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12 Best Dragon vs Tiger Game Apps to Earn Real Money in 2024

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Feb 26, 2024
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12 Best Dragon vs Tiger Game Apps in 2024 to Earn Real Money

The Dragon vs Tiger game is one of the most fascinating games among Indian youth to earn real money. All those who want to earn quick money must go through this list of top dragon vs tiger app that are emerging and evolving in 2024. These apps provide users with great sign-up bonuses, easy withdrawal policies and a user-friendly interface, making them the first choice for all dragon vs tiger rummy players. Moreover, apps are available on various platforms which you can easily download on any platform you want. 

Dragon Tiger games are luck-based games, wherein you need to make a guess whether the dragon will win or the tiger. You can even earn more than 1 Lakhs with dragon vs tiger prediction software that helps you generate winning tiger dragon game results. The best part is there is no limit on winning, you can make a fortune just by applying the best Dragon Tiger Tricks and tips that allow you to predict right about which card is about to win. All you need to do is download a Dragon versus Tiger app and register yourself with just Rs.100 to get set for live tournaments and rummy dragon tiger games. 

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In this blog, you will discover some of the 12 best dragon vs tiger game apps in 2024 that you can download and wager on tiger, dragon or tie to make huge money.

What is Dragon Vs Tiger Game App? 

Dragon vs Tiger game is an entertaining casino game which involves strong prediction skills and knowledge of guessing the right card; Tiger, Dragon or Tie. Using the Dragon versus Tiger app, players can actually increase their prediction skills to increase their chance of winning TD games online. To win the Dragon Tiger real money game, you don’t require an extra set of skills and knowledge to bet, all you need to do is analyze the past patterns, algorithms and outcomes to find out which card is going to come whether Dragon or Tiger.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

Dragon vs Tiger game online is played with simple rules that are quite similar to a baccarat card game. Both new and experienced players from India are playing dragon or tiger game from the comfort of their homes using simple rules: 

  • The game is played with the help of a deck of 52 cards with no jokers. 
  • The king holds the highest position in the cards, while the ace holds the lowest value. 
  • Players bet on either Tiger, Dragon or Tie
  • It is a live dealer game which involves a dealer randomly drawing three two cards from the deck of standard 52 cards. 
  • A player wins if he guesses the highest card, for instance, if a tiger is 10 and a dragon is 6, the tiger wins.  
  • In the case when both the dragon and tiger cards show up to be the same, the player receives a bet amount of x50. 
  • The player needs to follow the time limit and place a bet before the time represented on the screen.

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Top 12 Dragon vs Tiger Game Apps in 2024 

Top 12 Dragon vs Tiger Game Apps in 2024

The Dragon vs Tiger app is available across the globe and offers easy-to-play and understand casino table games. As an online casino player, you must be wondering about how to win dragon tiger game, which requires a keen strategy and dedicated focus to predict the right card.

Players will get two cards on the table; dragon versus tiger games respectively, out of which they need to choose one to bet. A solid rummy dragon tiger strategy is to guess which is the highest card value to win. You can also bet on a tie if both the cards are of equivalent value. 

To win, make sure to apply one of the best dragon tiger tricks like past dragon and tiger card patterns and algorithms. Make sure to understand all the betting possibilities to make the right guess and win at dragon versus tiger games. 

If you are fascinated by the live dragon vs tiger games, you must scroll down this list of online dragon vs tiger rummy apps till the end.

Teen Patti Gold

Teen Patti Gold is the top dragon vs tiger app where you can play online and win real money. The app offers the highest signup bonus as compared to other competitors which is around Rs. 195. Since it combines signup bonuses and other daily benefits, you can claim everything once you register successfully. This Dragon Versus Tiger Game app is extremely beneficial as it offers a user-friendly interface, refer & earn and huge bonuses that can help you win beyond your expectations. 

NameTeen Patti Gold: Dragon Tiger Real Cash
Bonus ₹180 + ₹20 Instant
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 30 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Teen Patti Master 

Teen Patti Master is a top rummy app, wherein you can play live Dragon Tiger and compete against each other to win real money. It also offers the highest signup bonus among its competitors which is Rs. 155. Since it combines everything from signup bonuses to other daily benefits, you can make the best use of rummy dragon tiger tricks to earn real money. 

