Paper: Achieve your life faster

facebook paper app for iphone & android

Facebook is announcing a new and innovative app called Facebook Paper app. Once you have used it, surely you never want to open the standard Facebook app again. It may not replicate every feature of Facebook’s key app, but it does complete the majority of people’s needs. Simply put, it’s much superior.

Paper takes the standard Facebook news feed and restructures it as an immersive and also horizontally rolling set of screens. It also offers a new mode to post to Facebook with a stylish WYSIWYG editor that uses the styling of medium. It’s a news-reading app that owes it appears to Flipboard. It will be available for the iPhone mobile in the US on February 3rd 2014. Currently it’s also ad-free.

Each part in Paper has a main display with a cover photo & a list of small cards at the bottom. You can scroll through and drill into the cards.

Swiping up to read the full story takes you to the source site – there’s no offline mode like you might find in a more full featured news app. You also can’t add any site you need, as with a RSS reader. Facebook has hired a panel of content curators to choose stories for you in one of a dozen.

You can post to Facebook Paper in a fresh and innovative type of compose display.

Paper is the first product to arrive out of Facebook Creative Labs, Facebook looks closer to figuring out the correct formula for its single user apps.

The paper app comes as sites and apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp & Twitter have gained ground among social networking atmosphere.



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