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Excellent PHP Frameworks of 2016

written by Admin | Mar 25, 2016
Excellent PHP Frameworks of 2016

PHP is one of the pre-eminent scripting language of the world.  In today’s date, developers need to build complex websites and web apps, and when the complexity level is increased to a certain extent, it gets very difficult to start from the scratch. That is the reason, there is a requirement for a more structured natural way of development. PHP frameworks provides developers with appropriate and suitable solution for that.

Reasons for using a PHP Framework:

1. Developers use PHP framework because of the quality of work it provides:
2. Upgrading and fostering recent web development practices such as object-oriented programming tools.
3. Allows you to spring over time as web apps running on frameworks can be changed to any size or scale.
4. Gives you relief from the worries about low-level security of a site.
5. It follows MVC Framework (Model-View-Controller) that makes certain the separation of presentation and logic.

PHP Frameworks of 2016:

Laravel: Laravel is comparatively advanced and recent PHP framework (released in 2011). As per the current online survey done by Sitepoint, Laravel is the trending framework among developers these days. Laravel has an amazing ecosystem having instant hosting and deployment platform, and its official website offers various screencast tutorials which is called Laracasts.
Laravel has numerous features which makes fast application development possible. Laravel has its own light-weight templating engine, “Blade”, elegant syntax that makes easier all the tasks you frequently need to do, like authentication, sessions, caching and RESTful routing.
Symfony: The elements of Symfony 2 framework are utilized by many impressive projects such as the Drupal content management system, or the phpBB forum software. Laravel framework also relies on it. Symfony has the large developer community and numerous fervent fans.
Symfony components are reusable PHP libraries which helps in completing different tasks, like form creation, object configuration. Any of the components can be installed with the Composer PHP dependency manager. Symfony website has an awesome showcase section which will help you to have a quick look at the projects developers accomplished by using this Symfony framework.
CakePHP:  CakePHP framework is already a decade old in the list of PHP frameworks. It is still in the list of trending PHP frameworks, as it has been managed to be updated on timely basis. The upgraded version, CakePHP 3.0 added to session management, improved modularity, and expanded ability of creating more standalone libraries.
CakePHP has an astonishing shwcase, it powers the websites of big brands liek BMW, Hyundai. It is the marvellous tool for creating web apps that require high level of security, as it has got numerous built-in security features like input validation, CSRF (Cross site request forgery) protection, and many other amazing features.
PHPixie: PHPixie is the latest framework, started in 2012 with the object of creating high-performance framework for the read-only websites. PHPixie also executes the HMVC  designing platform, and it is developed by using individual components, that can be utilized without framework itself. Elements of PHPixie are 100% unit tested.
FuelPHP: FuelPHP is a flexible PHP framework. It supports both MVC framework and also HMVC (Heirarchical Model-View-Controller) framework too at the architecture level.
Fuel PHP is modular and expandable, which takes care of security duty by providing attributes such as input and URI filtering and input coding.


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