NameTeen Patti Master: Dragon Vs Tiger Game Online 
Bonus ₹155
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 31 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Rummy Gold 

Are you looking for an unparalleled gameplay experience? You must try out this most popular live dragon tiger rummy app, Rummy Gold. It offers an amazing interface, cool designs, exciting gameplay, smooth controls, and varied sound schemes that are innovative and unique for casino players. The app also offers the highest signup bonus which is Rs. 51. Moreover, the withdrawals of the app are instant and safe, and you can also earn extra cash by referring the Dragon vs Tiger games to your friends or family. 

NameRummy Gold: Dragon Vs Tiger Rummy 
Bonus ₹51
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 30 MB
Daily Earnings 4k to 10k 
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

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Teen Patti Club Pro 

With myriad payment methods and user-friendly and crazy bonuses, teen Patti Club Pro, a popular dragon versus tiger game is awaiting your participation. Join live teen patti tournaments and Rummy Dragon Tiger live games to earn real money. You can also earn extra cash by referring the platform to other users or players. The best part is that you can play the games even with a slow internet 2G connection. 

NameTeen Patti Club Pro 
Bonus ₹180 + Daily Rewards 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 28.50 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Teen Patti Live 

Want to enjoy Indian poker and dragon vs tiger game real money? The best Teen Patti Live APK is here for you! You can invite your friends or family with the help of multiplayer to play in teams and lift up the spirit of competition. If you are good at playing the Dragon Tiger game live, you must try your skills and knowledge on this app to win incredible and unmatched outcomes and real money rewards. Besides the smooth gameplay, the app offers convenient and safe payment methods that keep up with the personal and financial information of the players. 

NameTeen Patti Live  
Bonus ₹71+ Instant Welcome Rewards 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 42.6 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

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Rummy Perfect 

This live dragon vs Tiger earning app offers nothing but incredible real money-earning opportunities and smooth gameplay. You can earn bonuses on both a weekly and daily basis which you can claim easily in a matter of a click. This dragon tiger rummy app allows you to withdraw your money instantly irrespective of referral winning or overall game winnings. The amount will be directly transferred to your linked UPI ID or Bank Account. 

NameRummy Perfect 
Bonus ₹88+ ₹52 Instant Bonuses 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
Daily income Upto Rs. 1600
App Size 14.4 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Rummy Nabob 

If you are looking for online dragon vs tiger online game apps to play live, you must try this famous app called Rummy Nabob. Safe withdrawals and exciting offers are what make this rummy app NO.1 choice among casino players. The app offers access to VIP membership, which offers exceptional perks and benefits that are not accessed by the regular app user. 

NameRummy Nabob 
Bonus ₹52+ ₹10 Instant Bonuses 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
Daily income Upto Rs. 1600
App Size 14.4 MB
Referral Reward ₹10 per invite 
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

666E Rummy 

666E Rummy app is popular for live dragon vs tiger games, casino, poker and other real money games. You can earn several benefits like referral rewards, sign-up bonuses, a user-friendly interface, and daily rewards by playing rummy games of your choice. You can extra commission by referring & earning features and promoting the entire platform while encouraging overall engagement and sales. 

Name666E Rummy 
Bonus ₹52+ Deposit Offers 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 48 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Rummy Wealth 

Want to play Online dragon vs rummy games live? If yes, the Rummy Wealth app is what you must try in 2024. You can download this app free of cost and install it on your mobile phone with ease. It supports various game modes that are modified as per the demand of the users to attract and engage a lot of players. No matter what internet connection you are opting for, you can even play a live Tiger Dragon game even with a slow 2G connection. The app allows you to withdraw money directly to the bank account. 

NameRummy Wealth 
Bonus ₹41+ ₹11 Instant Bonuses 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 37 MB
Referral Reward ₹10- ₹100 per invite 
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Teen Patti Joy 

Teen Patti Joy is the best dragon vs tiger earning app, which offers live access to tiger dragon game that can be played from anywhere and at any point of time. By referring the platform to other users or people, you can also extra cash or a bonus. The app offers a Rs. 51 bonus, which is among the best bonuses as compared to other competitors. The interface is user-friendly and features are intuitive enough to keep players captivated for longer hours. 

