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Sports betting: What is the Impact of the Diwali Festival on the Gambling Industry?

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 02, 2021
Gambling Industry on the Diwali Festival

The relationship between Diwali and gambling is turning into a high-stack affair online. Along with religious ceremonies and firecrackers, sports betting, playing cards on Diwali has become part of Diwali festivities considering a good fortune. With transformation taking place and migrants to cities are away from friends and family, sports betting on Diwali festival has taken the virtual route of connecting people offering lucrative gambling options. They make a fortune on this day, providing the traditional game in the most transformed version wrapped in modernity.  

From Sports Betting to Teen – Patti Diwali celebration is incomplete without these games. Have you ever wondered why we play gambling on this auspicious and festive season of Diwali? 

The Tradition of Gambling on Diwali

According to Indian Mythology, Goddess Parvati (protector, the destroyer (of evil) and regenerator of the universe and all life) played dice with her husband Lord Shiva on this auspicious occasion. She was indulged in the eternal cosmic game of losing and winning. That was the day when Goddess Parvati declared that whosoever gambled on Diwali will be showered with prosperity and wealth.  

Since then, weeks ahead of Diwali have been considered the peak season for gambling and sports betting. All the casinos around the world are filled with the rising number of players. The tradition of gambling on Diwali is reaching new heights globally capturing the attention of gaming enthusiasts. In foreign countries, participation in sports betting at the Diwali festival is increasing day by day. This rapid growth of sports betting and other popular games like Satta Matka, Casino league at festive season is offering thriving opportunities for those who wish to try their luck on this auspicious occasion and believe in the tradition of Gambling on Diwali.  

Shift from Traditional Gambling to Internet Gambling

Technology has reshaped the landscape of gambling. Its ever-growing popularity has made a significant impact on traditional gambling too. Internet gambling allows friends and family to connect and build a more robust society around the world. With the extended power of the Internet, agents hold casino-style events online, allowing newbies who prefer safety and ease to participate in the festive tradition. The Internet has changed the demographics of gambling, providing people with the utmost ease and comfort. 

Diwali festival betting

Remote gambling has changed the face of traditional gambling. Now, with the emergence of technology and the higher accessibility, the participation rate has increased, and land-based casinos have suffered a 6% decrease in attendance recently. There is no longer a need to visit a physical casino, and users can log in to online casinos using smartphones or laptops and enjoy the game with their friends and family. Online games are more appealing and offer the comfort of playing it anywhere, anytime.

Impact of Diwali Festival on Gambling

According to The Times of India, The Spartan Poker, which usually costs around 500 players at a time, recorded a spike in traffic on the night of Oct. 18, with nearly 1,000 concurrent players. The bets tripled in size from an average of Rs100 ($1.54) per table to Rs300.

Times of India quoted The site, which usually sees over 10,000 unique players a day, saw daily visitors climb up to 13,000 in Diwali week 2018.

Hike Messenger launched a multi-player “Teen Patti Nights” ahead of Diwali last year.

The impact of Diwali festival on gambling clearly shows the increasing interest of people in gambling on Diwali. Gambling operators are increasingly using digital platforms and online apps to grab the attention of people worldwide. Diwali is considered to be the peak season for gambling is considered the rising number of players manifold.  

Earlier people use to organize poker, card, roulette game nights around the festival of Diwali, Now, with digitalization agents around the world starting Satta Matka game league, Sports betting leagues, Poker leagues, Fantasy sports leagues and a lot more. Operators are investing in organizing significant events, providing people with the opportunity to try their luck and earn more and more. 

Social media as being the most prominent media platform, allow people to host events never likes before in the Gambling Industry. There are websites like Betfair, Bet365, Betway, BetOnline who organize sports betting leagues and other tournaments to attract people from all over the world. Operators create exclusive clubs’ online where users can place the bets in real-time and collect the winning amount immediately. 

Sports betting helps you earn real money. Here we have listed a few points for you to consider while placing the bet.

  1. Collect all the statistical data and make data-driven strategies before placing the bet. 
  2. Make valuable bets after analyzing all the significant situations.
  3. Convert your hobby into a passion for getting all the sports knowledge; it can give you an edge over the bookie.
  4. Keep yourself calm and act accordingly, winning and losing sometimes can distract an individual game plan.
  5. Follow your instinct to get better results. 

Popular Sports Betting Games are:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Auto Racing
  • Horse Racing

Top 5 Tips to Bet on Sports Game using Betting Exchange Software

Top 5 Tips to Bet on Sports Game using Betting Exchange Software

1. Understand the Main Odds of Betting

Balance the team by analyzing the odds based on the points. Sports betting guide assists the bettor to beat their competitors by simplifying the prediction and also to calculate winning by considering a bet on the basis point spread.

 2. Learn About Betting Sites

With a rise in the popularity of sports that makes an online betting site famous worldwide. Before choosing the website to place bets, one must ensure its reliability and security features by examining the specific money-back assurance guarantee policies.

 3. Choose a Local Bookie

Choosing a bookie for any sports game is a responsible job. Follow the procedures of numerous betting software sites, by experiencing the working process that can give you the winning confidence. Understand the conditions and play safe!!

4. Learn the Best Game for the bet

Before entering the sports betting market, it is essential to be familiar with sportsbook betting software. Choose the best game that can make your day memorable by merely providing multiple rich features. One can bet on popular sports like football, cricket, basketball and many more. 

5. Make a Fantasy Sports Betting Game League

Fantasy sports software give a pleasurable experience to sports enthusiasts after placing bets on the fantasy sports betting game league. The best way to win any game is to make a better connection with the betting game.


Make this Diwali Festival of light more fun, earning rewards from playing your favorite sports betting game. Gambling allows you to have fun and at some time, will enable you to make real money. It offers you the chance to enter into the million-dollar industry while allowing you to try your luck on this occasion. Moreover, this festival is all about money, hospitality, and prosperity which can be symbolized by playing cards or betting online. It is a great way to promote togetherness while practice balance and fun together.  

BR Softech wishes you a delightful happy Diwali to you and your family members. Connect with us and take advantage of any of our sports betting services to make this Diwali even more prosperous and joyous.

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