coin. In the crypto industry, industry experts assert that coins and tokens need to be distinguished fundamentally. These are:  

Let’s take a look at this.

In most cases, cryptocurrency is stored and traded on blockchains.Many tokens are built on top of another coin’s blockchain.
An Ethereum is one example of a blockchain. The native coin of the platform is Ether.In addition to BAT and Loopring, many other tokens rely on the blockchain.
An exchange medium is directly represented by a coinAssets are represented by tokens. Tokens can be held for value, traded, or staked for interest.
Transacting with crypto coins is possible thanks to blockchain technology.Token trades are based on smart contracts.
There is no need to move the coin. All transactions are recorded on blockchains.Tokens can be moved between locations by spending them.
Having a coin represents the ability to own something.A token represents what a person owns.

Factors of Crypto Token Development Platforms When Create a Crypto Token

It is generally expected that a platform will be needed for any blockchain project to be developed. How do you create a coinbase crypto token? The following factors should be considered when creating a token. 

  • The platform for crypto token development and standard for tokens

The first step For creating any token is to first choose the standard of a particular token.

  • The token’s name

The second crucial step is to select the token name. The token name you select must be unique and signify your token description.

  • Symbol of a token

Third step which is ultimately related to your token name. However, select a distinctive symbol for your token development.

  • Sales tokens number

A token sale refers to the initial offering of a cryptocurrency token to a private pool of investors before it officially goes on the market.

  • Source code should be verified

The main and final step is to complete your token verification. Make sure that the source code you are using must be verified.

Blockchains like Ethereum and Tron have the best potential for creating crypto tokens. Crypto startups most often use these two platforms to develop coinbase crypto tokens. Neither blockchain uses a private blockchain, it is an open-source crypto platform via a public blockchain. Choosing the Ethereum token standard that suits your business needs is essential when creating an Ethereum-based crypto token. ERC tokens come in a variety of standards at present.

Crypto Token Wallet App Development

Crypto token wallet app is used for storing, receiving, and transferring all kinds of crypto tokens. Wallet apps for crypto tokens can be classified into two categories. For example,

  • Development of mobile wallet apps for iOS and Android

Cryptotoken wallet apps can be developed with BR Softech for iOS and Android. We offer the development of crypto token mobile wallet apps that have an admirably user-friendly interface. We make token mobile wallet apps that provide complete protection with high-end security features and ease of use.

  • Software  Development for Crypto Token desktop Wallets

Today’s crypto market offers a wide variety of crypto tokens for trading. BR Softech offers crypto wallet development services that enable you to launch a wallet application that supports multiple crypto tokens. Multiple token wallet software with premium features can be developed by BR Softech with a great experience.

Now, let us see…

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What are the Key Features of Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies ensure security and privacy by virtue of their key features. Within the block, anonymous transactions are guaranteed due to the high level of protection.

  • A cryptographic system

A cryptographic process involves using complex algorithms to convert plain text into unintelligible text. In cryptocurrency, digital signatures and hashing are the main elements of cryptography used to secure communications.

Monetary transactions are signed with a digital signature. Blockchain blocks are structured by hashing. 

  • Blockchain technology

Transactions are grouped into blocks and stored on the decentralized public ledger (blockchain). It is impossible to change any record in the blockchain once it has been saved.

  • Mining of blocks

As new records are added to the blockchain, the process is called block mining. New crypto coins can be created using specific software.

What is the Cost to Create a Crypto Token(Ethereum or Tron)?

Regardless of the project, startup founders and entrepreneurs are most concerned with the development costs. It is crucial to consider the cost to create a crypto token on any blockchain. Crypto token development costs will be determined by some key factors. For example, 

In addition to knowing how many individual experts and particular tasks can cost, you also know how much it costs for each part of the  crypto token development process. To start a new cryptocurrency, you will need an overall budget. 

Consulting1 month+ ongoing$7000-$1000
Design2 weeks$7000
Development1-6+ months$50000
QA1 month+ongoing$27000
ICO4-10 month$20000

Using the table above, we calculated median prices and minimal/average times for each stage. It is easy to calculate that if you require all the services and counseling, you will have to pay $145,000+ to build a cryptocurrency. 

Coinbase crypto token creation costs will be influenced by these factors. The cost of developing a coinbase crypto token will be in the range of $12k – $14k. Depending on your business requirements and urgent needs, the crypto token prices creation may vary.

Explore the Use Cases for Creating a Crypto Token


The sale of promised coins is one of the ways in which companies raise money through initial coin offerings (ICOs). The sums raised are in the billions – all for the purpose of enabling businesses to develop products.

Airdrops are today’s term for the distribution of coins or tokens in exchange for donations in the crypto crowdfunding platform.