NameTeen Patti Joy 
Bonus ₹41+ Welcome Rewards 
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 25 MB
Minimum Cash Deposits ₹11
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Rummy Lala 

Being a new tiger vs dragon game, Rummy Lala has established in the casino industry as a striking and innovative entrant. You get the perfect combination of both registration and daily rewards to win huge real money-earning opportunities. You can redeem your game winnings directly in your bank account. Moreover, the withdrawals are instant and you can refer the app to others to get more free cash. 

NameRummy Lala 
Bonus ₹51
Minimum Withdrawal ₹100
App Size 102.4 MB
Payment Methods UPI and Bank Transfers 

Rummy Yes 

Rummy Yes is a popular Dragon vs Tiger rummy app to earn real money online. The signup bonus of the app can even go up to Rs. 1555. But to acquire that, you need to complete varied tasks. The prediction tools and cheats of a live dragon tiger allow you to make the most of the odds available to earn huge rewards. 

NameRummy Yes 
Bonus ₹51
Minimum Withdrawal ₹110
App Size 46 MB
Payment Methods UPI and IMPS Transfers 

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live demo

Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Tricks

Dragon vs Tiger game real money can actually increase your enjoyment of playing games online. Dragon Tiger is a number-based game, in which you need to be patient and strategic enough to place the bet on the right card; Tiger or Dragon. The winning odds of Dragon Tiger is 50/50. Here are a few winning tricks and tips for the Dragon Tiger game: 

Understand The Patterns 

The best Dragon vs Tiger game app generates random patterns of three betting options; Dragon, Tiger or Tie; that are completely random. Make sure to know what’s coming next by analyzing the past patterns of dragon vs tiger real cash game coming on the screen of the players. 

Avoid Tie 

You don’t always get a tie until and unless you are very lucky. In order to avoid the risk of losing all your money, be sure to avoid placing bets on ties whenever you are not 100% sure. 

Suit-based Approach 

You can also determine the dragon vs tiger game trick by analyzing how many suits are available and how many are done drawing by the dealer. Some people count cards when playing the Dragon and Tiger games to predict the right card. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dragon Vs Tiger Game? 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Dragon Vs Tiger Game?

Now you must be wondering about the cost of developing a dragon tiger game app. Let us tell you that the cost is affected by serval factors. On average, dragon vs tiger earning app costs around $20k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $30k and even more, depending on the type and complexity of the project. 

Here is the list of factors affecting the cost of a live dragon vs tiger app: 

  • The complexity of the features
  • The location of the developers 
  • UI/UX design 
  • Testing & QA 
  • Level of customization 

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Want To Develop Dragon Vs Tiger App? Contact BR Softech! 

Want To Develop Dragon Vs Tiger App? Contact BR Softech!

Do you want to develop a dragon versus tiger app? If yes, BR Softech has got you all covered with its end-to-end dragon tiger game development services. The company holds years of experience in the field of application and software development for live tiger dragon rummy games that are played across the globe. Hire our casino game developers to get affordable yet feature-packed dragon vs tiger earning app development services for Android and iOS. Choose us to get: 

  • An expert team of developers 
  • End-to-end testing & QA 
  • Affordable live dealer casinos 
  • Creative development approach 
  • Convenient gaming solutions 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 What is Dragon Tiger Game?

Ans.Dragon vs Tiger casino game is a popular table game, played with 52 cards. In this game, the winning opportunities are categorized into three cards; tie, tiger or dragon. 

Q.2 How Do You Play The Dragon Vs Tiger Game?

Ans.Live Dragon Versus Tiger Games are played with a deck of 52 cards, each of the cards is assigned a specific value and the main goal of the player is to guess the high-value card of either dragon or tiger. The highest-ranked card wins and if you make the right guess, you win the staked amount by 2x times. 

Q.3 What Is The Winning Strategy In Dragon Vs Tiger?

Ans.The Dragon Tiger strategy demands a lot of patience and focus. One of the best dragon vs tiger game tricks is to be on the right track and to recover the losses by making a winning bet, which doubles down your overall bet profit.

Q.5 What Are The Best Dragon Vs Tiger Winning Tricks?

Ans.The logic behind the dragon versus tiger games is that it is entirely based on luck, which means either you can lose or win. The winning probability is 50-50 and depends on how better your luck is.

  • Build your Financial management plan 
  • Limit your gameplay 
  • Play final cards 
  • Keep one side clear 
  • Make sure to avoid patterns

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