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Goji: New Smart Lock For Your House

written by Admin | Oct 04, 2013
Goji: New smart lock for your house

The Goji Smart Lock capture pictures of who is at your door & automatically sends you photo alerts to your mobile. You also select to receive real-time app & text notifications about all the activity around your Goji Smart Lock to your mobile.

Goji sends photo alerts

The Goji Smart Lock has a built-in cam that capture a photo of anyone activating the lock & sends a real-time picture alert to your cell-phone, providing you with visual verification of who is accessing your house. All activity is recorded & logged by the system, and it is available for review at any time by the Mobile App or your online account.
Smart Lock works with key fobs
The Smart Lock is optimized to be used with your Smartphone and you can program Bluetooth Low Energy fobs that you can use to lock & unlock your door. Fobs are also best for children or other person who don’t carry phone yet or if you want to go for a run & don’t want to take your smart phone with you.

Lock your gate from anyplace in the world

Goji smart lock allows you to lock and unlock your gate from anywhere in the world. It’s a awesome feature to check to see if you forgot to lock your door & you are far away to run back and confirm it!

Never dig in your purse for key

It’s also permits you to lock and unlock your door automatically using your Smartphone without having to take your phone out of your purse to turn on it. If you are coming from the road, Goji smart lock will unlock the door automatically, & if you are inside of your house, Goji smart lock will not unlock your door as you approach it before you identify who is at the other side.

Easy to install, Just do it

Goji Smart Lock is designed to be totally do-it yourself. It is simple to rise on the door and contains a simple Wi-Fi set up. The lock is battery controller and will send you app picture alerts and messages when the batteries start to find low.


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