Crypto tokens are typically used for that purpose, which requires a lot of technical expertise. To promote this product and increase user engagement, you need a token.

If Putting together the technological puzzle is all it takes to become a successful founder.


Last but not least, if you are going to build a blockchain, you have to develop a crypto coin as well. We have already discussed that the coin will serve as the primary currency on the chain for all transactions. As a result, let’s continue with our discussion of how to create a cryptocurrency.

Ready-made Solutions to Create Your Own Token Coin

You can easily and quickly create cryptocurrency tokens using DIY platforms. Using drag-and-drop UI, SaaS platforms allow us to build web and mobile apps from scratch, so why not create tokens? Yes, you are right! There are such tools available.

Your crypto token’s fundamental properties should be determined after choosing a platform, such as whether it should be able to:

  • Burning
  • mint
  • create roles to manage the crypto token
  • assign ownership, etc.

You do all of that without writing a single line of code, only selecting different options and providing minimum input where required. An ideal scenario for quickly creating a token for ICO.

How to Create a Crypto Token in 4 Steps?

Hire A team of blockchain developers is required if you want to create a crypto token with some advanced features closely tied to the dApp ecosystem.


Your crypto token’s purpose must first be determined. Tokens built with the ERC-20 standard, such as those intended to attract investors, will have the inherent properties of that standard. The following options will be available to you:

  • The total supply of tokens
  • Name, symbol, and decimal place of the token
  • As well as auxiliary functions for checking addresses and enabling and verifying transactions

If It’s an NFT, it might have slightly different parameters, for example, to specify non-fungible nft crypto token owners.

The tools for creating these simplified tokens are plentiful, as I’ve mentioned. However, you should seek professional assistance from a crypto coin development team if you need to create a more advanced crypto token.

Step 2:  Smart Contract Development: A SMART APPROACH

Why are smart contracts suddenly so popular? A smart contract runs on a blockchain, so any crypto token is governed by one. It is therefore necessary to code a smart contract in order to create your own token.

Smart contracts were introduced for the first time on Ethereum. Ethereum is probably the most popular platform for developing and deploying crypto tokens for that reason.

To Make your dApp ecosystem more appealing to customers by thinking about how it should behave. In the absence of another rando speculative asset, your software will probably be ignored by people.


Make sure you keep in mind the difficulty of replacing a vanilla smart contract should it contain a bug. You should therefore run multiple tests on Rinkeby or Ropsten test blockchains.

There’s no doubt that this is a way to avoid “mapping address uint256” errors.


Smart contracts are pretty easy to deploy. It may just be as simple as sending a transaction with compiled contract code without specifying a receiver, depending on the tool your developers are using. You don’t need to worry about it, it’s just a few clicks.

What are the different ERC Token Standards?

Nowadays, it can be beneficial to create an ERC token. Almost all of them are interested in creating tokens and increasing their profits. Tokens based on ERC standards are available in a wide variety of formats. For instance,

  1. ERC20 
  2. ERC721
  3. ERC865
  4. ERC223
  5. ERC1400
  6. ERC827
  7. ERC877 and much more

There are different functions and protocols associated with each ERC token standard. However, ERC20 and ERC721 are the most preferred token standards for Ethereum-based crypto tokens. A lot depends on your requirements and the duration of your need for the token when it comes to crypto token prices and standards. Our recommendation would be to hire an ERC20 token development company with vast experience in ERC20 crypto wallet development if you wish to develop an ERC20 token.

Why Choose BR Softech for Crypto Token Development?

BR Softech is a cryptocurrency development company offered highly secure and scalable at a low cost. As a team of blockchain developers, we have already developed more than 30 crypto coins and tokens of varying complexity and are now using cutting-edge technology to develop new coins. Our crypto exchange development company also specializes in the development of tokens on a variety of blockchain platforms. 

The process of creating a cryptocurrency involves taking similar source code, modifying it, and completing the compilation process. It generally takes the following stages to develop a cryptocurrency:

It is crucial for us to consider and explain in depth the entire process of creating a cryptocurrency, such as 

  • Hard forking an existing blockchain or creating a new blockchain
  • PoW/PoS/DPoS and other consensus mechanisms
  • Size of blocks
  • Protocol for hashing
  • Creating a Windows/Linux wallet and core for crypto coins;
  • The deployment of two primary nodes;
  • Creating a mining pool and block explorer;
  • Compiling iOS/Android wallets.
  • And More information etc.

In addition to producing smart contracts for tokens and generating crypto coins powered by blockchain, our pool of blockchain developers has over 10+ years of experience. To build your cryptocurrency business and make it successful, we provide you with the most relevant proposals for the cost to create crypto tokens.
Are you interested in creating your own cryptocurrency? Developing a cryptocurrency will cost a client and the complexity of the project, so Develop Coins is the best crypto token development company.

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