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Fun Target Game Development: A Detailed Guide to Know

Game Development
May 22, 2024
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Fun Target Game Development: A Detailed Guide to Know

Are you searching for a fun target game development company? If yes, we have got you all covered at BR Softech! 

Fun Target Game is a popular online casino game in India, played by a massive population of casino enthusiasts to make quick money. Fun target spin game features a wheel having numbers from 0 to 9 that constantly moves at a certain time and randomly stops on a number. Players need to select a single number of their choice before the wheel revolves to successfully place their bets. The game concept of Fun Target Timer is very simple and straightforward, which is why a lot of entrepreneurs tend to invest in Fun Target game development to stay ahead of the curve.

BR Softech has the best team of fun target game developers and designers who work day in and day out to deliver the maximum output at affordable prices. We offer customized and tech-advanced solutions that are capable of taking your business to the next level of success. 

Want to develop your own online fun target app, make sure to read this blog till the end! 

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Custom Fun Target Game Development Services 

BR Softech is a leading Fun target game development company in India and the USA, offering the most reliable and engaging fun target timer game apps that can run on any platform or device you want. We have an expert team of designers and developers who work day in and day out to bring forth the most creative and intuitive fun target spin games that keep the players engaged and retained for a longer duration of time. 

With 12+ years of experience, expertise, and knowledge of casino games, we are here to offer you customized fun target game development services that guarantee quality work under the given timeline. Our expert team of fun target online casino game developers offer highly addictive, user-oriented, and interesting fun games that can be played anywhere and at any time you want. 

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Features of Online Fun Target Game App 

Features of Online Fun Target Game Appย 

If you are fascinated by the concept of the online Fun Target casino game, here is the list of the features we integrate into the application of the Fun Target online game to make it more intuitive and impressive for users: 

Multiplayer support 

Our fun target timer game app offers users a chance to play in teams by inviting multiple players to play together without any hindrance. 

Intuitive UI/UX Design 

We ensure to integrate the best of creative and immersive designs and elements to make the casino platform more vibrant and user-friendly for all the players who are coming on the platform to seek an extraordinary experience. 

Latest tech stack 

Our game developers make the best of the latest tech stack like AI, ML, AR, and VR to develop modern and next-age fun target timer gaming solutions that are scalable for all. 

Live Chat 

Our gaming platform allows users to chat as they play the game, ensuring more scope for communication and interaction, and increasing the overall retention on the platform. 

Secure Payment options 

We ensure secure and safe payment methods that keep up with the credibility of the users by ensuring their data safety and security and avoiding breaches and malicious activities. 

Real Money Rewards 

Our fun target spin game app is designed in such a way that it has different in-game levels and it allows players to receive real-money rewards in the form of coins after they place a right or accurate bet. 


Using our platform, players can even track their past performance or bets in a matter of a few clicks and ensure they make informed and calculative betting decisions based on their past patterns, trends, and behaviors. 

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Modes of Our Fun Target Game Application 

Modes of Our Fun Target Game Applicationย 

As the best Fun Target casino game development company, we ensure to offer the most intuitive and cutting-edge fun target gaming application that can be played on different modes such as: 

Classic Mode 

Just like the name itself, the classic mode allows players to hit as many as targets they can until the point they place the right bet on the spinning wheel 

Time Attack Mode 

It is the mode where players are bound by a particular time limit in which they need to hit their target. 

Survivor Mode 

In this mode, players need to strategically hit their target to survive in a race of competition. 

Boss Battle 

In this type of mode, players compete against the powerful boss to defeat and win in the end. 

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Fun Target Game Development Process: A Step By Step Guide 

Here is the list of the steps we integrate to develop an end-to-end fun target game like Funrep: 

Market Research 

The first and foremost step is market research which includes gathering information related to competitors, market threats, opportunities, trends, and dynamics. We ensure that we donโ€™t leave out any of the crucial information that is important to develop the most engaging fun target wheel game. 

UI/UX Design 

Another step that is important after research is the market design, including the creative interface, navigable controls, out-of-the-box animation, etc to keep players engaged and retained. This decides the success or failure of any application in a limited amount of time by offering a sole destination for fun target spin games online. 


After we complete the designing part, our main objective is to create the most functional fun target online game app with the best of technologies, tools, and tech stack. We ensure to integrate the latest tech stack to avoid room for interruptions or technical glitches. 

Testing & QA 

Once we are done with the full-fledged development, we ensure to test the performance and quality of the application with strategies like integration, functional, and performance testing. In this step, our main objective is to remove the platformโ€™s errors and glitches to ensure a smooth casino gameplay experience.

Launch & Maintenance 

With the use of marketing strategies like digital marketing campaigns, YouTube marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, we ensure that the fun target gaming application penetrates the right set of audiences. Moreover, we provide the latest updates and upgrades so that the platform doesnโ€™t become irrelevant according to the changing dynamics of the market and stay ahead of the curve. 

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Fun Target Game Development Cost 

Fun Target Game Development Costย 

It is extremely difficult to define the exact cost until and unless we donโ€™t know your project details and specifications. On average, the fun target game development cost ranges from $20k to $25k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $30k or more depending on the type and complexity of the features. Here is the list of the factors affecting the overall cost of the development: 

  • The complexity of the features 
  • The location of the developer 
  • Experience of the development company 
  • Testing and QA 
  • Level of designs 
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Why Choose BR Softech as the Best Fun Target Game Development Company? 

BR Softech is a leading fun target game development company in India and the USA, offering top-notch gaming solutions that are highly scalable and reliable. With an expert team of designers, developers, and QA engineers, we are here to remove the hassle of making a fun target timer game from your end and delivering you ready-made solutions that work fine for your business. If you are someone who is interested in launching your own gaming app for this type of casino game, you can contact us to get: 

  • Expert team of developers 
  • Reliable interface and designs 
  • Safe payment methods 
  • Smooth controls 
  • Engaging casino gameplay experience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Fun Target Game?ย 

Ans. Fun Target is a type of online casino game that features a spinning wheel having numbers from 0 to 9. Players need to select a random number before the wheel spins to place a bet. After placing the bets, the results are displayed on an RNG system basis.

Q2. What fun target trick is best to win the bets?

Ans. The best fun target trick to win is to follow past patterns to analyze the algorithms and guess accordingly to make informed betting decisions.ย 

Q3. How long does it take to develop a fun target timer game app?ย 

Ans. It takes around two to three months to develop a fun target timer game application from scratch.ย 

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